Do you love comic books and the vast world they bring? Do you find yourself endlessly searching for the perfect channel on YouTube that can put a smile on your face? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the best YouTube channels for comic books, comedy, comedy dubs, gaming, DC, Marvel, and more! Find out which ones are the most enjoyable and entertaining to make your free time fly by! Read on to discover the best YouTube channels for comic lovers and gamers alike.

Comic: Top Youtube Channels

Comics Explained

Channel Views: ~726.1m Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~2.9k

Comics Explained Youtube Channel

Comics Explained is an informative YouTube channel that focuses on comic book culture and its associated characters, storylines, and plot devices. Through its videos, the channel aims to analyze and explain various Marvel and other comic books, such as Infinity Gauntlet and World Breaker Hulk, covering topics from Crisis on Infinite Earths to Fluidic Beats. It is the perfect reference for anyone who wants to learn more about comics.

Variant Comics

Channel Views: ~530.8m Channel Subscribers: ~2.4m Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Variant Comics Youtube Channel

Variant Comics is a YouTube channel dedicated to comic book fans. It provides comic book reviews, movie reviews, and coverage of comic events and conventions such as Comic Con. It also covers news and reviews of graphic novels, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics. With insightful commentary, Variant Comics is the perfect destination for comic book enthusiasts.

The Top Comics

Channel Views: ~1.1b Channel Subscribers: ~4.5m Channel Videos: ~1k

The Top Comics Youtube Channel

The Top Comics YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to stay on top of the latest comic book and movie news. Featuring reviews, interviews, and previews of both Marvel and DC comics, as well as other independent comics, the channel is an excellent source for fans of comics and comic-inspired films. Additionally, the channel has also released a few short cartoon stories, further expanding its content.

Sans Comic TV

Channel Views: ~539.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~715

Sans Comic TV Youtube Channel

Sans Comic TV is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on comic dubs and animations of the popular game Undertale, featuring the character Sans. They create entertaining, original content that is full of comedy and silliness. Whether it be comic dubs, animations, or another type of comic, viewers always look forward to their latest creations.


Channel Views: ~259.9m Channel Subscribers: ~344k Channel Videos: ~500

WebComic Youtube Channel

WebComic is a YouTube channel which features a variety of comic dubs and webcomics. The channel showcases some of the funniest web comics and comic dubs, ranging from popular webtoons to homemade creations. It is the perfect channel to just sit back and enjoy the amusing content available.

Comic Drake

Channel Views: ~70.8m Channel Subscribers: ~429k Channel Videos: ~329

Comic Drake Youtube Channel

Comic Drake is a YouTube channel dedicated to the wonders of comic books and accruing the history of various comic universes such as DC and Marvel. Through various videos, Drake talks about the culture of comic books, unearthing the secrets and stories behind image comics, and explaining their stories and characters. Not only does Drake walk viewers through what makes these comics special, but he curates and shares the best of the best from both Marvel and DC. A must-watch for any comic fan old or new.

Mullet-Man Comics

Channel Views: ~151.6m Channel Subscribers: ~292k Channel Videos: ~194

Mullet-Man Comics Youtube Channel

Mullet-Man Comics is an entertainment YouTube channel devoted to exploring comic books as a hobby and lifestyle. The channel is owned and operated by avid comic aficionados, sharing expert opinions and insights into the comic world. Followers of Mullet-Man Comics can enjoy educational and exciting content related to collector's items and reviews of the latest comic book releases.

The Comics Den

Channel Views: ~876.2k Channel Subscribers: ~9.4k Channel Videos: ~140

The Comics Den Youtube Channel

The Comics Den YouTube channel is dedicated to all things related to comics and provides an immersive look into comic-related hobbies and lifestyles. This channel is perfect for avid comic fans who want to deepen their knowledge and stay up to date on the latest comic book news and releases. With detailed video reviews, interviews, and insightful discussions, The Comics Den provides an engaging and comprehensive collection of comic-related content.

Daily Dose Of Comics

Channel Views: ~18.6m Channel Subscribers: ~61.4k Channel Videos: ~123

Daily Dose Of Comics Youtube Channel

Daily Dose Of Comics is an amazing YouTube channel for comic book fans, who can enjoy a daily dose of comic memes, Marvel and Hero Comics, as well as twisted and unexpected endings to beloved comics. The channel is updated regularly by an artist dedicated to the comic book world.

Plot Armor Comics Mini

Channel Views: ~9.2m Channel Subscribers: ~15.1k Channel Videos: ~72

Plot Armor Comics Mini Youtube Channel

Plot Armor Comics Mini is a YouTube channel that focuses on comic book culture and lifestyle. They provide entertaining content about different comic book-related topics and activities, such as collecting, creating, and discussing comic books. It's the perfect place for any comic enthusiast to get their hobby fixed.

