13 Best Combination Song Youtube Channels + videos

Are you interested in discovering some amazing YouTube channels for Punjabi songs? If you're a fan of this genre, then you've come to the right place! We've compiled a list of the best YouTube channels for Punjabi songs that offer a fantastic combination of music, video, and singer. Keep reading to uncover the top Punjabi channels and all the latest pop, Bollywood, and new Punjabi music releases.

Eurovision Song Contest

Channel Views: ~6.4b Channel Subscribers: ~5.1m Channel Videos: ~6.5k

Eurovision Song Contest Youtube Channel

The Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel is the ultimate destination for Eurovision fans! Featuring a combination of classic Eurovision songs, entries from recent Eurovision, Melodi Grand Prix, Eurofestival, Eurosong, Melodifestivalen, Songfestival, ESC, ESF, and EBU events you'll find something for everyone! Enjoy the messages of peace and unity through song, as the best of the world's musical talent competes to be crowned EUROVISION champions!

White Hill Music

Channel Views: ~10.4b Channel Subscribers: ~22.6m Channel Videos: ~5.3k

White Hill Music Youtube Channel

White Hill Music is a YouTube channel with an extensive library of Punjabi songs, ranging from classic hits to recent releases. Popular, chart-topping songs such as 8 Parche, Na Ja, Ik Tera, Teeje Week, and Sakhiyaan are all featured on the channel, making it a great resource for any fan of new Punjabi songs and combination songs.

Pop Chartbusters

Channel Views: ~8.5b Channel Subscribers: ~16.7m Channel Videos: ~2.2k

Pop Chartbusters Youtube Channel

Pop Chartbusters is a popular YouTube channel featuring a combination of the best Hindi song albums, music albums, and remixes from TSeries Music. With a wide variety of Hindi album songs, remixed Hindi old songs, and remixed Hindi songs, Pop Chartbusters offers a great selection of remix songs Indian to satisfy any music enthusiast's needs.

Lokdhun Punjabi

Channel Views: ~4.3b Channel Subscribers: ~12.5m Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Lokdhun Punjabi Youtube Channel

Lokdhun Punjabi is a YouTube channel that offers a combination of song and video content. It features new Punjabi songs, movies, and films from popular artists such as Sharry Mann and Parmish Verma. It is a great source to find some of the cutest, most entertaining Punjabi music videos and movies!

Love Life Lyrics

Channel Views: ~867.7m Channel Subscribers: ~1.8m Channel Videos: ~879

Love Life Lyrics Youtube Channel

Love Life Lyrics is a YouTube channel featuring a combination of song lyrics from many genres of pop music. Their focus is on love lyrics that capture the beauty and pain of love, from joyful anthems to sad laments. Whether listeners are searching for a beautiful song to uplift their spirits, a sad song to relate to, or an anthem of love and life, Love Life Lyrics is sure to move and inspire them.

PTC Records

Channel Views: ~144m Channel Subscribers: ~556k Channel Videos: ~877

PTC Records Youtube Channel

PTC Records is a YouTube channel focused on a combination of new and classic Punjabi songs from the PTC Music Label. It includes the latest Punjabi songs, PTC Record songs, Punjabi hits, Bhangra songs, and more. PTC Records offers Punjabi music fans the thrilling experience of listening to some of the latest and most popular songs from PTC Punjabi.

Geet MP3

Channel Views: ~11.8b Channel Subscribers: ~33.1m Channel Videos: ~590

Geet MP3 Youtube Channel

Geet MP3 is a popular YouTube channel that specializes in a combination of Punjabi and the latest Bollywood songs. They feature the latest hit songs from artists like Jass Manak, Guri, and Karan Randhawa, and provide fans with the perfect accompaniment to any event or occasion. You can listen to all the latest hits and find your favorite Geet mp3 songs, jass manak songs, Guri singer songs, and Karan Randhawa songs on their channel.

Humble Music

Channel Views: ~3b Channel Subscribers: ~8.4m Channel Videos: ~570

Humble Music Youtube Channel

Humble Music YouTube Channel is a combination of new and latest Punjabi songs from 2021, featuring songs from the upcoming limited edition Gippy Grewal album, as well as some hot new singles from Gippy Grewal's upcoming album. It's the ultimate destination for all the latest Punjabi songs and albums from the iconic artist.

Music Jukebox VKF

Channel Views: ~71.9m Channel Subscribers: ~377k Channel Videos: ~432

Music Jukebox VKF Youtube Channel

Music Jukebox VKF is a YouTube channel devoted to a unique combination of Punjabi songs, with Punjabi hit songs, Punjabi mashups, Top Punjabi 2023, Kaka songs, Jass Manak songs, and jukebox songs. It has all the latest Punjabi songs of 2021 and 2022. Hear the newest and best Punjabi songs in one place on Music Jukebox VKF.

8D Geeth Bollywood

Channel Views: ~170m Channel Subscribers: ~550k Channel Videos: ~293

8D Geeth Bollywood Youtube Channel

8D Geeth Bollywood is a YouTube channel featuring a combination of songs and 8D audio versions of popular Bollywood music. Listeners can enjoy their favorite Bollywood songs with a new twist, as each track has been re-mastered with the powerful 8D soundscape. Boasting a wide array of Bollywood hits from the past and present, 8D Geeth Bollywood is the perfect place to experience classic and modern Bollywood tracks in an entertaining and immersive way.

