Welcome to our guide on finding the best YouTube channels for emo rap music! In this guide, we will recommend some of the best channels for this genre so that you can find new and exciting music to listen to. So without further ado, let's get started!

Emo rap music: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~2.3m Channel Subscribers: ~10.2k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

THERSX Youtube Channel

The THERSX YouTube channel offers free type beats for artists to use for profit, ranging from emo rap music to alternative rock, trap, and midwest emo beats. They offer a variety of beats from sadness to upbeat, from guitar to sad guitar themes, and from Lil Tracy to other emo trap producers. These beats can help add a unique and emotional tone to any project.


Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~7.1k Channel Videos: ~286

xenshel Youtube Channel

The xenshel YouTube channel is a collection of emo rap music, free lil peep type beats, and alternative rock-type beats. The beats are perfect for making your own rap or alternative music. The channel also has a free lil peep beat and a free alternative-type beat. so you can create your own music.

V-E beats

Channel Views: ~168.3k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~339

V-E beats Youtube Channel

V-E Beats is a YouTube channel that specializes in emo rap music type-beats. With a selection of over 500 beats, there is something for any emo rap fan. The beats range from intense and dramatic to mellow and hypnotic. The channel also offers royalty-free background music and soundtracks. Whatever your needs, V-E Beats is sure to have a beat to fit the mood.


Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~13.9k Channel Videos: ~293

BLADE901 Youtube Channel

BLADE901 is a popular YouTube channel devoted to emo rap music, type beat, and music with a heavy emphasis on guitars. This channel offers an extensive selection of emotional, hard-hitting beats and music, with a lot of depth and soul. It's a great place to find some incredible emo rap music, type beats, and music with a powerful guitar presence.


Channel Views: ~50.2k Channel Subscribers: ~254 Channel Videos: ~77

shoto Youtube Channel

Shoto is a YouTube channel that covers emo rap music. The channel has Hip Hop and Chill Rap playlists that feature various upcoming rappers. Alt boy and goth boy cliques are some of the groups that can be found on the channel. Juice Wrld is also featured on the channel.


Channel Views: ~274.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~69


The FIGHT THOSE DEMONS YouTube channel is a great place to find underrated emo rap songs. There are plenty of good underrated rap songs to choose from, and the channel provides a great way to find chill, underrated rap love songs.

Drawn To The Sky

Channel Views: ~750.2k Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~65

Drawn To The Sky Youtube Channel

Drawn to the Sky is a YouTube channel that features emo rap music by artist Dustin Gill. The channel is based in Santa Monica, California, and features a mix of sad trap and emo rap songs that are perfect for anyone who is feeling down and needs a little boost. If you're a fan of emo music or rap music, then this is the channel for you.

TopTrashGemini / Music Mixes

Channel Views: ~704.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~58

TopTrashGemini / Music Mixes Youtube Channel

TopTrashGemini / Music Mixes is a channel that focuses on emo rap music. They have a wide variety of music mixes that focus on different aspects of the genre. They also have a mix for every mood, so whether you're feeling sad, chill, or trap metal, they have a mix for you.


Channel Views: ~375.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.8k Channel Videos: ~39

JascoBeats Youtube Channel

JascoBeats' YouTube channel is a source for some of the hottest emo rap music, type beats, type instrumentals, free beats, free instrumentals, and trap beats. Their collection consists of an array of high-quality type beats and free type beats, perfect for any level of artist. Their library has something that everyone can appreciate. Get creative with the help of JascoBeats!


Channel Views: ~9.5k Channel Subscribers: ~336 Channel Videos: ~31

MC TEASE Youtube Channel

MC TEASE is an up and coming YouTube channel offering fans fresh, exciting, and modern emo rap music. Led by Indian-born rapper MC TEASE, this channel offers a variety of hip hop and rap songs including his latest and most popular hits. MC TEASE also has a brand new album with hot new songs from his latest release, Boisar Rap. Tune in to MC TEASE to get your daily dose of hip hop and rap!

