Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to satisfy your FIFA Soccer 13 gaming needs? Whether you play on XBOX, Nintendo, PS3, or any of the other many gaming platforms, you'll find a wealth of knowledge here. Check out these top channels for the best game play, walkthroughs, and video game reviews. With insights from some of the top gamers in the world, you'll be able to level up your FIFA Soccer 13 experience. So, read on to find the best YouTube channels for FIFA Soccer 13!

Fifa soccer 13 game: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~827.5m Channel Subscribers: ~4.4m Channel Videos: ~800

EA SPORTS FIFA Youtube Channel

The EA SPORTS FIFA YouTube channel is all about the FIFA Soccer 13 game, with videos featuring career mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, and more. There are also videos about FIFA PC, FIFA Xbox, and FIFA PS4 gameplay, as well as FIFA 20 PC and FIFA 20 PS4 gameplay. If you're a fan of FIFA Soccer, this is the channel for you!


Channel Views: ~54.5m Channel Subscribers: ~66.6k Channel Videos: ~1k

para182x Youtube Channel

Para182x is a gaming YouTube channel which focuses on the popular FIFA Soccer 13 game. It features full gameplay videos, as well as detailed walkthroughs and tips for players on the newest versions of FIFA; including FIFA 22 on Xbox Series X and PS5, as well as older versions such as FIFA 13, 14, and 15 in 1080p.


Channel Views: ~3.2b Channel Subscribers: ~5m Channel Videos: ~37.5k

GameSpot Youtube Channel

GameSpot is a YouTube channel that provides exciting video game reviews, game trailers, tips & tricks and live gaming for Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch. Fans of FIFA Soccer 13 and other popular video games can find the latest updates and news from Make sure to check out their channel for the best gaming content!

Utilizing Tactics to Score Goals in FIFA Soccer 13

In the popular video game FIFA Soccer 13, scoring goals is an integral part of the gameplay. Players must be able to effectively utilize tactics and strategies to score goals and as a result be successful in the game. While playing FIFA Soccer 13, there are a few tactics and strategies that players can use to help them score goals.

  • Using passing strategies is a great way for players to score goals in FIFA Soccer 13. Players should practice passing the ball to players in spaces and linking up play, such as passing the ball between players and then the receiver of the ball playing it into the penalty area. This kind of passing and link-up play creates space, allowing more time and angles to make shots.
  • Another tactic that can be used when scoring goals is attacking quickly and decisively. This can be achieved through intelligent movement and control of the ball. Players should practice controlling the ball as they move forward to exploit gaps in the opposition’s defense, allowing you to take advantage of shooting opportunities, and hopefully score. This style of play requires mastery of the various controls and movements of the players, but the reward of goals and victory will be worth it.

Overall, there are numerous tactics that players can use to score goals in FIFA Soccer 13. By utilizing passing strategies and attacking quickly and decisively, players will increase their chances of scoring goals. Through effective use of these strategies, players can be successful in FIFA Soccer 13.

Avoiding Common Mistakes to Achieve Success in FIFA Soccer 13

FIFA Soccer 13 offers a range of exciting features and challenges that can be enduringly rewarding. However, as with anything, mistakes can be made. Learning to identify and recognize bad habits when playing the game will help prepare you for success. Here are some of the most common mistakes to watch out for in order to make your game a winner.

Not familiarizing with the game is a common mistake made by many FIFA players. Knowing which controls you need to master, the various formations available, and how best to defend or attack can make the difference between success and failure. Additionally, taking the time to observe the skill gap from previous versions of the game can be helpful in fully comprehending the changes in the new version.

Sticking to familiar formations and tactics can be unhelpful. Constantly using the same line-ups, settings or strategizing can be repetitive and make it easy for opponents to plan for counter attacks. To gain a competitive edge, try mixing up your tactics and make use of the many options available. Adjusting formations and set pieces, as well as focusing on specific players throughout the match can help you to stay one step ahead.

Success in FIFA Soccer 13 is within reach. If you equip yourself with the right knowledge, you can avoid making these common mistakes and be on your way to becoming a champion. Good luck!

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