Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that provide exciting and informative videos that can keep you enlightened? If yes, then read on to learn about the best YouTube channels that cater to the topics of damaging videos, news, video, weather, breaking news, music, damage, viral video, rock, and lyrics. From current events to interesting music videos and videos about the weather, these YouTube channels will keep you updated with everything new and trending! So make sure you check them out to stay up-to-date with the latest news and happenings in the world.

Damaging videos: Top Youtube Channels

The Damage Report

Channel Views: ~728.7m Channel Subscribers: ~761k Channel Videos: ~10.9k

The Damage Report Youtube Channel

The Damage Report is a YouTube channel that produces damaging videos which explore issues in society and politics. Its content is controversially engaging, unafraid to challenge the status quo, and ultimately aimed at giving viewers a clearer understanding of the world.

Damage Case

Channel Views: ~48.3k Channel Subscribers: ~422 Channel Videos: ~14

Damage Case Youtube Channel

Damage Case is a YouTube channel that features videos of dirty-rock-n-roll and thrash/speed metal tunes played by the Romanian Rock n' Roll Patrol, known as Damage. Videos on the channel include musical performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage shot in and around Bucharest. Damage Case provides energizing, damaging content to rock music fans around the globe.

Drbeen Medical Lectures

Channel Views: ~66.2m Channel Subscribers: ~610k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Drbeen Medical Lectures Youtube Channel

Drbeen Medical Lectures is a YouTube channel that provides educational medical videos, lectures, and other resources to healthcare professionals. It is a trusted source of medical knowledge and offers continuing medical education (CME) credits for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical students. The videos are hosted by Dr. John Campbell is an experienced clinician in the field of clinical medicine. The channel's content is a great resource for anyone seeking to update their medical knowledge and skill set.


Channel Views: ~46.5m Channel Subscribers: ~65.5k Channel Videos: ~475

WXChasing Youtube Channel

WXChasing is a popular YouTube channel devoted to storm chasing, natural disasters, and weather. It features live streaming of extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and climate change. It is the go-to source for the latest and most damaging videos about weather, climate, and related topics. It is considered to be a worthy alternative to the traditional Weather Channel.

Phoenix Music International Ltd

Channel Views: ~74.3m Channel Subscribers: ~98.5k Channel Videos: ~379

Phoenix Music International Ltd Youtube Channel

Phoenix Music International Ltd's YouTube channel showcases a wide variety of music to suit everyone's tastes. Featuring hit dance singles from the 90s and 00s such as East 17, Hi-Tack, Uniting Nations, and David Morales, as well as modern pop music, the channel offers damaging videos, gut records, and bass-addicted music. Most recently they released Hi-Tack's 'Say Say Say' as part of their throwback to the classic days of 00s music.


Channel Views: ~1.1b Channel Subscribers: ~176k Channel Videos: ~92

HERMusicVEVO Youtube Channel

HERMusicVEVO is an official YouTube channel owned by VEVO that produces music videos and other related video content. The channel is home to some of the most damaging videos in music video history. It's a great destination for music fans looking for the latest official music videos.

Gang Of Four 77-81

Channel Views: ~94.9k Channel Subscribers: ~603 Channel Videos: ~4

Gang Of Four 77-81 Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel Gang Of Four 77-81 features videos about the notorious Leeds, Yorkshire, and English punk and post-punk band. With Jon King and Hugo Burnham on vocals, Dave Allen on bass, and a combination of earlier band members, the band presented a solid gold contribution to the British punk and post-punk movement of the late Seventies and early Eighties. These damaging and influential videos were a major part of the British music scene of the time.

The Rise of Damaging Videos on Social Media

The rise of videos on social media over the past few years has been nothing short of spectacular. From humorous skits to viral challenges and vlogs, these videos have become a fixture of online culture. However, with this massive influx of videos also comes the potential for damaging and harmful content going viral. Too often, these videos are meant to shock or stir up controversy, but more often than not, they have a negative effect on the larger online community.

The harm caused by these videos can range from the intentional spreading of misinformation to casual discrimination to devastating instances of cyberbullying. Not only do the people in the videos suffer, the ripple effect can spread far and wide, battering people who had nothing to do with the videos in the first place. Whether or not the videos are made with a conscious malicious intent, it is clear that they take an emotional toll on those exposed to them.

To make matters worse, these videos can easily spread across social media platforms and can sometimes linger long after they are gone. This is because they often capture the attention of people away from the video's original platform, meaning that their reach can extend far beyond their original platforms. It is important to remember, then, that the videos we watch online can have far-reaching consequences. It is therefore essential that we take the time to think twice about the videos we watch and be conscious of the potential harm they can cause. Doing so will help create a safer online space for everyone.

The Psychological Impact of Excessive Exposure to Damaging Videos

In the digital age, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of the media we consume. Excessive exposure to damaging videos can have a damaging effect on our mental health. Constant exposure to violent, upsetting, and disturbing images can cause us to become desensitized to certain subjects, creating false associations between events and everyday life. This can lead to changes in our beliefs, as we find it hard to differentiate between what is real and what is not.

It’s not only violent videos that can have a negative effect, but any videos that can lead to an overwhelming sense of dread or cynicism. They can create unrealistic expectations and feelings of not being good enough or worth enough. When these feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness compound, they can lead to serious mental-health issues such as depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

It’s important to limit our time spent on these negative videos and instead focus on positive forms of media. This can range from engaging in inspiring and insightful conversations to watching uplifting films, documentaries, or music. We should also take a proactive approach to helping others in our community and surrounding areas. By reminding ourselves and others that no matter what challenges come, we are all human and should give ourselves the same kindness we would show to a friend.

By actively focusing on what we consume, and making sure to keep our nights, our minds, and our conversations positive, we can help reduce the psychological impact of excessive exposure to damaging videos on ourselves and those we share our lives with.

How to Support Victims of Damaging Videos

Videos can do a lot of damage to a person's reputation and well-being. The phenomenon of "revenge porn" has caused an even greater wave of distress, damage, and humiliation to the victims. With cyberbullying on the rise, being a victim of a damaging video is unfortunately becoming more common. So, how can you support those affected by such videos?

  1. First and foremost, listen to the victims with respect and genuine care for their situation. When it is safe to do so, it is also important to offer comfort and provide any help they may need. Whether this help includes providing legal advice, connecting with a support group, or practising self-care, showing kindness and compassion towards the victim is crucial.
  2. Second, for those willing to do so, it is possible to spread awareness and take a stand against those complicit in the production of such videos. Speaking up and getting involved in anti-bullying initiatives will not only help combat the prevalence of damaging videos but also provide protection to victims. Lastly, it can be immensely impactful to report any such videos or suspicious behaviour to the relevant safety services or authorities. Doing so helps to prevent a further perpetuation of revenge porn and other such damaging videos.

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