If you have been looking for ways to manage stress, improve your mental health, and achieve better sleep, you have likely come across guided imagery and meditation. These practices are invaluable when it comes to achieving calm and balance. However, with so many YouTube channels out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of the very best YouTube channels that offer guided imagery and meditation to help you on your journey. Read on to find out which one is right for you!

Guided imagery: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~121.5k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~73

MINDFULLY Youtube Channel

The MINDFULLY YouTube channel is an excellent resource for those wanting to practice meditation. It contains guided meditations, meditation music, and reiki music to boost mindfulness and inner peace. Additionally, it has content on guided imagery, body scans, and reiki for improved relaxation. This channel is perfect for anyone looking to learn the basics of meditation and use it in their daily lives.

Dr. Jennifer Wu (Dr. Jen)

Channel Views: ~77.8k Channel Subscribers: ~826 Channel Videos: ~44

Dr. Jennifer Wu (Dr. Jen) Youtube Channel

Dr. Jen's YouTube channel offers a variety of videos related to psychological wellbeing. Utilizing guided imagery, mindfulness mediation, and guided meditations, her channel provides the opportunity to access clinical psychology techniques from the comfort of home with the guidance of a licensed mental health therapist. Her videos are aimed to demystify the world of mental health and promote holistic healing.

The Healing Mind with Dr. Martin Rossman

Channel Views: ~110.4k Channel Subscribers: ~2.1k Channel Videos: ~23

The Healing Mind with Dr. Martin Rossman Youtube Channel

The Healing Mind with Dr. Martin Rossman is a YouTube channel focused on providing viewers with tools for improved mental and physical wellbeing through the use of guided imagery and lifestyle tips. It offers helpful mental health insights and health knowledge to empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Music and Imagery Association of Australia

Channel Views: ~44.9k Channel Subscribers: ~309 Channel Videos: ~5

Music and Imagery Association of Australia Youtube Channel

The Music and Imagery Association of Australia YouTube channel facilitates the use of music with guided imagery as an alternative form of therapy. Their videos document stories of human transformation through the use of creative imagery and sound. They provide viewers with unique perspectives on how guided imagery and music have helped individuals from all walks of life. The channel is a great resource for those interested in learning more about the power of music and imagery in transformative healing.

The Steps to Practicing Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a powerful relaxation technique that is used to facilitate stress reduction and emotional healing. It can be used as a self-care practice or with the support of a qualified health professional. Whether you are new to this technique or have been using it for a while, the following steps can help you to practice it correctly and maximize its effectiveness.

  1. The first step is to find a comfortable and quiet place to practice. It is important that you are able to sit comfortably and be undisturbed for the duration of the practice. If you are in a space with limited access to fresh air and natural light, take a few moments to bring these elements into your imagery.
  2. The second step is to equip yourself with any necessary props or resources. This may include a pen and paper to take notes or an audio device to listen to the guided imagery. Once you have done this, take a few moments to relax your body and mind by focusing on your breath. Then, start to move into a dreamlike state and let your imagination flow.
  3. Finally, begin to imagine a peaceful and positive inner experience. Visualize what this might look or feel like and explore the sensations in your body. If a certain mental image or thought appears from your subconscious, take the time to explore this further. When you are finished, take some time to journal about your experience and reflect on what you have learned or noticed. Ultimately, the key to successful guided imagery practice is to take your time and be patient with yourself. 

With time and practice, you will be able to use this powerful technique to bring peace and calm into your life.

Finding the Right Guided Imagery Technique for You

Guided imagery is a powerful tool that can help improve your overall mental health and well-being. It allows you to explore your feelings and thoughts, and to find new ways of learning to cope with stress and anxiety. Finding the right guided imagery technique that works for you can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

  • First off, it’s important to understand the basics of guided imagery. Guided imagery involves using visual imagery and your imagination to explore inner states of wellbeing and healing. It can also be used in a more creative way, such as connecting with your inner artist or exploring potential career paths. When you use guided imagery, you're essentially creating an inner story or vision that can help guide you in the right direction.
  • Once you have a better understanding of how guided imagery works, you can begin to explore the different techniques available. Guided imagery can take many forms, from using music and affirmations to visualizing yourself in your desired state and using breathing and relaxation exercises. Think about what elements work best for you and your goals. It's also helpful to start out with small steps and work your way up. For example, if you want to become more confident, you can start by visualizing yourself feeling empowered and conquering a fear. 

Through guided imagery, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately find the technique that works for you.

Overcoming Challenges with Guided Imagery

Facing challenges in life can be an overwhelming, daunting task. Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in and there is no way out. This is where guided imagery comes in. Guided imagery is a simple relaxation technique that can provide much needed strength and power in times of difficulty.

  • Guided imagery involves closing your eyes and taking yourself through a peaceful, calming visualization exercise. By focusing on comforting images and words, it can be a tool to ease emotional distress. Taking this time to practice guided imagery can help calm the mind and allow one to be present, more mindful, and open to possibilities in overcoming challenging situations.
  • Guided imagery can also be used to identify and access inner strength. By finding the courage to explore our own inner resources, we can tap into deeper self- virtues such as wisdom, courage, and intelligence. This way, we will be better prepared to face our biggest challenges with greater energy and strength. With practice, guided imagery can be a highly effective tool in overcoming life’s toughest hurdles. Try it out today and unleash your own inner power.

By incorporating a practice of guided imagery into your life, you can find strength, power and courage to overcome your challenges. Therefore, take a few moments of your day to do the exercise and become more mindful and open to possibilities. This is a powerful tool to help you move forward in spite of the difficulties you may be facing. With practice, you will be able to face the world with the courage and confidence to move beyond any obstacle that comes your way. Good luck!

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