13 Best Game Review Channels on Youtube

Are you in search of the best game reviews and gaming channels on YouTube? Look no further! We've compiled some of the top channels offering comprehensive and entertaining reviews of the latest games, as well as commentary on the classic and beloved classics. Whether you're looking for information on the newest Xbox releases, board game reviews, or reviews of the newest video games, there's something here that's sure to appeal to any gamer. Read on to discover the best and most entertaining YouTube venues for game reviews.

Drive Thru Games

Channel Views: ~9.4m Channel Subscribers: ~34.1k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Drive Thru Games Youtube Channel

Drive Thru Games is a YouTube channel created by two brothers dedicated to reviewing board and card games, plus they provide coverage of Gen Con, the biggest tabletop gaming convention in the United States. They also offer interactive discussions and insights regarding various game mechanics and design through the BoardGameGeek community. Their content is aimed at helping new gamers find the perfect game for their needs, as well as providing game reviews for more experienced gamers. They pride themselves on being Your Game Gallerists


Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~13k Channel Videos: ~866

BoardGameBollocks Youtube Channel

BoardGameBollocks is a popular YouTube channel for board game enthusiasts. The channel is known for its in-depth reviews of various board games, card games, and tabletop games. It offers users the chance to watch playthroughs and reviews of the various games, providing helpful feedback that allows viewers to discover board games they might not otherwise have considered. The channel is perfect for anyone interested in video game reviews, game recommendations, and game playthroughs.

Board Game Sanctuary

Channel Views: ~4.2m Channel Subscribers: ~17.7k Channel Videos: ~227

Board Game Sanctuary Youtube Channel

Board Game Sanctuary is a YouTube channel devoted to board game reviews, runthroughs, and how-to's. Here you'll find a variety of game genres and mechanics, from dice-based to tower building and more, and there are reviews for games great for family game night, too. Here you may find all the gaming and reviews you need!

Cody Leach Game Chamber

Channel Views: ~54.9k Channel Subscribers: ~3.4k Channel Videos: ~25

Cody Leach Game Chamber Youtube Channel

Cody Leach Game Chamber is a YouTube channel devoted to the world of video games. Hosted by Cody Leach, the channel features game reviews, game ranking, game streaming, video game reviews and video game rankings. Whether you're looking for game insight and advice, or wanting to watch an expert's playthrough, Cody Leach Game Chamber is a great place to look.


Channel Views: ~1.1b Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~17.7k

Northernlion Youtube Channel

Northernlion's YouTube channel is focused on game reviews and let's plays of indie games, especially The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and The Binding of Isaac. His style of game reviews and let's looks at indie gaming make him popular among lovers of PC gaming. His videos cover game reviews, critiques, and walkthroughs, providing valuable insights for gamers. Northernlion is considered a great game critic and is highly influential in the indie gaming scene.


Channel Views: ~501.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~1.1k

LGR Youtube Channel

LGR is a YouTube channel featuring reviews of video games, personal computers, gadgets, tech, and other tech-related items. The channel's focus especially highlights the classic gaming scene and retro products. On the channel you can also find playthroughs and reviews of popular games like The Sims as well as a variety of other gaming and technology-centric content. LGR is a fantastic channel for anyone interested in video games, personal computers, tech, gaming and retro culture.


Channel Views: ~203.1m Channel Subscribers: ~604k Channel Videos: ~621

GmanLives Youtube Channel

GmanLives is a YouTube channel devoted to video game reviews, primarily focusing on gaming platforms such as Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Microsoft Windows. Major game franchises like Call of Duty, and Counter Strike are regularly covered. GmanLives is your go-to source for in-depth and engaging game reviews.

The Shogunate

Channel Views: ~12.6m Channel Subscribers: ~121k Channel Videos: ~199

The Shogunate Youtube Channel

The Shogunate is a YouTube channel which provides game reviews with a unique samurai-inspired spin. Their content covers a wide range of topics, including the history of Japan, shogunates, military tactics, war, honor, bushido, and how these concepts can be applied to modern gaming. Featuring dynamic visual and audio elements, they provide an immersive experience to bring the viewer into the samurai mindset.

Worth A Buy

Channel Views: ~96.9m Channel Subscribers: ~297k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Worth A Buy Youtube Channel

Worth A Buy is a YouTube channel dedicated to game review videos. On their show, the WorthABuy Guys go over each game in detail, analyzing its visuals, gameplay, storyline, and more to help viewers decide if it's Worth A Buy. They provide honest feedback and thorough reviews of gaming titles from all genres and platforms.

Shut Up & Sit Down

Channel Views: ~77.1m Channel Subscribers: ~379k Channel Videos: ~526

Shut Up & Sit Down Youtube Channel

Shut Up & Sit Down (SU&SD) is a YouTube channel that features fun and informative game reviews of board games. SU&SD focuses on entertaining reviews that show viewers how to play, what to expect, and whether it is worth their time. From a classic Monopoly to the newest game on the market, SU&SD provides a comprehensive review of all types of boardgames.

