Are you looking for the best and most exciting YouTube channels related to drag racing, cars, and wheelies? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place! In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of the best YouTube channels related to the thrilling world of drag racing, cars, and wheelies. So, keep reading to discover these epic YouTube channels!

Drag racing: Top Youtube Channels

RuPaul's Drag Race

Channel Views: ~1b Channel Subscribers: ~867k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

RuPaul's Drag Race Youtube Channel

The RuPaul's Drag Race YouTube channel is an excellent destination for fans of the show. It's hosted on VH1 and Logo with showtime announcing some seasons, so viewers can watch the thrilling drag racing competition, along with the All Stars seasons and other related specials. The channel is run by RuPaul, who's been a judge, mentor, and inspiration on the international show sensation.

Drag Racing and Car Stuff

Channel Views: ~39.3m Channel Subscribers: ~79.1k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

Drag Racing and Car Stuff Youtube Channel

Drag Racing and Car Stuff is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things drag racing related, from no prep and street car races to car upgrades and restoration projects. It showcases the passion and knowledge of its hosts as they explore the unique world of drag racing and car customization. Whether you're a drag racing enthusiast or simply looking for a place to find new car-related content, Drag Racing and Car Stuff is the perfect destination.

Drag Strip Riot

Channel Views: ~35.5m Channel Subscribers: ~44.2k Channel Videos: ~506

Drag Strip Riot Youtube Channel

Drag Strip Riot is a YouTube channel devoted to the exciting world of drag racing. From fast and furious street outlaws to jet cars, fuel altereds, and gassers, viewers can find anything and everything related to drag racing and high performance cars. They also feature motorcycle drag races to give viewers a full range of premium drag racing content.


Channel Views: ~7.6m Channel Subscribers: ~22.9k Channel Videos: ~339

dragordietv Youtube Channel

Dragordietv is a YouTube channel dedicated to drag racing and performance cars. It features videos of drag races, car builds and modifications, and general information about drag racing, from street racing and bracket racing to NHRA events and more. The videos cover everything from car set-up to dyno runs and race track tips. It is the perfect channel for anyone interested in drag racing or performance car ownership.

Dixie Dirt Draggers

Channel Views: ~205.6m Channel Subscribers: ~385k Channel Videos: ~351

Dixie Dirt Draggers Youtube Channel

The Dixie Dirt Draggers YouTube channel showcases drag racing events around the South. It hosts a variety of content from dirt drag racing to top fuel motorcycles. The channel provides amazing footage of drivers challenging each other on the dirt, drags, sand, and other various surfaces. Fans of racing won't want to miss out on the action that Dixie Dirt Draggers has to offer.


Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~1.8m Channel Videos: ~4.6k

WOWPresents Youtube Channel

WOWPresents is a YouTube channel featuring drag racing, the latest news in entertainment with the WOW Report, and the World According to Wonder with segments focused on the LGBT community and drag queen culture. Produced by the Emmy-winning production company World of Wonder and under RuPaul's creative direction, WOWPresents is a celebration of drag and a source of entertainment for WOW - What's On WOW! - fans everywhere.

Edmunds Cars

Channel Views: ~156.6m Channel Subscribers: ~410k Channel Videos: ~1.6k

Edmunds Cars Youtube Channel

Edmunds Cars YouTube channel provides helpful car buying tips and reviews for car buyers, including auto show coverage, new car reviews, car comparisons, road tests, drag racing, and test drives. Learn the latest information on new cars, existing models, and helpful driving tips. Get the most up to date information on the latest car shopping trends and stay ahead of the curve.


Channel Views: ~801.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~3.5k

AR12Gaming Youtube Channel

AR12Gaming is an award-winning YouTube channel known for its outstanding car-related content such as drag racing, FORZA Horizon 3 and 7, Need for Speed, Top Gear Challenge, Car Vlogs, and Let's Plays. The channel showcases its creative approach to each game which makes it one of the most exciting car-centric YouTube channels around.


Channel Views: ~24.2m Channel Subscribers: ~41.5k Channel Videos: ~1k

AutoMotoCha9L Youtube Channel

AutoMotoCha9L is a highly entertaining YouTube channel that focuses on the street and drag racing of classic and vintage cars at Great Lakes Dragway. Follow the antics of the Great Lakes Outlaws as they push the cars to their limits and see who comes out on top. If you're a fan of drag racing and vintage cars, AutoMotoCha9L is for you!


