20 Best Dyslexia Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube Channels that focus on dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning disabilities? Do you want to stay up to date on the latest news about ADHD and dyslexia education? Or, perhaps you're looking for the best entertainment channels created by VTubers with dyslexia? Look no further! In this article, you'll find the best YouTube channels tailored to your interests. Read on to discover the top YouTube Channels for dyslexia, dysgraphia, and more!

Dyslexia Bytes

Channel Views: ~77.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~167

Dyslexia Bytes Youtube Channel

Dyslexia Bytes is a YouTube channel with educational videos and resources on topics related to dyslexia. It provides comprehensive knowledge and understanding to help those affected by dyslexia, as well as their families and educators. It serves as an easily accessible platform to raise awareness and help create inclusive learning environments.

British Dyslexia Association

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~7.8k Channel Videos: ~156

British Dyslexia Association Youtube Channel

The British Dyslexia Association's YouTube channel provides a range of helpful videos to increase awareness and understanding of dyslexia, with topics ranging from advice for parents and educators to tips for managing the challenges of dyslexia. They also share general knowledge about learning disabilities and helpful strategies to improve wellbeing. It is a great resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge about dyslexia.

Made By Dyslexia

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~17.2k Channel Videos: ~133

Made By Dyslexia Youtube Channel

Made By Dyslexia is an educational YouTube channel focused on spreading awareness about dyslexia. The channel is full of videos about dyslexia, offering knowledge to viewers about the disorder and how to cope with it. Through interviews, animations, and educational content, the channel aims to be a source of support and empowerment for people living with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Improvements

Channel Views: ~447.4k Channel Subscribers: ~3.4k Channel Videos: ~103

Dyslexia Improvements Youtube Channel

The Dyslexia Improvements YouTube channel provides an invaluable resource for those with dyslexia, featuring videos that encourage and support positive lifestyle changes and knowledge of the complexities of dyslexia. Their content is designed to increase resilience, build self-confidence, and cultivate meaningful and fulfilling lives for individuals living with dyslexia.

Dyslexia International

Channel Views: ~250.8k Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~57

Dyslexia International Youtube Channel

Dyslexia International is a YouTube channel dedicated to raising awareness of dyslexia and helping to improve educational outcomes for those with the condition. Through comprehensive video tutorials and expert interviews, it provides support for better training, better teaching, and creating better resources for people with dyslexia. Dyslexia International is an excellent resource for anyone looking to gain a greater understanding of the condition.

Nessy's Dyslexia Explained

Channel Views: ~146.7k Channel Subscribers: ~3.1k Channel Videos: ~47

Nessy's Dyslexia Explained Youtube Channel

Nessy's Dyslexia Explained YouTube channel is a great resource for those wanting to gain an understanding of dyslexia. It provides educational videos on the basics of dyslexia, as well as helpful information on famous dyslexics and tips for those living with dyslexia. It is an invaluable source for anyone wanting to gain clarity about what dyslexia is and how it can be managed.


Channel Views: ~390.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~10

DavisDyslexia Youtube Channel

DavisDyslexia is a YouTube channel for people who are interested in gaining knowledge about dyslexia and learning how to live with it. It provides insight and tips from experienced professionals, to help viewers lead more fulfilling lives. Through informative videos, DavisDyslexia offers an array of ideas to help those living with dyslexia enjoy a more positive lifestyle.

Learning Ally

Channel Views: ~785.1k Channel Subscribers: ~3k Channel Videos: ~398

Learning Ally Youtube Channel

Learning Ally is a YouTube channel devoted to helping students with dyslexia and visual impairment learn to read. They offer tutorials, lectures, and other resources to help students with dyslexia and blindness gain literacy skills. They also provide reading programs, information on dyslexia, and study tips that can help those with special needs learn to read more efficiently.


Channel Views: ~16m Channel Subscribers: ~137k Channel Videos: ~476

Understood Youtube Channel

The Understood YouTube channel is focused on helping parents and caretakers navigate their child's learning journey. It offers content like interviews, Q&As, and educational videos related to support around dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADHD, and other challenges. The videos provide helpful information on how to understand and better support children with different learning needs.

Bell House Films

Channel Views: ~188.2k Channel Subscribers: ~899 Channel Videos: ~112

Bell House Films Youtube Channel

Bell House Films is a YouTube channel that provides support and resources for people with dyslexia, dementia, and carers of those with SEN. It features a community of people from Dulwich and beyond, sharing their own experiences and tips for creative projects such as quilting and gardening. It is a great platform to gain advice and support.

