Are you striving for a life of frugality and minimalism? Do you want to master budgeting and saving money? If so, you've come to the right place! There are countless YouTube channels dedicated to frugal living, minimalism, budgeting and saving money. To help you streamline your frugal journey, we have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels that cover all the topics you need in order to achieve your financial goals. Keep reading to find out which channels you should be following!

Frugal: Top Youtube Channels

Freakin Frugal

Channel Views: ~58m Channel Subscribers: ~124k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Freakin Frugal Youtube Channel

The Freakin Frugal YouTube channel educates viewers on living a frugal lifestyle with a focus on dumpster diving and vegan mukbang for access to food. Through sarcastic humor, the channel has explored various issues related to food poverty, food scarcity, food deprivation, food desert and food insecurity. It has also inspired viewers with its frugal aesthetic.

Frugal Fit Mom

Channel Views: ~62.8m Channel Subscribers: ~449k Channel Videos: ~972

Frugal Fit Mom Youtube Channel

Frugal Fit Mom is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping moms reduce their expenses in a variety of ways. It focuses on weight lifting, meal planning, extreme grocery challenges, Dave Ramsey debt-free strategies, and home hacks to save money. The channel also provides finance tips and frugal advice for a budget conscious lifestyle. It's the perfect resource for any busy mom looking for ways to stay fit, organized, and budget savvy.

Frugal Aesthetic

Channel Views: ~162.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~237

Frugal Aesthetic Youtube Channel

The Frugal Aesthetic YouTube channel is a great source of inspiration and information on how to stay frugal while still looking stylish and fashionable. The channel focuses on budget streetwear, menswear, clothing, sneakers and shoes. It's a great way to learn how to put together an affordable, stylish fashion look!

Frugal Money Saver

Channel Views: ~5.2m Channel Subscribers: ~41.8k Channel Videos: ~355

Frugal Money Saver Youtube Channel

The Frugal Money Saver YouTube channel provides content about how to save money with frugal living and budgeting. It includes topics such as menu planning, grocery hauls, meal planning, DIY projects, and tips for tightwad living. Follow this channel for tips on how to get the most for your buck and keep more of your money.

Frugal Queen in France

Channel Views: ~3.6m Channel Subscribers: ~24.6k Channel Videos: ~333

Frugal Queen in France Youtube Channel

Frugal Queen in France is a YouTube channel featuring a frugal queen from France who shares her money-saving tips and thrifty budget ideas. Follow her as she shows off her genius money saving skills, French pasty and pastie recipes, and other thrifty yet delicious treats. Save money the French way with Frugal Queen in France!

Frugal Off Grid

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~23.7k Channel Videos: ~353

Frugal Off Grid Youtube Channel

Frugal Off Grid is an educational YouTube channel from the High Desert of Arizona, dedicated to teaching its viewers about frugal and sustainable off-grid agriculture. Topics discussed include rainwater harvesting systems for agriculture, greening the desert, off-grid livestock, high desert permaculture, and high desert farming. With this channel, viewers can learn how to optimize their resources, reduce their expenses and become self-sufficient while living off the grid.

Frugal Over Fifty

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~14.4k Channel Videos: ~142

Frugal Over Fifty Youtube Channel

Frugal Over Fifty is a YouTube channel created by a mature woman to provide frugal living advice, tips, and strategies to save money. With a focus on minimalism and budgeting, the channel offers plenty of great advice for anyone over the age of 50 looking to live a more frugal life. With helpful tips on how to save money, budget more efficiently, and find the balance between minimalism and affordability, there is something for everyone. It's an excellent channel for those looking to make the most of their hard-earned money in their later years.

Frugal Lizzy Bee

Channel Views: ~404.2k Channel Subscribers: ~3.2k Channel Videos: ~312

Frugal Lizzy Bee Youtube Channel

Frugal Lizzy Bee's YouTube channel is the perfect place to visit to learn how to live a more frugal, zero waste lifestyle in the city. She offers make do and mend tips, gardening hints and tips, as well as how to start and maintain an allotment garden, grow your own food and become a gardening beginner. Her channel is full of practical advice and ideas to help you transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Tess - Frugal Living

Channel Views: ~691.4k Channel Subscribers: ~6.6k Channel Videos: ~332

Tess - Frugal Living Youtube Channel

Tess - Frugal Living is a YouTube channel focused on helping viewers take control of their finances and embark on a weight loss journey. Through her thrifty tips and creative recipes, Tess shares her slimmer world experiences and guides her audience in making smart, frugal financial decisions while supporting them in their weight loss journey.

The Frugal Minimalist

Channel Views: ~4.4m Channel Subscribers: ~64.6k Channel Videos: ~76

The Frugal Minimalist Youtube Channel

The Frugal Minimalist YouTube channel is a great resource for working moms looking to live frugally and minimize their lifestyle. The channel offers plenty of useful frugal tips and advice to help you save money and get organized. It also promotes a minimalistic lifestyle and shares insight into how to declutter and simplify. It is the perfect place to go for great ideas on living a frugal and minimalist lifestyle.