Channel Views: ~41.5m Channel Subscribers: ~63.1k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

Mk1Kieran Youtube Channel

Mk1Kieran's YouTube channel is a great destination for anyone interested in drag racing, car shows and meets in the UK, and classic, old-school, and retro Ford cars. Viewers can enjoy in-depth coverage of events, like leaving car shows and days at the Santa Pod Raceway, with plenty of the latest news on all things drag racing.


Channel Views: ~2.6b Channel Subscribers: ~7.3m Channel Videos: ~1.9k

carwow Youtube Channel

Carwow is a popular YouTube channel featuring drag racing, car reviews, and car news. Hosted by Mat Watson, they often showcase reviews of popular vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. Their drag racing videos are also very popular, giving viewers a unique perspective on different cars.


Channel Views: ~1.2b Channel Subscribers: ~3.2m Channel Videos: ~2.3k

1320video Youtube Channel

1320Video is a YouTube channel that showcases the world of drag racing, street racing, and car racing. Featuring footage of the street car and race car competitions, their videos showcase the adrenaline rush of watching twin turbo vehicles competing in drag races, street races, and roll racing events, with some content inspired by the popular show, Street Outlaws.


Channel Views: ~11.8m Channel Subscribers: ~23.1k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

ProTreeVideos Youtube Channel

ProTreeVideos is a YouTube channel devoted to drag racing. It features videos of both Canadian and no-prep drag racing, as well as street racing and drag cars. The channel provides a great resource for anyone looking to get more involved in the exciting world of drag racing. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, ProTreeVideos has something to offer.


Channel Views: ~45.5m Channel Subscribers: ~103k Channel Videos: ~480

tomeighty Youtube Channel

Tomeighty is a popular YouTube channel featuring a variety of drag racing content, including no prep drag racing, street outlaws live, byron wheelie contest, old trucks drag racing and grudge racing. Along with race coverage, viewers can also expect to find exciting wheelstand contests, drag racing crashes, and more.


Channel Views: ~2.4m Channel Subscribers: ~8.8k Channel Videos: ~254

#BecauseRacecar Youtube Channel

#BecauseRacecar is a YouTube channel dedicated to drag racing and blown cars. Every episode features exciting action, dyno tuning, and lots of radial and targa racing. #BRC fans get to experience the world of drag racing through this popular channel. #BecauseRacecar will get you into the driver's seat and ready to hit the track!

Unity MotorSports Garage

Channel Views: ~3.9m Channel Subscribers: ~26.9k Channel Videos: ~162

Unity MotorSports Garage Youtube Channel

Unity MotorSports Garage is a popular YouTube channel that showcases all aspects of drag racing and hot rodding, from basic to advanced. They feature dyno tests, and cruise-ins, and highlight hotrods from popular brands like Ford, Holley, Chevy, and Mopar.

Oval RC

Channel Views: ~207.1m Channel Subscribers: ~351k Channel Videos: ~707

Oval RC Youtube Channel

Oval RC is a YouTube channel devoted to all things radio controlled (RC) racing. From dirt modifieds to mini zs, viewers can find amazing high-quality content such as drag racing, oval racing, RC drifting, and RC sprints. Whether you're a novice or a pro, Oval RC is your destination for RC car videos and automobile entertainment.


Channel Views: ~372.9m Channel Subscribers: ~764k Channel Videos: ~566

GHOSTJERKER Youtube Channel

GhostJerker's YouTube channel features drag racing and hot wheels, as well as model car races in 1/32, 1/24, and 1/43 scale. In addition, there are several videos highlighting slot car drag racing and slot car build tips and tricks. Followers of the channel can enjoy the fast-paced thrills of racing competitions and seasoned advice on building the perfect slot cars.

Driver Interviews with Bobby Fazio

Channel Views: ~679.8k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~143

Driver Interviews with Bobby Fazio Youtube Channel

Driver Interviews with Bobby Fazio is a YouTube channel dedicated to drag racing and its culture. Hosted by Bobby Fazio, the channel features driver interviews, class racing reports, and Flash News with Bobby Fazio. Viewers can also get a glimpse of the action on the strip with coverage of drag races, stock eliminators, and super stock and super comp events.


Channel Views: ~4.3m Channel Subscribers: ~23.3k Channel Videos: ~746

GameBoss302 Youtube Channel

GameBoss302 is a YouTube channel specializing in drag racing and carx drift racing. It features videos about driving, tuning, styling, and racing automobiles. It also covers video games based on racing and other related topics.