Mads Johan Øgaard

Channel Views: ~1.4m Channel Subscribers: ~2.6k Channel Videos: ~543

Mads Johan Øgaard Youtube Channel

Mads Johan Øgaard's YouTube channel is a valuable resource for those with dyslexia, learning differences, and/or mental health issues. He uses art to explain and discuss topics such as special education, the school system, and self-improvement. Through his channel, Øgaard shares his experiences of growing up and living with dyslexia and encourages viewers to take action and better themselves. With videos about topics like 'I Am Dyslexic' and 'Explain with Art', the channel is an inspiring, informative, and engaging space to learn.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities

Channel Views: ~5.5m Channel Subscribers: ~37.1k Channel Videos: ~256

The National Center for Learning Disabilities Youtube Channel

The National Center for Learning Disabilities YouTube channel provides educational resources to help those with learning disabilities, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. They also offer guidance on executive functioning, providing viewers with the tools they need to better navigate their lives. NCFL is an invaluable resource for those in need.


Channel Views: ~149.1k Channel Subscribers: ~3.1k Channel Videos: ~115

NoticeAbility Youtube Channel

The NoticeAbility YouTube channel explores the neurological strengths of dyslexic individuals through engaging curricula, vocation advice, and inspiring stories. Through its videos, NoticeAbility encourages dyslexic people to recognize and embrace their unique minds. The channel provides resources and tools to boost confidence and break down learning barriers associated with dyslexia.

Learning Success

Channel Views: ~362k Channel Subscribers: ~5.2k Channel Videos: ~259

Learning Success Youtube Channel

Learning Success is a YouTube channel providing resources and support for people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and ADHD. Through video tutorials, articles, and games, the channel offers invaluable tools for individuals looking to successfully manage these conditions and develop their learning skills.

Remarkable Minds

Channel Views: ~131.2k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~167

Remarkable Minds Youtube Channel

Remarkable Minds is a YouTube channel that focuses on topics related to dyslexia and learning difficulties. It provides resources, support, and guidance for adults with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. It also shares stories and experiences to better inform its viewers of the truth about dyslexia, and also works in partnership with MadeByDyslexia to help spread awareness and support for dyslexia.

Touch-type Read and Spell TTRS

Channel Views: ~390.7k Channel Subscribers: ~1.8k Channel Videos: ~37

Touch-type Read and Spell TTRS Youtube Channel

Touch-Type Read and Spell TTRS is an educational YouTube channel offering resources to help individuals with dyslexia improve their touch-typing and literacy skills. Through engaging multi-sensory activities and helpful guidance, the channel aims to increase understanding of the complexities of dyslexia and provide support towards overcoming its challenges.


Channel Views: ~389.8k Channel Subscribers: ~10k Channel Videos: ~75

Nishantha Youtube Channel

Nishantha's YouTube channel is a great resource for those living with dyslexia, providing personal development advice and guidance on how to navigate life as a dyslexic. He discuss topics ranging from educational tips to organizational strategies to managing emotions and managing stress. He also shares his own personal stories, drawing upon his experiences as a dyslexic in order to help viewers improve the lives of dyslexics all over the world.


Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~11k Channel Videos: ~79

DyslexicAdvantage Youtube Channel

DyslexicAdvantage is a YouTube channel focused on dyslexia, learning disabilities, dysgraphia, and ADD/ADHD. It provides educational and creative resources to those with dyslexia and other related conditions, offering advice on how to succeed in school and in the workplace. The channel also covers the positive aspects of being dyslexic, and how it can lead to increased creativity and ingenuity. It provides a platform for those with dyslexia to share their experiences and discover new resources.


Channel Views: ~32m Channel Subscribers: ~128k Channel Videos: ~72

Nessy Youtube Channel

Nessy is an educational YouTube channel that offers a range of activities and learning tools to help those with dyslexia improve their reading and spelling skills. With a focus on phonics-based lessons, Nessy provides helpful strategies to learn to read, spell and recognize letters of the alphabet. Their easy to follow resources, combined with fun animations, makes learning enjoyable.

