27 Best Filmmaking Youtube Channels For Beginners

Are you passionate about filmmaking? Have you always wanted to take your video and film production skills to the next level? Look no further. Here is your guide to finding the best YouTube channels for filmmaking, cinematography, video production, and videography. We've gathered together the top channels offering tutorials, tips, and cinematic ideas to help you become a better filmmaker. So dive in and discover the best channels for photography and all things filmmaking-related. Let's get started!

Nate's Film Tutorials

Channel Views: ~4m Channel Subscribers: ~21.8k Channel Videos: ~244

Nate's Film Tutorials Youtube Channel

Nate's Film Tutorials YouTube channel is a great resource for beginner and aspiring filmmakers. They provide a variety of tutorials and content such as low budget filmmaking, how to cinematic video, Premiere Pro, and filmmaking tips. This channel is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to get into filmmaking and learn the basics of how to start making and editing videos.

Film Riot

Channel Views: ~215.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Film Riot Youtube Channel

Film Riot is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on DIY filmmaking and video production. It provides helpful tutorials that focus on topics such as video editing, After Effects, special effects, movie production, and more. Whether you are working on a big budget or a low budget project, Film Riot will teach you the basics of filmmaking and video production on the cheap.


Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~32.2k Channel Videos: ~161


SMARTPHONE FILMMAKING PRO is a YouTube channel helping amateur filmmakers turn their smartphone videos into professional pieces by providing tips and tricks for shooting videos with smartphones, making smooth video transitions, and more. They showcase the capabilities of filming with a smartphone and offer tips to make the most of your iPhone videos.

Saj Adibs - Filmmaking Mentor

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~24.3k Channel Videos: ~97

Saj Adibs - Filmmaking Mentor Youtube Channel

Saj Adibs' YouTube channel is an invaluable resource for filmmakers, offering helpful video production and filmmaking tips and tricks. He aims to help aspiring filmmakers understand the art of videography and understand how to create quality films. With his creative and insightful tips, Saj Adibs is guaranteed to help filmmakers hone their craft and achieve their filmmaking goals.

Filmmaking Stuff

Channel Views: ~283.4k Channel Subscribers: ~5.4k Channel Videos: ~343

Filmmaking Stuff Youtube Channel

Filmmaking Stuff is an educational YouTube channel that specializes in offering resources and tutorials on all aspects of independent filmmaking and film distribution. Their videos focus on topics such as the film distribution process, independent film distribution, and general tips to help filmmakers create their best work. This channel is an invaluable source of information for all filmmakers.

Tomorrows Filmmakers

Channel Views: ~14.3m Channel Subscribers: ~422k Channel Videos: ~52

Tomorrows Filmmakers Youtube Channel

Tomorrows Filmmakers is an engaging YouTube channel that showcases video content related to filmmaking, film, and technology. This channel provides viewers with helpful tips for making lifestyle and hobby films, as well as informative topics regarding the technological advances of filmmaking. Tune in to Tomorrows Filmmakers for all your filmmaking advice and inspiration.

5 Dollar Film School

Channel Views: ~501.2k Channel Subscribers: ~7.4k Channel Videos: ~198

5 Dollar Film School Youtube Channel

Five Dollar Film School is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to teaching aspiring filmmakers the art of filmmaking. Hosted by feature filmmaker Ryan Connolly of 922 Films, it provides viewers with helpful tips and tricks on topics such as making a short film, feature script and feature filmmaking. Viewers can also learn about movie making and how to make a feature film. With its accessible price point and high-quality content, this channel is perfect for anyone looking to get started in the world of film.

Ryan Camp Films

Channel Views: ~2.9m Channel Subscribers: ~33.8k Channel Videos: ~149

Ryan Camp Films Youtube Channel

Ryan Camp Films is a YouTube channel dedicated to Film & Video Production, offering indie filmmaking tutorials, tips and techniques for beginners, Plus simple and easy to understand filmmaking basics. Ryan Camp?s channel showcases some of the best independent filmmaking advice around. Here you will find everything you need to get started with your filmmaking journey. From basics to advanced techniques. Check out Ryan Camp Films today.

