25 Best Desk Setup Youtube Channels + Tutorials

Welcome to your DIY guide on finding the best YouTube channels for the ultimate desk setup! Whether you're into tech, gaming, productivity, lifestyle, or Apple/Android reviews, there's a wealth of content out there to help you get the perfect desk setup. In this article, we'll break down the best YouTube channels out there so you can find what's right for you. Read on to see which channels reign supreme!


Channel Views: ~706.8m Channel Subscribers: ~3.4m Channel Videos: ~1.4k

TechSource Youtube Channel

TechSource is a YouTube channel that focuses on desk setups, unboxings, reviews, and giveaways with a focus on PCs, builds, and gaming setups. They showcase amazing desks, talk about upgrades and popular products, review tech investment options, and will even give away products to lucky viewers. From workstations to gaming rigs, TechSource offers viewers the perfect balance of enjoyment and practical advice.

Justin Tse

Channel Views: ~127.5m Channel Subscribers: ~809k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Justin Tse Youtube Channel

Justin Tse's YouTube channel is a great place to watch desk setup, home decor, and travel films. He also reviews a variety of technology, including Apple and other tech products. His channel also features product reviews, guides, and tutorials to help viewers explore the possibilities of technology. Whether you're looking for a desk setup, a technology review, or an interesting travel film, Justin Tse's YouTube channel has something for everyone.

Shevon Salmon

Channel Views: ~49.2m Channel Subscribers: ~306k Channel Videos: ~809

Shevon Salmon Youtube Channel

Shevon Salmon's YouTube channel is a resource for anyone looking to find the best budget solutions for their desk setup, room setup, and 1080p projector. It also offers many great reviews for products such as PCs, laptops, phones, and Apple apps. Finally, Salmon offers a room tour setup and tech reviews on some of the latest gadgets available.


Channel Views: ~23.1m Channel Subscribers: ~50.3k Channel Videos: ~749

BTODtv Youtube Channel

BTODtv is a YouTube channel featuring product reviews, guides, and educational content related to desk setup, office chairs, standing desks, office furniture, best office chairs, best-standing desks, ergonomic products, and standing desk converters. It provides valuable information for creating a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. With in-depth reviews and timely updates, BTODtv is a great resource for anyone looking for helpful advice on how to choose the best office furniture and products to suit their needs.


Channel Views: ~20.8m Channel Subscribers: ~169k Channel Videos: ~262

ThisIsE Youtube Channel

ThislsE is a YouTube channel focused on technology stories and comparisons. Their videos feature inspiring desk setup tours, unboxings, and reviews of the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro, tech tips & tricks with the Apple Watch, and reviews of the Mac mini and MacBook Pro. They strive to be the go-to technology storyteller for everyone.


Channel Views: ~18.6m Channel Subscribers: ~99.1k Channel Videos: ~207

MIDAS TECH Youtube Channel

MIDAS TECH is a YouTube channel featuring videos of desk setup, tech review and room makeover ideas, home tech and smart home topics, and workspace setup and DIY tutorials. Watch to find creative ideas, insightful reviews, and helpful tips for improving your home setup.

Andrew Ethan Zeng

Channel Views: ~10.8m Channel Subscribers: ~126k Channel Videos: ~180

Andrew Ethan Zeng Youtube Channel

Andrew Ethan Zeng's YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about digital marketing and business. His videos cover topics such as desk set up, Facebook Ads, digital marketing, social marketing mastery, eCommerce mastery, how to start an online business, private labeling, and more. Ethan Zeng's easy-to-follow videos make it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to master digital marketing and launch their own online business.


Channel Views: ~67m Channel Subscribers: ~320k Channel Videos: ~176

SpawnPoiint Youtube Channel

SpawnPoint is a YouTube channel that focuses on showcasing tech reviews for the latest gaming devices. It features reviews for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, LG OLED TV, and Tesla Model 3. It also provides useful desk setup, gaming setup, and TV setup tutorials to guide viewers on how to make their gaming experience enjoyable.