Cars And Zebras

Channel Views: ~19.9m Channel Subscribers: ~53.7k Channel Videos: ~207

Cars And Zebras Youtube Channel

Cars And Zebras is a YouTube channel dedicated to drag racing and restoring classic cars, including muscle cars and pure stock barn finds. From factory stock, to drag racing and 1/4 mile challenges, Cars And Zebras cover it all. Whether you're looking for a pure stock performance vehicle, or a factory stock classic car to restore, this is the channel for you.

Cars with Pilot Tseno

Channel Views: ~9.6m Channel Subscribers: ~40k Channel Videos: ~63

Cars with Pilot Tseno Youtube Channel

The Cars with Pilot Tseno YouTube channel is a great resource for car enthusiast looking to learn more about drag racing and reviews of used cars. The channel's topics range from expert automotive advice, vehicle reviews, and drag race highlights. With videos on auto topics such as car reviews, car maintenance, and drag racing, it's a go-to source for automotive knowledge.

Living Nitro

Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~10.3k Channel Videos: ~33

Living Nitro Youtube Channel

Living Nitro YouTube channel is a fantastic channel for any Motorsport enthusiast or avid drag-racing fan. Featuring a host of vehicle related content, from drag racing to lifestyles of the vehicle sport, this channel offers a glimpse into the exciting world of motorsport. Check it out to stay up-to-date and learn more about this thrilling sport!

What Equipment is Needed for Drag Racing?

Drag racing is an exciting motorsport that requires a lot of skill and preparation. But aside from the driver, what other pieces of equipment are necessary to participate in drag racing?

  • The most important aspect of drag racing is the car itself, which needs to meet the safety requirements of the governing body of the racing location. Engineering expertise is essential to modify the car for optimal speed and safety, as well as optimizing tire contact with the racing surface. Beyond this, drag slicks, wheelie bars, and other various components need to be installed for racing performance.
  • Safety is also a major factor in drag racing as professional racers can reach speeds past 300mph in seconds. To ensure the safety of the driver, they must wear a proper fire suit, helmet, and safety nets. Other safety equipment such as parachutes, fire suppression systems, and required kill switches are also a must. The drag racing strip also requires its own safety attachments, such as four wheel braking systems, timing equipment, and wheel chocks, among other miscellaneous requirements.

Overall, drag racing requires specific equipment and safety equipment to ensure both performance and safety. With knowledge and understanding of these aspects, racers can safely and efficiently participate in the motorsport of drag racing.

Developing the Right Skills and Strategies for Drag Racing

Drag racing is a sport that is constantly evolving and ever-changing, requiring racers to constantly adapt their skills and strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition. Developing the right combination of skills and strategies is essential in becoming a quality drag racer.

  • In drag racing, there are many different aspects to consider such as car setup, driver performance, track conditions, and strategy. Each of these can have a major impact on the outcome of each race, so it is important to be able to properly evaluate them and figure out the best way to maximize the performance of your car and yourself. When it comes to car setup, one must adjust various components of the vehicle such as the suspension, the engine, the tires and the aerodynamics in order to increase speed and reduce drag. Additionally, getting the right driver performance is essential in order to properly react to the changing track conditions and make quick decisions when competing.
  • Finally, strategy has a major role in drag racing and is often the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Developing the right strategies to outsmart the competition and get ahead is essential. Keeping a close eye on the competition and their strategies can be helpful in understanding what kind of strategies will work best for you and your vehicle to ensure a successful race. 

With the right skills and strategies, drag racers can increase their chances for success and compete at the highest level.

Drag Racing Events around the World

The world of drag racing is a thrilling, competitive and action-packed sport. From the United States to Europe and beyond, drag racing events are held all around the world. As the pinnacle of competitive automotive racing, these events draw large crowds of eager and passionate fans.

  • Famous drag racing events such as the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) U.S. Nationals, held in Indiana, and the British Drag Racing National Championships, held in the United Kingdom, are two of the major events in the drag racing world. Throughout the world, there are many drag racing series, tracks, and individual events that take place throughout the year.
  • Racers in every country have an opportunity to compete and display their skills and abilities. Not only do drag racing events provide drivers with a chance to compete, but they also allow viewers to witness thrilling head-to-head races. For fans of racing and drag racing alike, these events are a great way to experience the excitement of the sport in person. Whether you attend one of the large-scale events or a local track, drag racing events bring the thrill of the sport alive!

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