Allies or Enemies

Channel Views: ~305.2k Channel Subscribers: ~3.6k Channel Videos: ~135

Allies or Enemies Youtube Channel

Allies or Enemies is a YouTube channel devoted to reviewing board games, with a focus on two-player games, board games for couples, and board gaming. You can find board game reviews and recommendations for the best two-player board games and couples board games. Tune in to this channel to get the scoop on the best board games for two players and couples!


Channel Views: ~904.9k Channel Subscribers: ~14.4k Channel Videos: ~249

ThinkerThemer Youtube Channel

ThinkerThemer is a YouTube channel dedicated to game review and board game analysis. Hosted by ThinkerThemer, the channel provides a deep dive into board games from mechanics to themes. Board game reviews, exploring different mechanics and themes, are regularly posted to offer viewers insight into what the game is about and how it plays. If you're looking for some in-depth board game insight, ThinkerThemer is definitely the place to go.


Channel Views: ~5.4m Channel Subscribers: ~71.6k Channel Videos: ~178

Actualol Youtube Channel

Actualol is a popular YouTube channel focused on board gaming. They provide game reviews, highlighting family board games, board games for couples, the best board games, top board games, and new board games. They also discuss tabletop gaming and party games in their videos. If you're looking for fun, engaging videos on board gaming, Shut Up and Sit Down is the perfect YouTube channel for you.

The Basics of Writing a Game Review

Writing a game review is not as straightforward as many people think. It requires more than just a passing knowledge of the game; a deep understanding of its mechanics and a critical appraisal of both its strengths and weaknesses is also necessary. For those looking to write a good game review, the following points should be considered.

  1. Firstly, it is important to research the game thoroughly. Researching the game means reading the manual, studying the game design, and perhaps even playing it multiple times. This allows the user to understand the game better, which is essential when writing a review. Once the research is complete, the reviewer should then form an opinion about the game; this should be balanced and draw attention to both the good and bad elements of the title.
  2. Next, the user should try to review the game as objectively as possible, and to support all critiques with evidence. This allows the reviewer to demonstrate any criticism that is leveled against the game in an informed and convincing manner. By utilizing screenshots, videos, and other examples, reviewers can further reinforce their points. Moreover, it is important to strive for brevity in the review since writing too long can result in a lack of clarity.
  3. Finally, the reviewer should again review their assessment to make sure it is unbiased and follows logical storytelling conventions. Furthermore, by re-reading over the review, typos, grammar mistakes and other errors can be easily resolved. With a good writing style and accurate critique, a successful game review should be created. 

With the above tips in mind, anyone should be able to write an engaging and insightful review.

Considering the Content of a Game During a Review

When reviewing a video game one of the most important aspects of the game are its content. From the amount of violence to the narrative choice, content has the ability to make or break a game for a user. A reviewer should always make sure to accurately consider the content of a game before giving a rating.

  • When going through a game for review purposes, it is important for the reviewer to look past the surface level of the game and think critically about how the content is presented and how it affects the user. The violence level should play a factor in the review, and the type of language should also be taken into account. Factors such as the themes that the game is expressing can make a big difference.
  • The content of a game can also provide insight into how well the game was developed. In many cases, the content of a game can say a lot about the type of effort put into the development. Games with well thought out storylines and art direction can speak volumes to how much the developer cares about the game. Content in a game is an invaluable asset and should never be overlooked when it comes to writing a review. The content should always be rated accordingly and with close scrutiny.

Content of a game is a crucial element in the review process and should never be overlooked. Each piece of content should be rated on its own merits and taken into consideration when assigning a final rating. Content can decide the fate of a video game and be the deciding factor in how much success it will have. When writing a review, the content of the game should always remain a top priority.

Finding the Appropriate Rating System for Your Game Review

When it comes to rating a game, it can often be difficult to find the right rating system. Some people might prefer a numerical scale ranging from 1 to 10, while others may favor a more qualitative method such as letter grades or descriptors. Figuring out the right rating system for your game review is key to providing an accurate assessment of the game and making sure the right people read your review.

  • First, consider your audience. Who is your ideal reader and what type of rating system would they appreciate? If your audience is made up of experienced gamers, they might be able to understand and appreciate a more nuanced scale such as numbers or letter grades. However, if you are writing for a more wide-reaching audience, a more simplified rating system of thumbs up and thumbs down may be more appropriate.
  • Finally, consider the type of game you are reviewing. Factors such as the genre, target age range, and level of difficulty can all affect how you rate the game. If the game is intended for children, you might want to adjust your rating system accordingly to make it more accessible to their age group. Similarly, if the game is exceptionally difficult for its genre, you should take that into account when you rate it. 

By finding the appropriate rating system for your review, you can ensure that readers are able to accurately assess the quality of the game.

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