Are you interested in learning more about flutter, its programming language, dart and python, or about how to develop apps for flutter? Maybe you are looking for a comprehensive flutter course to help you get up to speed on the technology? Whatever your needs, there are plenty of YouTube channels that can help you learn more about flutter and its related topics. In this article, we will introduce you to the best YouTube channels for learning Flutter and its related technologies.

Flutter: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~47.8m Channel Subscribers: ~463k Channel Videos: ~406

Flutter Youtube Channel

The Flutter YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in flutter dev, flutter app and game development, and embedded device development. It provides tutorials and resources for developing mobile, desktop and web applications with flutter. It shares best practices and tips for successful app development with Flutter. From beginners to experienced developers, anyone can find valuable and helpful content on this channel.

Flutter Mapp

Channel Views: ~9.4m Channel Subscribers: ~161k Channel Videos: ~426

Flutter Mapp Youtube Channel

Flutter Mapp is a YouTube channel which provides helpful resources for developers learning to build mobile applications with Flutter. Offering tutorials and tips covering topics such as flutter UI design and UI Flutter, the channel provides an easy to follow guide to mastering the flutter way of app building and learning to code an app from scratch. With knowledgeable lessons from the experts of Flutter Mapp, app development is just a flutter away.

Max on Flutter

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~20.7k Channel Videos: ~172

Max on Flutter Youtube Channel

Max on Flutter is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching users how to create various apps using the Flutter App Development framework. It provides tutorials and resources on a variety of topics such as Flutter App Firebase, Flutter BLoC Pattern, Flutter Ecommerce App, Flutter Dating App, Flutter Food Delivery App, and Flutter Ecommerce App Firebase as well as Flutter Dating App Firebase and Flutter Food Delivery App Firebase. The channel seeks to empower users to develop high-quality apps quickly and efficiently.

The Flutter Way

Channel Views: ~7.5m Channel Subscribers: ~179k Channel Videos: ~97

The Flutter Way Youtube Channel

The Flutter Way is a YouTube channel created to teach viewers how to develop Android and iOS apps with Dart programming, UI design, and Flutter speed code. The channel provides tutorials, courses, and code snippets for users to learn and implement Flutter to create stunning native apps. It also provides guidance on how to use Flutter for web development. This channel is a great way for anyone interested in learning mobile or web development to get started.


Channel Views: ~40.6k Channel Subscribers: ~155 Channel Videos: ~114

FlutterClash Youtube Channel

FlutterClash is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping aspiring coders learn to code. From software engineering to full stack and front end web development to data science and machine learning, FlutterClash provides coding bootcamp-style tutorials for those looking to become a software engineer, web designer, or data scientist. Through their clear and easy-to-follow videos, FlutterClash makes coding accessible to everyone.

Flutter Explained

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~31.7k Channel Videos: ~263

Flutter Explained Youtube Channel

Flutter Explained YouTube channel covers a wide range of topics related to Flutter development, such as Flutter widgets, app development tutorials, and courses for beginners. It also offers detailed Flutter tutorials to help people create their own apps. With its comprehensive content, Flutter Explained is the perfect place to start learning Flutter and perfecting your app developing skills.

Flutter Guys

Channel Views: ~141.3k Channel Subscribers: ~4.4k Channel Videos: ~59

Flutter Guys Youtube Channel

The Flutter Guys YouTube channel is the digital creative hub for developers. It provides valuable tips and resources when it comes to working with Flutter UI design and the mobile app development process. Tutorials cover everything from the basics of app development to more advanced Flutter UI design, and advanced tips and tricks are also provided. It's the perfect channel for beginners and experienced coders alike.

Learn Flutter with Me

Channel Views: ~299.1k Channel Subscribers: ~6k Channel Videos: ~48

Learn Flutter with Me Youtube Channel

Learn Flutter with Me is a popular YouTube channel for anyone interested in learning Flutter, Dart, Android, iOS, and web development. The channel provides free tutorials and flutter code examples as well as Dart programming and development resources. It's become a go-to channel for aspiring developers looking to progress their knowledge in flutter and dart. With 2 million+ subscribers, it's a great place to explore the world of Flutter and Dart programming.

Flutter Tutorial Point

Channel Views: ~9.1k Channel Subscribers: ~222 Channel Videos: ~25

Flutter Tutorial Point Youtube Channel

Flutter Tutorial Point is a YouTube channel that provides comprehensive tutorials on flutter and dart programming language. Their tutorials provide comprehensive step-by-step guidance to help learn Flutter framework, Flutter UI, Dart tutorial, and Flutter full course. Additionally, their videos provide tips and tricks, as well as useful project samples to help beginners get started with Flutter.


Channel Views: ~3.5m Channel Subscribers: ~57.1k Channel Videos: ~309

dbestech Youtube Channel

DBesttech YouTube channel is a great resource to learn Flutter mobile app building, React Native app building and UI building. It provides tutorials step by step with accompanying code, and allows users to build apps for both iOS and Android. It also offers a crash course for beginners, tutorials on designing UIs with flutter, audio players for flutter, and advanced programming with flutter.