Arije-Aike de Haas

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~10.2k Channel Videos: ~61

Arije-Aike de Haas Youtube Channel

Arije-Aike de Haas' YouTube channel provides educational and informational videos about dyslexia from both a personal and professional perspective. This channel offers guidance and advice for dyslexics, as well as resources and tips for improving self-esteem, increasing dyslexia strength, and gaining an academic perspective on dyslexia. It is the perfect destination for anyone looking for comprehensive, comprehensive dyslexia advice, tips, help, and training.

How To Identify Dyslexia In Children

Dyslexia is a common learning disability that affects a child’s writing, reading, and spelling skills. It is estimated that up to 15-20% of all children in the United States are affected by Dyslexia. Identifying dyslexia in children can help them gain the proper tools and resources to be successful in school. Here are some tips for parents to identify if their child has dyslexia or not.

  1. The first way to identify dyslexia in children is by looking for signs of reading and writing difficulties. This includes difficulty reading unfamiliar words, taking longer time to read, difficulties with comprehension, and mixing up the order of letters and words when writing. It is important to remember that all children have difficulties reading, but a child with dyslexia will have ongoing difficulties that don’t get better over time.
  2. The second way to identify dyslexia is to consider whether there are any family members with a history of dyslexia. Dyslexia runs in families so chances are if a family member is diagnosed with dyslexia, a child could potentially be affected as well. If a family has a history of dyslexia, it is important to talk to a doctor and/or specialist about getting an assessment.

By understanding the signs of dyslexia and talking to healthcare providers, parents can make informed decisions about their children and the possible need for intervension. Early identification of dyslexia helps children take advantage of the interventions, tools, and resources available to them that can make all the difference in their learning and development.

Strategies for Supporting a Dyslexic Child

Supporting a dyslexic child is vital in helping them overcome the challenges that come with the learning disability. Strategies such as early intervention, developing an understanding of the condition and creating a supportive environment are key elements in aiding the educational journey of a dyslexic child.

  • Early intervention offers the best chance for the child to develop their skills and minimise the impact of their disability. Early interventions can involve the use of specialized programs and educational classes. Most importantly, time should be taken to explain the condition to the child, allowing them to better understand their learning style. It is also important to equip the child with self-advocacy and self-regulation strategies which they can use to express their needs and take a proactive approach to their education.
  • Creating a comfortable and encouraging learning environment is essential for the success of the child. Parents should show a willingness to understand the child’s struggles and support them in their learning journey. Educators should be patient and provide the child with sufficient time to complete tasks and offer feedback. Positive reinforcements and judicious use of rewards can also be useful in boosting the child’s confidence. Additionally, classmates and teachers should be educated about dyslexia so that they can have a better understanding of the condition and show empathy towards the child.

By taking these strategies into consideration, parents and educators can create a safe and understanding learning environment for the dyslexic child and help them develop the skills and resources needed for successful education. It is important to remember that every child with dyslexia is different and what works for one may differ from another. With the right strategies and support, dyslexic children can become high achieving individuals.

Understanding Dyslexia Through Technology

Technology has become an integral tool in the lives of many people worldwide. It has also had a significant impact on the education of those with dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects an individual’s ability to read, write and spell. This can lead to difficulties in learning material and can be discouraging due to the amount of time and effort required to complete successfully. Technology has opened up a range of options tailored to the individual needs of those with dyslexia, which can ease the learning process and help individuals become more independent.

  • Computer software is one such tool which can tailor material to the specific needs of the individual and provide the necessary support. Adaptive programs such as ‘Kurzweil 3000’, recognize incorrect spelling and suggest more appropriate words. Such programs also read text aloud, allowing those with dyslexia to comprehend what they are reading without any difficulty. With the help of technology, dyslexics are now able to access material with confidence which can support learning and boost independence.
  • Dyslexia can come across as a frustrating and confusing learning disability. However, with the support of technology, individuals can gain a greater sense of control and comfort over the material they are reading. This can reduce feelings of inadequacy and boost confidence in the learning process. Technology has given dyslexics the choice to develop a learning model that is comfortable and suitable to their individual needs. Technology has been proven to be a beneficial asset to those with dyslexia and can provide the support needed to thrive in learning.

The key to success for dyslexia is understanding the challenges that arise and unlocking the support of technology. By doing so, those with dyslexia can confidently unlock the contents of material and gain a greater sense of control over the learning process. Understanding dyslexia through technology provides the key to boosting independence and achieving success.

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