Are you a female maker who loves to learn about woodworking, tools, and DIY projects? If so, you're in the right place! Here, we have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels that will help you hone your woodworking skills and provide you with helpful tips and information on how to use your tools. Whether you're just beginning to learn about woodworking or you're an experienced woodworker looking to take your craft to the next level, we are sure you'll find something helpful and inspiring in these channels. Read on to explore and find the channels that are right for you!

Female woodworker: Top Youtube Channels

What Meike Makes

Channel Views: ~21.8m Channel Subscribers: ~175k Channel Videos: ~55

What Meike Makes Youtube Channel

What Meike Makes is a YouTube channel owned by an inspiring female woodworker. She showcases her DIY projects, crafts, power tool tips and tricks, and delicious cooking recipes. Apart from her impressive skills, viewers are captivated by her charisma and beauty as a blonde and sexy do-it-yourselfer providing ideas and tutorials to learn something new!

3x3Custom - Tamar

Channel Views: ~60.7m Channel Subscribers: ~723k Channel Videos: ~140

3x3Custom - Tamar Youtube Channel

3x3Custom - Tamar is a YouTube channel featuring a female woodworker demonstrating how to use power tools for DIY woodworking projects like furniture and jigs. It's a great resource for woodworking tips and ideas, whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro. The channel provides detailed instructions and advice so viewers can make their own custom woodwork projects.

carpenter dong

Channel Views: ~44.1m Channel Subscribers: ~180k Channel Videos: ~316

carpenter dong Youtube Channel

Carpenter Dong's YouTube channel is run by a female woodworker who provides a variety of woodworking tips and tutorials. You can find helpful advice for process the wood, creating home decorations, furniture ideas, and working with woodworking tools. Furthermore, her channel covers furniture design tips and techniques to help create beautiful wooden furniture. Whether you're a beginner or looking for advanced woodworking projects, Carpenter Dong will assist you in making your dreams a reality.

Melia Janae

Channel Views: ~97.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~39

Melia Janae Youtube Channel

Melia Janae is a female woodworker who shares home decor, DIY projects, and room transformation ideas on her YouTube channel. She specializes in boho and modern home decor, and offers helpful woodworking tutorials and vlogs. She is part of the growing number of Women Woodworkers making home renovations easier.


Channel Views: ~34.8m Channel Subscribers: ~177k Channel Videos: ~24

WOOD GIRL Youtube Channel

WOOD GIRL is a YouTube channel featuring a female woodworker who creates awesome wood crafts and shares her woodworking experiences with her followers. She uses a variety of materials and tools to produce intricate pieces of art and furniture. She often uploads tutorial videos, showing her step-by-step process of working with wood.

Olie Zelaya

Channel Views: ~631.9k Channel Subscribers: ~17.6k Channel Videos: ~17

Olie Zelaya Youtube Channel

Olie Zelaya's YouTube channel is a great source for anyone looking to learn about female woodworking or experience shop life through the eyes of a woman. Her videos feature do-it-yourself projects, as well as tutorials and tips, offering great content for both beginner and advanced woodworkers. Whether she's out and about or in her shop, Olie Zelaya provides an inspiring and educational platform for anyone looking to learn about the art of woodworking.

Shara Woodshop Diaries

Channel Views: ~10.7m Channel Subscribers: ~182k Channel Videos: ~194

Shara Woodshop Diaries Youtube Channel

Shara Woodshop Diaries is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping viewers with their DIY furniture and home improvement projects. The channel is run by female woodworker Shara, who shares easy woodworking projects, furniture builds, woodworking plans, do-it-yourself projects, and plywood projects perfect for novice and experienced carpenters. Gain insight into the woodworking process by watching her step-by-step tutorials!

Empowering Women in the Woodworking Industry

Recent years have seen a dramatic shift in the number of women in the woodworking industry, with the number of female woodcrafters, carpenters, and contractors steadily on the rise. This trend reflects a wider effort to increase diversity in the construction and lumber industries, and has been met with resounding optimism.

In order to meet the rising demand for gender equality in the woodworking industry, companies are introducing various initiatives specifically designed to empower women in the field. Many of these programs focus on providing mentoring, education, and training opportunities for women, enabling them to more effectively contribute in their respective construction and home improvement projects.

Empowering women in the woodworking industry is also being recognized as an important business opportunity, with companies seeing the immense value of diversifying their teams and products. By leveraging their newfound knowledge and skills, women are helping to advance the industry, and are creating new products and services designed to meet the needs of a more diverse customer-base. From this perspective, it’s safe to say that the woodworking industry is in the midst of an exciting time and is poised to reach greater heights.

Tools and Techniques Every Female Woodworker Should Know

Woodworking has always been thought of as a male-dominated craft, but over the years more and more women have been getting involved in woodworking. As a female woodworker, there are certain tools and techniques that can make your work even easier and more enjoyable. The following are some of the most essential tools and techniques every female woodworker should know:

One of the most obvious and important tools for female woodworkers is a quality set of workbench tools. Having the right set of tools will make the job easier and more comfortable to do. Essential tools include a saw, drill, hammer, screwdriver, clamps, chisels, and other basic workbench tools. Having the right set of the tools and knowing how to use them properly will help you work quickly and accurately.

In addition to having the right set of tools, there are certain basic techniques that every female woodworker should be familiar with. Learning how to use a jig is important for many woodworking tasks; for example, if you’re making a raised panel, using a jig will ensure that the edges come out straight and parallel. Understanding how to use different types of wood is also important as some woods may require different treatments and finishes/oils. Finally, having essential measuring skills is important for accurate cutting, sanding, and other precision tasks.

All in all, the key to becoming a successful female woodworker is to invest in the proper tools and to understand the basic techniques required to make quality pieces. With practice and the right resources, you’ll be able to create stunning woodworking projects in no time.

Challenges Faced By Female Woodworkers

The field of woodworking is primarily male-dominated, and there are various challenges that female woodworkers face. Despite the presence of more and more female woodworkers in the field, there are still a plethora of both conscious and unconscious biases that female woodworkers must contend with.

  • Firstly, female woodworkers are often face with outdated notions that women cannot do traditionally masculine activities. This means that they may find themselves excluded from certain professional circles or unable to access the same resources that more male-dominated fields can provide.
  • Additionally, female woodworkers often face societal gender expectations when engaging in the activity, with many people assuming women should not be working in construction or engineering-adjacent fields.
  • Finally, female woodworkers may find their skills devalued by both the male majority in the industry and limitations in the resources and tools open to them. Women are not able to gain the same level of access to tools and resources compared to men, and their abilities and skills are often overlooked or ignored. This means they cannot receive the same recognition for their work as a male counterpart, or the same levels of pay for their time and expertise.

Clearly, female woodworkers face a vast array of conscious and unconscious barriers when working in the industry. Hopefully, as society continues to progress and more female woodworkers join the field, these issues can be addressed and changes can be made. Until then, female woodworkers should be aware of the challenges they may face.

These challenges should not prevent them from gaining access to the field, but rather be a reminder for the support they need and the importance of their contributions to the woodworking industry.

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