Luc Forsyth

Channel Views: ~776.8k Channel Subscribers: ~17.1k Channel Videos: ~90

Luc Forsyth Youtube Channel

Luc Forsyth's YouTube channel is an amazing resource for filmmakers, photographers and cinematographers alike. He focuses on topics such as documentary filmmaking, filmmaking tips, and cinematography tutorials. He offers his audience an in-depth look into the world of filmmaking by giving professional advice and sharing his own experiences. Through his channel, Luc Forsyth encourages people to create their own films and photographs.

Danny Gevirtz

Channel Views: ~13.9m Channel Subscribers: ~263k Channel Videos: ~186

Danny Gevirtz Youtube Channel

Danny Gevirtz's YouTube channel is great for aspiring filmmakers and professionals looking to level up their video content creation. He offers a range of tutorials on topics related to filmmaking, cinematography, and video production, all with a focus on using Canon equipment. Whether you're just starting out or already a professional, you can learn and grow with Danny's tutorials.

In Depth Cine

Channel Views: ~16.2m Channel Subscribers: ~334k Channel Videos: ~157

In Depth Cine Youtube Channel

In Depth Cine is a YouTube channel focused on filmmaking and practical cinematography, featuring Movie Essays, Film Reviews, Director of Photography tutorials and other Video Essays about how to light and shoot a film. It's an invaluable resource for aspiring cinematographers and filmmakers.

Crimson Engine

Channel Views: ~7.1m Channel Subscribers: ~76.8k Channel Videos: ~446

Crimson Engine Youtube Channel

Crimson Engine is a YouTube channel geared towards independent filmmaking. It provides useful tips and tricks related to filmmaking, video cameras, cinema cameras, color grading, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere, as well as reviews of film gear. It is an invaluable resource for any aspiring or experienced indie filmmaker.

Standard Story Company

Channel Views: ~10.5m Channel Subscribers: ~124k Channel Videos: ~71

Standard Story Company Youtube Channel

Standard Story Company is a YouTube channel dedicated to creating and sharing resources for independent filmmakers. From providing comprehensive tutorial series on making no budget features, to helpful tips on improving your storytelling, the channel has everything aspiring filmmakers need to create their dream independent feature film.

Mark Bone

Channel Views: ~11.2m Channel Subscribers: ~218k Channel Videos: ~177

Mark Bone Youtube Channel

Mark Bone's YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in documentary and filmmaking. He provides educational tutorials on everything from how to shoot a documentary to handheld tips to camera advice for beginners. His channel also has valuable content about the art of documentary filmmaking, plus helpful tips on how to make a documentary. Whether you're a novice or a pro, Mark Bone's channel is a great source of information.


Channel Views: ~55.1m Channel Subscribers: ~921k Channel Videos: ~294

DSLRguide Youtube Channel

DSLRguide is a YouTube channel created by filmmaker Simon Cade. Providing a wide range of content from tips on filmmaking, to deep dives into film and video production, there?s something for everyone at DSLRguide. Whether you are a pro looking for industry expertise, or a novice learning the basics, DSLRguide has it all.


Channel Views: ~26.1m Channel Subscribers: ~452k Channel Videos: ~188

D4Darious Youtube Channel

D4Darious is a YouTube channel focused on the art of filmmaking, with content ranging from cinematography tips to advanced editing and directing techniques. In-depth video tutorials, critiques, and other helpful insights are offered to bring aspiring filmmakers closer to their goals. Every step of the filmmaking journey can be learned at D4Darious.


Channel Views: ~179.4m Channel Subscribers: ~2.3m Channel Videos: ~746

Cinecom.net Youtube Channel

Cinecom.net is a YouTube channel that offers tutorials and expert advice around filmmaking, visual effects, after effects, premiere pro, video editing, and special effects. It also publishes entertaining challenge videos in which filmmakers have various time frames to make creative videos using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Additionally, Cinecom.net shares video making tips, tricks, and hacks to help viewers hone their craft.

