8 Best Greek Mythology Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to explore the wonderful and mysterious world of Greek mythology, history, education, and folklore? From documentaries to stories, there's lots of great content out there to expand your knowledge and discover more about the fascinating ancient Greek gods and their myths. So read on to find out which YouTube channels are the best for all your Greek mythology-related needs!

See U in History / Mythology

Channel Views: ~255.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~929

See U in History / Mythology Youtube Channel

See U in History / Mythology is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing educational videos on various aspects of ancient cultures and civilizations, focusing particularly on Greek, Norse and Middle Eastern mythologies. From authentic archaeological documentaries to theoretical discussions on the development of myth, the channel provides a wealth of information for those interested in exploring the history and myth of the ancient world.

Captivating History

Channel Views: ~26.8m Channel Subscribers: ~245k Channel Videos: ~835

Captivating History Youtube Channel

The Captivating History YouTube channel is an informative and entertaining resource for learning about the fascinating aspects of history and mythology. Through animated videos about Greek and Egyptian mythology, and videos about events from Greek and Roman history, the channel brings to life these captivating stories for viewers of all ages.

Mythology Explained

Channel Views: ~12.3m Channel Subscribers: ~138k Channel Videos: ~209

Mythology Explained Youtube Channel

Mythology Explained is a YouTube channel that offers in-depth explanations of classic mythology from different cultures, including Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, Egyptian, and even Harry Potter. It looks at topics such as Greek gods, goddesses, and other heroes to provide viewers with a greater understanding of ancient mythic literature.

Mythical Madness

Channel Views: ~88.7m Channel Subscribers: ~192k Channel Videos: ~263

Mythical Madness Youtube Channel

Mythical Madness is a YouTube channel featuring a variety of videos about Greek, Norse, Hindu and other mythologies. Videos range from explanations of ancient myths and stories to innovative retellings of classic tales, such as Medusa's Head. Explore the depths of mythological madness and travel through history with this captivating channel.

Mythology & Fiction Explained

Channel Views: ~131.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~281

Mythology & Fiction Explained Youtube Channel

Mythology & Fiction Explained is a YouTube channel featuring educational videos about Greek mythology, movie lore, game lore, TV series lore, and other aspects of mythology and folklore. It offers viewers an in-depth understanding of the various topics and a unique perspective on the different stories and characters. With a selection of engaging and informative content, the channel is an excellent source of knowledge on the many fascinating myths and legends of our past.


Channel Views: ~519.4k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~129

Mythical Youtube Channel

The Mythical YouTube channel is an educational platform dedicated to the exploration of various mythologies from around the world. Viewers can explore different cultures such as Greek, Norse, Chinese, Egyptian, and Japanese mythology and gain insight into the stories and meanings behind each mythology. With videos such as 'Mythology Explained' and 'Yours Mythically', viewers can realign themselves with antiquity and gain a deeper understanding of human history. See U In History strives to bring the power of storytelling to the forefront.

Writer Keira Julie

Channel Views: ~11.1k Channel Subscribers: ~21 Channel Videos: ~13

Writer Keira Julie Youtube Channel

Writer Keira Julie's YouTube channel is an entertaining and educational look into Greek Mythology and Lifestyle topics. Keira offers her insight on a variety of topics, from interpreting myths to exploring day-to-day life in modern Greece. Her thoughtful and engaging videos make for an enjoyable and educational experience.

Mythical Mania

Channel Views: ~36.7k Channel Subscribers: ~212 Channel Videos: ~18

Mythical Mania Youtube Channel

Mythical Mania is a YouTube channel based in the United States which explores topics related to Greek mythology. It covers stories of gods, monsters, and heroes, as well as trivia and fun facts about the myths and their origin. With a passionate and knowledgeable host, it provides an educational and entertaining look at Greek mythology.

Major Figures of Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is filled with countless fascinating characters and stories that have long captivated audiences. In particular, many major figures from Greek mythology have been widely discussed and researched for centuries. Here is a look at some of the key figures from Greek mythology.

  • Zeus is one of the most iconic figures from Greek mythology. As the ruler of the gods, he is known for his power and influence. He is also known for his numerous affairs with mortals, resulting in some iconic offspring. Some notable figures he fathered include Perseus, Heracles, Dionysus, Apollo, Athena, and many more.
  • Another iconic figure from Greek mythology is Poseidon. He is the ruler of the sea and is known for the desperate attempts his son, Triton, often makes to gain his approval. He is sometimes viewed as a benevolent god, but can also become extremely temperamental if crossed. Poseidon also plays a key role in many other tales within Greek mythology, including the story of Odysseus.

These two figures are just two of the many major characters found within Greek mythology. More figures include Dionysus, Hades, Hermes, Aphrodite, and many more. Each figure is associated with specific powers, symbols, and messages that remain relevant to this day.

Discovering Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is a fascinating part of human culture, and its gods and goddesses have a large fan base even among people today. These gods and goddesses are usually divided across two pantheons, the Olympians and the Titans, representing the two generations of gods. If you are a student of mythology, here are seven of the most iconic gods and goddesses of Greek mythology that you should know about.

  • Zeus, the king of gods, was a son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, and led the Olympians against the Titans in the Great War. He is frequently portrayed as the god of thunder, thunderbolts, and storms. He was seen as a symbol of justice, morality and order, as well as father of gods, men, and heroes.He often took the form of an eagle, bull, or a man with a long beard.
  • Athena was Zeus's daughter and the goddess of wisdom, warfare, and the arts. She was born from Zeus's head, and is often seen in a suit of armor carrying a shield and spear. She also represents courage and loyalty and is often pictured with an owl or snake as her animal companion. Athena was known as the defender of cities and states, and was a respected figure in the classical world. She is also associated with handicrafts and inventions, and the ability to make difficult decisions. She is one of the premier deities of the Greek pantheon.

These gods and goddesses remain popularly acknowledged in various forms today, from movies to books and more. So if you're interested in Greek mythology, learning about these characters is the perfect way to start. Get to know the world of gods and goddesses from ancient Greece and uncover their secrets. Who knows where your journey of discovery might lead!

Analyzing Common Themes in Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is an important part of human history and has remained a beloved source of inspiration, ideas, and stories for many people, even today. Since its inception, numerous common themes have been discovered in the various tales of Greek mythology. Analyzing these common themes can provide further insight into the culture in which they originated, and into our own contemporary culture.

  • One common theme found often in Greek mythology is the use of metamorphosis or transformation as a mirror to show the inner struggles a character is facing. Oftentimes gods would transform a mortal into something completely different, such as a tree or an animal, as a form of punishment or justice. This theme also was a way to explore the duality between the physical world and the spiritual world, as well as the complexities of human life.
  • Another theme that comes up often in Greek mythology is that of fate and destiny. This theme is expressed through characters such as Oedipus who could never escape their destiny, no matter how hard they tried or what decisions they made. This reflects the idea that a powerful force other than individual choice can determine a person's life. This theme is often explored in contemporary culture through the exploration of our own decisions and how those choices have the potential to shape our lives.

By looking closely at the common themes present in Greek mythology, we can gain a greater understanding of the culture which produced them. Additionally, we can see how these ideas still apply to our own lives and worldviews today. Understanding the themes presented in these stories can provide us a greater appreciation of the literature and its relevance in our lives.

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