Are you an avid photographer interested in learning more about documentary photography, Fujifilm, street photography, filmmaking, and film photography? If so, you have come to the right place! This article will offer advice on how to find the best YouTube channels for learning more about photography and documentary filming. With so many channels out there, finding the right resources can be overwhelming. This article will provide helpful tips for narrowing down your search to the best YouTube channels for your photographer and filmmaker needs. Read on to learn more!

Documentary photography: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~15.4m Channel Subscribers: ~21.7k Channel Videos: ~463


ZACH DOBSON PHOTO is a YouTube channel dedicated to documentary photography, street photography, and art photography. It features tutorials and photo tips from a professional photographer, along with interviews and insights from some of the world's best photographers. If you're looking to learn more about photography and gain knowledge from a must know photographer, ZACH DOBSON PHOTO is the channel for you. Enjoy creatively crafted videos and inspiring stories from an experienced art photographer.

Kevin Mullins

Channel Views: ~2.8m Channel Subscribers: ~37.3k Channel Videos: ~91

Kevin Mullins Youtube Channel

Kevin Mullins' YouTube channel showcases his amazing documentary wedding photography and street photography, as well as offering helpful tips and tricks for other photographers such as camera reviews, Lightroom tips, and business advice. He is an experienced professional in the field and his channel provides an insight into his creative process.

Ben Droege

Channel Views: ~133k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~28

Ben Droege Youtube Channel

Ben Droege's YouTube channel is an excellent resource for documentary photographers. He showcases his personal work and offers advice on using Mamiya 7, Mamiya RZ67, medium format, and Yashica T3 cameras. He also talks about his experiences in wedding, commercial, and other types of photography as well as how to run a successful photography business.

Challenges of Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is a challenging yet rewarding way of capturing an event, concept, or moment. It often requires photographers to have a keen eye for detail, a commitment to ethical standards, and a creative eye, as each photograph is an opportunity to tell a story. Whether photographing individuals in their homes or documenting a natural phenomenon, documentary photography can be a challenge, but the rewards of creating powerful images can make it a profound and meaningful experience.

  • One major challenge of documentary photography is ensuring that the image accurately captures the moment without any unwanted intrusions. Photographers need to ensure that the unique story of the photograph is privileged over any aesthetic or technical concerns and that the rare beauty of the moment must remain untouched and unaltered. Sometimes, however, the most powerful photographs capture the raw elements of the image, such as a chaotic street scene. Though a technically perfect photograph can be beautiful, capturing the spontaneity of a moment often makes for a more meaningful image.
  • Finally, documentary photographers must ensure that they operate in an ethical and respectful manner. Photographers need to respect any potential subjects of the photograph and be mindful of their privacy and rights at all times. It is also important to consider the social and political implications of any photograph and to ensure that it does not misrepresent or perpetuate any negative stereotypes or excluded voices. Documentary photography must be done with the utmost respect and integrity.

In summary, documentary photography is a challenging but rewarding process that requires a keen creative eye, respect for ethical standards, and a commitment to capturing the story of the photograph in a meaningful way. Despite the challenges, careful consideration and attention to detail can help create compelling images that will capture the essence of any moment or event. With dedication and a commitment to ethics, documentarians can create amazing and powerful photographs that can help tell stories and create awareness.

Different Types of Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is a powerful form of visual communication that seeks to capture events, people, and places in order to document the current state of the world. It is a style of photography that focuses on actual events, rather than staged or posed images. Documentary photographs typically convey a strong sense of realism, while also conveying a sense of emotion. There are various types of documentary photography, each of which requires a different set of skills, knowledge, and creativity.

  • Wedding Photography is a type of documentary photography often used to capture the joy and emotion of a wedding day. This type of photography traditionally documents the events and people of the day, and includes candid shots as well as posed pictures of family and friends. It also captures the finer details of the day, such as the decorations, dress, and food.
  • Street Photography is another type of documentary photography that focuses on capturing the everyday life of people on the streets. This often includes photographs of people in public spaces, such as busy streets, alleyways, and markets. Street photographers aim to capture everyday scenes in an aesthetically pleasing manner, whilst also telling the story of those around them.

Documentary photography is an incredibly powerful form of visual communication that is capable of touching our imaginations, emotions, and hearts. It is an art form that can be used to document personal moments, social issues, and unique places. There are various types of documentary photography, each of which has its own purpose and skillset required for its successful execution. Understanding the different types of documentary photography will enable you to become a better photographer.

Discover the Power Impact of Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is an important form of art that can be applied to various causes to create positive change in the world. It is a powerful medium of communication that allows people to capture stories and scenes in a way that can be both captivating and thought provoking. Documentary photography has the power to bring awareness to a variety of topics and highlight significant events, both locally and globally.

  • Documentary photography provides an opportunity to document history, particularly for those who may not be able to be heard in the mainstream media. By capturing everyday life scenes, it helps to provide a snapshot of an issue or provide nuances to a certain moment that may otherwise not be seen. Documentary photographers often provide a distinct perspective and highlight the vulnerability that comes with everyday life, creating an impactful connection between the audience and the story.
  • Documentary photographers may also use their photos to provide an outlet for marginalised people to have their stories heard. It combines both personal narrative and visual media to foster understanding and empathy in a powerful way. Documentary photography can also be used to draw attention to important social and economic issues, as well as create positive social movements. 

Regardless of the cause, documentary photography has the capacity to build awareness and create effective change in the world.

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