Are you an Elementary school teacher looking for the best YouTube channels to help you with your teaching and stay informed on the latest education news? If so, you have come to the right place! Keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels for an Elementary Teacher or a First Year Teacher!

Elementary teacher: Top Youtube Channels

Kathy Kellogg

Channel Views: ~995.8k Channel Subscribers: ~12.5k Channel Videos: ~120

Kathy Kellogg Youtube Channel

Kathy Kellogg is an elementary school teacher based in Columbia, Missouri who offers a range of videos on her YouTube channel. From classroom setup and decor to advice for first year teachers, the content is tailored to 4th grade teachers. Not to mention the regular 'Mrs Kelloggs Bunch' series, classroom haul videos and the 'Outfit of the Week' feature for Student Teachers!

The Lettered Classroom

Channel Views: ~7.8m Channel Subscribers: ~86.7k Channel Videos: ~401

The Lettered Classroom Youtube Channel

The Lettered Classroom YouTube channel is a great resource for teachers of all levels of experience, featuring videos from an elementary teacher's day in the life, classroom tours of 4th grade and middle school classrooms, and lesson plan videos. They also provide helpful resources for new teachers on how to teach and how to become a teacher, making it the perfect platform for teacher development.

Mrs. Woolley in 5th

Channel Views: ~628.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~522

Mrs. Woolley in 5th Youtube Channel

Mrs. Woolley in 5th is a YouTube channel for elementary school teachers featuring entertaining lifestyle videos. It's a great way to get entertained while learning tips and tricks to help with classroom instruction and management. From math and science activities to making classroom decorations, you're sure to find something to inspire you.

Elementary In The Mitten

Channel Views: ~3.4m Channel Subscribers: ~54.4k Channel Videos: ~254

Elementary In The Mitten Youtube Channel

Elementary In The Mitten is a YouTube channel created by elementary school teacher Kimm Krummrich. She offers educational content, as well as helpful makeup and beauty tutorials to help enhance her viewers' skills and confidence. Kimm invites her viewers into her classroom, where she shares her experiences as a K-5 teacher and provides helpful resources that can be used in the classroom. Her videos also feature practical advice about teaching, her makeup looks, and her delightful sense of humor.

Maya Lee

Channel Views: ~38.2m Channel Subscribers: ~433k Channel Videos: ~235

Maya Lee Youtube Channel

Maya Lee's YouTube channel is dedicated to her life as an elementary school teacher. She shares her morning routine of waking up at 5am, as well as her daily cleaning and resetting routines. It is an inside look into how to lead a productive lifestyle from a teacher's perspective. Her videos take you through a day in her life from start to finish and provide viewers with insightful tips. Maya Lee's channel is an inspirational resource for anyone looking to be productive.


Channel Views: ~168.8k Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~110

KiaCyntrice Youtube Channel

KiaCyntrice is a YouTube channel created by an elementary teacher that focuses on topics such as student teaching, life as a first-year teacher, a week in the life of a teacher, and a day in the life of a teacher. Additionally, viewers can also explore KiaCyntrice's vlogs discussing her experiences as a first-year teacher in the Las Vegas area.

Rachel Vincent

Channel Views: ~158.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.3k Channel Videos: ~94

Rachel Vincent Youtube Channel

Rachel Vincent's YouTube channel provides helpful and insightful tips, tricks, and ideas for all teachers, especially new elementary teachers. She covers a range of topics from classroom management and organization to ideas and suggestions to help make teaching more efficient and enjoyable. Follow her channel for tips that will make even the most seasoned teachers think twice about their teaching strategies. Subscribing to her channel is a great way to stay up to date with the best ideas to help you advance your career and give your students the education they need.

Farrah Henley Education, LLC

Channel Views: ~128.6k Channel Subscribers: ~6.3k Channel Videos: ~98

Farrah Henley Education, LLC Youtube Channel

Farrah Henley Education, LLC is a YouTube channel focused on teaching tips and strategies for primary teachers of elementary school students in grades one to five. It provides advice for first grade through fifth grade teachers, helping them become better informed and more effective in their classrooms. The channel has been created by an experienced elementary teacher with years of experience in the field.

Ashley’s Happy Nook

Channel Views: ~210k Channel Subscribers: ~4.3k Channel Videos: ~50

Ashley’s Happy Nook Youtube Channel

Ashley?s Happy Nook is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things teaching! It is created and run by Ashley, a first year elementary school teacher. There she shares her classroom set up tips, how-to videos for new and future teachers, her day to day experiences of being a kindergarten, 3rd grade, or first year teacher and teacher vlog content. Follow her journey as she shares her story of being a teacher!


Channel Views: ~261.8k Channel Subscribers: ~4.4k Channel Videos: ~252

J E A N N E L L E Youtube Channel

Jeanelle is an elementary teacher who shares her journey of going back to grad school through her vlogs. She documents her student teaching experiences and provides advice and tips for college and grad school students who are also interested in becoming teachers. Follow Jeanelle to get a day in the life look of a student teacher and to get helpful tips and advice for teachers and students alike.

The Education and Training Requirements of an Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school teachers play a critical role in the development of a child’s education. Before taking up this important role, aspiring elementary school teachers should be familiar with the education and training requirements needed to succeed.

To become an elementary school teacher, aspiring individuals must first receive the credentials and qualifications necessary. Most states require aspiring teachers to have a college degree in elementary education and a teaching license from their state’s board of education. In addition to a college degree, states may require a teacher to complete a certain number of hours in a classroom, prep school, and/or observing qualified teachers.

Lastly, education and training requirements for elementary school teachers vary by institution they are employed by. For example, private schools may accept an individual with a degree in a subject related to the field of teaching, or may not require a teaching license. To gain the skills needed to work in an elementary school, aspiring teachers should look into the various educational opportunities such as seminars, workshops, and courses offered through educational organizations and colleges. This will allow them to be well prepared and knowledgeable on the topics taught in elementary schools.

In short, the education and training requirements to become an elementary school teacher vary by state and school. Aspiring elementary school teachers need to meet the necessary criteria by state boards of education, and should consider additional courses and training to ensure they have a successful career as an elementary school teacher.

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