Mike Wat

Channel Views: ~27.9m Channel Subscribers: ~184k Channel Videos: ~170

Mike Wat Youtube Channel

Mike Wat's YouTube channel focuses on creating a minimalist workspace setup and providing helpful insight into everyday tech. He showcases desk accessories and organization tips to help viewers design an efficient yet stylish desk. Fans appreciate Mike's enthusiasm for tech and stylish design.

Tom Noske

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~24.5k Channel Videos: ~161

Tom Noske Youtube Channel

Tom Noske's YouTube channel features videos about desk setup, personal development, home office setup, work from home, desk tour, interior design, office tour, desk accessories, and creativity. Through his videos, Tom offers practical advice and great tips on how to create a comfortable and productive home office, as well as how to boost creativity and productivity through smart personal development.

Gyasi Linje

Channel Views: ~11.1m Channel Subscribers: ~141k Channel Videos: ~140

Gyasi Linje Youtube Channel

Gyasi Linje's YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in software engineering, software development, or a day in the life of a software developer. It features videos of his desk setup with a Macbook Pro, and tutorials on software development, software engineering, and more. He also gives insight into his day-to-day activities as a software engineer.

Andres Vidoza

Channel Views: ~20.7m Channel Subscribers: ~171k Channel Videos: ~128

Andres Vidoza Youtube Channel

Andres Vidoza's YouTube channel is a great hub for those looking to get their home office set up right. He offers helpful reviews on tech, computer science, laptops, phones, and iPhones, as well as providing insight into the world of home office setup. With Andres Vidoza's valuable advice and insight, it has become easier than ever to find the best solutions for your home office setup.

Maisy Leigh

Channel Views: ~22.8m Channel Subscribers: ~271k Channel Videos: ~107

Maisy Leigh Youtube Channel

Maisy Leigh's YouTube channel is a home for those looking to explore technology and design. She offers desk setups, cozy lifestyle tips, and software engineering advice. With her unique insight into app design and development, she also shares secrets on how to be a successful UX designer and front-end engineer. Her aesthetic tech videos, as well as her inspirational content, provide viewers with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the tech industry.

Jon Imperial

Channel Views: ~5.7m Channel Subscribers: ~35.9k Channel Videos: ~99

Jon Imperial Youtube Channel

Jon Imperial's YouTube channel is devoted to helping viewers create the ultimate home office setup. He reviews the latest architecture tools and provides helpful tips on how to design a functional desk setup, making it easier for any architect or tech enthusiast to work comfortably in their own home office. His instructional videos and reviews provide viewers with the perfect ideas to design their own desk setup.


Channel Views: ~139.1k Channel Subscribers: ~158 Channel Videos: ~77

MotionGrey Youtube Channel

MotionGrey is a YouTube channel devoted to desk setup and Technology related topics. It provides a range of helpful information, tutorials, product reviews and advice on how to optimize your home office environment. It's a great source of inspiration for anyone who enjoys DIY projects and looking to enhance their lifestyle with the latest technology. With tips and tutorials for building the perfect desk setup, it's a hobbyist's paradise.

Mattia Di Lisio

Channel Views: ~142.6k Channel Subscribers: ~1.7k Channel Videos: ~56

Mattia Di Lisio Youtube Channel

Mattia Di Lisio's YouTube channel offers viewers an insight into a modern home office and content creation desk setups. With exciting tech reviews and tutorials, Di Lisio provides viewers with the tools they need to make the most out of their workspace. His channel is perfect for the aspiring content creator looking to set up a productive space.


Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~6.3k Channel Videos: ~51

iAndroidChris Youtube Channel

The iAndroidChris YouTube channel is run by Christopher Kenyatta Sese-Khalid Jr. It features a variety of tech videos and publications, such as desk set-up tours and reviews. Sese-Khalid also owns several Canon cameras which are used to capture most of his YouTube videos. The iAndroidChris channel is a great resource for technology enthusiasts.