Zach Ramelan

Channel Views: ~7.1m Channel Subscribers: ~107k Channel Videos: ~355

Zach Ramelan Youtube Channel

Zach Ramelan's YouTube channel is dedicated to giving filmmakers the tools they need to make impactful stories through tutorials and lessons in filmmaking. His content covers everything from how to shoot and edit video to storytelling and production techniques. Whether you're an experienced filmmaker or a beginner, Zach's content will help you create better videos and make an impact.

Simon Horrocks

Channel Views: ~7.3m Channel Subscribers: ~88.3k Channel Videos: ~109

Simon Horrocks Youtube Channel

Simon Horrocks' YouTube channel is a great resource for aspiring filmmakers as it focuses on topics related to filmmaking, film festivals, motion, mobile, and smartphone filmmaking. He offers step-by-step tutorials on how to achieve a successful filmmaking experience, including tips on the latest mobile technology for creating stunning cinematic visuals.

TMS Productions

Channel Views: ~9m Channel Subscribers: ~152k Channel Videos: ~194

TMS Productions Youtube Channel

TMS Productions is a YouTube channel started by the filmmaking team of Stephen Mitchell and Kucher. It is best known for the show /52 Out Of 52, which showcases their creativity, given viewers one minute of original filmmaking every week for an entire year. TMS Productions covers a wide range of topics in filmmaking, from production to storytelling.

Brandon Li

Channel Views: ~25.7m Channel Subscribers: ~492k Channel Videos: ~170

Brandon Li Youtube Channel

Brandon Li's YouTube channel is dedicated to teaching viewers the art of filmmaking and how to capture the best shots for travel photos and videos. He shares his unscripted experiences and provides comprehensive tutorials for aspiring filmmakers. Brandon's channel is full of inspiring stories and visually stunning cinematography.

Learn Online Video

Channel Views: ~32.6m Channel Subscribers: ~969k Channel Videos: ~100

Learn Online Video Youtube Channel

The Learn Online Video YouTube channel is an online film school dedicated to helping aspiring filmmakers make YouTube videos and master video production. It offers filmmaking courses and video editing tutorials to explain how to create stunning videos from start to finish. With Learn Online Video, not only will you learn the basics of filmmaking, but you will also receive professional guidance on how to make YouTube videos and become an expert in video production.

Justin Porter Media

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~23.7k Channel Videos: ~162

Justin Porter Media Youtube Channel

Justin Porter Media is a YouTube channel specializing in wedding filmmaking and videography. He features tutorials and training for wedding filmmakers on topics such as mastering the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Pro, creating beautiful wedding films, and video production tips. He also shares wedding video tutorials, runs a wedding film school, and provides advice for creating stunning wedding videos.

Parker Walbeck

Channel Views: ~115.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~179

Parker Walbeck Youtube Channel

Parker Walbeck's YouTube channel is a great resource for aspiring filmmakers looking to become full-time filmmakers. He provides educational tutorials on video production, filmmaking, and visual storytelling, as well as offering an online film school. His video content is great for anyone looking to learn more about the film and television industry.

Matti Haapoja

Channel Views: ~100.3m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~613

Matti Haapoja Youtube Channel

Matti Haapoja's YouTube channel features stunning visuals from various travels around the world, as well as filmmaking, tutorial, and photography content. For filmmakers, he offers tips and tutorials on using Premiere Pro and how to apply creative cinematography techniques. He also shares videos filled with personal travel experiences, capturing the feelings of being in exciting places. Matti's photography and photo content make his channel an inspiring and informative watch.

Enam Alamin

Channel Views: ~16m Channel Subscribers: ~266k Channel Videos: ~147

Enam Alamin Youtube Channel

Enam Alamin's YouTube channel is a great resource for aspiring filmmakers and video editors. It showcases a variety of tutorials that provide comprehensive knowledge on topics such as video editing, sound design, color grading, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Premiere Pro. It also provides helpful tips and tricks to help streamline post-production processes.

