7 Best Conceptual Photography Youtube Channels

Are you a photography enthusiast who loves to explore the artistic side of the craft? Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that cover all aspects of conceptual photography? If so, you've come to the right place. In this post, we'll explore some of the best YouTube channels out there, from photographers giving tutorials on camera and lens basics, to more experienced artists exploring the complex world of conceptual photography. Keep reading to discover the perfect YouTube channel for you!

Al Green - Light Through Glass

Channel Views: ~162k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~98

Al Green - Light Through Glass Youtube Channel

Al Green - Light Through Glass YouTube channel is a retro-inspired hub featuring conceptual photography and vintage images taken through a unique lens. Enjoy slow-paced visuals and creative editing from a classic perspective.

Beatriz Abelenda

Channel Views: ~129k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~84

Beatriz Abelenda Youtube Channel

Beatriz Abelenda's YouTube channel is a must-see for anyone interested in conceptual photography, creative photography, artistic photography, and fine art photography. Her channel is filled with beautiful self-portraits taken in her own home, as well as creative self-portraits and portrait photography. She offers viewers a unique and inspiring look at the creative possibilities for photography.

luke kurtis

Channel Views: ~42.4k Channel Subscribers: ~59 Channel Videos: ~59

luke kurtis Youtube Channel

Luke Kurtis' YouTube channel is dedicated to interdisciplinary art, offering a range of conceptual photography, video art, literature, zines, books, and poetry. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in exploring the depths of multimedia art through the lens of this prolific and talented artist.

Julie Corcoran

Channel Views: ~4.1k Channel Subscribers: ~77 Channel Videos: ~54

Julie Corcoran Youtube Channel

Julie Corcoran's YouTube channel focuses on conceptual photography, lifestyle, and hobby videos. She covers topics ranging from design and creative experiments to adventures and DIY projects. Her channel is a great place to watch for creative inspiration and motivation.

Haus of Elysia

Channel Views: ~32.3k Channel Subscribers: ~642 Channel Videos: ~51

Haus of Elysia Youtube Channel

The Haus of Elysia YouTube channel is the perfect destination for any beginner photographer interested in conceptual photography and fine art photography! By exploring surreal and artistic photos, as well as brilliant ideas for self portait and portrait photography, this channel provides the perfect creative exploration for any conceptual artist or beginner photographer.

Bkay Photos

Channel Views: ~2.8k Channel Subscribers: ~477 Channel Videos: ~12

Bkay Photos Youtube Channel

Bkay Photos is a YouTube channel dedicated to conceptual photography, photo studio art, wedding photography, portrait photography, photo printing, stock photos, photo editing, and more. Visitors can explore various galleries featuring exquisite photo art and stock photos, as well as produce stunning prints for decorative use or special occasions with their photo printing services.

David Heger

Channel Views: ~28.5k Channel Subscribers: ~375 Channel Videos: ~13

David Heger Youtube Channel

David Heger's YouTube channel is a great resource for exploring alternative forms of photography, such as conceptual and fine art photography. He regularly shares tutorials and demonstrations of his own artwork, featuring stunning fine art prints available for sale. Additionally, he offers insight into his unique approach to resin type printing. For those interested in experimenting with alternative photography, David Heger's YouTube channel is a great starting point.

The Power of Metaphor in Conceptual Photography

Metaphor in conceptual photography is an essential element that can help photographers to convey powerful messages in a captivating way. With its ability to capture comparisons between different concepts, metaphor gives photographic images the potential to be creative, thought-provoking, and impactful.

  • A metaphor is a comparison between two different things which conveys something deeper. In conceptual photography, this comparison can be used to evoke an emotion or offer a new perspective. For instance, an image of a young girl suffering from anxiety can be used to illustrate the struggles of mental health. This from an ordinary snapshot of a person to a powerful visual metaphor.
  • Metaphor can also be used to offer a different point of view of a certain topic. This includes thought-provoking images that require viewers to pause and think. With the right combination of elements, abstract images can become meaningful to the audience. This allows conceptual photography to become a form of visual storytelling. It can be used to imagines the impossible or unveil greater truths that exist beyond what the eyes can see. Through this, photographers are given an infinite range of possibilities, allowing them to be more creative and inspiring.

By using metaphor creatively, photographers can use conceptual photography to capture stories both real and hypothetical in an innovative and impactful way. This form of photography offers numerous possibilities, creating an interactive dialogue between the photographer, the subject, and the audience. Ultimately, it is up to the photographer to maximise the potential of metaphor to create meaningful conceptual photographs that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Tips for Mastering Light in Conceptual Photography

Light is the most important factor in conceptual photography, as it helps in enhancing the concept behind the image. To help photographers achieve their desired look, here are 5 tips for mastering light in conceptual photography.

  • In order to create the desired effect, photographers need to determine the needed light for the concept. Experimenting with natural light and setting up artificial lighting, such as LED lights or strobes, can help create a mood or atmosphere. Additionally, photographers need to be mindful of the shadow that the light creates, as they play a key role in creating an image’s depth and texture. It is also important to consider how the highlights and shadows make the concept of the photo more real and clear in the image.
  • Besides the technical aspects of manipulating light, it is crucial for conceptual photographers to be creative in using light to illustrate a concept. Whether it’s using high-intensity lights for a dramatic, highly saturated effect or softer, more diffused light for a subtle and sophisticated look, photographers need to be mindful in choosing the right light for the right mood. Further, understanding the differentiating effects light has on the forms of a subject, such as how shadows can help display the texture and shape, can help conceptual photographers in creating images with a stronger impact and mood.

Overall, mastering light is a crucial step in creating strong and impactful conceptual photographs. Through experimentation and creative thinking, photographers can use light to create stunning images that illustrate their concepts effectively.

Finding Inspiration for Conceptual Photography

Creative conceptual photography can be challenging and daunting for some not knowing where to start or find inspiration. With so much to consider such as; composition, lighting and concept, where do you begin?

  • The best way to get inspired and motivated is to reach out to the creative photography community and explore the work of other photographers. Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, are insightful places to discover new perspectives and gain ideas. Be sure to ask questions and draw inspiration from other photographers to discover what approach works for you. Experimenting with different techniques and equipment can also help to hone your skills.
  • Attending workshops, masterclasses and talks with other photographers can offer stimulating conversations and help to develop your style. It is also beneficial to research the work of classic photographers, such as Ansel Adams or Yousuf Karsh, to broaden your understanding of the medium. These activities can work to invigorate creative ideas and help you take the next step with camera in hand.

Ultimately, finding inspiration and motivation to shoot conceptual photography lies within you. Establishing a consistent practice, and exploring different techniques is a great start to begin. The key is to connect with your own creative approach and create unique images that people can relate to. Breaking free from any photo boxes will open up new opportunities for amazing images. With some practice and dedication, you can elevate your conceptual photography.

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