If you're looking to stay informed and motivated with diet, health, fitness, and nutrition, there are some great YouTube channels you should check out! From weight loss tips and dieting hacks to exercise and healthy eating tips, these channels can help you find the right solutions for your lifestyle. Keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels for diet, health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss!

Diet: Top Youtube Channels

Diet Doctor

Channel Views: ~47.5m Channel Subscribers: ~558k Channel Videos: ~966

Diet Doctor Youtube Channel

The Diet Doctor YouTube channel is devoted to providing users with valuable and easy to understand content about a variety of healthy eating plans, from the keto diet and low-carb diets to high-protein diets for weight loss and belly fat reduction. Regularly updated videos provide an array of meal ideas, cooking tips, and nutrition advice to help viewers progress and feel their best. Whether you're just starting out on a keto diet or simply wanting to add more high-protein foods to your current routine, this channel has plenty of relevant and helpful resources.


Channel Views: ~2.3m Channel Subscribers: ~52.7k Channel Videos: ~81

mediterraneanliving Youtube Channel

mediterraneanliving is a YouTube channel offering helpful content about the mediterranean diet for beginners including tips on how to start the diet, breakfast recipes, and cooking tips. Additionally, they share a variety of delicious mediterranean diet recipes for breakfast and other meals. Their content is tailored to help viewers live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating the mediterranean diet into their daily lives.


Channel Views: ~55.2m Channel Subscribers: ~495k Channel Videos: ~512

RuledMe Youtube Channel

RuledMe is a YouTube channel that provides educational resources and delicious recipes to help people following the ketogenic diet. They offer advice on everything from grocery shopping lists to meal plans that make it easy to follow the diet. They also offer a variety of keto recipes, from snacks to main meals. With clear explanations and step-by-step instructions, their helpful videos make low-carb living easier and more enjoyable.

Abbey Sharp

Channel Views: ~103.4m Channel Subscribers: ~571k Channel Videos: ~637

Abbey Sharp Youtube Channel

Abbey Sharp's YouTube channel focuses on creating balanced and healthy lifestyles through nutritious and delicious food. Through her videos, she provides insightful information about diet, lifestyle, and health. She's passionate about empowering people to make healthy decisions and encourages viewers to embrace mindful eating and living.

Rich Roll

Channel Views: ~81.6m Channel Subscribers: ~800k Channel Videos: ~642

Rich Roll Youtube Channel

Rich Roll's YouTube channel is a great source of inspiration for those looking to improve their health, diet and fitness routine. His podcasts feature prominent figures in the health and wellness industry, such as vegan athletes and experts in self-help and mindset. With tips, advice and stories for motivation, Rich Roll has created a welcoming and informative environment for viewers to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Satvic Movement

Channel Views: ~378.7m Channel Subscribers: ~4.9m Channel Videos: ~213

Satvic Movement Youtube Channel

Satvic Movement is a health and wellness YouTube channel that provides diet, health education and home remedies to help viewers achieve natural weight loss. Offering satvik food recipes, diet plans and weight loss tips, Satvic Movement's videos can help viewers create a personalized weight loss meal plan and reach their weight loss goals.

Dr Brad Stanfield

Channel Views: ~8.4m Channel Subscribers: ~167k Channel Videos: ~127

Dr Brad Stanfield Youtube Channel

Dr Brad Stanfield's YouTube channel focuses on diet, health tips, and how to get healthy. Videos offer advice on if and which supplements to take, the best nmn brands, nmn and aging, nmn and nad supplement, nmn and longevity, and nmn brands. His channel provides comprehensive information on health and nutrition to help viewers become healthier.

Tata 1mg

Channel Views: ~282m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~641

Tata 1mg Youtube Channel

Tata 1mg's YouTube channel provides viewers with helpful tips and tricks to improve their health and fitness. Content on the channel covers diet and nutrition, weight gain, and how to increase one's weight. Viewers can also find useful information about 1mg's medical products. All videos are short and easy to understand, featuring experts in the field to guide users.

SAAOL Heart Care

Channel Views: ~321m Channel Subscribers: ~2.6m Channel Videos: ~1.1k

SAAOL Heart Care Youtube Channel

SAAOL Heart Care is a YouTube channel dedicated to educating viewers about heart health. Run by Dr. Bimal Chhajer, it shares practical tips on avoiding stent, bypass, and other heart surgeries. The channel speaks to how diet and lifestyle changes can be used to treat heart problems and prevent a heart attack, without the need for surgery.

