4 Best French Cooking Youtube Channels

Are you a lover of delicious French cuisine? Do you like to watch funny cooking videos? If so, then you've come to the right place. Here, we've broken down the best YouTube channels for cooking, recipes, and French cuisine. Keep reading to find the perfect channel for you!

French Cooking Academy

Channel Views: ~49.1m Channel Subscribers: ~688k Channel Videos: ~378

French Cooking Academy Youtube Channel

The French Cooking Academy YouTube channel is a great resource for learning the culinary arts. It offers home cooking tutorials featuring French recipes, from classic dishes such as French onion soup to more adventurous creations like French desserts. Viewers can learn how to cook classic French dishes while perfecting time-honored techniques of French cuisine. This channel is a great way to learn to cook like a French chef.

Les Frenchies

Channel Views: ~3.5m Channel Subscribers: ~41.5k Channel Videos: ~48

Les Frenchies Youtube Channel

Les Frenchies' YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone looking to explore France and its culture. It covers a variety of topics, such as french cooking, the best places to visit in France, things to do in Paris, France Paris attractions, France places to visit, visit France, best unique places in Paris, and France Paris activities. Plus, they also have helpful Paris vlogs that bring to life the unique places they explore. It's the perfect channel for discovering the best in France!


Channel Views: ~468.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~450

DietGuru Youtube Channel

DietGuru is a YouTube channel that provides helpful tips on how to lose weight, healthy food ideas, and nutrition facts. With videos on topics like french cooking, 5 power snacks, uric acid diet, kids diet, keto diet, and diet tips, DietGuru is the perfect channel to find the best diet for you. With videos full of helpful information, it's no wonder DietGuru has become the go-to source for health and diet advice.


Channel Views: ~200.9m Channel Subscribers: ~2m Channel Videos: ~415

Alex Youtube Channel

Alex's YouTube channel is all about French cooking. Led by Alex, an experienced French chef, viewers can learn about making delicious dishes from French cuisine or just see what masterful meals he's cooking up. From classic recipes to inventive takes on French staples, Alex's channel is sure to delight both novice and expert cooks.

Essential Ingredients for French Cooking

French cooking is considered one of the top cuisines in the world, with its combination of flavors, technique, and presentation. The art of French cooking is made up of various essential ingredients to create unforgettable dishes. There are various key elements of French cooking that every cook, amateur and professional alike, needs to know about to create that classic French flavor.

  1. First, butter is absolutely essential in French cooking, a key to bringing flavor out of foods and dishes. There are two types of butter used in French cooking: unsalted and salted. Unsalted butter is mainly used to give a light, creamy taste to sauces and to enhance the flavor of vegetables or fish. Salted butter, on the other hand, is used to give a saltier and more intense flavor to savory dishes, such as omelets, pastries, and stuffed mushrooms.
  2. Second, olive oil is essential to French cooking. Olive oil is used primarily to sauté vegetables and to give a light coating to chicken, fish, and other ingredients. It is also used in some dressings, to enhance the flavor of certain sauces, and to add a light delicious taste to French dishes.
  3. Finally, herbs are another key ingredient for French cooking. Herbs such as thyme, basil, oregano, parsley, and tarragon are all commonly used in French cooking. They are used to make fragrant and delicious sauces, as well as to add flavor to soups, casseroles, and roasted vegetables. Herbs can also be used to enhance the flavor of butter sauces.

These are some of the essential ingredients that are essential for French cooking. With the right techniques, seasoning, and ingredients, you can create amazing and delicious dishes that will impress even the most discerning palate. With the right understanding of ingredients and techniques, you can create classic French dishes.

Tips for Mastering the Craft of French Cooking

When it comes to cooking, few cultures show mastery over the craft of food quite like that of the French. From one-of-a-kind pastries to savory main dishes, the flavors of France are infused with a classic flair that can be difficult to reproduce with the same degree of precision. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks even amateur cooks can get to grips with the timeless craft of French cooking.

  • The first key to success with mastering French cuisine is understanding the different styles of cooking. French cooking relies largely on technique in order to create complex flavor profiles in dishes; from simmering sauces to flaky pastry crusts, the perfect ingredients mean nothing without the approach to unlock its potential. While learning these techniques can take time, there are plenty of tutorials available to help you along the way.
  • Finally, it’s important to understand the culture behind French cooking; routinely adding a pinch of herbs and spices or incorporating a variety of flavors into a single dish is all part of the craft. Taking the time to understand the core concepts behind French cooking will not only make you a better cook, but will give you an appreciation for the culinary creativity that the French are known for. 

With patience and an open mind, you too can create authentic dishes with a classic French flair.

Savoring the Finer Details of French Cuisine

France has long been known for its exquisite cuisine, and for good reason. French cuisine is a combination of technique, meticulous preparation, and the highest quality ingredients. For those that take the time to appreciate it, French food can be an exquisite experience.

  • One of the best ways to savor the finer details of French cuisine is to appreciate the labor and technique that goes into preparing each meal. Effortless skill is required to create dishes that marry subtle flavors in a perfect balance. Breads, stuffed vegetables, pates, soups, pastries, and more all come together to create an artistic dish. And the presentation of French dishes is as captivating as their flavor.
  • Finally, not be be overlooked, French cuisine should be savored mindfully. Taking time to appreciate the ingredients and how they come together can add immense pleasure to the entire culinary experience. Not to mention, fine French cuisine often pairs wonderfully with a delicious French wine. With its remarkable flavors and inviting atmosphere, French cuisine is the perfect way to indulge in a gastronomic delight. Enjoying the finer details of French cuisine can be the ultimate treat.

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