Are you looking to hone your digital photography skills? Are you in search of the best YouTube channels to learn photography from? Look no further; here is a comprehensive guide to the best channels to get you inspired and motivated. From tutorials to tips, learn all about photography and more, including topics such as Lightroom, video, and film. Get started on the journey to becoming a skilled photographer with tips, tricks, and advice from these top-notch YouTube channels. Keep reading to learn more!

Digital photography: Top Youtube Channels

Beyond Photography

Channel Views: ~12.2m Channel Subscribers: ~218k Channel Videos: ~374

Beyond Photography Youtube Channel

Beyond Photography is a YouTube channel run by Andrew Boey, which focuses on digital photography and videography. It provides learning resources to help viewers learn photography, make videos, and make movies, as well as offering helpful advice on products and gear reviews. It also covers topics such as portrait photography and videography, so viewers can learn how to create stunning visuals for their own projects.

Photography Course

Channel Views: ~285.1k Channel Subscribers: ~6.4k Channel Videos: ~235

Photography Course Youtube Channel

The Photography Course YouTube channel is a great resource for digital photography enthusiasts! It offers photography tips, ideas, hacks, tricks, and basic knowledge about various photography genres, including street photography and manual mode. Users can also participate in photography challenges. It is a useful channel for those looking to learn more about photography and to share their photos of the world.


Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~16.1k Channel Videos: ~158

MWESTPhotography Youtube Channel

MWESTPhotography is a YouTube channel dedicated to digital photography as a hobby and lifestyle. The channel focuses on teaching viewers the latest technology and trends in photography. From amateur to professional photographers alike, everyone can benefit from the helpful tips and tutorials the channel offers.

Ankit Digital Photography

Channel Views: ~2.1k Channel Subscribers: ~80 Channel Videos: ~26

Ankit Digital Photography Youtube Channel

Ankit Digital Photography is a YouTube channel that provides helpful tutorial videos about digital photography and photo editing. From basic camera setups to the latest software updates, Ankit Digital Photography has the tools and information needed to take great photos and videos with confidence. The channel also covers topics such as editing, lighting, composition, and more. With its comprehensive tutorials, Ankit Digital Photography makes it easy to take your photography to the next level.

DPReview TV

Channel Views: ~90.1m Channel Subscribers: ~406k Channel Videos: ~1.5k

DPReview TV Youtube Channel

DPReview TV is the YouTube channel created by the digital photography website Hosted by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake, the channel covers camera reviews, previews, and general photography tips through videos. Whether you're a beginner or a professional photographer, DPReview TV is a great resource to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the world of digital photography.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Channel Views: ~220m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Tony & Chelsea Northrup Youtube Channel

Tony & Chelsea Northrup is a popular YouTube channel focused on digital photography, tech and camera reviews, tutorials, and other related topics. They provide quality content with the latest news and reviews on digital cameras, photography gear, software, and tutorials on how to take great photos. The Northrups have become the go-to source for digital photography and tech-related advice and tips.

David Hancock

Channel Views: ~9.6m Channel Subscribers: ~44.7k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

David Hancock Youtube Channel

David Hancock's YouTube channel is dedicated to all aspects of digital and film photography. From tutorials teaching how to use a camera and understand photography fundamentals, to round-glass reviews of 5119 cameras, the channel covers everything you need to know about film and digital camera use. Whether you want to learn more about film or digital photography, David Hancock's YouTube channel is a great source of tips and advice.


Channel Views: ~2.7m Channel Subscribers: ~28k Channel Videos: ~536

aows Youtube Channel

aows is a YouTube channel that specializes in educating and inspiring people in the creative art of digital and film photography. The channel covers topics ranging from understanding Sony RX100 and RX100VII cameras, to mastering digital photography techniques, to learning the finer points of fine art and black and white photography. Additionally, aows promotes a nomadic lifestyle that many digital photographers aspire to live. High-quality film footage and photography are integrated into inspiring stories shared on the channel.

Mark Wallace

Channel Views: ~20.8m Channel Subscribers: ~206k Channel Videos: ~255

Mark Wallace Youtube Channel

Mark Wallace's YouTube channel is a great source of information about digital photography, adventure travel, and light manipulation. His videos feature tips for enhancing your travel photos and videos, demonstrations on studio lighting and strobe usage, and informative tutorials from Adorama and Snapfactory on photography. His channel is a great way for both amateur and advanced photographers to hone their skills and explore the world of digital imaging.

Edward Martins

Channel Views: ~135.7k Channel Subscribers: ~1.5k Channel Videos: ~120

Edward Martins Youtube Channel

Edward Martins' YouTube channel is focused on digital and large-format photography, featuring tutorials and reviews on the latest Fuji cameras such as the X-T4, X-T3, and X-S10. He covers various topics including tips and tricks for landscape photography, as well as advice on shooting with Fuji film. A must-watch for Fuji enthusiasts!