Lily Cameron

Channel Views: ~392.5k Channel Subscribers: ~14.9k Channel Videos: ~41

Lily Cameron Youtube Channel

Lily Cameron's YouTube channel features videos about her desktop setup, her daily routine, and how to be productive while working from home, as well as lifestyle and tech vlogs. She strives to get her life together and inspire people to do the same. Tune in to see her study with her, work from home, and get productive in her daily vlogs. Desk setup and tech videos are also featured.

loveaction alyssa

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~36.2k Channel Videos: ~41

loveaction alyssa Youtube Channel

Love Action Alyssa is a YouTube channel that includes desk setup, room makeovers, study vlogs, house tours, room decorating ideas, unboxing haul, what's on my iPhone, bedroom makeover, and room transformation content. She regularly posts new videos and is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to create a cozy and stylish home atmosphere.

Matthew Encina

Channel Views: ~32.6m Channel Subscribers: ~402k Channel Videos: ~40

Matthew Encina Youtube Channel

Matthew Encina's YouTube channel is the perfect place for creatives and tech lovers alike to gain insight into the world of modern workspace design. Featuring a series of DIY desk setup and desk tour videos, as well as interviews with experts in the field from The Futur, his channel helps viewers get inspired to create the perfect workspace and start their design journey.

Fil Valiulin

Channel Views: ~155.3k Channel Subscribers: ~751 Channel Videos: ~38

Fil Valiulin Youtube Channel

Fil Valiulin's YouTube channel offers a variety of helpful videos focused on desk setup and makeover, productivity, minimalism, tech, and Apple and Android products. The videos offer viewers analysis, reviews, and advice for creating the perfect modern desk setup for working, gaming or just staying organized. Whether the viewer is a tech enthusiast or simply looking for some inspiration, Fil Valiulin's videos have something for everyone.

Lee Lechner

Channel Views: ~9m Channel Subscribers: ~42.1k Channel Videos: ~27

Lee Lechner Youtube Channel

Lee Lechner's YouTube channel focuses on desk setups, digital marketing, technology, DIY, and marketing tips. His videos provide in-depth tips on how to best optimize your desk space, digital marketing strategies, and the latest technology trends. He also provides DIY tutorials on creating the perfect home office. With Lee Lechner's channel, you'll have the latest advice on how to make the most out of your space and digital marketing campaigns.

Krister Anne

Channel Views: ~11.8m Channel Subscribers: ~132k Channel Videos: ~22

Krister Anne Youtube Channel

Krister Anne is a content creator who vlogs their daily life, work-from-home setup, and self-care routine within an aesthetic, cozy atmosphere. Their channel is designed to foster a study and work-from-home community, with many desk setup tours for viewers to check out.

Ogeh E

Channel Views: ~73.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~14

Ogeh E Youtube Channel

Ogeh E's YouTube channel covers a range of topics related to consumer technology, gaming, and desk setup, with content that includes tech reviews, PC builds, and console gaming. Additionally, they provide tips and product recommendations on desk accessories, helping viewers become their own masters of desk setups. They aim to create an open community of tech and gaming enthusiasts, helping viewers stay ahead of the curve in terms of understanding the latest developments in technology and gaming.

Lala’s cup of tea

Channel Views: ~507.3k Channel Subscribers: ~6.3k Channel Videos: ~5

Lala’s cup of tea Youtube Channel

Lala's Cup of Tea YouTube channel offers an array of content for the silent vlogger. From morning routines to room and desk makeovers and desk set-up ideas, Lala's channel provides an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to help viewers create their own work-from-home haven. The channel also offers ideas for organization and a chill vlog atmosphere. This is the perfect channel to get creative and inspiring ideas to make your own workspace a place of tranquil productivity!

