Are you looking to find the best YouTube channels for female CrossFit, fitness, and gym motivation? If so, you have come to the right place. Here, we have put together a comprehensive list of some of the top-rated channels to help you get the most out of your workouts. Read on to explore quality fitness, CrossFit games,and workout motivation! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find something for you on this list. So keep on reading to discover the best YouTube channels for female CrossFit and fitness!

Female crossfit: Top Youtube Channels

CrossFit Games

Channel Views: ~516.6m Channel Subscribers: ~772k Channel Videos: ~5.9k

CrossFit Games Youtube Channel

The CrossFit Games YouTube channel is a great resource for athletes interested in Female CrossFit, The CrossFit Games, and forging elite fitness. It's full of helpful fitness motivation and workout motivation, as well as highlights from past and present CrossFit Games. It's an inspiring platform for those looking to get into the sport of fitness or stay motivated during their CrossFit journey.

CrossFit Zone

Channel Views: ~3m Channel Subscribers: ~14.5k Channel Videos: ~181

CrossFit Zone Youtube Channel

CrossFit Zone is a popular YouTube channel featuring inspirational female CrossFit athletes such as Brooke Ence, Brooke Wells, Sara Sigmundsdottir, Mat Fraser, and Tia Toomey. The channel provides motivation and offers helpful training tips that can help anyone improve their CrossFit regimen. It's an excellent source of encouragement, guidance, and motivation.


Channel Views: ~188.7m Channel Subscribers: ~450k Channel Videos: ~323

IFBB MUSCLE Youtube Channel

IFBB MUSCLE is a YouTube channel dedicated to female crossfit and promoting a healthy lifestyle. They feature videos related to physical fitness, working out, education and motivation, and positive body image. Their goal is to help people feel empowered to achieve their goals.

Crossfit Athlete

Channel Views: ~812.9k Channel Subscribers: ~33.9k Channel Videos: ~107

Crossfit Athlete Youtube Channel

The Crossfit Athlete YouTube channel is an excellent channel for female athletes to stay motivated and inspired with their workouts. It provides videos and tips featuring crossfit workouts, motivational clips, and highlights from the Crossfit Games and Crossfit Women competitions. There is plenty of motivation and content to help you reach your Crossfit goals this 2021.


Channel Views: ~216m Channel Subscribers: ~302k Channel Videos: ~978

BARBELL GIRLS Youtube Channel

The Barbell Girls YouTube channel features inspiring content that showcases female CrossFit athletes and their journeys to success. Through informative and motivational videos, it provides tips, guidance, and motivation to women interested in CrossFit, as well as a support network for existing CrossFit athletes, helping to build confidence and strength on their workout journeys.


Channel Views: ~45.3m Channel Subscribers: ~86.8k Channel Videos: ~218

ifbbmodel Youtube Channel

The ifbbmodel YouTube channel is home to a female crossfit athlete with some serious muscle. She covers topics on female bodybuilding and shares her workouts from the gym to motivate others. She also post videos from the world-renowned Crossfit Games showing her impressive athletic skills, as well as fitness tips from her own personal journey as a female bodybuilder. With her focus on big muscle and strong female athletes, ifbbmodel is an excellent source of motivation and advice for any aspiring female bodybuilder or fitness model.


Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~6.4k Channel Videos: ~129

Bodybuilder Youtube Channel

Bodybuilder is a YouTube channel created by a female crossfit athlete that focuses on physical fitness and lifestyle. It features videos on workout tips and advice, as well as lifestyle advice and motivation. It is a great channel for aspiring bodybuilders or anyone looking to get into shape. It provides viewers with an insider look at the life and workouts of a successful athlete.


Channel Views: ~87.3m Channel Subscribers: ~175k Channel Videos: ~139

GYM LOVERS Youtube Channel

GYM LOVERS is an inspiring and motivational YouTube fitness channel hosted by female CrossFit athletes Stephanie Sanzo, Miranda Cahon, and Dani Elle Speegle. On this channel, viewers get to follow their intense workouts, experience their drive for fitness motivation, and stay informed on the latest trends in the CrossFit Games and other gym models. Tune in to get inspired and motivated for your own hard workouts!

CrossFit Pump

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~7.7k Channel Videos: ~50

CrossFit Pump Youtube Channel

CrossFit Pump is a YouTube channel created for female fitness enthusiasts. It provides a wide range of inspiring motivational videos for anyone interested in CrossFit training. With positive and energetic content featuring the best motivational videos and inspiring bodybuilding and gym tips, CrossFit Pump offers a great way to get motivated and pumped for daily workouts.

Strong Mind Set

Channel Views: ~277.3m Channel Subscribers: ~541k Channel Videos: ~343

Strong Mind Set Youtube Channel

The Strong Mind Set YouTube channel focuses on inspiring female athletes to excel in a variety of sports and fitness activities, including CrossFit, ballet dance, bodybuilding, and more. With motivational videos and content from The SRP Gym, Gym Worldz Status, and Barbell Girls, Strong Mind Set provides an encouraging platform for female athletes of any level to reach their fitness goals.