The Doctors

Channel Views: ~1b Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~12.8k

The Doctors Youtube Channel

The Doctors YouTube Channel is hosted by Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Sonia Batra and features conversations on diet, health, and well-being. The channel's videos include lifestyle advice from experts and interviews with celebrity guests. From cooking demonstrations to preventative care tips to advice from Dr. Ordon, the channel provides an extensive range of information. The Drs team aim to bring you the latest in medical advancements, nutritional studies, and healthy living advice. Additionally, they have a range of videos and content featuring the expertise of Dr. Drew Ordon and Dr. Sonia Batra. If you're looking for tips and tricks on health and wellbeing, the Doctors YouTube channel is the perfect resource.


Channel Views: ~256.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.8m Channel Videos: ~383

DoctorOz Youtube Channel

DoctorOz is a YouTube channel providing inspiration and information on health, wellness, and diet with engaging videos ranging from how to lose weight to healthy food choices. It's led by the well-known Dr. Oz and his popular television show, Dr. Oz Show, where he provides viewers with proven methods for improving their overall health and achieving weight loss goals. Oz's channel also offers in-depth advice and tips to help viewers live healthier and happier lifestyles.

Jason Fung

Channel Views: ~47.1m Channel Subscribers: ~937k Channel Videos: ~128

Jason Fung Youtube Channel

Jason Fung's YouTube channel is an informative educational resource on diet and weight loss. He focuses on teaching techniques such as intermittent fasting and calorie counting, as well as providing educational materials on nutrition, fasting, calories and diabetes. His content is beneficial for individuals seeking to improve their health and reduce the risk of obesity.

The Galen Foundation

Channel Views: ~12m Channel Subscribers: ~228k Channel Videos: ~9

The Galen Foundation Youtube Channel

The Galen Foundation YouTube channel is run by Pradip Jamnadas, MD and provides helpful tutorial videos about diet and health related topics from fat loss to healthy eating habits. It features a wealth of information concerning important issues such as nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Thomas DeLauer

Channel Views: ~338.6m Channel Subscribers: ~3.1m Channel Videos: ~1.9k

Thomas DeLauer Youtube Channel

The Thomas DeLauer YouTube channel provides educational and inspirational content related to dieting and nutrition, with an emphasis on intermittent fasting, keto dieting, and ketogenic dieting. It also offers valuable keto tips, diet tips, and nutrition tips to help viewers achieve a healthy weight loss.

Gundry MD

Channel Views: ~9.9m Channel Subscribers: ~150k Channel Videos: ~351

Gundry MD Youtube Channel

Gundry MD is a YouTube channel hosted by Dr. Steven Gundry, a world-renowned cardiologist and nutrition expert. He focuses on topics such as diet, gut health, leaky gut, microbiome, lectins, and longevity as related to GMD (Gundry MD). His goal is to help people achieve optimal health and longevity through diet, lifestyle and nutrition, and his videos provide useful information on these topics.


Channel Views: ~49.8m Channel Subscribers: ~682k Channel Videos: ~158

Maitri Youtube Channel

Maitri is a YouTube channel dedicated to health and wellness for women. It covers topics such as diet, menstrual health, menstrual hygiene, safe sex, holistic health, menopausal health, adolescent health, and weight loss. The channel provides information on how to cope up with scanty periods, stay healthy and lead a better lifestyle. It brings together experts to provide the latest information in a user-friendly and caring way.


Channel Views: ~62.4m Channel Subscribers: ~468k Channel Videos: ~713

SugarMD Youtube Channel

SugarMD is a YouTube channel created by Dr. Ahmet Ergin for diabetic patients. The channel features helpful and detailed content focused on diet, foods for diabetes, glucose meters, and managing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes with Low Blood Sugar and High Blood Sugar episodes. Dr. Ergin provides valuable advice and tips on how to manage and treat diabetes to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Channel Views: ~185.1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.3m Channel Videos: ~780

KenDBerryMD Youtube Channel

KenDBerryMD is a highly popular YouTube channel that specializes in the ketogenic diet, carnivore diet, and proper human diet. It's hosted by Keto Doctor Dr. Berry, who educates its viewers on hormone optimization and how to reverse diabetes through a low insulin diet and intermittent fasting. If you're new to the keto diet, this is the channel to watch!

Men's Health

Channel Views: ~292.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

Men's Health Youtube Channel

Men's Health YouTube channel is a great resource for men looking to make healthy lifestyle changes. The channel offers tips on diet changes and nutrition, as well as providing celebrity workout plans and diet tips. You can also check out how to 'Train Like' and 'Eat Like' a celebrity, or check out 'VS The Internet' to compare different lifestyle choices. Whether you're looking for tips on how to improve your diet, get a gym and fridge ready, or just learn from celebrity workouts and diets, Men's Health YouTube channel has something for everyone.