Teppo Haapoja

Channel Views: ~4.6m Channel Subscribers: ~84.1k Channel Videos: ~276

Teppo Haapoja Youtube Channel

Teppo Haapoja's YouTube channel is full of engaging and informative content, including filmmaking tutorials, travel films, photography journeys, and creative travel tips. He gives valuable advice that will help you create better films and photography while also inspiring you to explore and discover the world. From planning a trip to capturing beautiful shots, Teppo Haapoja's channel is your source for all kinds of filmmaking and travel advice!

The Different Tools and Equipment Used in Filmmaking

Filmmaking is an art that requires attention to detail and requires the right pieces of equipment and tools to get the job done. Whether you’re working on a small budget or a big-budget Hollywood film, the right tools and equipment can make the process easier and help create a successful final product.

When it comes to filmmaking, the most important pieces of equipment are a camera, lenses, lighting, audio recording equipment, and computer software. Cameras play a huge role in filmmaking and can come in many forms from DSLRs to cinema cameras. The type of camera that directors and cinematographers choose to use depends on the type of film they’re creating and how they want to capture and compose the images. Additionally, lens choices are another important part of the filmmaking process and can range from wide-angle lenses to telephoto lenses. By having different types of lenses, filmmakers can adjust the focal length of the images and create cinematic masterpieces.

Apart from camera and lenses, lighting is also a key element of filmmaking and is what helps to create a certain look and feel for the different scenes. Lighting differs depending on the project, and it can range from traditional studio lights to natural outdoor light. Lastly, audio recording equipment and computer software are also essential for filmmakers in order to capture clear and crisp sound and to then edit and enhance the visuals. By owning the right tools and equipment, filmmakers can create truly breathtaking films.

Tips for Making a Quality Film

Making a quality film doesn’t technically have one right way to go about it, but there are some tried-and-true tips to making sure your film is a success. The most important one? Think ahead and get informed. Doing your research and understanding exactly what audience and materials you need for the project is essential. The following are some tips to help you make sure your film looks, sounds, and is produced as a quality piece.

  • To make a quality film, you must have strong visuals. You need to not only be able to produce scenes that look realistic, but eye-catching as well. This means ensuring the camera lens is clean, having quality lighting, and making sure your color palette inspired and adds to the story. You also want to make sure your audio is crystal-clear so that dialogue is audible and understandable.
  • Organize and plan out your filming process. Have storyboards, schedules, set lists, and scripts ready. When you’re on set, you want to be prepared and organized so that you don’t have to waste valuable time rummaging through paperwork. Put together a production team that is reliable and experienced in their field, so you can trust that they know what they are doing and can do it quickly and efficiently.

All of these factors together will help you make a quality film.

Challenges Involved in Filmmaking and How to Overcome Them.

Filmmaking is an art form that requires a lot of hard work, planning, and dedication. While the end result of a successful film can be rewarding and satisfying, the journey to that point is often fraught with numerous difficulties and challenges. The biggest challenges that filmmakers face, however, are staying organized, staying on budget, and remaining creative.

When it comes to staying organized, filmmakers need to have a clear plan of action for pre-production, production, and post-production. This means having all of the details in order, from having a comprehensive shooting schedule to making sure deadlines are met. The best way to make sure that everything is in order is to have a dedicated project manager who is well-versed in the filmmaking process. This person can be the key to keeping the production on track.

Staying on budget is often one of the biggest challenges that filmmakers face. With the cost of equipment, personnel, and locations, the budget can quickly skyrocket. To avoid this, filmmakers need to be mindful of their costs throughout the production. They should create an accurate budget beforehand and conduct a thorough review of their expenses throughout the process. Additionally, filmmakers must try to maximize their resources as much as possible by utilizing free or low-cost software, rentals, and second-hand items.

Finally, creative block can be a major issue in filmmaking. To combat this, filmmakers must get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to come up with new and innovative ideas. Taking a break from the project can also be a great way to refresh and refocus, resulting in new and creative solutions for whatever part of the film may be causing difficulty. With a bit of dedication and hard work, filmmakers can overcome the challenges they face and create a successful production.

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