Are you a fan of club music, EDM, remixes, or Dj mixes? Are you looking for great YouTube channels to help you stay up-to-date with the latest music and video trends? Look no further! In this article, we will be exploring some of the best YouTube channels for club music, EDM, remixes, DJ mixes, house music, mashups, and other music mixes. Continue reading to discover and explore some of the best online sources of club music, EDM, and more. Prepare yourself to be blown away by the incredible music and videos these amazing channels have to offer!

Club music: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~35.4m Channel Subscribers: ~98.7k Channel Videos: ~329

ZODE MUSIC Youtube Channel

ZODE MUSIC is a YouTube channel focused on the best in club music. Featuring the best in party mix, club mix, and DJ mix, the channel brings together professional DJs and the best remixes and mashups of popular songs. With frequent uploads of party mixes, club mixes, and DJ mixes, ZODE MUSIC is a great source for a great party.


Channel Views: ~16.7m Channel Subscribers: ~79.1k Channel Videos: ~254

SAN MUSIC Youtube Channel

SAN MUSIC is a YouTube channel providing up-to-date electronic dance music to its viewers. This channel contains club music, festival mix 2019 EDM bass electro house music, party mix 2020, popular songs, sick big room drops, and big room mixes. San Music offers a unique take on music and is a great resource for anyone looking for new music.

EDM Club

Channel Views: ~54m Channel Subscribers: ~132k Channel Videos: ~223

EDM Club Youtube Channel

The EDM Club YouTube channel brings you the best in club music and the best remixes of popular songs, with no copyright. You can find a wide variety of remixes, from classics like Magic Music to the latest remix songs and house music. Their best music mix keeps the dance floor going and is also great for gaming music. Get ready for the best Remix 2022!

Del Sol Music

Channel Views: ~19m Channel Subscribers: ~49.1k Channel Videos: ~160

Del Sol Music Youtube Channel

Del Sol Music is an engaging YouTube channel dedicated to bringing the best club and EDM mix music to the world with the ultimate goal of getting people dancing. Featuring classic and modern club music, EDM club mixes and remixes, as well as EDM mix and club mix 2022, this channel has something for everyone. Enjoy the best remixes in EDM and club music at Del Sol Music.

Best Music

Channel Views: ~297.5m Channel Subscribers: ~749k Channel Videos: ~160

Best Music Youtube Channel

The Best Music YouTube channel features a selection of the most popular club music, mixes, and remixes of EDM songs. It provides its viewers with the best of today's hottest music genres, perfect for any party. Enjoy the hottest songs, mixes, and remixes only found on the Best Music YouTube channel.

Roseate Music

Channel Views: ~68.7m Channel Subscribers: ~103k Channel Videos: ~93

Roseate Music Youtube Channel

Roseate Music's YouTube channel is the perfect place for fans of club music. Here, you'll come across nostalgic songs that you'll never forget, with a heavy emphasis on synth-infused beats and melodies. Whether you're looking to get in the mood or dancing shoes, this is the ultimate destination.

Dream Club

Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~16k Channel Videos: ~52

Dream Club Youtube Channel

Dream Club is a YouTube channel featuring the expertise of DJs Dom and E-Man, who specialize in the cutting-edge club and pop music. The duo digs up the best from cutting-edge electronic music and mixes it with classic party grooves to create the perfect storm of sound. Be sure to check out the channel for the latest in electronic music and club classics!

Club Twerk

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~8.1k Channel Videos: ~20

Club Twerk Youtube Channel

Club Twerk is an upbeat YouTube channel that provides an assortment of club music, hip-hop, pop, electronic music, and other popular genres. The channel strives to offer the latest and greatest hits, as well as some throwback jams. This channel will have something for everyone looking to dance and groove to the latest music. Get ready to twerk with Club Twerk!