Laura Spath

Channel Views: ~28.6m Channel Subscribers: ~162k Channel Videos: ~111

Laura Spath Youtube Channel

Laura Spath's YouTube channel is a resource for people looking to learn more about diet, food addiction, and weight loss. She focuses on Women Carnivore and the Carnivore Diet, and provides advice to those struggling with food addiction. She also shares her own experience of successfully using the Carnivore Diet to achieve weight loss and discusses how meat can be a healing source in helping to manage cravings. For those interested in Keto Diet, she provides great tips and recipes for a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Eric Berg DC

Channel Views: ~1.5b Channel Subscribers: ~8.8m Channel Videos: ~4.6k

Dr. Eric Berg DC Youtube Channel

Dr. Eric Berg DC's YouTube channel offers viewers a wealth of information on how to lead a healthy keto diet and make healthier lifestyle choices with topics such as intermittent fasting, weight loss, and keto diet tips. It serves as a popular resource for viewers interested in learning about the ketogenic diet and its potential benefits for their health. With videos from Dr. Berg himself, the channel has become a trusted source for diet and nutrition advice.

Med Today

Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~83.5k Channel Videos: ~170

Med Today Youtube Channel

Med Today is a YouTube channel created to provide medical education. It offers diet advice and medical terminology lessons, as well as educational videos, medical school lectures, animated science lectures, and medical animations. The channel provides an easy way to learn about medical topics with videos, giving viewers a comprehensive look at the modern medical world.

FirstCry Parenting

Channel Views: ~503.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~1.9k

FirstCry Parenting Youtube Channel

FirstCry Parenting is a YouTube channel that provides helpful advice, tips, and parenting guidance for parents and caregivers. Topics include diet, baby development, pregnancy week by week, baby milestones, baby food, baby care, baby sleep and more. This channel is a great resource for learning crucial information about parenting and baby care.

Food Vs Health Hindi TV

Channel Views: ~151m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~158

Food Vs Health Hindi TV Youtube Channel

Food Vs Health Hindi TV is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping Indian viewers learn how to manage their diet and weight loss. It offers easy Indian recipes as well as weight loss tips in Hindi, health tips, fat loss advice, and exercise tips. It's a great resource for anyone wanting to learn how to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss With Natasha Mohan

Channel Views: ~52m Channel Subscribers: ~673k Channel Videos: ~96

Weight Loss With Natasha Mohan Youtube Channel

Weight Loss With Natasha Mohan is a YouTube channel devoted to helping viewers achieve their weight loss goals with diet plans, weight loss tips and easy exercises and workouts. It covers a range of topics from easy exercise to lose weight, health and fitness to motivation. With Natasha Mohan's guidance, you can reach your health and fitness goals with ease and confidence.

Dr. Imran Khan

Channel Views: ~53.9m Channel Subscribers: ~822k Channel Videos: ~93

Dr. Imran Khan Youtube Channel

Dr. Imran Khan's YouTube channel is a great source of information and guidance for those looking to take care of their physical and sexual health. He posts educational diet and health advice, motivational videos, sex disorder, and premature ejaculation treatments, and many other topics related to sexual dysfunction. He's one of the best and most sought-after sexologists in India, delivering his techniques and solutions through his innovative Gharelu Nuskhe videos. His channel is a must watch for anyone aiming to learn and improve their sexual and physical health.

Yatinder Singh

Channel Views: ~326.4m Channel Subscribers: ~4.5m Channel Videos: ~236

Yatinder Singh Youtube Channel

Yatinder Singh's YouTube channel is the best resource for expecting to be in the best shape of their lives. He is a renowned Mr. Asia Bodybuilder and Fitness Guru, sharing his expertise and diet strategies that he has learned over the years. With his comprehensive videos and best bodybuilding tips, Yatinder Singh's channel is the best fitness YouTube channel in India and the best gym YouTube channel overall. With his hands-on approach, Yatinder Singh's channel is the best channel for fitness.

Dr. Manthena Official

Channel Views: ~554.6m Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~4.6k

Dr. Manthena Official Youtube Channel

Dr. Manthena Official's YouTube channel is dedicated to providing viewers with diet, health care, and good health tips and videos in Telugu. Through the teachings of Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju (మంతెన సత్యనారాయణ రాజు), viewers can learn to practice a healthy diet and stay informed through the latest Telugu health videos.


Channel Views: ~4.4m Channel Subscribers: ~65.1k Channel Videos: ~321

longlivelives Youtube Channel

Longlivelives is an informative YouTube channel led by Dr. Sanjeev Agrawal that covers topics such as diet and lifestyle advice, diabetes reversal success stories, helpful tips on controlling diabetes, and LDFC diet. The channel also provides helpful advice to type 2 diabetics in Indian languages such as Hindi, as well as advice on successful weight loss for type 2 diabetes.


