If you're looking for some great YouTube channels to help you learn more about Google Sheets, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll share some of our favorite channels that offer helpful tutorials for this popular software program. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, you're sure to find some great content to help you improve your skills. So go ahead and take a look at our list of the best YouTube channels for learning about Google Sheets.

Google sheets tutorial: Top Youtube Channels

Learn Google Sheets & Excel Spreadsheets

Channel Views: ~26.2m Channel Subscribers: ~203k Channel Videos: ~427

Learn Google Sheets & Excel Spreadsheets Youtube Channel

Learn Google Sheets & Excel Spreadsheets is a channel that provides tutorials on how to use Google Sheets and Excel Spreadsheets. The channel also covers topics such as Google Docs, Google Workspace, and JavaScript. The tutorials are aimed at helping users get the most out of these tools, and become more productive in their work.

Prolific Oaktree

Channel Views: ~14.9m Channel Subscribers: ~43.2k Channel Videos: ~218

Prolific Oaktree Youtube Channel

Prolific Oaktree is a YouTube channel devoted to helping people learn how to use Google Sheets, a spreadsheet application that is part of the Google Docs suite. The channel features a range of tutorials that cover everything from the basics of setting up a spreadsheet to more advanced topics like creating charts and working with data. Whether you're just getting started with Google Sheets or you're looking to take your skills to the next level, Prolific Oaktree is a great resource.


Channel Views: ~4.2m Channel Subscribers: ~46.7k Channel Videos: ~263

AppSheet Youtube Channel

AppSheet's YouTube channel provides tutorials on creating mobile apps from spreadsheets, databases, Google Sheets, Excel, and PowerApps. Learn how to turn complex spreadsheets into powerful applications, and build custom mobile apps without writing code. Get the latest tips and tutorials for creating powerful, dynamic apps quickly and easily.

Flipped Classroom Tutorials

Channel Views: ~29m Channel Subscribers: ~271k Channel Videos: ~351

Flipped Classroom Tutorials Youtube Channel

This channel provides helpful Google Sheets tutorials for those looking to learn more about this powerful tool. Flipped classroom methodology is used so that viewers can pause and rewind as needed. In addition to Google Sheets, other Google apps are also covered, such as Slides and Docs. Tux Paint is also included as it is a great educational technology tool for kids. iPad apps are also mentioned as they can be used in conjunction with Google apps in the classroom.


Channel Views: ~37.7m Channel Subscribers: ~420k Channel Videos: ~1k

dottotech Youtube Channel

If you're looking for some great tips on how to boost your productivity, then you'll want to check out Dotto Tech. This channel features Google Sheets tutorials from tech expert Steve Dotto, as well as plenty of useful how-tos and productivity hacks. You're sure to find something here that will help you get the most out of your time!

Technology Central

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~124

Technology Central Youtube Channel

Technology Central is a YouTube channel that provides helpful tutorials related to productivity software such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. Whether you're a beginner or an expert user, Technology Central's tutorials provide detailed instructions on creating formulas and charts, organizing data, and mastering other functions in these popular applications. With these easy-to-follow tutorials, everyone can learn to maximize the potential of productivity software.


Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~16.2k Channel Videos: ~68

EdBharat Youtube Channel

EdBharat is a YouTube channel that offers tutorials and tips for Google Sheets, Microsoft Office products like Excel and Word, computer tips, internet tips, and tech tips. They also provide short videos or YT Shorts to make learning easier. With helpful Excel and Word Shorts, users can quickly learn the most essential tips and tricks.

Learnit Training

Channel Views: ~35m Channel Subscribers: ~339k Channel Videos: ~508

Learnit Training Youtube Channel

Learnit Training is a YouTube channel that provides video tutorials on various software programs. Topics covered include Google Sheets, Excel, Word, Smartsheet, Photoshop, SharePoint, Windows 10, Microsoft Teams, and PowerPoint. The tutorials are concise and provide step-by-step instructions on how to use each program.


Channel Views: ~8.5m Channel Subscribers: ~84.1k Channel Videos: ~644

Innozant Youtube Channel

Innozant is a Hindi YouTube channel that provides tutorials on Google Sheets, Excel, and MIS interview questions and answers. Additionally, the channel offers career guidance and motivation. Its Excel videos are some of the best on YouTube and are perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills in the program.