Night Club

Channel Views: ~89.4m Channel Subscribers: ~334k Channel Videos: ~19

Night Club Youtube Channel

Night Club is a YouTube channel that features videos of club music, electro-pop, synth-pop, and other genres of music from various artists like Mark Brooks, Emily Kavanaugh, Warlock Pinchers, Foreskin 500, Le Pimp, and more. Tune in for live performances, exclusive music releases, and a constant stream of fresh tunes from the Night Club band.


Channel Views: ~551.7m Channel Subscribers: ~964k Channel Videos: ~18

MusicClubKids Youtube Channel

MusicClubKids is an entertaining YouTube channel that focuses on club music and Pop music. It provides high-quality and interesting music videos that cover everything from hot new releases to throwback classics. Along with music, the channel also offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of up-and-coming artists and provides fans with an exciting and engaging entertainment experience.


Channel Views: ~918.7m Channel Subscribers: ~177k Channel Videos: ~12

CultureClubVEVO Youtube Channel

CultureClubVEVO is the official YouTube channel of VEVO. Here, users can find a variety of club music videos, making it an excellent resource for dancing and enjoying music. This channel is packed with video content for music lovers.

DJ Spinelli

Channel Views: ~19.4m Channel Subscribers: ~73.7k Channel Videos: ~581

DJ Spinelli Youtube Channel

DJ Spinelli's YouTube channel is home to an array of club music, hip-hop, and house music mixes, as well as old-school classics. He offers his services as one of the top wedding DJs in Boston, New England, and beyond, performing on the North Shore and heading to destination wedding events as well. His mix show videos will get your feet moving and keep you entertained.

Valentino Sirolli

Channel Views: ~99.8m Channel Subscribers: ~308k Channel Videos: ~474

Valentino Sirolli Youtube Channel

Valentino Sirolli's YouTube channel is a great source of club music and energetic electronic dance music (EDM). It features remix bootlegs, radio mixes, mashups, and much more. Discover the latest in club music and get your EDM fix through Valentino Sirolli's channel.

Dj Silviu M Official

Channel Views: ~87.3m Channel Subscribers: ~626k Channel Videos: ~181

Dj Silviu M Official Youtube Channel

Dj Silviu M Official is a YouTube channel that provides club music fans with the best remixes and mixes in 2021 for a party experience like no other. Featuring the very best music mix and party mix 2021, as well as dance mix 2018 and the new best club deep music, this channel ensures all the latest club remixes.

DJ Chill X

Channel Views: ~19.9m Channel Subscribers: ~66.2k Channel Videos: ~132

DJ Chill X Youtube Channel

DJ Chill X is an amazing YouTube channel dedicated to club music. It has a wide selection of house music, soulful house, club 88 classics, and more. They are a great source for all your favorite club music styles and fun mixes from DJ Chill X. If you're looking for something to get you into the groove, this is the place to go. Enjoy!

DJ Paul S

Channel Views: ~61.3m Channel Subscribers: ~223k Channel Videos: ~88

DJ Paul S Youtube Channel

DJ Paul S's YouTube channel covers a wide range of genres, from club music to electronic music, pop music, and hip-hop music. With a healthy mix of classic and modern tunes, it's sure to provide a unique listening experience. Whether you're in the mood for a dance night or just looking to relax and explore more music, DJ Paul S has something for every music fan!

Roseate Mixes

Channel Views: ~22.7m Channel Subscribers: ~39.9k Channel Videos: ~78

Roseate Mixes Youtube Channel

Roseate Mixes is a YouTube channel that plays nostalgia-themed club music mixes from the 2010s, allowing listeners to transport themselves through a nostalgic playlist. Every mix offers an eclectic blend of retro club music and timeless classics, making it perfect for any kind of event.


Channel Views: ~20.7m Channel Subscribers: ~70.5k Channel Videos: ~68

DJ BUE Youtube Channel

DJ BUE's YouTube channel offers viewers a wide range of club music, music mixes, party mixes, mixes from 2002, DJ remixes, DJ songs from 2022, DJ 2022 remixes, and dance club mixes. All of these mixes and remixes will make sure you have a great time at the next party.