Channel Views: ~202.3m Channel Subscribers: ~925k Channel Videos: ~2.4k

NutritionFacts.org Youtube Channel

NutritionFacts.org is a YouTube channel created by Michael Greger, which offers viewers access to reliable, science-based information about nutrition, diet, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, and plant-based diets. This channel has become a go-to resource for learning about lifestyle medicine and staying informed about the importance of nutrition for optimal health.

Healthy Syrus

Channel Views: ~103.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Healthy Syrus Youtube Channel

Healthy Syrus is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing information on how to get fit through diet, health, fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, and supplements. They provide detailed how-to videos on all topics related to health and fitness. It is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about healthy habits and ways to get the body fit.

Anthony Chaffee MD

Channel Views: ~9.3m Channel Subscribers: ~106k Channel Videos: ~223

Anthony Chaffee MD Youtube Channel

Anthony Chaffee MD is a YouTube channel devoted to providing viewers with practical advice on healthy dieting, lifestyle choices, overall health, and physical fitness. With topics ranging from the importance of sleep, the benefits of healthy eating, and the best exercises to stay fit, Anthony Chaffee MD can help viewers achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Understanding the Different Types of Diets

Ever wonder what the differences are between all the different kinds of diets out there? Everything from vegan to paleo to ketogenic and more? Understanding the different types of diets and their principles as well as their nutritional benefits can help you decide which is right for you to reach your goals.

  • Vegan diets focus on plant-based foods, eliminating all animal products and byproducts. Whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits are staples of vegan diets and they can provide energy and essential vitamins and minerals. However, one needs to be extra careful with the vegan diets to make sure they get appropriate sources of protein, vitamins B12, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin K2, which are typically only found in animal products.
  • Ketogenic diets, on the other hand, are high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates with the goal of getting one’s body into ketosis. This process, which releases ketones, is intended to cause rapid weight loss by burning fat instead of carbs. Foods allowed on the keto diet include fish and seafood, eggs, nuts and seeds, low-carb vegetables, high-fat dairy and vegetables, as well as healthy fats such as avocado, coconut, and olive oil. Meanwhile, carbohydrates and sugar should be completely avoided. Depending on one’s individual needs, a doctor or dietitian may suggest a modified version of the keto diet with increased carbs and protein for a more sustainable path to weight loss.

Ultimately, much of the success of a diet comes down to personal preference and feeling comfortable with the routine of eating certain foods and combinations. Understanding the different types of diets through research and talking to a doctor or dietitian can be an invaluable to anybody thinking about making a change.

Staying Motivated With Your Diet Goals

Maintaining motivation when on a specific diet plan can be difficult, especially if you are not seeing results quickly enough. However, staying motivated is an important factor to ensure that you follow the plan and stay on track for the long-term. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated as you work towards your diet goals.

  1. The first step is to break down your diet goals into smaller, achievable goals. Focusing on smaller fitness and dietary milestones will make the journey feel less intimidating and more attainable. It will also help you to track your progress and recognize your achievements, which can be a great source of motivation. 
  2. Secondly, pairing up with a buddy or a diet coach that can check in on your progress and offer support can be a great way to stay motivated. Being accountable to someone else will help you stay on track and boost your commitment to your diet goals.
  3. Finally, make sure to reward yourself. Nothing will keep you motivated like a reward after working hard. When you hit milestones, give yourself a pat on the back and do something special to appreciate your efforts. Have some chocolate, enjoy a spa day, or take a mini-vacation. Rewarding yourself for the progress you made will help motivate you and get you even closer towards achieving your diet goals.

Essential Nutrients Needed in a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential to our overall quality of life. Eating a balanced diet provides the body with vital nutrients it needs to function optimally. The food we consume should contain a variety of types of nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals, in order to maintain good health.

  • Protein is especially important for the growth and repair of body tissues and is found in sources such as meat, dairy, eggs and legumes. Carbohydrates provide energy and are found mainly in grains and some vegetables. Fats are necessary for the body to absorb important vitamins and can be found in healthy sources such as nuts, avocados and olive oil.
  • Vitamins and minerals play a key role in regulating the body’s metabolism, providing energy and maintaining healthy skin and bones. The most important vitamins are A, C, D, B6 and B12 and the main minerals are calcium, magnesium, iodine and iron. Vitamin D, for example, helps keep teeth and bones healthy, while iodine contributes to the production of essential hormones within the body. Eating a balanced diet is the best way to ensure that these essential nutrients are being ingested. Taking a multivitamin supplement is also a good alternative for those who may have nutrient deficiencies or are unable to obtain all their needed nutrients from food sources. A balanced diet and regular physical activity are the key components to a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, the body needs a good balance of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals to function effectively and achieve overall optimal health. Eating a balanced diet is the best way to ensure that these essential nutrients are being ingested. Getting adequate amounts of exercise also helps contribute to managing a healthy lifestyle. Both diet and exercise are equally important in order to enjoy a high quality of life.

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