@success lifestyle

Channel Views: ~26.7m Channel Subscribers: ~88.2k Channel Videos: ~437

@success lifestyle Youtube Channel

@success lifestyle is a YouTube channel created by a female crossfit enthusiast. She showcases her physical fitness journey and shows off the power of determination with her healthy lifestyle choices. Through her channel, she helps others by providing tips, tricks, and advice related to body health, fitness, and overall improvement in overall well-being. A great resource for those looking to improve and take control of their own lives.

Workout motivation

Channel Views: ~138.2m Channel Subscribers: ~454k Channel Videos: ~427

Workout motivation Youtube Channel

A Workout Motivation YouTube channel is the perfect place to get inspired with top-notch female crossfit content from Miranda Cohen, Healthy Zone, Alpha Madfit, Alpha Motivation, Gym Motivation Music, Gym World, Girls Fitness Castle, Fit Beast Motivation and Wow Gym Motivation. Tune in and get motivated to work out and stay healthy today!

Gymdeck Growth

Channel Views: ~14.6k Channel Subscribers: ~35 Channel Videos: ~88

Gymdeck Growth Youtube Channel

Gymdeck Growth is a YouTube channel that focuses on inspiring and empowering female CrossFit and Bodybuilding athletes. It features athletes of all levels from around the world, including India, as well as content from renowned female Beast athletes and Indian Top Bodybuilders. The channel encourages viewers to stay motivated on their athletic journey and unlock their full potential.

Girl Fitness Max

Channel Views: ~28.8m Channel Subscribers: ~83.6k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Girl Fitness Max Youtube Channel

Girl Fitness Max is a YouTube channel hosted by Miranda Cohen, a female crossfit athlete and body fitness enthusiast. It features videos on girl fitness, attitude, and life, as well as workouts and advice from Miranda. The channel also includes motivational content from Miranda and other woman's crossfit athletes, providing encouragement and inspiration for viewers. It is the perfect way to target girl fitness and reach your goals.

Exercises and Techniques to Master Female CrossFit

CrossFit is one of the most popular high-intensity training systems today, It has become especially popular among female athletes during recent years. It is a popular way of working out as it combines strength training, short bursts of cardio, and core stability all in one workout. For those wanting to master female CrossFit, there are certain exercises and techniques that can be used to not only improve your performance but help you stay safe and avoid injury.

  1. One exercise that can help you master female CrossFit is the classic squat. Squats build your lower body strength and go a long way in improving your balance and overall performance. In order to get the most out of your squats, make sure you maintain a proper posture and pay close attention to the range of motion for every rep. Doing this consistently will help you build strength and muscle in the lower body.
  2. Another valuable technique when mastering female CrossFit is making sure you focus on safety. CrossFit can be a physically demanding activity, and it’s important to remember that form and technique are the keys to preventing injuries. Doing the exercises with good form and taking breaks when needed will help you stay safe and allow you to get results while avoiding any unnecessary danger. Make sure you listen to your body and never push yourself past your limits.

With these exercises and techniques, you will be mastering all the skills you need to succeed in female CrossFit.

Nourishment and Recovery for Female CrossFit Athletes

Nourishment and recovery are important components for any athlete, and female CrossFit athletes are no exception. Fueling with the right nutrients to help enhance performance and recovery, as well as promote overall health and well-being, is essential for any female CrossFit athlete.

Ensuring adequate daily energy intake should be the primary focus of a female CrossFit athlete’s nutrition plan. It is difficult to provide exact guidelines for calorie and nutrient intake as every individual’s needs are different; however, a general recommendation for female CrossFit athletes is to consume an adequate amount of calories to support performance and body composition goals. This will include consuming a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods, such as lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats.

To aid in the recovery process, female CrossFit athletes should make sure to get adequate amounts of sleep each night, and incorpor ate recovery-focused activities into their daily routines, such as foam rolling, stretching, yoga, or even meditation. Additionally, hydration is key when it comes to recovery, so female CrossFit athletes should aim to get in at least 8 glasses of water per day. Overall, incorporating healthy nutrition and recovery practices into the daily routines of female CrossFit athletes is essential for their performance and overall health.

Common Mistakes Made with Female CrossFit

Women's CrossFit has grown in popularity in recent years, and while it has many positives, there are a few common mistakes that women make when starting out in this competitive sport.

  • One of the most common mistakes is not taking the time to properly warm up and stretch. Doing a few basic exercises to get the blood flowing and the muscles warm is essential before a workout and can help you to avoid injuries down the line.
  • Another mistake often made is trying to do too much too soon; it's important to start small and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as you progress.
  • Lastly, not listening to your body and focusing on pushing out more reps instead can lead to fatigue, burn-out and even injury. Paying attention to how your body feels and limiting your reps if needed can help you to avoid these issues and gain the most out of your workout.
  • Finally, it is important to remember that everyone progresses in CrossFit at a different pace and some goals take longer to achieve than others. Don’t be discouraged if you are not making strides as quickly or seeing the same results as everyone else; focus on yourself and your own goals, and don’t compare yourself to others.

Following these guidelines and tips can help ensure that female athletes avoid common mistakes and get the most out of their CrossFit experience. Taking the time to learn, focus on form, and listen to your body is essential in achieving the best results.

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