Are you looking for some exciting new tracks to get your mind moving and put you in the festival mood? Music is a powerful and emotional force that can set the tone for any event and add vibrant energy to the atmosphere. At its best, music can send you into a frenzy of dancing, create powerful memories, and incite wild fun. If this is the kind of music you are looking for, stay tuned for our list of the best YouTube channels to get your fill of festival songs, love songs, TYSON music, EDM, DJ, and festival mix. We will have you ready to rock any Tomorrowland or hit of 2018 before you know it. Read on to find out more!

Festival songs: Top Youtube Channels

Festival Songs

Channel Views: ~5.3m Channel Subscribers: ~27.7k Channel Videos: ~160

Festival Songs Youtube Channel

Festival Songs is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing the best Malayalam album songs ever. With vast selection of feel-good melodies and hit songs, there is something for everyone. It boasts an expansive collection of songs from Onam Specials to yesudas and more, so be sure to check out Festival Songs for your malayalam album song listening pleasure.

Orange Festival Dambuk

Channel Views: ~18.8m Channel Subscribers: ~99.2k Channel Videos: ~333

Orange Festival Dambuk Youtube Channel

The Orange Festival Dambuk YouTube channel is the destination for festival lovers looking to celebrate in Arunachal Pradesh. The channel features a variety of festival songs, as well as videos from the biannual adventure music festival held in Dambuk. With its aural and visual offerings, this channel transports viewers to a fun and vibrant festival scene.

Josel Bisco

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~3.8k Channel Videos: ~287

Josel Bisco Youtube Channel

Josel Bisco's YouTube channel focuses on festival songs and music, with no copyright hindering listeners from enjoying the free, remix-style tunes. Popular videos on the channel include Coco Festival, Remix Festival Music, Parlor Games, Mapeh Fest, Kaybiang Tunnel, and Teachers Day. Get lost in the diversity of cultural beats that set Josel Bisco's channel apart from the rest!

Track Music

Channel Views: ~4.3m Channel Subscribers: ~40.7k Channel Videos: ~57

Track Music Youtube Channel

Track Music YouTube channel creates and constantly uploads new videos of exciting festival and electronic music, heavenly EDM mixes, and intense Big Room and Electro House tracks. Featuring the best of EDM remixes and festival mixes, its videos will make you jump to the beat. Don't miss out on this great channel!


Channel Views: ~45.8m Channel Subscribers: ~132k Channel Videos: ~322

TYSON Music Youtube Channel

Tyson Music is a well-known YouTube channel with EDM festival and remix songs ranging from the famous DJ Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, and others. This channel provides high-energy festival mixes, electro house, big room, and drops-only mixes that keep the energy up throughout its videos.

Mashup Mixes

Channel Views: ~127.9m Channel Subscribers: ~410k Channel Videos: ~89

Mashup Mixes Youtube Channel

Mashup Mixes YouTube channel presents the best from festival dance music, delivering a mix of shuffle dance, Alan Walker, and Ultra Music Festival songs, as well as weekly mashups and Tomorrowland exclusives. Perfect for any club night.


Channel Views: ~25m Channel Subscribers: ~127k Channel Videos: ~168

iNEGATIVE Youtube Channel

iNEGATIVE is a YouTube channel focused on playing the best in festival and party songs, club music, music mixes, EDM mashups, and Tomorrowland mixes. They create high quality music mixes and cover sets from Tomorrowland 2022. Their mixes are perfect for anyone who wants to have the ultimate party experience.


Channel Views: ~235.6m Channel Subscribers: ~806k Channel Videos: ~228

DJEkkiMusic Youtube Channel

DJEkkiMusic is an exciting YouTube channel featuring the best festival songs, remixes, mash up music, and EDM remixes. Tune in for the best remixes of popular songs, charts mix, EDM music, and best remixes of 2022. You won't be disappointed by the eclectic and extraordinary mash up remixes and popular songs. Enjoy DJEkkiMusic!


Channel Views: ~13.6b Channel Subscribers: ~17.8m Channel Videos: ~57.2k

KBS WORLD TV Youtube Channel

KBS WORLD TV is a YouTube channel operated by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), featuring K-Pop music, festival songs, K-dramas and exclusive interviews. The channel offers fans around the world an opportunity to share the latest and greatest of KBS video content. KBS World TV is dedicated to delivering the best of Korean culture to viewers all over the globe.


Channel Views: ~79.4m Channel Subscribers: ~241k Channel Videos: ~272

daveepa Youtube Channel

The daveepa YouTube channel is a fantastic source for music fans, offering a great selection of festival songs, edm mixes, and remixes of popular music. As well as mixes by Dave Pa and Daveepa Party Mix, the channel also offers dynamic EDM mixes and the best remixes around. Whether looking for great festival music or an upbeat EDM mix, Daveepa is the place to go.

Choosing the Right Genre of Festival Songs

Festivals can be a great way to come together and celebrate different occasions and cultural festivities. One of the things that make these functions exciting is the music and playlist played at the event. Depending on the type of occasion and the atmosphere you’re hoping to create, choosing the right genre of festival songs can mean the difference between a great event and an unforgettable one.

It’s important to consider the age range of the attendees when selecting festival music. If it’s a traditional event like a cultural celebration, you may want to opt for something more classic and traditional such as folk songs or ballads. On the other hand, if the event includes a younger crowd you may be better off playing something with an upbeat rhythm that they can dance to. Don’t be scared to experiment with different genres to find out what works best for the crowd.

Finally, take into account the mood of the event. Are you hoping for a lively and upbeat vibe or more of a mellow ambience? Make your selection of songs based on how you want people to feel throughout the function. If you’re looking for a certain energy, you might want to consider songs that have been previously played or are popular at similar events to ensure your guests have the best experience. All of these factors can help you to pick the perfect genre of festival songs.

Finding the Most Popular Festival Songs

Festival season is the ultimate time to enjoy good music with friends and family. Whether you’re gathering around the campfire or having a garden party with neighbors, having the perfect tunes to accompany the festivities is essential. Finding the most popular festival songs can be tricky, but there are plenty of resources to choose from.

A great place to start when choosing the perfect song for your events is online streaming services. There are a number of music streaming services which offer playlists highlighting the latest and greatest tunes in festival music. As well as offering endless hours of listening pleasure, you’ll save money by avoiding pricey tickets and CDs.

If you’d rather have a personal touch when choosing your festival songs, you can always check out your local radio station. Most radio stations have a monthly ‘Music Marathon’ showcasing the biggest and best songs of the summer season. They also have DJs who specialize in festival music, giving you the inside knowledge to help you make the best choices for your special occasion. With these resources, finding the perfect festival songs for any celebration will be a breeze!

For added fun, you could even create a poll amongst your festival-goers to decide on what songs should be played. This is a great way to engage with your friends and family and in turn, create a memory together. Plus, you’ll get to hear what everyone loves to listen to – ensuring your celebration is vibrant and full of life.

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