Daily Funny Comic

Channel Views: ~14.9m Channel Subscribers: ~39.3k Channel Videos: ~76

Daily Funny Comic Youtube Channel

Daily Funny Comic YouTube channel is the one-stop shop for those who crave comic entertainment. It features a variety of funny memes and hilarious comics, as well as dub comics, to make its viewers smile. Additionally, the channel showcases some of the best comics of 2022, providing insights into the comics' life.

Top 10 Nerd

Channel Views: ~515.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.3m Channel Videos: ~4k

Top 10 Nerd Youtube Channel

Top 10 Nerd is a popular YouTube channel featuring highly entertaining and informative videos about the most powerful superheroes and super villains from comic books and the Marvel universe. Every week they release a new top 10 list of characters and explore alternate versions, easter eggs, and more. Whether you're a lifelong comics fan or just getting into the genre, Top 10 Nerd has something for everyone!

Clownfish TV

Channel Views: ~176.2m Channel Subscribers: ~280k Channel Videos: ~3.8k

Clownfish TV Youtube Channel

Clownfish TV is a YouTube channel that provides fans of comic, anime, animation, comics, movies, cartoons, art and videogames with a one-stop-shop for all things geek. Featuring a mix of content from live action skits, to reviews and reactions, an art gallery and virtual tours of gaming events, clownfish TV is a great way to stay up to date and enjoy all that geek culture has to offer.

Star Wars Explained

Channel Views: ~257.9m Channel Subscribers: ~767k Channel Videos: ~3.2k

Star Wars Explained Youtube Channel

Star Wars Explained is a popular YouTube channel devoted to the iconic sci-fi series. It offers a comprehensive look into the beloved franchise, featuring videos about characters such as Darth Vader, comical renditions of fan-favorites like The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels, as well as novels and comic books such as A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Dive into the epic space-opera with this popular YouTube channel.

Parada Dimensional

Channel Views: ~39m Channel Subscribers: ~163k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Parada Dimensional Youtube Channel

Parada Dimensional is a YouTube channel that creates comic dubs based on popular series such as Boku No Hero, Demon Slayer, and My Hero Academia, as well as original RPG games like Boku No Hero RPG and A.U. RPG. It's also full of hilarious memes.
In addition, Parada Dimensional offers all its content dubbed in Portuguese.


Channel Views: ~215.9m Channel Subscribers: ~541k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

PhantomSavage Youtube Channel

The PhantomSavage YouTube channel provides fans of Miraculous Ladybug comics and dubs with a comedic twist. PhantomSavage is home to funny dubs and comic dubs that bring the best of both worlds together in one channel. With a Phantom Savage twist, dubs are sure to be entertaining, leaving viewers laughing. Be sure to check out their latest content for some comic and dubbing fun!

Michael Bancroft

Channel Views: ~3.4m Channel Subscribers: ~6.4k Channel Videos: ~994

Michael Bancroft Youtube Channel

Michael Bancroft's YouTube channel is perfect for comic and comic book lovers. He delves into everything from The Lucent and Painted Death to Fractured Mind and Culture War. Additionally, he also reviews video games, TV shows, and other comics. With his witty humor, he provides an entertaining and insightful look at the comic world.


Channel Views: ~88.1m Channel Subscribers: ~192k Channel Videos: ~225

CrownieShorts Youtube Channel

CrownieShorts is a YouTube channel with short comic videos featuring voice acting, also known as comic dubs. It is known for its funny, short videos. The channel is run by Crownie, who edits, voices, and releases a variety of dubs for their audience.

Ryan K. Hudson

Channel Views: ~141.4m Channel Subscribers: ~355k Channel Videos: ~158

Ryan K. Hudson Youtube Channel

Ryan K. Hudson's YouTube channel brings comic and cartoon comedy to life with his character, Gnome. He uploads to Channelate, creating amazing, hilarious content. His content is hilarious, fun, and perfect for anyone who loves cartoon comedy!


Channel Views: ~339.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1.9m Channel Videos: ~171

JelloApocalypse Youtube Channel

JelloApocalypse is a YouTube channel focusing on comic, video game culture, lifestyle, entertainment, and film. Launched in 2018 by creators/hosts JelloTheory and DanoSongs, the channel provides witty and comedic reviews and insight into the world of video games, films, and lifestyle trends. Viewers are sure to be entertained by the content provided, offering an alternative and unique perspective on the world of entertainment.

Adrenaline Dubs

Channel Views: ~15.1m Channel Subscribers: ~66.8k Channel Videos: ~151

Adrenaline Dubs Youtube Channel

Adrenaline Dubs is a YouTube channel dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog, with a focus on dubs, edited comics, and music. It features content from Sega, IDW comic publication, and other comic book series. It offers a unique sonic experience that is filled with adrenaline.


