4 Best Deforestation Youtube Channels To Follow

If you're looking to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information on deforestation, science, politics, the environment, breaking news, world news, education, earth, and climate change, you'll want to find the best YouTube channels to subscribe to. With so many channels on YouTube, it can be hard to know which ones are most reliable for timely, accurate information. Keep reading to learn more about the top YouTube channels to stay informed about the important topics of deforestation, science, politics, the environment, breaking news, world news, education, earth, and climate change.

One Tree Planted

Channel Views: ~3m Channel Subscribers: ~11.5k Channel Videos: ~275

One Tree Planted Youtube Channel

One Tree Planted is an environmental charity that focuses on tree planting, deforestation, and climate change. They share their mission across YouTube by providing how-to videos on tree planting and hosting tree planting events. With videos and fundraisers, their goal is to draw attention to the importance of reforestation and moderating climate change. Their mission is to plant more trees and protect the environment.

Coalition for Rainforest Nations

Channel Views: ~6k Channel Subscribers: ~114 Channel Videos: ~47

Coalition for Rainforest Nations Youtube Channel

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations YouTube channel is a resource for gaining knowledge on deforestation, its impacts on society, and global development initiatives to protect the world's rainforests. Through informative and engaging videos, the channel educates viewers on the importance of preserving these crucial ecosystems and promotes action to keep them safe.

Inevitably Green - Climate Change

Channel Views: ~25.1k Channel Subscribers: ~149 Channel Videos: ~30

Inevitably Green - Climate Change Youtube Channel

The Inevitably Green - Climate Change YouTube channel is focused on raising awareness of global climate change and the effects of deforestation, while promoting renewable energy for a greener future. It offers videos about global warming, ocean sounds, eco-friendly resources, and study with me and study with nature videos to encourage education and knowledge sharing about climate change.


Channel Views: ~6.2k Channel Subscribers: ~298 Channel Videos: ~7

Informativewoods Youtube Channel

Informativewoods is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing news and updates about global deforestation and its impacts on the earth and humanity. From the deforestation caused by the 2020 Covid19 pandemic to the global warming crisis, this channel provides in-depth discussions and analysis from experts and activists. With me, and Informativewoods, we can work towards a better future for our earth.

What Causes Deforestation?

Deforestation is a significant global environmental issue caused by a number of different factors. The process of deforestation occurs when forests are cleared of trees in order to make way for new development or resources such as crops, lumber, or grazing land for livestock. It has been estimated to cause approximately 15 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, making it one of the largest contributors to global warming and climate change.

  • The primary causes of deforestation are human consumption and population growth. Commercial logging, agricultural clearing for crops and livestock, and infrastructure development are all major factors contributing to deforestation. Clearing forests to access wood products, such as lumber, provide wood for fuel and fodder, and to create new land for use are all common occurrences that can lead to deforestation. In addition, many areas have been cleared for oil and gas development and urban sprawl.
  • Another factor contributing to deforestation is illegal logging, as it is estimated that up to 50 percent of tropical timber harvesting is done without authorization. Illegal logging can cause significant damage to ecosystems, depriving the local environment of important resources and promoting extinction of species. Poor land management, including overgrazing, logging, and logging fires, can also cause long-term destruction of both the environment and wildlife. In some cases, removal of trees can even lead to desertification, where grassland and other habitats are replaced by barren, sand-covered land. 

All of these are major challenges in curbing deforestation and its effects on the environment.

Ways to Help Prevent Deforestation

Deforestation is a major environmental issue that has been causing destruction to the environment for years. It is responsible for reducing the amount of trees in forests around the globe and can have drastic effects on the world’s climate. Luckily, there are some things that individuals can do to help prevent deforestation and it is never too late to make a difference in preserving our environment.

  • The first and most obvious way to help prevent deforestation is to reduce the use of paper-based products. By using less paper, we can save trees and help maintain a healthy environment. When shopping, consider purchasing products made from alternate materials such as bamboo, peat, or hemp. Additionally, if paper products are needed, opt for items made from recycled materials, so that fewer new trees are destroyed for the manufacture of paper.
  • Another way to help stop deforestation is to support companies and businesses that practice sustainable forestry. This involves companies taking steps to reduce the amount of trees that are destroyed from a certain area, while also preserving the environment and not overdrawing natural resources from an area. Additionally, individuals can help support reforestation initiatives by donating or volunteering with organizations or charities that plant trees and create habitats for animals in areas where deforestation has occurred.

Through small changes in our everyday lives and by supporting organizations and businesses that promote sustainability, we can have a large impact in preventing the destruction of our forests and help preserve our environment. In the end, everyone on the planet has something to gain from preserving and protecting our forests. So let’s unite together and take the necessary steps to help prevent deforestation and keep our forests intact!

How Deforestation Impacts Our World

Deforestation has a profound impact on the world around us, from global climate change to soil erosion and the displacement of animal species. By disturbing important ecosystems all around the planet, deforestation created dangerous and long-lasting effects on the environment.

  • One way that deforestation directly affects our world is climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, one of the major greenhouse gases, which can lead to global warming and climate change when large sections of forest are cut down. Without the absorption of these gases, the atmosphere is left without a natural and efficient way to control the temperature of the earth. This then contributes to further destruction of the environment.
  • The impact of deforestation on the planet’s ecosystems is also profound. Deforestation affects the habitats of many native species, leading to a loss of balance within the delicate food chain while also reducing biodiversity. This in turn reduces the amount of new species and organisms that could offer important benefits such as new sources of food, medicine, and other materials for resources. People living around these affected areas may suffer from reduced resources and services provided by the forests, such as wood and fresh water supply, and habitat for many species.

Deforestation is a serious environmental issue that demands attention. It's crucial to find new, sustainable solutions in order to protect the environment and its inhabitants. Through better understanding of both the causes and effects of deforestation, we can work together to create a more sustainable future for the planet.

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