5 Best Channels About Federalism on Youtube

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to learn and understand the fundamental concepts related to federalism? Look no further! In this article, we bring you the best YouTube channels available that can help you in your quest to gain knowledge about this topic! So read on to find out more about these amazing YouTube channels that are just the perfect fit for you!

The Federalist Society

Channel Views: ~56m Channel Subscribers: ~75.5k Channel Videos: ~3.1k

The Federalist Society Youtube Channel

The Federalist Society YouTube channel is dedicated to discussing constitutional issues through the lens of federalism, the United States Constitution, and the Supreme Court. It provides a platform to explore conservative interpretations of the Constitution, the role of federalist principles, the power of the judiciary, and the rule of law. Through this channel, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of how the Supreme Court operates and the role it plays in upholding the nation's laws.

Young World Federalists

Channel Views: ~19.4k Channel Subscribers: ~608 Channel Videos: ~38

Young World Federalists Youtube Channel

The Young World Federalists YouTube channel focuses on the idea of global federalism, with the mission of uniting the world in a global federation, and ultimately creating one world, one nation and one government. Focusing on initiatives such as the United Nations and World Citizenry, they strive to bring people together in a spirit of worldwide unification and foster a sense of belonging to a global community.


Channel Views: ~6m Channel Subscribers: ~42.2k Channel Videos: ~191

USLawEssentials Youtube Channel

USLawEssentials is a YouTube channel that offers online tutorials to help students learn United States law. Topics include Constitution, civil procedure, contracts, federalism, and federal courts. It is an invaluable resource to improve your understanding of the United States legal system. With USLawEssentials videos you can get an interactive and comprehensive overview of the legal concepts and have a strong foundation for further exploration of the US law.

IU Center on Representative Government

Channel Views: ~240.5k Channel Subscribers: ~489 Channel Videos: ~78

IU Center on Representative Government Youtube Channel

The IU Center on Representative Government YouTube channel is a source of information about the importance of federalism in our government. It offers educational videos to Indiana University students and citizens about how Congress and the states relate to one another and how citizens have roles to play in the federal and state government. It seeks to educate people on their civic duties and rights.

Carey LaManna

Channel Views: ~6m Channel Subscribers: ~24.4k Channel Videos: ~323

Carey LaManna Youtube Channel

Carey LaManna's YouTube channel provides a wealth of information on federalism and AP Government topics, including GOPO, the AP Exam and Brutus Notes. He offers comprehensive coverage of a broad range of topics, from basic government concepts to sophisticated strategies for passing the AP Exam. His videos are invaluable for anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of American government and the role of the federal government.

What is Federalism and What Does it Mean?

Federalism is a concept of governance which operates by giving power to a government which is comprised of smaller regional units. The structure of federalism often uses a hierarchical method to divide power throughout the government by using a sovereign state or union that governs and intersects with multiple smaller regions. Federalism often uses a combination of separating and sharing power amongst the various regions, which allows for the federal government to maintain a sense of autonomy and sovereignty within the various local jurisdictions.

The concept of federalism as it applies to government stems primarily from the United States Constitution, which defined how the country would divide power between the federal government, the states, and the citizens. Within the United States, the concept of federalism is also often referred to as 'dual sovereignty.' Dual sovereignty defines the relationship between the federal government and the states, where both the federal government and the state governments possess their own respective sovereignty which coexist within a larger national framework.

Federalism is important in many countries, particularly in the United States, as it allows individuals to govern themselves and their local communities based on their own values and needs while still following the national framework of laws, regulations, and policies. This concept of government helps keep the power in the hands of the people, as it allows for greater autonomy and participation in government at the local level. Federalism is also meant to promote harmony, willing cooperation, and the forming of strong alliances between the various governmental entities in order to maintain a unified nation. As a result of this and other advantages, federalism is often used to foster a strong sense of nationhood.

Exploring the History of Federalism

Federalism is a concept that has been integral in American government and politics ever since the founding of the nation. This system of government divides powers between a central government, usually the Federal government, and the state governments. It allows both levels to exist as separate entities, each of which have distinctive roles and responsibilities. Through federalism, states are guaranteed certain powers retain the authority to address unique policies tailored to fit the interests of the people within its borders.

The idea of federalism has been adapted as a political tool to address certain matters, mainly by establishing the republic as a federation of semi-autonomous entities. This has included the inclusion of the individual states into a national constitution, the formation of a national government that parks on all the states, and the distribution of powers among the states and the Federal government. Additionally, the concept of shared sovereignty has been used as a way to coordinate between the different levels of government to provide public services, deliver justice, and sustain economic growth.

In order for federalism to work in practice, it is necessary for the states and Federal government to cooperate with one another. Over the years, there have been several instances of cooperation in order to reconcile the different interests of all involved parties. This has included the establishment of customs unions, the forming of free trade agreements, and other cooperative arrangements. Through these cooperative arrangements, the different levels of government have worked together to maintain a balance of power and to ensure that the values and principles of federalism are upheld. This cooperative spirit of federalism is the concept that continues to ensure a competitive and fair governing system.

Impact of Federalism on Local Communities

Historically, the structure of a federal system of government has had a significant impact on local communities. Federalism is the practice of distributing power between the central government and states or provinces. This structure provides for the people to be directly influenced at a local level, allowing for greater involvement in policymaking and the maintenance of local decision making. Federalism also enables public services, regulations, and taxes to be tailored to the needs of each region.

The advantages of federalism extend to local communities by providing them with economic support and giving them more control over local issues. The central government can offer resources that otherwise would not be available to local populations, such as infrastructure and security. Additionally, local governments can decide to implement their own laws based on the wishes of the citizens, as long as they are consistent with the laws of a higher order. In this way, federalism promotes local autonomy and enables local communities to meet the needs of their constituents.

Finally, federalism helps to prevent governmental abuse of power and can promote unity within a county by allowing individuals to come together to identify and create solutions to problems they share. At the same time, federalism enables citizens to access local decision making and can encourage civil dialogue among different groups. As a result, local communities can better utilize resources and coordinate activities that are beneficial to all. The impact of federalism on local communities has proven to be highly beneficial, by providing necessary resources, allowing for greater autonomy and encouraging dialogue and unity.

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