Centsible Living With Money Mom

Channel Views: ~7.1m Channel Subscribers: ~31.4k Channel Videos: ~2.5k

Centsible Living With Money Mom Youtube Channel

Centsible Living With Money Mom is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping viewers live a more frugal and debt-free lifestyle. With helpful advice, practical tips, and skill building opportunities, Money Mom provides viewers with the tools they need to save money, get out of debt, and even lose weight. Using her tagline of Cheap and Frugal Living, she provides viewers with the incentive to make smart financial decisions.

A to Zen Life

Channel Views: ~14m Channel Subscribers: ~195k Channel Videos: ~123

A to Zen Life Youtube Channel

A to Zen Life is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people create simpler, more economical lives with minimalism. Through videos on topics such as frugal living, minimalist family, minimalism with kids, and minimalism money, A to Zen Life provides helpful ideas and tips that can help you make positive changes in your life. From on-point advice about frugal living, to occasional glimpses inside the minimalist home of a larger family, this YouTube channel is great for anyone hoping to bring more balance and serenity to their life.

Kate Kaden

Channel Views: ~4m Channel Subscribers: ~42.8k Channel Videos: ~277

Kate Kaden Youtube Channel

Kate Kaden's YouTube channel is an excellent source of budgeting and frugal living tips. She provides helpful advice on how to create a budget, save money, and live a frugal lifestyle. Her videos provide viewers with practical tips, tricks, and strategies to save money and live within their means. With her help, viewers can learn how to budget, save money, and become financially secure.


Channel Views: ~2.9m Channel Subscribers: ~32.1k Channel Videos: ~250

JENNIFER COOK Youtube Channel

Jennifer Cook's YouTube channel is perfect for those looking to live a more frugal and simple life. She provides helpful tips and tricks for budgeting, and offers life hacks and tricks to help maximize productivity and motivation. Tune in to Jennifer's channel to get the confidence and skills needed to make healthy and responsible financial decisions.

Investor Weekly

Channel Views: ~1.4m Channel Subscribers: ~10.5k Channel Videos: ~189

Investor Weekly Youtube Channel

Investor Weekly is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping viewers achieve financial independence. Through videos on topics such as frugal living and daily frugal habits, users are provided with useful money tips and advice on how to save money and build a strong financial foundation. This channel seeks to promote financial and educational literacy, helping viewers to achieve their goals of financial freedom.

Gabe Bult

Channel Views: ~24.8m Channel Subscribers: ~315k Channel Videos: ~269

Gabe Bult Youtube Channel

Gabe Bult's YouTube channel provides insight on achieving financial independence through frugal living and minimalism. He offers tips and advice on how others can be more frugal to reduce their expenses, save money, and ultimately reach their goal of financial independence. Additionally, Gabe shares his experiences of day-to-day minimalism and how it affects both his financial and psychological wellbeing.

Raising Wildflowers

Channel Views: ~739.7k Channel Subscribers: ~9.5k Channel Videos: ~127

Raising Wildflowers Youtube Channel

Raising Wildflowers is a YouTube channel created and run by a single parent who loves to show the frugal side of parenting. From budget grocery hauls to meal prep ideas, the channel offers a variety of cheap and easy meal ideas to make sure both kids and adults eat great while living on a budget. The channel also includes videos related to homeschooling and minimalist living. With inspiring advice and affordable tips, the channel is perfect to help anyone striving to live a frugal lifestyle.

Saving Savers

Channel Views: ~965.7k Channel Subscribers: ~8.2k Channel Videos: ~180

Saving Savers Youtube Channel

Saving Savers YouTube channel is an excellent source of frugal living advice and personal finance tips, offering viewers guidance on how to save money and achieve financial independence. It provides money-saving tips and financial education, as well as advice and strategies for creating a secure financial future. Whether you are looking for money advice or even ideas for frugal living, the Saving Savers channel has you covered.

Nicholas Garofola

Channel Views: ~4.4m Channel Subscribers: ~71.1k Channel Videos: ~104

Nicholas Garofola Youtube Channel

Nicholas Garofola's YouTube channel focuses on helping people become minimalist by teaching them how to declutter their lives and practice frugal living. His videos demonstrate easy everyday carry methods and digital minimalism techniques, offering simple living tips to help viewers lead more minimalist lives. He covers topics such as frugal living, minimalism, and becoming a minimalist.

