13 Best Commercial Photography Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels for all things photography and videography? If your answer is yes, then you're in the right place! We have put together a list of the best photography and videography channels on YouTube that offer a variety of topics, from commercial photography and photography tips to Photoshop and lighting. No matter what kind of information you are looking for, these channels can help you get the most out of your photography and videography practice. So read on to find the best channels and learn all you need to know about photography and videography!

Photography Project

Channel Views: ~15.2k Channel Subscribers: ~68 Channel Videos: ~55

Photography Project Youtube Channel

The Photography Project YouTube channel is run by commercial photographer Matt Reed. It focuses on commercial photography and covers topics such as product photography, how to light a scene, and tips for running your own studio. With in-depth technical tutorials and detailed explanations, the channel is an excellent resource to help you improve your commercial photography skills.

Wild Bears Photography

Channel Views: ~5.8k Channel Subscribers: ~56 Channel Videos: ~37

Wild Bears Photography Youtube Channel

Wild Bears Photography is a YouTube channel that offers practical knowledge and insight into commercial photography and the lifestyle associated with it. Through entertaining videos and fun content, Wild Bears Photography provides viewers with useful tips on how to create stunning images in a variety of settings.

The Photography Rebuttal

Channel Views: ~100.8k Channel Subscribers: ~4k Channel Videos: ~16

The Photography Rebuttal Youtube Channel

The Photography Rebuttal YouTube channel is a great source for tips and tutorials about commercial photography, car photography, car photography tips, automobile photography, automotive retouching and automotive photography. It provides in-depth advice on how to take and edit quality photographs and videos for all kinds of commercial and car photographs. The channel is also great for gaining insight into the latest trends in photography and car retouching. It's a must-have resource for photographers of all levels.

Curtis Comeau Photography

Channel Views: ~21.9k Channel Subscribers: ~114 Channel Videos: ~9

Curtis Comeau Photography Youtube Channel

Curtis Comeau Photography is a YouTube channel featuring high-quality commercial photography content, with a focus on hobby, food, and lifestyle topics. From simple 'how-to' tips to inspiring landscape shots, the channel has something for everyone. Whether you're a professional photographer looking for technical advice or a novice looking for some creative ideas, Curtis Comeau's channel will provide you with an array of photography resources.

Production Paradise

Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~3.5k

Production Paradise Youtube Channel

Production Paradise is a YouTube Channel from the Full Service Production Company of the same name. Specializing in Commercial Photography, Commercial Video Production, Advertising Photography, Commercial Post Production, and related services, Production Paradise's channel showcases stunning work from their talented team of professionals. Viewers can expect to be amazed at the quality of their visuals and projects.


Channel Views: ~251.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~595

ijyoyo Youtube Channel

Ijyoyo's YouTube channel is ideal for anyone looking for tips on commercial photography, photoshoot ideas, photoshoot ideas at home, how to take instagram selfies, instagram photoshoot at home, aesthetic instagram ideas, and more. They also provide helpful tutorials for getting creative with art, planning outdoor photoshoots, and even posing for instagram photos. With this channel, you can up your game when it comes to trying to take your own instagram photos.

Tin House Studio

Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~37k Channel Videos: ~335

Tin House Studio Youtube Channel

Tin House Studio is a professional photography and videography YouTube channel that specializes in commercial photography and food photography. They provide high-quality videos and tutorials for amateur and professional photographers looking to improve their skills, or for anyone interested in learning the basics of food photography and professional photography. From simple tips on how to stylize food dishes for better results, to lessons on achieving perfect lighting for a commercial photography shoot, Tin House Studio is the perfect channel to watch.

John Gress

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~38.9k Channel Videos: ~166

John Gress Youtube Channel

John Gress' YouTube channel provides helpful and informative tutorials on commercial photography, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at his johngressmedia studio. Every video showcases his sophisticated portrait photography with Canon cameras and Elinchrom lighting equipment. Receive expert photographic tips and tricks from John Gress as he travels the USA for fashion shoots.

Global Image Creation

Channel Views: ~155.7k Channel Subscribers: ~719 Channel Videos: ~120

Global Image Creation Youtube Channel

Global Image Creation is a YouTube channel ran by professional photographer, Jeremy Mason McGraw. He specializes in commercial photography, hotel photography, interior photography, video production, and Airbnb hosting. He uses Profoto products to capture his amazing work. His channel provides tips and tricks to aspiring professionals, as well as travel inspiration.


Channel Views: ~73.3k Channel Subscribers: ~650 Channel Videos: ~22

Monashee Youtube Channel

Monashee is an online YouTube channel owned and operated by a commercial photographer. The channel is full of educational videos on topics like creating a photography portfolio, understanding photography rates, and marketing for photographers. The channel also provides resources for those looking for a photo rep or help with photography production. In addition, Monashee provides tips on how to create a photography promo for successful lead generation. Whether you are a new or experienced photographer, Monashee is a great resource.

Beyond The Lens

Channel Views: ~10.3k Channel Subscribers: ~78 Channel Videos: ~26

Beyond The Lens Youtube Channel

Beyond The Lens YouTube channel is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about commercial photography. It offers tutorial videos on topics such as photography basics, photo composition, and digital editing, as well as more advanced topics and challenges.

