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Color grading: Top Youtube Channels

Color Grading Central

Channel Views: ~21.4m Channel Subscribers: ~400k Channel Videos: ~139

Color Grading Central Youtube Channel

The Color Grading Central YouTube channel, hosted by Denver Riddle, is the go-to destination for all your needs in color grading. It features tutorials and tips on color grading in Premiere Pro CC, Davinci Resolve 16, and Cinema Grade, as well as Premiere Pro effects tutorials. With over 20 years of experience in the field of post-production, Denver Riddle offers you the necessary tools needed to enhance your film or video project.

Color Grading Insights

Channel Views: ~909.7k Channel Subscribers: ~20.9k Channel Videos: ~108

Color Grading Insights Youtube Channel

Color Grading Insights is a YouTube channel that focuses on color grading, color grading, color correction, film postproduction, and other aspects of film production, such as visual effects, feature film, Alexa Arri, red dragon, and film editing. It provides valuable insights for colorists, filmmakers, and video editors alike.

Casey Faris

Channel Views: ~28.2m Channel Subscribers: ~297k Channel Videos: ~511

Casey Faris Youtube Channel

Casey Faris's YouTube channel is an excellent destination for anyone interested in learning video editing and color grading in Davinci Resolve. He offers tutorials to teach fans how to use the software, advice for choosing the best free video editing software, and complete tutorials on color grading. He also shares tips and tricks to enhance workflow and save time.


Channel Views: ~6.8m Channel Subscribers: ~97.1k Channel Videos: ~282


A YouTube channel hosting the work of That Icelandic Guy (Arnulfur) featuring high-quality cinematography, photography, and color-grading tutorials, as well as reviews, vlogs, and travel videos shot on the Sony A6300 and edited in Premiere Pro.


Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~20.9k Channel Videos: ~247

Kreatives Youtube Channel

Kreatives YouTube channel offers a range of tutorials on color grading, video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, photo editing, and Adobe Photoshop. It also features Malayalam tutorials on video editing, photo editing, and Premiere Pro. This channel is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about creating software and editing techniques in the Malayalam language.

Movie LUTs

Channel Views: ~3.6m Channel Subscribers: ~18.2k Channel Videos: ~215

Movie LUTs Youtube Channel

Movie LUTs is a YouTube channel focused on helping you learn how to color grade like Hollywood movies. They provide tutorials on movie-inspired LUTs and movie color grading, giving you the tools to make your own blockbuster movies. Whether you're looking for tips on creating your own LUTs or replicating the look of popular movies, Movie LUTs has you covered.

Waqas Qazi

Channel Views: ~15m Channel Subscribers: ~336k Channel Videos: ~212

Waqas Qazi Youtube Channel

Waqas Qazi's YouTube channel provides helpful tutorials for those looking to learn color grading, color correction, and color grading techniques with the DaVinci Resolve and Blackmagic Design software. It features comprehensive lessons on techniques such as how to color grade, and how to color correct and detailed tutorials for beginners. There is also a focus on understanding the basics of color grading, helping to lay the groundwork for more advanced techniques.

The Modern Filmmaker

Channel Views: ~2.4m Channel Subscribers: ~48.1k Channel Videos: ~87

The Modern Filmmaker Youtube Channel

The Modern Filmmaker YouTube channel is dedicated to modern filmmaking and color grading in Davinci Resolve 16. Featuring step-by-step tutorials and creative tips from Blackmagic Design, viewers can learn the fundamentals of color grading and color correction for their footage. Additionally, Davinci Resolve 16 Color Grading tutorials are also available for those looking to expand their skills.

Joanna Kustra

Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~56.6k Channel Videos: ~13

Joanna Kustra Youtube Channel

Joanna Kustra's YouTube channel features a variety of videos related to digital photography and color grading. She covers topics from beauty photography and high-end retouching to fashion photography and behind-the-scenes videos of her creative process in Adobe Photoshop. Whether you're a beginner or a professional photographer, her videos are sure to give you the inspiration and confidence you need to reach your creative goals.

Color Grading BasicsWhat You Need to Know

Color grading is an essential element of modern filmmaking and can make an enormous difference in the quality of a finished product. It involves adjusting the saturation, contrast, and color temperature of footage in order to create a desired look. Understanding the basics of color grading can be invaluable for anyone involved in the filmmaking process.

The most common color grading tools are scopes and curves. Scopes are waveform monitors that allow for a more accurate analysis of color information. Curves allow the user to adjust specific hues and control the tonal scale of the image. When used together, these tools can be used to make precise adjustments to each primary and secondary color.

The other important element of color grading is the use of color presets. There are a multitude of different color grades that you can choose from. These can be used as a starting point or simply as reference material. No matter which way you choose to use color presets, it's important to remember that the most important factor is always the way in which the images look to the viewer. With a good eye for color and the right tools, you can easily create a gorgeous color grade for your films.

Understanding Different Color Grading Tools and Techniques

Color grading is an essential part of any video project. It involves adding color tones and creating the right atmosphere to the video that enhances the overall experience of the viewers. It is a technique that involves manipulating color in order to bring out the desired emotions from the viewers. With the help of color grading tools and techniques, it is possible to create the perfect color palette for any video project.

When it comes to color grading tools and techniques, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Different tools and techniques work best for different tasks. For instance, if you want to apply a subtle hue to a scene, then you should use a simple hue-shifting tool like Levels or Curves. On the other hand, if you want to apply more complex color corrections, then you should use more advanced color grading tools like Color Wheels or Colorista.

Finally, while it is important to understand the technical aspects of the different color grading tools and techniques, it is also essential to have a good understanding of color theory. Color theory is a complex field of study that involves understanding how different colors interact with one another. Without a good understanding of color theory, it will be difficult to find the perfect color palette for your video project. By understanding color theory, you can create a harmonious color palette that will effectively communicate the right message to the viewers.

Fundamentals of Color Correction

Color correction is essential to creating the desired look in photographs and videos. It involves making adjustments to the color and exposure of a digital image, ensuring that the colors displayed match the intended result. Although the concepts of color correction might seem complicated at first, the fundamentals are relatively straightforward and easy to learn.

Indeed, one of the most fundamental aspects of color correction is white balancing. This is the process of ensuring that colors in an image appear natural. In order to do this, you must first set an accurate white balance value. This can be done manually by using a gray card or preset white balance settings, or it can be done automatically with software.

Once a proper white balance is set, you can fine-tune the color palette within the image. This includes adjusting hue, saturation and luminance. By making precise, creative changes to colors and tones, you can create dynamic and exciting images. This is where color correction can get really exciting, since you have complete control over the look of your photos and videos. Color correction is a powerful creative tool, once you get the hang of the basics.

Overall, with a bit of practice, anyone can become proficient at color correction. All it takes is a basic understanding of the fundamentals and an attention to detail. With this knowledge, you can create beautiful, visually arresting photos and videos, and master the ever-changing world of digital imaging.

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