Channel Views: ~169.9m Channel Subscribers: ~645k Channel Videos: ~794

Deadjosey Youtube Channel

Deadjosey's YouTube channel offers comic dubs of popular webtoon comics like Merryweatherey, My Succubus Girlfriend, and Clinic of Horrors. He also shares video edits of anime, manga and webtoon content. Fans of these popular genres won't want to miss out on his channel.


Channel Views: ~59.9m Channel Subscribers: ~181k Channel Videos: ~385

Bread-N-Butter Youtube Channel

Bread-N-Butter is a YouTube channel that offers a mix of comic dubs, voice acting, and fantasy creature stories! The entertaining videos centre around the popular Dungeons and Dragons game, featuring funny and unique takes on classic storylines. With top-notch voice over talent, you'll be sure to get plenty of laughs!


Channel Views: ~63.9m Channel Subscribers: ~244k Channel Videos: ~93

KYOTO Youtube Channel

Kyoto is a YouTube channel that features the wacky adventures of Brutus and Pixie, a comic strip duo. They explore unique scenarios and offer humorous insights into life and all its quirks in a fun and endearing way. With vibrant visuals, creative storytelling, and witty dialogue, Kyoto's comic-based episodes provide an entertaining viewing experience.

Essential Tips for Collecting Comics

Collecting comics is an enjoyable hobby that has been popular with enthusiasts for many years. As the hobbies have gained in popularity, several tips have been developed to allow comic book aficionados to get the most out of their collecting experience. Here are some of the most essential tips for collecting comics.

  1. Firstly, it is important to develop a budget and stick to it. Unfortunately, some comics can be quite pricey, so it is important to make sure that you don't overspend. Additionally, you may want to look into purchasing your collection from second-hand comic book stores. This can help to keep the cost down and is often a great way to build up a sizable collection.
  2. Another key tip is to carefully store the comics in order to maintain their condition. Comic collectors should use acid-free and archival-quality boards and backings for the best results. This will ensure that your collection is kept in good condition and will hold its value over time. Whenever possible, try to keep the comic in its original sleeve or box as well.
  3. Finally, it is important to join a local community of comic enthusiasts. Attending conventions and swapping stories and comics with other collectors often leads to great finds and great friendships. There are numerous comic book clubs and discussion forums available online, as well as in-person meetups, allowing collectors to network and learn from each other.

By following these top tips for collecting comics, you will be well on your way to creating a fantastic collection of valuable and cherished comics. With a little dedication and a bit of patience, your collection will grow and have lasting value. Enjoy your collection and keep learning along the way!

Exploring Different Types of Comics Throughout History

Comics have been around for many centuries, featuring a unique form of storytelling and visual expression. From traditional print comics to webcomics, there is an incredible diversity of comic styles. Exploring the history of these different types of comics can be an inspiring and entertaining experience.

  • The traditional print comic is a medium that has developed immensely since its earlier days. From the iconic characters of the Golden Age in the 1930s-50s, to the bold and experimental works of the Underground era in the 1960s-70s, to the intricate and stylized works of today's mainstream comics, the history of print comics is filled with rich evolution and innovation. The emergence of webcomics, which often feature creatives experimenting with different formats to push the boundaries of what comics can do, is a further testament to the adventure and dynamism of the form.
  • Comic art is a powerful form of visual communication and has been used to explore and express everything from social issues to fantasy worlds. Comics allow storytellers to combine text and visuals to create unique, emotionally engaging works that stay with readers for years to come. 

By exploring the history of comics, we will continue to uncover stories, techniques, and ideas that can inform how comics are made now and in the future.

A Guide to Understanding the Genres of Comics

Comic books are an iconic form of media that has been around for decades, and in that time, a variety of genres have been developed. From superheroes to horror, there’s something for everyone in the world of comics, but with so many genres it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you out, here’s a guide to understanding the genres of comics.

  • The most widely recognized genre in comics is superhero. These stories usually feature a larger-than-life hero with superpowers and a costume fighting against evil forces. Superhero stories often combine thrilling action with a strong moral compass and inspiring themes making them great for all ages. 
  • Another popular genre is fantasy. These stories often involve mystical creatures and magical elements and are set in vibrant, imaginary worlds. Fantasy comics can be a great escape into an amazing world of adventure and mystery.
  • The last genre we’ll look at is horror. Horror comics are known for their tense atmosphere, stomach-churning visuals and hair-raising jump scares. If you’re not afraid of a little darkness, horror comics are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

No matter which genre appeals most to you, there’s always something out there in the world of comics. All you have to do is go out and find it!

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