10 Best Drill Team Dance Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to learn more about drill team dance, marching, dance teams, and all things related to them? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best YouTube channels out there to get your fill of dance, film, vlogs, DIY, beauty, and lifestyle videos. Keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels for all your drill team and dance needs.


Channel Views: ~87.9k Channel Subscribers: ~296 Channel Videos: ~15

tskingdrillteam Youtube Channel

The tskingdrillteam YouTube channel provides videos of the King Drill Team from King High School executing high precision and intricate military-style dance routines. By showcasing the hard work and passion of the King Military Team, the channel celebrates the dedication and skill of the King Drill Team. Videos feature the members executing precise intricate maneuvers and synchronized moves, making this channel a great way to experience the talent of the King Drill Team.

Mercer Island Drill Team

Channel Views: ~19k Channel Subscribers: ~54 Channel Videos: ~7

Mercer Island Drill Team Youtube Channel

The Mercer Island Drill Team YouTube channel focuses on showcasing the artistry and skill of the group's performances. Under the team's direction and choreography, viewers can watch high-spirited and dynamic routines combining drill team, dance team, and showmanship. MIDT, part of Mercer Island High School, competes regularly in competitions and festivals. Tune in and watch the Mercer Island Drill Team show off their energy and passion for dance!


Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~990 Channel Videos: ~493

WardieJane Youtube Channel

WardieJane is a YouTube channel that features high-quality drill team dance performances. Here viewers can watch performances from various teams across the country, learn routines, and get tips on how to excel in drill team. It's a great resource for anyone looking to get involved in the wonderful world of drill team dance.

MNHS NorthStars

Channel Views: ~170.5k Channel Subscribers: ~325 Channel Videos: ~232

MNHS NorthStars Youtube Channel

The MNHS NorthStars YouTube channel is the perfect destination for anyone interested in the art of performance and athletics. Viewers can witness the spectacular and intricate dance routines of the school's esteemed drill team, and get an inside look into the hobbies and lifestyle of the team members. It's a great place to learn more about the team and the performing arts, as well as experience sport from a unique perspective.

MDDT Dance Team Nationals

Channel Views: ~302k Channel Subscribers: ~662 Channel Videos: ~134

MDDT Dance Team Nationals Youtube Channel

The MDDT Dance Team Nationals YouTube channel is a source of inspiration and entertainment for anyone interested in drill team dance. It showcases amazing performances from talented teams who competed in national level competitions. Here you will find an array of creative and intricate dance routines that will leave you inspired and entertained.

Ghettique Productions

Channel Views: ~57.5k Channel Subscribers: ~265 Channel Videos: ~123

Ghettique Productions Youtube Channel

Ghettique Productions is a YouTube channel that provides entertainment through drill team dance, a form of performing arts. It is a great resource for those looking for a fun hobby or a unique lifestyle. With amazing and high quality videos, it is sure to provide viewers with a captivating experience.


Channel Views: ~106.8k Channel Subscribers: ~177 Channel Videos: ~80

VVettes Youtube Channel

VVettes is a YouTube channel that showcases fantastic performances of an energetic and talented drill team dance team. Combining aspects of sport, lifestyle, performing arts and entertainment, the channel provides exciting footage of their unique and dynamic dance routines. Viewers are sure to be thoroughly entertained by this dynamic team of dancers!


Channel Views: ~135.5k Channel Subscribers: ~861 Channel Videos: ~44

Northwest_Sidekicks Youtube Channel

Northwest Sidekicks is a YouTube channel devoted to the art of drill team dance, showcasing a variety of performances and tutorials. The channel is a great resource for those interested in cultivating a hobby in drill team dance or tracking the lifestyle of an experienced dancer.

Kaci Rowe

Channel Views: ~39.3k Channel Subscribers: ~513 Channel Videos: ~79

Kaci Rowe Youtube Channel

Kaci Rowe's YouTube channel is an empowering space for black female creatives and big girls everywhere. Through her helpful how-to videos, she showcases her passion for drill team dance and how to do it in her size 18, apple-shaped body. Kaci also covers natural hair, covers Black Lives Matter topics, and celebrates plus size bodies. She is an inspiring black creator that is making waves!


