14 Best Female Motorcycle Youtube Channels + Videos

Are you a woman who loves motorcycles? Then you are in the right place! With the growing popularity of motovlogging, there are hundreds of channels dedicated to female motorcyclists and motorbike content. From Harleys to Hondas, wheelies to motovloggers, keep reading to find the best YouTube channels for female motorcycle fans. You are sure to find something to satisfy your need for speed and your hunger for bikes. So don't rev your engine and rev up your reading - let's explore the world of motorcycles!

Her Two Wheels

Channel Views: ~18.8m Channel Subscribers: ~163k Channel Videos: ~351

Her Two Wheels Youtube Channel

The Her Two Wheels YouTube channel is an inspiring and educational destination for female riders, featuring motorcycle trips, beginner motorcycle information, motorcycle camping, and motorcycle travel. Follow the host, Amber, as she takes her Harley Davidson on the open road and showcases her adventures as a woman motorcyclist and rider. Join her on the journey as she explores the world two wheels at a time!

Doodle On A Motorcycle

Channel Views: ~20.2m Channel Subscribers: ~157k Channel Videos: ~229

Doodle On A Motorcycle Youtube Channel

Doodle On A Motorcycle is a YouTube channel run by a short, female motorcycle rider dedicated to inspiring and empowering girls and women who ride. The channel focuses on Triumph Street Triples and other short-rider friendly motorcycles, and offers advice and stories for all the female riders out there. Get inspired and empowered by joining the community of females on motorcycles!

MindBody MotoGirl

Channel Views: ~164.6k Channel Subscribers: ~3.7k Channel Videos: ~61

MindBody MotoGirl Youtube Channel

MindBody MotoGirl is a YouTube channel created by a female solo motorcyclist and traveler from around the world. She vlogs about her various motorcycle travels and camping adventures, her mind body spirit journey, and her journey around the world to explore different cultures and experiences. Her videos provide an inspiring insight into the motorcycle travel lifestyle and show the rewards that comes from pursuing a life of adventure.

Meg's Motorcycle Journey

Channel Views: ~5.3m Channel Subscribers: ~29.6k Channel Videos: ~203

Meg's Motorcycle Journey Youtube Channel

Meg's Motorcycle Journey is a YouTube channel featuring a female motovlogger on the open road. She shares her experiences and tips from life as a biker chick and female rider, as she takes to the highways on her Harley Davidson Low Rider S and Breakout. From female motorcycle and biker girl vibes to the Harley Davidson lifestyle, she offers something for everyone. Whether it's advice on how to get started in the biker lifestyle or tips for taking your bike on long journeys, Meg's Motorcycle Journey is a unique channel for the Harley Davidson enthusiast.

As the Magpie Flies

Channel Views: ~5.5m Channel Subscribers: ~44.5k Channel Videos: ~247

As the Magpie Flies Youtube Channel

As the Magpie Flies is a YouTube channel created by female motovlogger Amanda Zito, chronicling her solo motorcycle travel. Riding a Honda CB500X, she explores locations across America with Wolfman Luggage and posts detailed reviews and updates on ADV Rider. Her channel provides informative tips and stories for any aspiring female motorcycle and adventure motorcycle traveler who wants to explore the open roads on a long distance journey.


Channel Views: ~3.5m Channel Subscribers: ~18k Channel Videos: ~151

MiamiAndMerch Youtube Channel

MiamiAndMerch is a YouTube channel dedicated to female motorcycle riders, featuring motovlogger interviews, wheelie and burnout tutorials, stunts and more. This channel is the perfect destination for any female bikerchick looking for inspiration and action-packed content.

Meghan Stark

Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~22.7k Channel Videos: ~148

Meghan Stark Youtube Channel

Meghan Stark is a female motorcyclist and motovlogger who covers all aspects of motorcycle life on her YouTube channel. She typically rides a Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer, and also owned a Stark Naked Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer. She is passionate about female empowerment in the motorcycle industry and shares her riding adventures, reviews, tips, diy tutorials, and more. You can follow Meghan Stark on her YouTube channel for all your motorcycle needs!

Rosie Gabrielle

Channel Views: ~34.8m Channel Subscribers: ~614k Channel Videos: ~107

Rosie Gabrielle Youtube Channel

Rosie Gabrielle's YouTube channel features her solo motorcycle travels around the world. She is an inspiring female rider who shares her adventures and travel experiences with her audience, inspiring others to take up the challenge and hit the open road.

