10 Best Fintech Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to give you the latest insights on fintech, finance, business, the stock market, financial news, technology, entrepreneurship, education and investing? Look no further! We have done the hard work for you and have identified some of the top YouTube channels for all your finance and tech needs. Read on to find out who they are and what they offer!

Fintech on the block

Channel Views: ~71.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~66

Fintech on the block Youtube Channel

Fintech on the Block is a YouTube channel dedicated to the world of financial technology. They cover topics such as digital banking, Python for finance, what is fintech, financial services, financial technology, disruption innovation, big tech, what is blockchain and how fintech works. With an experienced team of professionals, this channel is a great source for anyone interested in learning about the exciting new world of Fintech.


Channel Views: ~45.8k Channel Subscribers: ~525 Channel Videos: ~19

Fintech Youtube Channel

Fintech is a YouTube channel focusing on the financial technology industry. It offers insights on topics related to payment services, alcohol, banking, and cyber security. With tips, tutorials, and interviews with industry professionals, the channel provides an in-depth analysis of the innovative fintech world.


Channel Views: ~2.8k Channel Subscribers: ~856 Channel Videos: ~16

FilthyFintech Youtube Channel

FilthyFintech is a YouTube channel that focuses on the rapidly-growing field of fintech technology. It provides engaging and informative content on all things related to fintech, from the basics to the latest trends. The channel is aptly named to capture the essence of its emphasis on the application of new and innovative technological solutions to financial services. With entertaining and educational videos, FilthyFintech makes it easy to stay informed and navigate the rapidly evolving world of fintech.


Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~18.2k Channel Videos: ~887

11:FS Youtube Channel

11:FS YouTube channel is one of the leading Fintech player based in London, UK. It provides news, perspectives and discussions on the latest financial technology and financial services. It is a great source of insights on financial markets, internet banking, UK finance and financial news. Through its rich content, 11:FS helps bridge the gap between traditional financial services and the new world of digital and financial technology.

ROCKIT Vilnius

Channel Views: ~26.1k Channel Subscribers: ~360 Channel Videos: ~125

ROCKIT Vilnius Youtube Channel

ROCKIT Vilnius is a YouTube channel that takes a deep dive into the world of fintech and how it impacts society, lifestyle, and knowledge. It brings a fresh perspective to the topics, exploring ways in which technology can create real and lasting change. It offers viewers insight into the power of fintech and how it can empower individuals to make better financial decisions. Rockit Vilnius is an exciting platform for discovering and learning about the future of finance.


Channel Views: ~475.1k Channel Subscribers: ~346 Channel Videos: ~103

Team8 Youtube Channel

Team8 is a YouTube channel that focuses on FinTech, Cyber Security, and Rethink solutions. The channel features deep-dive interviews, educational videos, and insights from the experts from Team8, an international tech-focused venture capital firm. Watch their videos to learn more about the important topics of FinTech, Cyber Security, and Rethink, and join the conversation to help shape the future of technology.


Channel Views: ~273.8k Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~96

Plaid Youtube Channel

Plaid is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the world of fintech technology. They make videos showing viewers how to use the Plaid API to gain access to various financial services and products. From interviews with experts in the space to tips on how to use their API, Plaid's mission is to help their viewers become more financially stable.

Jeremy Quainoo

Channel Views: ~230.3k Channel Subscribers: ~6.2k Channel Videos: ~89

Jeremy Quainoo Youtube Channel

Jeremy Quainoo's YouTube channel is an excellent resource for learning about fintech, digital transformation, business strategy, agile development, public speaking, Toastmasters, and Scrum. Through his informative and educational videos, Jeremy shares his knowledge and experience in all of these topics. His channel is a great place to explore any of the topics mentioned and even discover new ones.


Channel Views: ~213.2k Channel Subscribers: ~3.3k Channel Videos: ~57

Finoverse Youtube Channel

Finoverse is a YouTube channel sharing fintech news from the Asia Pacific region, covering topics such as digital banking, financial technology, and disruption. They highlight stories from countries such as Hong Kong, South Korea and more, as well as the wider Asian fintech and banking market. The channel focuses on sharing valuable insights and tools to help viewers understand the world of fintech and finance.

