8 Best Fast And Furious Youtube Channels to Follow + Videos

Hey there, movie lover! Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to watch and stay updated on fast and furious movies, film trailers, marvel movies, reviews, universal pictures, and movie clips? You're in luck! We have compiled a list of the top YouTube channels for you to follow for the latest information on these things. Read on to find out which YouTube channels you should be following!

Screen Bites

Channel Views: ~1b Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~1k

Screen Bites Youtube Channel

Screen Bites is a YouTube channel providing fast and furious movie and TV clips from Universal Pictures. It features the best movie clips and moments from Universal Pictures films, as well as movie bites and film clips from other sources. For the movie fan, Screen Bites is an essential source of entertainment.

The Fast Saga

Channel Views: ~681.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~190

The Fast Saga Youtube Channel

The Fast Saga YouTube channel is a great source for fans of the popular movie series. It has high definition trailers of the films, starring Vin Diesel, Paula Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Bewster, and John Ortiz. It also features clips from Furious 7 and the latest updates from actors Tego Calderon and Ludacris. There is something for everyone in the Fast & Furious cinematic universe.

Movie Car Chases HD

Channel Views: ~172.9m Channel Subscribers: ~319k Channel Videos: ~100

Movie Car Chases HD Youtube Channel

Movie Car Chases HD YouTube channel is the destination for fast and furious fans and movie enthusiasts. Get ready to experience some of the most iconic movie cars and world famous car chases from the best car chase movies and scenes. Enjoy famous movie clips, racing car sequences and famous cars. Enjoy the best of movie car chases anytime!


Channel Views: ~2.7b Channel Subscribers: ~2.6m Channel Videos: ~5.5k

KinoCheck Youtube Channel

KinoCheck is a popular YouTube channel offering fast updates on the newest movie trailers, film trailers, and film news for 2022. They have a wide variety of new movies, neue filme and neue trailer to keep viewers up to date on all the latest in the world of film. Viewers can also enjoy special Kinocheck News segments to get all the latest movie trailers and reviews.

Universal Pictures Germany

Channel Views: ~711.3m Channel Subscribers: ~307k Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Universal Pictures Germany Youtube Channel

Universal Pictures Germany's YouTube channel is a great resource for fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, Universal Pictures films, and Universal Studios. From German trailers to newly released films, the channel offers a range of videos from Universal Pictures Deutschland and Universal Pictures YouTube. Whether looking for the latest trailer in Deutsch or what's currently in cinemas, Universal Pictures Germany provides an enjoyable viewing experience.


Channel Views: ~123.5m Channel Subscribers: ~129k Channel Videos: ~369

HaSanMDD Youtube Channel

HaSanMDD is a YouTube channel featuring fast and furious movies scenes, Iron Man, 4K clips, and Jurassic Park. Additionally, the channel has content relating to the games Transformers and Iron Man 2. Hasanmdd is the perfect channel for any fan of these franchises, as it provides unique and up-to-date content.

Universal Spain

Channel Views: ~1.2b Channel Subscribers: ~856k Channel Videos: ~4.5k

Universal Spain Youtube Channel

Universal Spain is a YouTube channel that focuses on fast-paced and thrilling content. It features Estrenos de Cine or premieres of films, clips from well-known movies like How to Train Your Dragon and Fast & Furious, promotional material related to films starring Chris Pratt and Ryan Gosling and much more. Fans of Jurassic World and other popular franchises are sure to find something amazing on this channel.

All Action

Channel Views: ~265.5m Channel Subscribers: ~452k Channel Videos: ~414

All Action Youtube Channel

The All Action YouTube channel is a thrilling destination for action movie fans. Featuring fast and furious movie clips from franchises such as The Fast and Furious and Jurassic Park, viewers can watch all the action packed scenes and get a piece of the action. With a wide variety of movie scenes, it is guaranteed to be an action-packed experience.

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