Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to learn about German food, travel and living? Whether you're interested in trying German street food for the first time, getting inspiration from a travel vlog, or learning about moving to Germany, you've come to the right place. In this article, I'll be sharing the top YouTube channels to watch for tips, tricks, and recipes for German food, travel, and more. Keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels for all your German-related needs!

German food: Top Youtube Channels

German Recipes by All Tastes German

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~27.7k Channel Videos: ~163

German Recipes by All Tastes German Youtube Channel

German Recipes by All Tastes German is a YouTube channel featuring a wide variety of German recipes, from traditional favorites to more modern creations. The channel provides viewers with delicious German dishes that are easy to recreate at home. From hearty sausage dishes to sweet desserts, All Tastes German has all your German food needs covered.

Our Gabled Home

Channel Views: ~2.7m Channel Subscribers: ~53.4k Channel Videos: ~255

Our Gabled Home Youtube Channel

Our Gabled Home is a YouTube channel dedicated to people looking to embrace sustainable living. They offer a variety of easy and healthy recipes, from traditional German cuisine made from scratch, to urban homestead projects like making a sourdough starter. Additionally, they provide guidance on the various ways to farmhouse living, cottage core and more. A perfect combination for anyone who is keen on making the most out of their home.

Cooking the World

Channel Views: ~4.2m Channel Subscribers: ~35.8k Channel Videos: ~211

Cooking the World Youtube Channel

Cooking the World is a YouTube channel devoted to teaching viewers about traditional and authentic German dishes. It provides step-by-step instructions on cooking classic German meals, as well as tips and tricks on creating delicious traditional German food. Through this channel, its viewers can get a sense of true German cuisine and learn how to create some of the best and most authentic German dishes.

DW Food

Channel Views: ~11m Channel Subscribers: ~68.5k Channel Videos: ~161

DW Food Youtube Channel

DW Food is a YouTube channel created by Deutsche Welle, a German international broadcaster. The channel features a wide range of recipes and tutorials about German cuisine, with video content spanning from German favorites like Käsespätzle to desserts such as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. DW Food brings together German cooking techniques and ingredients to create dishes that can be savored by viewers all over the world.

Essential German Dishes Every Food Lover Should Try

German cuisine has been enhanced by some of the most delicious dishes that can be found around the world. There are many dishes that everyone who loves food should try, and ones that just about every German proudly knows how to make. Here are some of the essential German dishes that every food lover should try.

  1. One of the most famous German dishes is schnitzel, which is usually made out of pork or veal. The meat is then pounded thin and coated in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs before being fried until golden brown. The texture of this dish is incredibly tender, and the flavor is something that can't be missed. There's also currywurst, a combination of fried pork sausage and ketchup dosed with a sprinkle of curry powder. This dish has become a staple of German culture and is widely consumed throughout the country.
  2. No Germany food tour would be complete without mentioning bratwurst. This savory sausage is made from ground pork (or veal), seasoned with herbs, and served with a variety of accompaniments. The most popular accompaniment is sauerkraut, which adds an amazing crunchy texture and tart flavor. It can be cooked in a grill pan or over a BBQ to create an even more delicious meal. It's also a great dish for seafood lovers, and usually served with either prawns or mussels.

These are just a few of the essential dishes that every food lover should try when they visit Germany. No matter what you choose, the delicious taste of German cuisine will certainly delight your taste buds and make for a truly memorable meal. So be sure to give at least a few of these iconic dishes a try when exploring German cuisine.

A Guide to the Most Popular German Foods

German cuisine has a wide variety of flavors and dishes to offer. Its traditional dishes are among some of the most popular in the world and there are many beloved classic recipes to explore. If you’re looking to get a better sense of what German food has to offer, then this guide to the most popular German dishes is for you.

  1. One popular German classic is called Sauerbraten. This dish consists of roasted beef marinated in a vinegar-based sauce and mixed with various spices and herbs. It is often served with red cabbage, potatoes, or dumplings as sides, and is great to try if you’re looking for a savory dinner option.
  2. Another classic German treat is Kaiserschmarrn, a type of fluffy, pancake-like dessert. It is usually served in a skillet, with a bit of browned butter and a sprinkling of sugar on top. The sweet treat pairs perfectly with a steaming cup of coffee and is often a crowd pleaser.

No matter which German dish you choose to try, you can guarantee that it will be full of flavor. Be sure to explore all the different options available to sample German cuisine in its full glory.

Unlocking the Flavors of German Culture Through Food

Countless cultures around the globe have culinary traditions as unique as they are flavorful. Among them, the Germanic culture is marked by its rich history in food and beverage. From hearty stews to freshly-baked bread, there are a plethora of unique and delicious German dishes to explore. Unlocking the flavors of German culture through food can be a great way to learn more about a people and their history.

  • For example, one of the most iconic German dishes is schweinebraten, a slow-roasted pork dinner before adding vegetables and herbs to the gravy. This dish was thought to have originated in southern Germany and is still popular today. Another beloved dish from the Germanic regions is spaetzle, which is made using a dough-like batter, often served with shredded cheese and fried onions. This dish was originally found in the Bavarian regions of Germany and is enjoyed all over the world now.
  • Germans have also mastered the art of baking. Whether it’s a sweet yeast bread, a strudel, or even a savory cake filled with cheese and herbs, German breads and cakes are truly unique. Finally, no discussion of German cuisine would be complete without mentioning the unbelievable variety of sausages. From bratwursts to bockwursts, these flavorful and savory links can serve as the perfect accompaniment to a delicious German meal.

Exploring the flavors of German cuisine is a great way to learn more about the culture and its unique heritage. By trying out traditional German dishes, one can gain a new appreciation for the country’s history and its people. With a wide array of meats, sauces, and breads, German cuisine is worth exploring for even the most adventurous foodie.

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