Channel Views: ~251.7k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~117

HighCoder Youtube Channel

HighCoder is a YouTube channel run by a teen tech reviewer who specializes in Flutter technology. It covers topics like getting started with Flutter, Flutter best practices, and tips and tricks for mastering the platform. The channel also demonstrates how to use Flutter to develop applications.


Channel Views: ~144.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~458

Fireship Youtube Channel

Fireship is a YouTube channel focused on creating educational content for web development with Flutter, Angular, Firebase, JavaScript, and TypeScript. They provide comprehensive video tutorials and live coding sessions to help developers gain the skills they need to create amazing apps.

The Tech Brothers

Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~18.8k Channel Videos: ~514

The Tech Brothers Youtube Channel

The Tech Brothers YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in learning to create applications with Flutter, build their own apps, and get up-to-date with the latest programming language and development tools for Android and iOS. With tutorials specifically for C++ and Flutter development, Dart programming, Android apps, Firebase tutorials, and much more, this YouTube channel provides users with everything they need to jumpstart their development journey.

London App Brewery

Channel Views: ~4.7m Channel Subscribers: ~87.8k Channel Videos: ~204

London App Brewery Youtube Channel

The London App Brewery YouTube channel offers step-by-step tutorials on how to build iPhone and iPad apps with Xcode, Flutter and other tools. They provide advice on how to make apps for both the App Store and for the iPhone and iPad platforms. They focus on how to use the latest technologies such as Flutter and help users create mobile apps from the ground up. Furthermore, they offer free downloads of all their course materials so users can practice at home.

Code With Andrea

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~36.1k Channel Videos: ~89

Code With Andrea Youtube Channel

Code With Andrea is a popular YouTube channel focused on mobile app development using Google's Flutter framework, Dart programming language, and integrating with iOS and Android. The channel offers many tutorials and resources for developers interested in learning Flutter and building mobile applications on both iOS and Android.

Marcus Ng

Channel Views: ~3.3m Channel Subscribers: ~82.7k Channel Videos: ~46

Marcus Ng Youtube Channel

Marcus Ng's YouTube channel provides comprehensive Flutter tutorials for beginners and experienced developers alike. From Flutter mobile app development and UI tutorials to Flutter speed codes for those who want to hit the ground running, the channel is a great place to learn the ins and outs of Flutter and mobile app development. It also has a series of beginner flutter tutorials, perfect for those just getting started with Flutter.

Lazy TechNo

Channel Views: ~627.7k Channel Subscribers: ~4.2k Channel Videos: ~91

Lazy TechNo Youtube Channel

Lazy TechNo YouTube channel offers an in-depth look into the world of programming. With its range of Flutter tutorials, Flutter courses, Flutter source code, Flutter Firebase projects and other Flutter crash courses, viewers can find anything from beginner tutorials to more advanced topics. In addition to Flutter tutorials, the channel also offers courses in Python programming and Python tutorials as well. All in all, Lazy TechNo is a great source for expanding programming knowledge.

Learn App Code

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~18.4k Channel Videos: ~243

Learn App Code Youtube Channel

Learn App Code YouTube channel provides tutorial videos to help users learn flutter code and develop applications. Hosted by TheHappyharis, viewers can join Happy Haris on his journey to learn Flutter as he shares his tips, tricks, and expertise. Whether it's a beginner or more experienced developer, Learn App Code provides an awesome library of videos to help anyone become an advanced Flutter developer!


Channel Views: ~75.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~86

UmairDev Youtube Channel

UmairDev is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching app development with the popular Flutter framework. It provides comprehensive tutorials for Flutter web designing, app development, and more. Founded by UmairDev, the channel is popular for creating step-by-step instructions, as well as helpful Q&A sessions. With almost 1.3 million subscribers, UmairDev's tutorials have helped millions learn to easily design, develop, and deploy Flutter apps.

How to Use Flutter for Faster and Easier Mobile App Development?

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework created by Google. It helps developers to quickly develop mobile apps with a single codebase. It can be used to develop mobile applications for iOS, Android, and the web from an individual codebase. With Flutter, developers can create beautiful, dynamic and performant apps without needing to learn the native language for each platform.

Using Flutter for mobile app development is faster and easier compared to other frameworks. It's easy to set up and you can quickly build great apps with the help of its wide array of ready-to-use widgets. The development process is also highly interactive, as you can see the changes you make in real-time across multiple platforms. Flutter also offers hot reloading, which allows you to quickly modify the code and apply the changes without restarting the app. Moreover, it provides excellent performance as it compiles down to native code.

Furthermore, Flutter can speed up the prototyping process. With a huge library of components, you can quickly assemble the different screens of your app without the need for heavy coding. This will save you a lot of time and money, allowing you to get the work done faster. Additionally, using Flutter eliminates the need for separate design and development teams as the framework provides an excellent end to end development experience. All in all, Flutter has changed the landscape of mobile app development and can make the process faster and easier.

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