Unravelling the Popularity of Club Music

The independent music scene has been dominated by the popularity of club music over the past few years, with producers and DJs creating some of the most iconic moments in music culture. For some, the appeal of club music is all about the adrenaline-pumping beats, thick basslines and hypnotic rhythms that inspire listeners and audiences to dance. For others, it’s all about the nightlife culture and the escapism of going to a nightclub, warehouse or festival to experience the music and atmosphere firsthand.

But delving a little deeper, we can begin to unpack the real reason why club music has become so popular and embraced by so many. It all comes down to the emotion it evokes. Dance music is known to be extremely emotive and rises and falls within songs gives listeners a unique rollercoaster of feelings. The power of this feeling to draw in a crowd and create such a liberating feeling is undeniable. We can see this in the excitement at festivals and clubs as listeners wait for their favorite track to be dropped and lose themselves to the music.

Alongside this, we must look at the genre-defying nature of club music today, which is often a hybrid mix of multiple genres. This hybridization of sounds is what so often gives club music its distinctive sound, blending the power and emotion of genres such as soul, funk, disco and techno. This fusion of genres is what ultimately gives club music its color and character, ensuring it remains a staple in the music industry today. Not to mention, the accessibility of clubs and clubs music outlets today makes it easier than ever to enjoy and learn more about the genre.

An Overview of the Different Genres of Club Music

Club music encompasses a wide range of genres that have spanned several decades. In the early days of club culture, music genres focused mostly on disco and funk styles of music. As time moved on and technology advanced, the landscape of club music shifted and new genres of electronic music emerged. From techno and house music to trap, dubstep, and more, there is a diverse range of genres to explore in the world of club music.

  • House music is a popular form of club music that emerged in the mid-1980s. This genre is often characterized by its usage of a four-on-the-floor beat pattern and synth-heavy melodies. House music is popular in both club settings and festivals, with numerous subgenres having formed within the genre, including deep house and tech house.
  • Trap is another popular genre of club music that grew out of the early 2010s. This genre is heavily influenced by Southern hip hop and typically features among the deeper bass and hi-hat sounds. Trap has become a popular subgenre of electronic and club music, often being heard at festivals, nightclubs, and other gatherings. Many of the most popular songs in trap have also been featured in film and television, further popularizing the genre.
  • In summary, club music is a broad genre that covers many subgenres, each with their own unique sound. From early disco and funk to house and trap, this genre has progressed and evolved to keep up with the cultural times. If you’re looking to explore the diverse and ever-changing genre of club music, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from!

Easily find your favourite type of club music with our comprehensive audio guide. Discover the genre today! Start listening now.

Creating Your Own Club Music Playlist

Creating your own club music playlist is an exciting way to keep your nightlife experience fresh and creative. With the right curation of songs, you can create a unique club atmosphere that keeps party-goers grooving all night long.

  • In creating the perfect club music playlist, it’s important to take into consideration a variety of genres as well as what your audience will want to hear. Think of popular artists and sounds that are currently trending. This will ensure that everyone is familiar and comfortable with the music. If it’s a more intimate club event, it’s best to plan to incorporate different themes throughout the night. Themes can be nostalgic, or have a touch of current pop music or throwbacks to decades past. You can also consider piping in some Top 40 hits for something different.
  • The best way to get started building your club music playlist is to brainstorm some ideas. Envision the atmosphere you’d like to create and think of songs that will keep people dancing all night. Depending on the type of club, you may choose songs tailored to whatever the popular style and feel of the venue is. Lastly, consider utilizing streaming services to keep up with music trends, to help with new and current artist finds, and to access exclusive remixes that can easily become the highlight of any night. With the right playlist, you can be sure to keep your club nights fresh and exciting.

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