Maximizing Storage and Space in Your Desk Environment

If you're looking to make your desk environment neater, more organized, and more efficient, then maximizing storage and space is the key. Having a spacious and well-organized work desk gives you a sense of control and synergy that releases stress and encourages better concentration. Here are some tips on how you can help maximize storage and space in your work desk:

  1. First, find ways to store items both out of sight and in plain sight. Use drawers and shelves to store office items such as folders and stationery while leaving your desktop free from clutter. Additionally, you can hang a corkboard or whiteboard on the wall to help organize your thoughts and keep an eye on messages and tasks.
  2. Second, stock up on desk accessories such as trays, holders, and containers. These practical items allow you to store desk items and keep them all in one place, keeping your desk neat and tidy. You can also find desk trays that have small compartments, so you can easily store pencils, pens, reports, and other such items.
  3. Lastly, invest in a multi-functional writing desk. This type of desk contains additional storage areas, making it incredibly useful and a great space-saver. You can find desks with shelves and drawers built into the frame, allowing you to store items and keep your work area neat and organized. All in all, these tips will help you maximize storage and space in your desk environment while adding a touch of style and convenience in the process.

Creating an Ideal Lighting Solution for Your Desk Set-Up

Creating the perfect lighting solution is important when setting up a desk to ensure your workspaces feels comfortable and looks as best as possible. Natural light is often the best option to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere, however, seeking out direct sunlight can be difficult depending on the day or the season. It is important to consider lighting solutions to provide the best of both worlds.

If natural light is unavailable, the next best option is to pick out different desk lamps that can easily fit into your desired aesthetic. Consider which direction you are looking while you are at your desk and how much ambient light you need. Desk lights are great for task-work and can illuminate the specific area of what needs to be focused on. Besides the style of the desk lamp, also consider its functionality. Pay attention to the wattage, adjustable levels, and brightness speed.

When deciding on an overall setup for your desk it is important to pay close attention to the amount of light that a particular fixture may bring to the area. Look for fixtures that have adjustable heads, brightness levels, and adjustable shades. This will allow for the necessary flexibility when it comes to providing the best illumination for the work that is being done. Grab a couple of smaller wall mounted fixtures or larger overhead fixtures to help fill any gaps of darkness in the space. Being able to customize your desk set-up with all the proper lighting solutions will help make any desk, home office, or workspace a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Making the Most Out of Your Desk Setup

In today’s world, a well-designed desk setup is essential for success. Whether you are an artist, a student, a business professional, or a stay-at-home mom, having the right desk setup can help enhance your productivity and even your creativity. But what makes a desk setup truly beneficial? We explore ways to make the most out of your desk setup and get the work done.

  1. First and foremost, a good desk setup should include enough space to allow for creativity as well as organization. To make the most out of your desk setup, it’s important to set aside ample space for storage, shelves, drawers, and anything else that may help to store necessary items and supplies. Additionally, look for ways to maximize the available desk space. A monitor arm can mount the monitor and free up desk space. Wall shelves can be added to maximize desk area for other items.
  2. Finally, consider creating a functional workspace with the right ergonomic tools. An ergonomic layout of your desk, adjustable chair, and other office furniture can bring comfort and increase productivity due to less strain on your body and greater typing accuracy. A laptop stand or desk riser can also help to optimize your display and make it easier to work from a standing or sitting position. Consider investing in ergonomic chairs, footrests, wrist rests, and other accessories to make your desk setup more conducive to productivity.

No matter your setup, remember that having a desk setup tailored to your needs can greatly improve your productivity and efficiency. By taking the time to create the perfect desk set up, your workspace will be more inviting and you’ll be able to make the most out of your desk setup.

Have fun and enjoy the process! Your desk setup should be an expression of your creativity and personality, and of course, a reflection of your work style and efficiency. Investing in the right setup will be worth the effort in the long run.

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