Channel Views: ~16.9k Channel Subscribers: ~73 Channel Videos: ~113

MASTER LUKE Youtube Channel

Master Luke YouTube channel features digital photography, media arts, and design from Singapore Polytechnic's Visual Communication program. Students learn video fundamentals, digital photography and image processing, and creative video content creation through SP MAD and MAD classes. The channel provides instruction for beginners as well as experienced users.

Erin Manning

Channel Views: ~824.8k Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~41

Erin Manning Youtube Channel

Erin Manning's YouTube channel is an invaluable resource for any aspiring or experienced digital photographer. She is a professional photographer, digital photo expert, TV host, teacher, and author, providing comprehensive tutorials on topics ranging from professional photography techniques and digital photo editing to creating holiday cards and Christmas cards.


Channel Views: ~775k Channel Subscribers: ~3.4k Channel Videos: ~35

kendpc Youtube Channel

Kendpc is a YouTube channel that covers all aspects of digital photography, from photo tips, shutter speed, and learning how to take better photos with a DSLR or Canon camera. It is perfect for those who are just getting started in photography and looking for helpful beginner photography pointers.

Essential Equipment for Digital Photography

If you’ve been looking to take beautiful photos using digital photography, you’re going to need some essential equipment. High-quality digital photography requires the right camera, lenses and a range of accessories to be able to create stunning images. Having the gear to produce immense detail and clarity in your photos is essential to taking stunning digital photography.

  • The first piece of equipment you’ll need to purchase is a digital camera. You may want to consider investing in a high-end digital SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) camera. With this type of camera, you’ll have the ability to manually control the settings, which will allow you to capture stunning photos that can be manipulated using various software editors. Additionally, having a range of lenses gives you the flexibility and versatility to snap a wide variety of shots.
  • Finally, you’ll need some accessories to help you create stunning digital images. Invest in different types of tripods, for instance, if you want to take long exposure shots or want to ensure stable images. Other accessories include extra memory cards, a remote shutter and camera bags, or cases, to keep your camera and other accessories safe. With the right equipment, you’ll be ready to take beautiful digital photos.

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or someone who wants to up their game, having the right digital photography equipment is essential to taking stunning photos. Ensure that you stock up on all the essential equipment mentioned above and you’ll be ready to capture amazing digital shots. All it takes is a bit of investment and research, and you’ll be ready to become a digital photography master.

Common Digital Photography Mistakes to Avoid

As the popularity of digital photography continues to grow, so do common mistakes that result in unappealing photos. Even with the many filters and editing tools that are available, being aware of these mistakes from the start will result in a much better quality of photos. Here are four of the most common digital photography mistakes to avoid:

  1. First, don’t forget to check your camera settings before a photoshoot. Many cameras have common pre-set modes like landscape and portrait that automatically adjust the exposure settings. However, these settings may not always be ideal for the environment in which you’re shooting, so take a few minutes to manually configure the settings for the best results.
  2. Another important mistake to avoid is leaving the ISO set too high. ISO is a measure of how sensitive the sensor is to light and a higher ISO setting will result in more noise and grain in your photos. Check the ISO setting before each shot and if necessary, adjust it for a better quality of photos.
  3. Lastly, don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting. The type and direction of lighting can make or break an image. Be aware of how natural lighting or additional light sources will affect your photo and adjust accordingly. Natural light usually produces better results than man-made lighting in most situations. Experiment with different lighting techniques such as diffusers and reflectors to get the best images possible.

By following these tips and avoiding these common mistakes, you can be sure to capture the best possible photos with digital photography. With a combination of planning and experimenting, you can transform amateur photos into beautiful and flawless works of art.

Learn to Master the Art of Using Digital Photography

The digital age of photography has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer, each of us has the opportunity to master the art of digital photography with practice and dedication. Learning how to use your digital camera correctly can help you create the stunning images you desire.

  • The first step is to understand the basic principles of photography as it relates to your camera. Knowing how to control your camera's focus, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, and ISO will help you produce quality photos. It is also important to understand the fundamentals of composition. Having an eye for detail and understanding how to position objects within your frame will help you craft captivating images.
  • The second step in mastering digital photography is to experiment with different settings and techniques. Adjusting your camera or trying different lenses can add creative perspectives to your images. Finding the right combination of settings to create the perfect photo is a skill that takes time to develop, but the results will be worth it. Practicing with different themes and subjects within your photos will help you become a better digital photographer. With time and dedication, you can learn to take stunning photos and become a master of digital photography.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer, learning the fundamentals of digital photography will help you take stunning photos with ease. Understanding the basics of composition and adjusting your camera's settings are two key factors to mastering digital photography. Equipped with the knowledge and the right tools, you can become a master of digital photography with time, practice, and a bit of dedication.

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