Leila Gharani

Channel Views: ~143.3m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~447

Leila Gharani Youtube Channel

Leila Gharani's YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in improving their Excel skills, from beginners to advanced. It provides tutorials for learning basics such as Google Sheets as well as advanced topics such as Excel array formulas and data visualization. Her channel is full of helpful tips and tricks, including advice on creating charts, dashboards and more. With her clear and concise teaching style, Leila Gharani's YouTube channel is the perfect place to learn Excel.

Setting Up the Workspace in Google Sheets

Setting up your workspace in Google Sheets can be a great way to organize your projects and data effectively. The sheer simplicity of this powerful application makes it the ideal solution for a variety of purposes. From creating data visualizations to tracking and analyzing vital statistics, the options are virtually limitless. Here is how you can get started setting up your own workspace in Google Sheets.

  1. The first step in setting up Google Sheets workspace is to create and open a new sheet. Once you've opened the sheet, you'll need to add headers and labels to each column. This will allow you to easily organize and find data as you update and analyze it. To add headers, simply select the letters at the top row of the sheet and type in the desired labels. Be sure to give each column an appropriate heading that reflects the information you'll be entering into it.
  2. Next, you'll want to customize the sheet by setting up formula functions and filters. A formula function like the Automated Summing Tool or the SUMIF function will enable you to quickly sum up numbers located in different rows or columns. Filters in turn, will help you to easily sort your data by criteria quickly and efficiently. To set up a filter, select the range of data you want to filter and then choose "Create Filter" from the Data menu. With your filters set, you'll be able to narrow down a vast amount of data quickly and accurately.

By setting up a workspace in Google Sheets, you can easily manage, organize and analyze data. With the simple user interface, creating and utilizing advanced formulas and filters is a breeze. Set up your workspace today and start taking advantage of all that Google Sheets has to offer.

Tips and Tricks when Working with Sheets

Sheets are one of the most powerful tools for data analysis and organization. While Sheets are easy to use, there are some tips and tricks that can make the process smoother and faster.

Firstly, it is important to understand the different types of data in Sheets. Sheets supports various data formats such as text, numbers, or dates. Consequently, it is important to understand and identify which data type each column should be formatted to. In addition, to keep your data organized and searchable, labels should be used instead of using hard-coding specific values.

Secondly, utilizing the various functions within Sheets can help streamline workflow. Knowing which functions are available and when to use them will help drive efficiency. For instance, using the search and replace function can quickly replace multiple terms from multiple columns. In addition, users can leverage different functions to produce charts and graphs, and quickly format to present the data.

Lastly, creating templates can minimize tedious tasks and optimize data workflow. Templates can be created with the needed columns, labels, and functions to quickly import new data, format, and incorporate into existing data sets. This can be especially helpful when users are dealing with large data sets and iterative data analysis. Not only can this save time and energy but users can also create a repository of data sets that can be easily accessed in the future. This also helps keep users organized and up to date on the latest trends in their data analysis.

Utilizing these tips and tricks can help make work involving Sheets much more efficient and faster. Understanding the different data types, data labeling, and leveraging the functions within Sheets can result in more accurate and organized data analysis. This can even improve decision-making as the data is easier to interpret and utilize.

How to Share and Collaborate with Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a powerful tool for many purposes, including collaboration and sharing. With it, you are able to create and share documents with multiple users, tracking and making changes in real time. Here's how you can get started with sharing and collaborating with Google Sheets.

The first step to collaborating with someone on a Google Sheet is setting up the right permissions. This can be done by clicking the “Share” button in the upper left corner of your Google Sheet. Then, simply enter the email address of the person you are wanting to collaborate with, select the permission level (view only, edit, or comment), and click “Send.” You can also add in an additional message if desired.

Once your collaborators have access, you can begin working together on the Google Sheet. When edits are made, any collaborator will receive a notification at the top of their screen, showing all of the changes made. You can also chat with collaborators using the commenting and chat features, which is a straightforward and efficient way to discuss edits and data. It’s also a good idea to track changes to make sure everyone is on the same page. Finally, you can save the sheet in different formats or share the sheet in a link or email. This makes it easy to work with others on a Google Sheet, no matter their device or location.

With these steps and features, Google Sheets makes collaboration easier, faster, and more efficient than ever. Whether you’re working on an individual project or with a large team, collaborating with Google Sheets is the way to go.

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