8 Best Flyboard Flying Youtube Channels

Are you looking for some of the best YouTube channels that feature amazing content related to flyboard flying, hoverboard, extreme sport, jetpack, and other related activities? Do you love to watch funny and entertaining videos about traveling and water sports? If you answered yes to either question, then you've come to the right place! Continue reading to discover some of the top YouTube channels for flyboard flying, hoverboard, extreme sports, jetpack, and travel. With these channels, you'll be entertained for hours!

H2RO Magazine

Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~5.7k Channel Videos: ~289

H2RO Magazine Youtube Channel

H2RO Magazine is a YouTube channel focused on everything related to hydroflight sports, such as flyboard flying. Their content includes flyboard lessons, tutorials, professional flyboarders, extreme sports, and tips on how to flyboard. They also provide exclusive coverage of the Flyboard World Cup and the Flyboard World Championship.


Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.6k Channel Videos: ~277

FLYCAPTAIN Youtube Channel

Flycaptain is a YouTube channel dedicated to flyboard flying, hoverboard, and other related activities. It is owned by the world-renowned flyboarder Franky Zapata, who founded ZR Racing, a professional flyboard racing team based in Dubai. Videos from Flycaptain range from aerial stunts to instructional content for aspiring riders. With awe-inspiring clips and expert advice, Flycaptain is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore the world of flyboarding.

Blue Silver

Channel Views: ~122.6m Channel Subscribers: ~120k Channel Videos: ~234

Blue Silver Youtube Channel

The Blue Silver YouTube channel showcases short, funny videos of extreme flyboard flying, swimming, and swimming suit shows at sea world, wave pools, and water slides. It's sure to make you feel happy and fulfilled after watching the amazing waterpark attractions.


Channel Views: ~38.1m Channel Subscribers: ~54.5k Channel Videos: ~92

Zapata Youtube Channel

The Zapata YouTube channel is an adrenaline-filled watch for anyone interested in extreme water sports. Featuring amazing immersive footage of flyboard flying, jetski stunts, surf tricks, and more, Zapata is the perfect place to get an aquatic beach fix. Be prepared to be wowed by incredible displays of marine agility!

Yacht Watersports store

Channel Views: ~607.4k Channel Subscribers: ~701 Channel Videos: ~71

Yacht Watersports store Youtube Channel

The Yacht Watersports store YouTube channel is the perfect place to explore the exciting adrenaline-pumping world of flyboard flying, hoverboard, and much more in amazing places like Ibiza and Formentera. Catch wild stunts, breathtaking perspectives, and never-before-seen tricks from the professionals. Get ready to be taken on an amazing adventure!

Goa Water Sports

Channel Views: ~291.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.3k Channel Videos: ~60

Goa Water Sports Youtube Channel

Goa Water Sports is a YouTube channel showcasing the many water activities one can experience in Goa. It has a variety of content from flyboard flying, scuba diving, sightseeing, and cruise parties to casino visits and island trips. It also provides a wide range of Goa tour packages. Tune in to experience the beauty of Goa and adrenaline-filled water activities!

Aquatic Aviation

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~31

Aquatic Aviation Youtube Channel

Aquatic Aviation is a YouTube channel focused on showcasing the fun of flyboard flying and other water sports in San Diego. It features videos of people having a blast on jet skis, hoverboards, flyboards, jetpacks, and jetboards produced by Zapata Racing. It's a great way to discover exciting new activities and have fun!


Channel Views: ~451.5k Channel Subscribers: ~513 Channel Videos: ~14

RockyMountainFlyboar Youtube Channel

RockyMountainFlyboar's YouTube channel features extreme flyboard flying, an innovative watersport that uses a jetpack attached to a jet ski or Personal Water Craft (PWC). Viewers can watch as the channel's hosts demonstrate their impressive aerial stunts and tricks while gracefully gliding above the water. They also provide tips for those looking to learn how to fly a flyboard. For those seeking a wild ride, RockyMountainFlyboa is the perfect destination!

Safety Rules for Flyboard Flying

Flyboard flying requires attention to safety. In order to ensure that everyone meets the safety standards, here are a few safety rules that should be followed when Flyboarding:

  1. Prior to getting in the water, it is important to assess the environment for any possible hazards or risks. It is also important to check the Flyboard equipment to make sure it is in good condition.
  2. It is important to get instruction from a certified Flyboarding instructor. An instructor will teach the correct safety techniques, and can provide advice on gear and safety regulations.
  3. Wear the appropriate safety gear when Flyboarding. This includes a life jacket, wetsuit and helmet. Also make sure the Flyboard has the proper leash and that it is attached securely before getting in the water. As always, wear sunscreen and hydrate before and during Flyboarding.

Following these safety rules can help to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time Flyboarding. With the right instruction and safety gear, Flyboarding can be an enjoyable and energizing activity to do in the water.

The Essential Gear for Flyboard Flying

The flyboard is a water sports activity that has taken the world by storm. It involves strapping on a board like device that is connected to a jet ski propulsion unit and is operated by the user's body strength and balance. Flyboard flying requires a full set of dedicated gear in order for the activity to be executed safely. In this article, we'll cover the essential gear for flyboard flying.

  • First of all, the key piece of kit for flyboard flying is obviously the flyboard itself attached to a personal watercraft. This is normally provided by most flyboard hire companies, however they will often require you to have your own flyboard if you plan on taking part in competitions. Additionally, you should wear a properly fitted life jacket so that you can stay afloat when you least expect it.
  • Flyboard flying also requires other supplemental pieces of gear such as fins, a helmet, wetsuit, neoprene shorts, and board shorts. These items are essential for keeping you safe and confident while executing complex flyboard manoeuvres. It's also a good idea to invest in wrist guards to protect your wrists from any impacts or injury while executing jumps and turns. Flyboard riders can also choose to wear a neoprene vest for further protection and warmth.

In conclusion, flyboard flying requires the right set of dedicated gear. The most important piece of equipment is the flyboard connected to a personal watercraft, along with the necessary protective items such as a life jacket, helmet, fins, wetsuit, shorts and wrist guards. All of these items will help ensure maximum safety and enjoyment when taking part in flyboard activities.

A Beginner's Guide to Flyboard Flying

Flyboard flying is an exciting, adrenaline-pumping activity that's quickly becoming a popular water sport. Flyboard is a type of board connected to a fire hose which jets water into the air, giving the user the sensation of flying like a superhero or a bird. If you're someone who's wanting to get into the sport, this beginner's guide is here to help.

  • The first step to taking up flyboard flying is to get the right equipment. You will need to purchase a flyboard unit, or borrow one from a friend. You will also need a propulsion unit, such as a jet ski, and of course, some safety gear. Make sure that you have the right size and type of gear for your own body type and weight.
  • Once you've gathered all the necessary equipment, it's time to get to the water. Before you ride, practice proper safety techniques, such as how to exit and enter the water safely, and practice how to position yourself on the flyboard and operate it. Once you're comfortable, venture out and challenge yourself to fly higher and further. Have fun and keep practicing so that you can become a pro in no time. 

Hopefully this beginner's guide to flyboard flying was useful to you, and that you have a blast learning how to fly with this incredible sport.

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