Phillip Pilkington

Channel Views: ~64.7k Channel Subscribers: ~317 Channel Videos: ~28

Phillip Pilkington Youtube Channel

Phillip Pilkington's YouTube channel is all about commercial photography, offering helpful tips and advice for photographers of all levels. He is a Nikon shooter, specialising in Manchester photography, and covers a variety of topics including DSLR photography, digital photography and general photography. His tutorials and videos are perfect for anyone wanting to improve their photography skills and gain a better understanding of the industry.

Michael DeVowe

Channel Views: ~337.9k Channel Subscribers: ~949 Channel Videos: ~34

Michael DeVowe Youtube Channel

Michael DeVowe's YouTube channel is a great source for commercial and videography photography tips. His content covers a wide range of topics such as getting the perfect exposure in your images, setting up for product shots, finding the right lighting, and more. With over 10 years of experience in commercial photography, Michael DeVowe's videos are sure to give you the knowledge and skills you need for success.

Common Types of Commercial Photography

Commercial photography encompasses a wide range of related disciplines, such as product photography, fashion photography, advertising photography, and architectural photography. Each specialty requires different photographic methods and specific visualization techniques in order to best enhance the subject or purpose of the shoot. Let's dive a little deeper into some of the most popular types of commercial photography.

  1. Product photography is one of the most popular types of commercial photography and is often used to showcase products in print or digital media. This type of photography requires precise product lighting and composition, with sharp focus and clear details, to accurately represent the features and characteristics of each product. High-quality product photography can instantly elevate a brand's image and turn average products into desirable, must-have items.
  2. Fashion photography is another popular field of commercial photography. This genre typically takes place in a carefully chosen environment, such as a fashion studio or outdoor location. Photographers in this genre often strive to create a visually striking image that captures the essence or mood of the subject. This discipline may involve bringing in professional hair and makeup artists, setting up elaborate lighting regimes, and dressing the model in the latest fashions. Creative fashion photography can be seen in magazines, on billboards, and on websites all over the world.
  3. Architectural photography is also included in the realm of commercial photography and is often used by real estate agents, interior designers, and architects. Capturing a building or property in all of its beauty requires more skill and knowledge of composition than most other types of photography. Architectural photographers must be able to capture far more detail than traditional photographers and must be sure to light the space in a way that brings out the best in the structure. These photographs are usually processed in post-production to ensure optimal quality and accuracy.

Overall, there are many different types of commercial photography, all of which require different skills and techniques. Understanding the unique needs of each genre is essential for producing the highest quality photographs and satisfying the needs of commercial photography clients.

Creative Techniques for Commercial Photographers

By definition, a commercial photographer works to produce photographs that are used for continuing business purposes. Whether you run a production company or a catering service, your visuals are what will draw people to your business. That’s why it’s so important to have creative techniques for your photos that will give customers a reason to choose you over your competition.

  • One of the most common techniques used for commercial photography is to include a backdrop that will help viewers remember the product or service you’re trying to sell. For example, a product company specializing in reusable cups could feature a picnic blanket with a picnic basket, several cups in use, and a smiling family at the center of the photo. This will automatically draw the viewer in and remind them of your product in an attractive way.
  • Playing with scale is another technique you can use as a commercial photographer to make your product stand out. Depending on what you are selling, you can make smaller products appear larger or group items together to make it look like a bigger element. Don’t forget to play with lighting, angles, and environment to give your photos a touch of creativity that will draw people in.

By using these techniques, commercial photographers can give viewers a creative and unique way to view products and services. This will make potential customers remember your product or service, and give them a reason to choose you over the competition. And with the perfect shot, you can ensure that your business will be successful.

Tools and Equipment Used in Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is a specialized field that requires specific tools and equipment. Professional photographers need to be well-equipped with the best photography gear to get the most out of capturing the special moments and events. There is a wide range of tools and equipment used in commercial photography and it is important to get familiar with them to ensure top-notch images and photos.

  • The most basic tool that a commercial photographer needs is the camera, which often includes a full frame DSLR or higher. This is important for producing high-quality images that are sharp and vivid. Along with the camera, lenses are also important for commercial photography. Different types of lenses can produce different effects on the images, like wide-angle lenses for capturing broad landscapes, portrait lenses for taking flattering shots of people, and telephoto lenses for capturing things at a greater distance.
  • Lighting is also an integral part of commercial photography, and there are a number of lighting strategies and techniques that can be used. Photographers need to know how to properly set up and use light modifiers, such as umbrellas, softboxes, and reflectors, to get the desired effects on the photos. Tripods are also essential for getting sharp and stable images, while other tools like filters, memory cards, and battery packs are also necessary components for commercial photography.

Overall, commercial photographers need to ensure that they have all the necessary tools and equipment to produce stunning photos and images. Having a deep understanding of all the tools and equipment can help in capturing amazing shots that clients will love. Taking some time to research and invest in the right equipment can go a long way in producing breathtaking commercial photography.

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