5 Best Funk Dance Youtube Channels To Follow

Are you into funk dance and music? Do you love creating choreography and working out while also listing to soul and pop? Then you've come to the right place! Whether you're a fitness and hiphop enthusiast or just starting out, there's a YouTube channel for you. Here are some of the best YouTube channels to check out where you can find top funk dance, music, and hiphop videos.


Channel Views: ~392.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~107

BFunk Youtube Channel

BFunk is a vibrant YouTube channel that focuses on funk dance, performing arts, Music of Asia, and Hip hop music. BFunk also promotes a lifestyle that celebrates music and its various genres. With every video, BFunk seeks to inspire its viewers with unique and creative moves, sounds, and styles.

Scary Pockets

Channel Views: ~314.7m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~343

Scary Pockets Youtube Channel

Scary Pockets is a popular YouTube channel featuring funky dance music covers. Their videos feature modern renditions of classic funk and soul tunes, as well as acoustic and a cappella covers. The channel's music has been applauded by fans of funk and dance music, and it has become a go-to destination for those looking for a good funk cover.

CLI Studios

Channel Views: ~631.6k Channel Subscribers: ~9.4k Channel Videos: ~235

CLI Studios Youtube Channel

CLI Studios is a YouTube channel that offers a variety of online dance classes including funk, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, and tap. Their fun classes provide an opportunity for students to learn an array of popular hip-hop, jazz, modern, and ballet dances from the comfort of their own homes. The channel offers classes for beginners and more advanced dancers alike. Check out CLI Studios for an enjoyable and informative dance experience!

Fredo Zico

Channel Views: ~61.5m Channel Subscribers: ~59.1k Channel Videos: ~124

Fredo Zico Youtube Channel

Fredo Zico's YouTube channel is an excellent source for soulful music, featuring rare funk and boogie clips from the 1980s on vinyl. His videos provide a unique take on funk dancing and have become popular among music enthusiasts. Enjoy the funky vibes!

DJ Groove

Channel Views: ~16.3m Channel Subscribers: ~70.6k Channel Videos: ~135

DJ Groove Youtube Channel

DJ Groove is an energetic YouTube channel featuring an array of fun funk dance and house music styles, including disco house, funky house, classic house, old school, dj mixes, dj sets, club house, and soulful house. It's a great resource for dance music fans of all types who want to hear the latest songs and classic tunes spun masterfully by some of the best DJs around.

Different Styles of Funk Dance

Funk dance is an energetic street dance form that began in the late 1960s. This dance style is all about freestyle and improvisation, allowing dancers to freely express themselves to some of the funkiest beats! Often featuring are powerful improvisational moves and isolations, funk dance is an entertaining and wild style used in certain hip-hop dance battles.

  • A great thing about funk dance is that there are various styles included under the umbrella term. Waacking, also known as the queen of funk, is a high-energy and exaggerated dance style that involves “swipes”, or big arm movements. Locking is another style of funk dance that has moves such as locking, popping, and hitting the floor. This style is usually lively and entertaining, with more robotic movements mixed in with improvisational flare.
  • Lastly, house dance is a style of funk dance that consists of smooth, sexy movements like surfing and popping. House dance also involves various slides, shuffles, and slides, ultimately aimed to express an individual’s feelings. Overall, funk dance is a high-energy and visually creative style of dance that will entertain any crowd. 

No matter the version of funk dance you choose, it’s sure to help you express yourself while connecting with the music and your body. 

Choosing Funky Music to Funk Dance To

If you are looking to get your funk on the dance floor, it can be hard to figure out which songs to use to create the perfect atmosphere. Funky music is essential for funk dancing, but it is important to choose songs that will make you and those around you move their feet. Here are some tips for choosing the right funk music to get you making your moves on the dance floor.

  • When it comes to choosing funky music for funk dancing, the choices are endless. The best way to create the right mood is to select a mix of up-tempo and mid-tempo songs. Remember that the point of funk dancing is to groove and have fun, so pick songs that your crowd will enjoy and will motivate them to move. A great idea is to consult with a professional DJ to ensure that you are selecting the best tunes.
  • Don’t forget to balance out your funk music selection with classic and modern tunes. Popular funk artists such as James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic, and the Meters are great selections that will get your crowd dancing. For a more modern selection, consider artists from the likes of D’Angelo or Prince. Keep in mind that when it comes to funk dancing, the more classic and recognizable the song, the more likely your crowd will groove to it.

By taking into consideration the tips above, you can ensure that your funk dancing playlist is sure to get everyone moving. Pick songs that will keep your guests energized and excited, and you’ll be sure to have a funky good time on the dance floor.

What to Wear for a Funk Dance Performance

When it comes to performing funk dance, finding the right outfit is key. Your dancer performance and style should make a statement. Whether you’re looking for bold and vibrant, or sleek and classic, you should take some time to find the perfect wardrobe to show your personal style while dancing to a funky beat.

  • For a performance-ready look, it’s best to pick pieces that will make you feel confident. Fit is everything, so find something that is comfortable to move in but still accentuates your curves. When it comes to funk style, you can go for bright colours with fun prints or bold metallics. As for fabric, breathable materials such as polyester or lightweight knit are ideal. And don’t forget the shoes—pick a pair of sneakers with a good grip that will make you look and feel great as you dance.
  • While funk dancing is all about having fun, always keep you audience in mind. Dare to express yourself and pick outfits that will dazzle people, but don’t forget to stay stylish! Choose something that reflects both your personality and the energy of the music. If you’re unsure about certain pieces, don’t be afraid to mix and match and experiment with different combinations. 

With these tips in mind, you’ll find that the perfect outfit for your funk performance is just around the corner. Enjoy your funk dance!

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