24 Best College Physics Youtube Channels

Are you looking to explore the world of physics through YouTube? Are you a college student needing some extra help with the concepts and equations in physics classes? Or maybe you're looking to teach yourself physics from the comfort of your couch? Whatever your goal may be, you've come to the right place! In this article, you'll find a comprehensive list of the best YouTube channels that provide educational and entertaining videos about college levels of physics. Read on to discover which channels are the best for your individual needs!

Physics Galaxy

Channel Views: ~188.8m Channel Subscribers: ~986k Channel Videos: ~6.9k

Physics Galaxy Youtube Channel

Physics Galaxy is a YouTube channel created by Ashish Arora, offering a wide range of online physics lectures from college to JEE Advanced, JEE Main, NEET Physics videos, and class 11 NCERT solutions. Physics Galaxy provides video lectures on various topics related to physics, which help students gain a better understanding and knowledge of the subject.

Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics.

Channel Views: ~122.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. Youtube Channel

This YouTube channel features college physics lectures by Walter Lewin that will make you fall in love with physics! The channel is filled with engaging and informative videos on a variety of topics explained by a renowned professor. Perfect for students and anyone interested in learning more about the wonders of science.


Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~17.7k Channel Videos: ~487

ZPhysics Youtube Channel

ZPhysics is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing educational videos and explanations on college/university level physics, OCR/A Level Physics, maths, past paper questions, physics olympiads, and GCSE Physics. Their content provides students with engaging and comprehensive lessons at various levels of physics.

Physics With Amit Ranjan

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~13.5k Channel Videos: ~461

Physics With Amit Ranjan Youtube Channel

Physics With Amit Ranjan is an informative YouTube channel created by IIT Bombay Professor Amit Ranjan. It focuses on college physics, CSIR NET, IIT Bombay, IIT Ropar, IIT JAM Physics, Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST), IITJAM, DUET, and JNU. It provides viewers with detailed explanations of concepts and explains how to solve difficult problems. It is a great resource for those preparing for competitive examinations.

Ankur Physics

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~11.9k Channel Videos: ~314

Ankur Physics Youtube Channel

Ankur Physics YouTube channel is a comprehensive college-level physics resource for India, containing video lectures and tutorials in Hindi covering 11th and 12th-grade CBSE, JEE, and NEET topics. It offers a full physics course for those wanting a more in-depth understanding of physics concepts. Moreover, its content is specifically tailored to students from Delhi.

Physicshelp Canada

Channel Views: ~10.9m Channel Subscribers: ~55.7k Channel Videos: ~248

Physicshelp Canada Youtube Channel

Physicshelp Canada is a YouTube channel for college students studying Physics. Through tutorials, lessons, and step-by-step guides, this channel can assist with topics such as Kinematics, Dynamics, and Mechanics. Additionally, the videos can help to show how-to concepts for those looking for a deeper understanding of Physics.

The Almost Astrophysicist

Channel Views: ~790.1k Channel Subscribers: ~17.5k Channel Videos: ~78

The Almost Astrophysicist Youtube Channel

The Almost Astrophysicist YouTube channel offers an informative and engaging glimpse into the world of college-level physics, as well as the lifestyle of a modern astrophysicist and related technology. Creator Chris Kuzawinski shares his knowledge and experiences to give viewers the perfect blend of fundamental physics concepts combined with useful lifestyle tips.

Physics Fact

Channel Views: ~7.6k Channel Subscribers: ~407 Channel Videos: ~43

Physics Fact Youtube Channel

The Physics Fact YouTube channel is a great resource for college students and those with an interest in physics. It offers an in-depth look at various physics concepts and helps to impart knowledge and understanding that are essential to the physical sciences. With clear and easy-to-understand lectures, Physics Fact is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to learn more about physics.

Physics with Elliot

Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~47.8k Channel Videos: ~28

Physics with Elliot Youtube Channel

Physics with Elliot is a YouTube channel focused on college-level physics topics, providing viewers with detailed yet enjoyable explanations of complex concepts. It offers comprehensive knowledge for everyone looking to understand the fundamentals of physics.

CCNY Physics

Channel Views: ~33.8k Channel Subscribers: ~321 Channel Videos: ~26

CCNY Physics Youtube Channel

CCNY Physics is a YouTube channel created by the Physics Department of City College of New York. It focuses on providing viewers with college-level physics knowledge and making complex concepts easy to understand. It offers a range of topics from basic Physics to Advanced topics. It's a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about Physics.