Key Elements of Emo Rap Music

Emo rap music is a style of hip hop music that is heavily influenced by emo rock and punk rock. The genre rose to prominence in the early 2000s and was popularized by a number of hip-hop artists from the underground scene. Emo rap is often characterized by its lyrical content, dealing with themes such as mental health, depression, drug use, love and acceptance. Emo rap typically has a darker tone than traditional hip hop, with a more honest and vulnerable approach to lyrics.

  • The key elements of emo rap music are its dark, anthemic production, raw and vulnerable lyrics, and a heavy reliance on musical elements from emo and punk rock. Emo rap producers often experiment with unconventional sounds, sampling elements from other genres and incorporating live instruments into their beats. The instrumentation of emo rap is often characterized by its distorted guitars and slow, pounding drums. Lyrically, emo rap is built upon themes of emotional vulnerability and pain, expressed through a mixture of witty wordplay and stream of consciousness storytelling.
  • In addition to its focus on vulnerability, emo rap has also become known for its visual style. Emo rap music videos typically feature blurred and desaturated visuals, which evoke a dreamy and abstract atmosphere. Furthermore, emo rap videos often feature downbeat imagery of urban environments, which capture the melancholic essence of the genre. This visual language has become a staple of the genre, and has been highly influential in inspiring a unique aesthetic for the music.

Overall, emo rap incorporates a combination of dark and emotional elements in order to create a unique soundscape. Its combination of raw, emotional lyrics, anthemic production and creative visuals have made it one of the most interesting and vibrant styles of hip hop. Emo rap has grown in popularity and creativity since its inception, and it continues to influence and shape the hip hop scene.

How Emo Rap Can Positively Impact Your Life

Emo rap is a type of hip-hop music which has introspective, often dark lyrics and self-reflective themes. It’s often combined with alternative and indie elements to create a distinct, genre-blending sound. Despite having a reputation for exploring darker topics, it can actually be used to examine and improve your own mental health. In fact, emo rap can have a highly positive impact on your life, if you’re willing to take advantage of it.

  1. First of all, emo rap tends to focus on exploring raw emotion without any editing or sugar-coating which can allow you to face uncomfortable feelings and accept them. This process of self expression can be cathartic and lead to a greater understanding of yourself, as well as increased self-confidence. This can have a turnaround effect on all aspects of your life, enabling you to both communicate better with others and take more control of your life.
  2. Additionally, emo rap often speaks out about mental illness and its devastating effects. This creates a platform to start a dialogue about mental health, which can be hugely beneficial. Raising awareness and promoting understanding of this subject can help break down the stigma and judgement associated with it, creating a society where mental health is taken seriously and supported.

Overall, it’s clear that emo rap can have a significant and positive impact on your life. Its ability to express raw emotion and start constructive conversations about mental health should not be overlooked. Whether you’re looking to better understand yourself or help raise awareness of mental health, emo rap can be an effective tool. It’s time to dig a little deeper and find the hidden benefits of this genre of rap.

Artists of Emo Rap

 Let’s take a look at a few of Emo Rap artists.

  1. First, we have Lil Peep, who passed away in 2017 but left a lasting impression on the emo rap scene. Lil Peep was an artist that blended elements of metal, blues, and rap to create a sound that would become synonymous with the genre. His dark, yet melodic and emotional lyrics were powerful and often succeeded in conveying his true emotions. He remains an influence to this day and is regarded as an icon of the genre.
  2. Next, we have another artist, Lil Lotus, who entered the scene in 2017 and has gained an impressive following. His production style is full of energy and creative vocal work, with his lyrics exploring the darker side of rap music. His songs, though depressing, often have a hopeful and uplifting message, proving to be a great balance between melancholy and hope. His unique, melodic delivery have helped him carve his own place within the genre.

In conclusion, there are plenty of emo rap artists out there that are worth checking out. From Lil Peep to Lil Lotus, these artists have done an excellent job of pushing the genre forward and creating unique sounds. It's exciting to see what new artists come out in the future as the genre continues to evolve. So don't miss out, check out some of the incredible talents of emo rap!

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