Martin Zeman

Channel Views: ~190.8k Channel Subscribers: ~5.2k Channel Videos: ~75

Martin Zeman Youtube Channel

Martin Zeman's YouTube channel helps people achieve financial freedom by providing insights on fintech, personal finance, financial markets, stock market, trading and investing. He regularly produces content about the latest developments in the fintech world, offering advice and guidance on how to maximize one's finances and make informed financial decisions.

Types of Fintech Products and Services

Fintech, or financial technology, has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it allows customers to access innovative products and services. The rapidly changing nature of the industry has made it difficult for customers to keep up with the latest offerings, so understanding the different types of fintech products and services is essential.

  • When it comes to fintech products, there are typically two main categories: consumer-facing technologies and business-centric tools. Consumer-facing technologies are designed to make financial tasks easier and more efficient for consumers. Examples include online-only banks, money transfer apps, and robo-advisors. On the other hand, business-oriented tools are targeted towards firms and businesses, allowing them to analyze data and gain insights. Examples include machine learning and artificial intelligence, financial analytics, and blockchains.
  • There are also a range of fintech services. These include money management, financial guidance, and payment processing services. Money management services help customers to manage their finances by providing budgeting and financial planning advice. Financial guidance services provide insights on investing, retirement, and other matters. Lastly, payment processing services allow businesses to accept payments quickly and securely. With the growing popularity of fintech products and services, there are now more options than ever for customers to choose from. 

Being knowledgeable about the different types of fintech products and services can help customers make an informed decision that meets their needs.

Security and Privacy Concerns with Fintech

As the fintech industry continues to rise in popularity, there is growing concern about the security and privacy of consumers using financial services both for online and mobile banking. Fintech companies create innovative products and services to automate, decentralize, and modernize the financial services sector, with clear benefits to consumers by improving access, lowering costs and increasing convenience. However, there are potential threats to consumers if measures are not taken to ensure security and privacy.

  • A key security concern lies with the customer’s personal information. If customer data is not handled securely, confidential financial data can be exposed to third parties. This can result in identity theft and financial fraud at best, or more serious consequences in more extreme cases. With the rise of advanced technology, data thieves find it easier to access customer information through cyberattacks, and implementing strong layers of security on all digital platforms is an important requirement for fintech companies.
  • Encryption technology is also critical to ensure data safety and privacy. Encryption standards can ensure that financial data remains secure while in transit between the customer, their financial institution, and any third parties. In order to protect customer data from hackers and other malicious actors, it is important for fintech companies to take appropriate measures to secure customer online services. Adopting safe authentication methods such as two-factor authentication is also important for customer transactions. This helps secure customer accounts and detect signs of fraudulent or malicious activity.

By understanding the potential security and privacy risks involved with fintech, fintech companies can take steps to both protect customer data and provide greater assurance that customer financial data is secure. This can ultimately improve customer trust and loyalty, and drive better customer experiences.

Common Obstacles to Implementing Fintech

Financial technology, or ‘fintech’, is the use of technology to facilitate financial processes and banking activities. Though there are many advantages associated with the implementation of fintech, there are also several obstacles preventing businesses from doing so.

  • One common obstacle is the difficulty and cost of ensuring your fintech products and processes meet the required security standards. Setting up the necessary military-grade encryption as well as other protocols is expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, as some security processes are constantly being developed and improved, you may have to account for further costs down the line to ensure your products stay up to date.
  • Fintech can also be highly disruptive, particularly to well-established practices and operations which have successful been carried out in the same way for decades. As such, the change to a fintech-driven process requires training staff on the new systems, as well as convincing them of the need for the change and its long term benefits for the business. This can be difficult to manage, and distracting from the success of other plans and strategies. Additionally, it can take considerable effort to integrate new technologies into existing systems, and also ensure that it works as efficiently as possible.

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