Ithaca College Physics

Channel Views: ~10m Channel Subscribers: ~19.3k Channel Videos: ~20

Ithaca College Physics Youtube Channel

The Ithaca College Physics YouTube channel provides educational videos about college-level physics topics ranging from superconductivity and solar panels to astronomy and renewable energy. It specifically focuses on the physics curriculum offered at Ithaca College and aims to enhance the learning experience on campus. Along with classes, the channel also discusses archaeology and other related topics.

Math and Science

Channel Views: ~87.7m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~2.4k

Math and Science Youtube Channel

Math and Science is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping college students and young adults struggling with math and science-related courses. It provides tutorials, lessons, and explanations for topics in algebra, calculus, chemistry, physics, probability, and statistics. They also provide helpful tips and tricks for solving complex math problems. The channel is a great resource for anyone seeking to improve their knowledge of math and science in a convenient and accessible way.

The Organic Chemistry Tutor

Channel Views: ~649.1m Channel Subscribers: ~4.8m Channel Videos: ~2.2k

The Organic Chemistry Tutor Youtube Channel

The Organic Chemistry Tutor YouTube channel is a great resource for college students studying organic chemistry. It provides in-depth videos to help viewers understand the concepts and detail of physics and chemistry. The channel provides interactive lessons, tutorials, and printed materials to help viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of the organic chemistry topic.


Channel Views: ~10.1m Channel Subscribers: ~90.7k Channel Videos: ~604

RG LECTURES Youtube Channel

RG LECTURES is a YouTube channel providing college-level physics tutorials. It covers topics ranging from Maharashtra Board Physics HSC Board to modern high-level college physics concepts. The channel is run by RG LECTURES, which provides clear and concise explanations of various problems and concepts. This is a great resource for students looking to supplement their learning experience.

Dr. Oommen George

Channel Views: ~693.8k Channel Subscribers: ~4.3k Channel Videos: ~551

Dr. Oommen George Youtube Channel

Dr. Oommen George's YouTube channel is a perfect resource for anyone wanting to learn and understand college-level physics. His videos cover problem solutions to a wide range of topics including mechanics, electricity, magnetism, and thermodynamics, and offer practical applications to understanding these concepts. With clear and engaging explanations, anyone can learn physics from these videos.

Andrew Dotson

Channel Views: ~38.2m Channel Subscribers: ~225k Channel Videos: ~488

Andrew Dotson Youtube Channel

Andrew Dotson's YouTube channel covers college physics topics with videos detailing topics related to physics at Old Dominion University (ODU). From informative vlogs about Andrew's daily experiences at ODU to tutorials on physics concepts, Andrew Dotson's channel offers valuable content for students of all levels.

Med School Insiders

Channel Views: ~93.7m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~319

Med School Insiders Youtube Channel

Med School Insiders is a YouTube channel that provides advice and study tips for aspiring med students and doctors. It covers topics such as college physics, study strategies, and medical school to give viewers knowledge and guidance as they pursue their dream careers. Its videos are extremely helpful for any aspiring med student or doctor, from a first-year med student to an experienced surgeon.

Zach Star

Channel Views: ~103m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~238

Zach Star Youtube Channel

Zach Star's YouTube channel focuses on helping viewers prepare for a STEM major as well as delving into college classes specializing in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and more. He offers resources and advice to those aiming to excel in the STEM fields.


Channel Views: ~95.4m Channel Subscribers: ~788k Channel Videos: ~236

Tibees Youtube Channel

Tibees is a YouTube channel about college physics, science, and math. It offers students helpful information and tutorials on preparing for exams in these related fields. The channel also provides in-depth insights on topics ranging from basic physics to more complex scientific topics. Furthermore, viewers can get practice with real-world problems and step-by-step solutions.

Arvin Ash

Channel Views: ~58.9m Channel Subscribers: ~725k Channel Videos: ~195

Arvin Ash Youtube Channel

Arvin Ash is a YouTube channel devoted to college physics and quantum mechanics. He explains complex questions in an easy-to-understand way, and his Who Gives A Bleep series breaks down the Nature of Reality. His Money Mondays explore money and finance topics, and his Quantum Physics series looks into the complexities of the quantum universe.

Spahn's Science Lectures

Channel Views: ~571.6k Channel Subscribers: ~9.1k Channel Videos: ~109

Spahn's Science Lectures Youtube Channel

Spahn's Science Lectures is a YouTube channel packed with college-level physics content. It provides an extensive range of detailed and comprehensive lectures on various topics, helping students and other Knowledge seekers gain a better understanding of physics fundamentals.