Crown Records

Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~5.2m Channel Videos: ~200

Crown Records Youtube Channel

Crown Records is a popular YouTube channel that dedicates to a combination of various Punjabi songs, including the work of popular artists such as Mankirt Aulakh, Amrit Maan, and more. The channel is a great source for finding the latest Punjabi songs, upcoming Punjabi songs, and new Punjabi songs in 2021.

Bamb Beats

Channel Views: ~1.3b Channel Subscribers: ~4.1m Channel Videos: ~98

Bamb Beats Youtube Channel

Bamb Beats is a YouTube channel that combines music and visuals in unique and creative ways! From hip-hop to pop and beyond, Bamb Beats puts a unique spin on each song creating a mash-up that is sure to please. With over 10 million views and growing, Bamb Beats is quickly gaining notoriety for its unique combination of bamboo and beats.

Sravan Diamond

Channel Views: ~75.9m Channel Subscribers: ~456k Channel Videos: ~84

Sravan Diamond Youtube Channel

Sravan Diamond's YouTube channel provides a variety of folk songs such as the popular Andhamaina O Jabilamma and Andhaala Rama Silakaa, as well as other hits like Andamaina Jabilamma by Bharath Mekala. Masala Vada Entertainment also feature on the channel, showcasing Masala Vada's unique combinations of song choices.

What is Combination Music?

Combination music is a term used to describe music that is created from a combination of two or more genres. Combination music can be created from two or more genres within a single track, or it can be a full album that contains multiple genres across multiple tracks. This type of music is becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream music world, as it provides a unique way to mix and blend both old and new music styles.

The main reason why combination music is so popular is that it creates a unique sound that cannot be found with just one genre. By combining elements from various different genres, musicians can create music that is distinct and has a sound that is not necessarily associated with any one particular genre. This allows musicians to create a sound that feels original, without needing to reinvent the wheel. Additionally, it is a great way for musicians to collaborate by adding their own unique flavor to the mix.

Another benefit of combination music is that it can often introduce a new audience to other genres of music that they may not have heard before. By creating a unique sound that combines different elements, it allows listeners to explore music from various genres that they may not have had the chance to experience before. It can also encourage people to explore deeper into their own music tastes by introducing them to different sounds that can provide a unique listening experience. Combination music is an exciting way to bring together new and old sounds to create something completely unique.

Exploring Different Genres of Combination Music

Exploring Different Genres of Combination Music is a great way to expand your musical horizons and expose yourself to different sounds, rhythms, and beats. Combination music is a type of genre that hybridizes two or more musical styles into one. There are a variety of genres to explore including rock-metal, country-pop, electronic-dubstep, and hip-hop-jazz.

Rock-metal combines the powerful heavy drums and guitars of hard rock music with the distorted guitars of metal music. This combination results in an even more intense sound that usually takes two different genres that are often seen as opposite and creates something truly unique.

When it comes to country-pop, some of the most popular singers, such as Taylor Swift, have mixed these two genres together to create a more upbeat, pop-inspired sound. The combination of country’s twang and pop’s commercial appeal has become increasingly popular over the last decade and is influencing many young country singers today.

The other two popular genres of combination music are electronic-dubstep and hip-hop-jazz. Electronic-dubstep mixes the sounds of progressive house, electro, and dubstep to create a hybrid dance music. This type of music tends to have a heavy bass-line and is often the soundtrack to many dance clubs and festivals. Hip-hop-jazz is a much more sophisticated sound that combines the hard hitting drums and bass of hip-hop with intricate jazz riffs often found in big band music. This sound can be heard in many of rapper Kendrick Lamar’s songs, where he uses both genres to create a truly unique sound.

No matter what type of combination music you explore, it’s a great way to expand your musical repertoire and experience something new. Whether you’re looking to find your groove on the dance floor with electronic-dubstep or you’re looking to chill-out with some hip-hop-jazz, there are a variety of sounds to explore. Combining genres is a great way to experience music on a different level. So, dust off your record player and start exploring.

Secrets To Making Your Own Combination Song

Do you have a song that you want to combine with another and make your own unique version of a song? This is a great way to get creative and mark your favorite songs. One of the most popular ways to combine two songs is the mashup. A mashup is a combination of two or more songs, combining the lyrical or musical content of each. Here are some helpful tips on how to put together your own combination song.

  1. First of all, make sure you choose two songs that compliment each other. Before you start working on the mashup, listen to both songs in full and determine which parts of the songs could fit together. You might also want to choose songs with similar beats and tempo or similar keys to make them easier to combine.
  2. Next, you can focus on the songs' instrumentals. Take the instrumental section of each song and adjust the volume levels until they fit together without creating any muddled effects. Once you have the instrumentals, you can start looking at adding the vocal sections from each song; this could be a good time to explore new ways of layering the vocals. You can also experiment with different effects, such as echo and chorus, to add an extra dimension to your mashup.

And finally, be sure to practice and perfect your mashup until it sounds just right! Take your time getting the combination of the two songs just how you want it and keep tweaking until it’s perfect. With all this in mind, you’re all set and ready to make and own your unique mashup! Have fun!

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