Debt Free Dana ツ

Channel Views: ~12.9m Channel Subscribers: ~81.9k Channel Videos: ~586

Debt Free Dana ツ Youtube Channel

Debt Free Dana ツ is a YouTube channel hosted by Dana Ryan that focuses on money management and budgeting. The channel provides money saving ideas and tips to help viewers reach their goal of becoming debt free. It's an engaging community where viewers come to learn how to be frugal and share their experiences in becoming debt free. Dana offers creative and practical money saving tips for moms, making this channel a must for any money saving mom. Join the Debt Free Dana ? community today to receive your dose of money saving motivation!


Channel Views: ~4.1m Channel Subscribers: ~73.7k Channel Videos: ~169


The Broken Wallet YouTube channel provides frugal lifestyle tips and guides around how to manage and save money. It focuses on guiding viewers to financial freedom and independence through personal finance 101, budgeting advice and various frugal living tips. Whether it is a beginner's guide on how to manage your money or advanced personal finance tips, this channel has something for everyone.
Note: I assumed the channel is about personal finance and frugal living. Please adjust the description as necessary for your own channel.

3 Tips to Start Living Frugally Right Now

Are you looking to get your finances on track and lead a more frugal lifestyle? Living frugally offers the opportunity to save more money and reduce your outgoings. Here are 3 easy tips to get you living frugally right away.

  1. When you start to live frugally, it’s really important to know what you spend your money on. Print out or download your bank statement for the past month and highlight any big expenses and see if there are any areas you could cut down on. Alternatively, budget tracking apps are a great tool for monitoring your income and outgoings.
  2. Living frugally often involves making small adjustments, like avoiding impulse purchases or cutting back on luxury items. Where possible, look to make simple changes in often-forgotten areas like energy bills, broadband, and insurance policies. Make sure that you are getting the most out of all your services and are not overpaying on bills.
  3. Sticking to a savings plan is also key to living frugally. Open up a savings account at your bank and set up regular payments that come out of your account. Even small amounts of money add up and will help you to hit your long-term goals or put a down payment on a home or car. Their are also plenty of other savings options and investments to consider such as stocks, bonds and ISAs, so you can find the best approach to suit your needs.

Living frugally is a powerful way to take control of your finances and help you to navigate uncertain times. Start applying these tips right away and you can be on your way to establishing your frugal lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Being Frugal; How it Can Improve Your Quality of Life?

Frugality is often thought of in a negative light, but being frugal can actually bring about a number of positive changes in your life. There are many different benefits to being frugal, and they can improve the overall quality of your life.

One of the primary advantages of being frugal is that you can start to save money that can be used for future investments. Having a good savings plan allows you to stay on top of your finances and have a secure financial future. As life becomes more unpredictable and uncertain, it’s important to have a financial cushion in case of an emergency. Being frugal also ensures that you don’t have to worry about making ends meet when times are tough.

Another benefit of being frugal is that it encourages you to be mindful about your purchases. This can help prevent buyer’s remorse and even lead to you learning the value of items that you may previously have taken for granted. Rather than wasting your hard-earned money on unnecessary items that bring temporary satisfaction, frugal habits can help you to recognize the value of investing in something meaningful. This also stops you from having to spend money on frivolous items that don’t add any real value to your life.

Frugal habits can benefit your life in more ways than one. Being frugal means that you’ll be more mindful with your money, which leads to having more financial security. It also encourages mindful spending, helping to reduce buyer’s remorse and even leading to you learning the importance of investing in something of value. Being frugal can indeed improve your quality of life if you know how to do it correctly.

How to Love the Frugal Lifestyle?

When it comes to embracing the frugal lifestyle, it often requires some adjusting and attitude shifts. But if done right, it can be incredibly rewarding. Here are some tips on how to learn to love the frugal lifestyle.

First and foremost, know that it really is possible. Forget the stigma of scrimping, using coupons, and not allowing yourself to make indulgent purchases. With the frugal lifestyle, the goal isn’t deprivation—it’s stretching every dollar even further so you get more bang for your buck. A little bit of creativity, resourcefulness, and knowledge can go a long way.

Learning to embrace frugality also means viewing it differently. See it as an opportunity for abundance instead of just a way to pinch pennies. Having a frugal mindset means taking a holistic approach to understanding the whole picture. Learning to build and manage your finances effectively is key. Allocate the money you have well by strategizing where and when to put your money towards and where to save.

Lastly, take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and be kind to yourself. At the end of the day, the success or failure of your efforts has little to do with what you can or can’t buy, and everything to do with your attitude and action. Practicing self-care and compassion is an essential step towards learning to love the frugal lifestyle.

Remember: just because you live frugally doesn’t mean you have to skimp on fun and happiness. The key to really loving the frugal lifestyle is to use the savings to create experiences that matter more. It’s about being more mindful and intentional with your money. If done properly, you can still enjoy life and live within your means.

By using these tips, you’ll soon be able to take result in positive changes and learn to love the frugal lifestyle. It may take time, but it’s worth it. After all, the goal isn’t depravation—it’s financial freedom and a fresher, smarter way of life. 

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