Academic Lesson

Channel Views: ~6.4m Channel Subscribers: ~171k Channel Videos: ~34

Academic Lesson Youtube Channel

The Academic Lesson YouTube channel offers educational content focused on college topics such as physics, computer science, data science, economics, finance, security, and more. This channel provides helpful lessons and learning tools to make it easier for students to understand the material and achieve academic success. With concise and easy-to-follow videos, the Academic Lesson YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone looking to increase their knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Quantum Boy

Channel Views: ~913.7k Channel Subscribers: ~17.2k Channel Videos: ~25

Quantum Boy Youtube Channel

Quantum Boy is a YouTube channel hosted by Harvard physics students focusing on college-level physics topics. He gives viewers an engaging and educational introduction to physics concepts, as well as motivation to learn and explore beyond what is taught in class.

Nava Moore

Channel Views: ~40.3k Channel Subscribers: ~470 Channel Videos: ~19

Nava Moore Youtube Channel

Nava Moore's YouTube channel is a hub for college physics students. With lectures, demonstrations, and interactive questions, these videos provide a comprehensive source of knowledge to help understand and retain tricky concepts.

The Different Career Paths with College Physics

Pursuing a degree in college-level physics is an excellent way to expand one's knowledge and pursue a diverse range of career paths. Physics related degrees tend to lead towards careers in research, development, and teaching. However, with the right education and experience, a physics degree can open a world of opportunities for students.

For those interested in research, an advanced degree in physics can lead to roles such as lab technologist or research engineer. With this background, physicists can work on research projects that can impact the world and make a difference. In addition to researching new ideas, physicists can also help bring these ideas to life with development roles. Working with engineers and computer scientists, physicists with a knowledge of applied mathematics can help shape some of the most advanced products in the world.

Aside from research and development, the skillset acquired from a physics degree can open opportunities in teaching. Whether it’s a professor or a mentor, physicists have the knowledge and the qualifications to pass that knowledge onto others. Teaching is also an excellent way to give back and ensure that future generations will have access to high-level physics instruction.

From applying the theoretical to helping bring new products to life, the possibilities for a physics career are plentiful. With the right education and skills, college physics graduates can find the best career path that suits them and make an impact in many different areas.

The Different Types of Physics Courses in College

Physics is among the many fascinating and thought-provoking courses offered in college, and with its complicated and ever-changing theories, the types of courses available can be dizzying. From introductory courses to those focused on advanced physics, the possibilities for physics students seeking to further their knowledge are virtually limitless.

One of the most commonly taken courses is introductory physics. These classes generally explore the basics of physics, including mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, and more. Concepts are generally explained using an array of mathematical equations to help students understand the material. Additional courses may explore the history of physics or delve into more specific topics, such as quantum mechanics or relativity.

More specialized courses usually involve smaller-scale projects or extensive laboratory work. These classes often explore topics such as particle physics, astronomy, electromagnetism, and nuclear physics. They may also focus on the study of particles, fields, and forces, or a fusion of different areas of physics. With such a range of topics being covered, students who wish to become experts in any range of physics have an array of specializations to choose from.

No matter what type of course is chosen, physics courses can provide students with a deep understanding of the laws of nature, as well as the tools needed to unlock and explore those mysteries even further. With the right course selection, students can gain the knowledge and experience necessary to pursue a career in physics or use their foundation to tackle any scientific field.

Top Resources for College Physics Students

As college students, it can be difficult to keep up with physics classes on top of other courses and extra curricular activities. From online resources to tools and references, finding the right material and help is key to success. Here, we’ll go over the best available resources to help college physics students succeed in their courses.

One of the best online resources available to college students for physics classes is Khan Academy. Khan Academy has FREE tutorials, practice problems, and tutorials on topics from vector calculus to thermodynamics. With its easy to navigate website, students can quickly find videos and materials for the specific topics they need help in. There are also practice quizzes to help you gauge your understanding of the topics you are studying.

For physical resources, there are plenty of texts and tools available with the help of your college’s library or bookstore. Specifically for college students, many publishers often produce handbooks or texts written specifically for college level physics courses. These text books often include plenty of material on the topics to help you tackle difficult problems. Additionally, to help with the problem-solving process, there are loads of tools that you can find in your college library or bookstore. From pencils to calculators and rulers, make sure you utilize the tools available to help you with the problem-solving process.

Overall, with the right utilization of sources and tools, college physics students can make the most out of their physics classes. With online and physical resources made available, college students can have the best educational experience.

This wraps up our overview of the top resources for college physics students. With the right resources, students can have the best educational experience. Good luck out there, students!

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