Channel Views: ~267.3k Channel Subscribers: ~269 Channel Videos: ~37

uncdrewvid Youtube Channel

The uncdrewvid YouTube channel is an entertainment platform featuring videos of drill team dance, sports, lifestyle, music, and performing arts. It gives viewers a unique insight into life?s special moments, tragedies and triumphs through dynamic visuals and engaging content. From inspirational stories to epic dance moves, uncdrewvid is the place to explore and celebrate culture through the arts.

Choosing the Right Music for Your Drill Team Performance

The right music choice can make or break a dance routine for your drill team performance. It is important to choose music that captures the energy and emotion of your performance as well as the aesthetic and vibe that you want to set for the audience. With so many songs to choose from, how do you know what the right one is for your team?

  • The best way to choose the right music for your routine is to consider the narrative and message you wish to convey. Analyzing the lyrics and tempo is a great place to start. Look for music that has a steady beat, so the steps can be easily choreographed, and is colorful enough to enhance the performance. Paying attention to the genre as well is key in making the music selection as it will help enhance the visuals and provide more exciting content for the audience.
  • Furthermore, make sure the music is appropriate for the crowd and event that your performance is directed towards. If you are playing for a high school assembly, then it may be wise to steer away from explicit lyrics and choose a family-friendly option. Choosing the right music can be a daunting task, but with careful consideration and creativity, you can put together a powerful and impressive performance. 

With the right music, you can take your drill team performance to the next level and leave a lasting impression.

Costumes and Uniforms for Drill Team Dance

Costumes and uniforms are important for the presentation of any drill team dance performance. They are not only used to put forth the image of the group but also provide protection and support for their dancers. Whether it's a costume for a routine or a team uniform overall, what the dancers wear will determine their look and performance.

  • When designing a costume or uniform for a drill team dance, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, the costumes should be tailored to flatter the body. It is also good to consider fabrics and colors that will reflect the performance’s purpose as well as breathing and movement potential. It’s also useful to note that certain styles of costumes are better suited to certain types of dance. Having a well-fitting, aesthetically pleasing costume will help each dancer feel more comfortable and confident on stage.
  • Though uniforms can have more flexibility with quality and design, there are still important key elements to consider. Overall, the uniform should still be designed with the performance purpose in mind. When constructing the team uniforms, make sure to pay attention to the fabrics, fabric flexibility, and the stitching of the uniform. This will ensure that the uniforms will be in good condition and last for seasons to come.

Choosing costumes and uniforms for drill team dance isn't easy. But keeping the key elements in mind and taking the time to properly create and design the costuming will ensure a professional looking, well-fitting, and effective performance presentation every time.

Safety Considerations for Drill Team Dance Routines

When training a drill team for a competition or event, safety should be the foremost consideration for instructors. Not only is an unsafe routine potentially hazardous for the performers, but it can also result in a deduction in points at competitions. Here are some ways to ensure the safety of your drill team's dance routines.

  1. The environment and equipment used should be reviewed and prepped prior to the start of rehearsal. Make sure the performance space is suitable and free of any protruding objects. Check the floor for debris and make sure all of the necessary equipment, such as props, is stable. Check the music for any potential audio problems that could affect the safety of the routine.
  2. It's important to create and enforce a warm-up routine before each practice session and performance. This includes stretches and exercises to increase flexibility and help prevent injury. Instructors should also focus on clean and precise body positioning for the drill team throughout the routine. Teaching a manageable level of complexity in the choreography will also help keep everyone safe in the routine.
  3. Finally, take the time to remind the drill team of the importance of correct body alignment and the importance of partnership work. This helps to ensure that each dancer is aware of their partner's movements and assists them with routines to avoid collisions or falls. A team that communicates well, focuses on safety, and works as a unit is more likely to have a successful and safe performance.

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