Dragoness Moto

Channel Views: ~105.4k Channel Subscribers: ~2.3k Channel Videos: ~50

Dragoness Moto Youtube Channel

Dragoness Moto is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to providing helpful riding tips and resources to female motorcycle riders. It features videos focusing on topics such as how to ride a motorcycle, bike life, and BMW Motorrad. The channel also showcases the experiences of real female motorcycle riders, inspiring biker chicks and girls who ride everywhere to join in the adventure. Dragoness Moto shares the stories and advice of females who ride, proving that women can excel at motorcycle riding just as well as their male counterparts.

Saffy Sprocket

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~16.7k Channel Videos: ~58

Saffy Sprocket Youtube Channel

Saffy Sprocket is a female motorcycle channel hosted by a biker chick from the UK. She reviews motorcycles, motorcycle gear, helmets, and accessories and also shares motorcycle trip and camping experiences. Follow Saffy as she gives an authentic bikers look into the world of motorcycling!

Ginger Dash Moto

Channel Views: ~514.4k Channel Subscribers: ~10.1k Channel Videos: ~33

Ginger Dash Moto Youtube Channel

Ginger Dash Moto is a YouTube channel featuring a female motorcycle rider and motovlogger over the age of 50. She documents her motorcycle riding adventures and encourages other women motorcycle riders to make their dreams a reality. Passionate about motorcycling, she began her first ride as a female motorcyclist at the age of 50. Ginger Dash Moto provides an inspiring testament to the possibilities for female riders.

The Adventures of Phil Jones

Channel Views: ~455k Channel Subscribers: ~4.5k Channel Videos: ~49

The Adventures of Phil Jones Youtube Channel

The Adventures of Phil Jones is a popular female motorcycle vlogger and photographer, featured on YouTube. She offers helpful tips on how to clean and maintain your motorbike, take better photographs, and plan a motorcycle trip to Scotland. For commercial motorcycle photography fans, she also has top-notch content. Her motorcycle trips and photography provide an inspirational look into the world of motorcycling.


Channel Views: ~8.1m Channel Subscribers: ~50.3k Channel Videos: ~277

Cheyleesi Youtube Channel

Cheyleesi's YouTube channel focuses on female motorcycle culture and features a female motovlogger, Chey, who shares her journey as a brap star Harley Davidson Rider. She also leads a Shadetree Army of girls who ride and provides advice on how to become a shadetree surgeon for motorcycle maintenance needs. Chey is a female biker who celebrates and encourages the passion of riding from the female perspective. She strives to extend her YouTube reach to fellow female riders.

moto Lola

Channel Views: ~24.2k Channel Subscribers: ~340 Channel Videos: ~19

moto Lola Youtube Channel

Moto Lola is a YouTube channel dedicated to female motorcycling featuring regular moto drills, female riders, and girls on all kinds of bikes such as the Interceptor 650, Royal Enfield, Kawasaki Ninja, Cafe Racer, and retro bikes. The channel delivers a cinematic moto vlog experience that will appeal to all motorcycle enthusiasts.

Best Motorcycles for Female Riders

Motorcycling can be an incredibly liberating experience for female riders. As the open road lays ahead, they’re free to express their independence and love of adventure with thrilling power and freedom. But with a myriad of motorcycle models to choose from, how can a female rider find the perfect fit for her?

When looking for a bike, it’s important to first decide the type of riding you’ll be doing; will it be for leisurely weekend rides or longer trips? Do you prefer a more modern style or a classic look? Once these questions are answered, you can better narrow down your search.

  • Kawasaki’s Versys 650 LT is a great option for the rider who is looking for a comfortable bike for long rides. It has a smooth ride courtesy of its tubeless tires and enhanced suspension system, plus low-end power needed to navigate through both city and rural roads.
  • For the urban dweller, Indian Motorcycles Scout Bobber Sixty is a great motorcycle to take on short city rides. Its lightweight build allows for easy maneuverability and its modern design gives a sleek and stylish feel.

When you’re out shopping for your bike, make sure to try out several different models to get a sense of the one that’s just right for you. Keep in mind comfort levels and fit when considering your options. Evaluate how you’re going to store and transport your bike and ensure you have the right safety gear for the ride. There are many great motorcycle models available for female riders, it’s just a matter of finding the one that best suits your taste and lifestyle.

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