Are you interested in cloud computing, technology, programming, big data, cybersecurity, or Linux? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, we will explore some of the best YouTube channels to help you stay on top of the latest cloud computing and technology trends. From videos about Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to Linux tutorials and Big Data insights, you'll find what you need to stay up-to-date. Read on to discover the best channels for learning about cloud computing and more.

Cloud computing: Top Youtube Channels

Digital Cloud Training

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~41.9k Channel Videos: ~230

Digital Cloud Training Youtube Channel

Digital Cloud Training's YouTube channel offers a variety of educational resources related to cloud computing, such as AWS Certification courses, AWS Training tutorials, and introductory videos on Amazon Web Services. It provides up-to-date tutorials and tips to help beginners get started with AWS and provides several helpful resources to help viewers take their knowledge to the next level.

Cloud Bart

Channel Views: ~284.5k Channel Subscribers: ~8.5k Channel Videos: ~203

Cloud Bart Youtube Channel

Cloud Bart is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping users learn about and understand cloud computing. They offer helpful tutorials, study guides, and advice for navigating the AWS certification process as well as practical advice for designing and deploying cloud computing solutions. Their content is ideal for anybody looking to get up to speed with cloud computing.

Cloud computing in telugu

Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~60.3k Channel Videos: ~183

Cloud computing in telugu Youtube Channel

This YouTube channel covers the topics of cloud computing, AWS, and Amazon Web Services in Telugu. It teaches viewers how to develop in the cloud, as well as how to get started with cloud computing. The videos cover everything from an introduction to AWS cloud to detailed tutorials on how to use the AWS platform in Telugu. With easy-to-follow and comprehensive content, this channel is a great resource for those who want to learn about cloud computing in Telugu.

Cloud Advocate

Channel Views: ~5.8m Channel Subscribers: ~144k Channel Videos: ~137

Cloud Advocate Youtube Channel

Cloud Advocate is a YouTube channel devoted to educating viewers about the various aspects of cloud computing. Topics covered on the channel include cloud technologies, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, learning Google Cloud, cloud architecture, professional cloud architecture, and DevOps. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cloud user, Cloud Advocate has something to offer everyone looking to further their cloud knowledge.

Cloud Champ

Channel Views: ~148.1k Channel Subscribers: ~3.7k Channel Videos: ~81

Cloud Champ Youtube Channel

Cloud Champ is a YouTube channel dedicated to cloud computing, DevOps, and related technologies. It provides an extensive range of cloud computing courses and training material, focusing on Amazon AWS and DevOps tools. They offer both free and paid courses, as well as AWS certifications and DevOps training, to help viewers become cloud experts. With its focus on helping people become cloud professionals, Cloud Champ is the perfect destination for those interested in mastering cloud computing, DevOps, and AWS cloud technologies.

iLyas in the cloud

Channel Views: ~685.8k Channel Subscribers: ~13.5k Channel Videos: ~58

iLyas in the cloud Youtube Channel

Ilyas in the Cloud is a YouTube channel dedicated to cloud computing. They provide educational content about cloud architecture, AWS Solutions Architect certification, cloud careers, AWS Cloud, distributed systems, and the cloud career path. It is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about cloud computing and how to pursue a meaningful, lucrative cloud job or serverless lambda career.

Amazon Web Services

Channel Views: ~155.2m Channel Subscribers: ~596k Channel Videos: ~13.8k

Amazon Web Services Youtube Channel

The Amazon Web Services YouTube channel offers cloud computing resources and tutorials on a variety of topics, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, Amazon SimpleDB, AWS Events, AWS Public Sector, and AWS Tutorials. Discover the latest cloud computing technology and learn how to best leverage the Amazon Web Services platform.


Channel Views: ~320.4m Channel Subscribers: ~3.4m Channel Videos: ~6.8k

edureka! Youtube Channel

Edureka!'s YouTube channel provides comprehensive training videos and online tutorials covering the latest and trending technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Apache Spark, data science, Android development, and web development. The channel offers courses in a range of formats, making it a great resource for brushing up on skills or taking your knowledge to the next level. With plenty of content to choose from, eureka! is the ideal channel to stay up-to-date and in the know.


Channel Views: ~224.5m Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~4.2k

Simplilearn Youtube Channel

Simplilearn's YouTube channel is a great source of helpful educational content on a variety of topics related to technology and business. It covers subjects such as cloud computing, cyber security, digital marketing, machine learning, data science, six sigma artificial intelligence, business analysis, deep learning, social media marketing, and ethical hacking. With tutorials, quick-learn videos, industry updates, and more, the channel offers something for everyone interested in technology, business, and digital strategy.


Channel Views: ~85.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~2.9k

Intellipaat Youtube Channel

Intellipaat is a YouTube channel focused on providing educational resources related to cloud computing, apache-spark, artificial intelligence, big data, cyber security, data warehousing, deep learning, Hadoop admin, and machine learning. They offer video tutorials, webinars, certification courses, and other content to help learners build strong skills in the cloud computing, analytics, and AI space.


Channel Views: ~231.5m Channel Subscribers: ~738k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

kudvenkat Youtube Channel

Kudvenkat is a popular YouTube channel providing tutorials and guidance on various cloud computing.NET Core topics, such as ASP.NET Core, web API, RESTful services, CSharp, SQL, and servers. The channel offers comprehensive and entertaining guidance to help viewers become proficient in these topics.

Accenture Technology

Channel Views: ~4.6m Channel Subscribers: ~12.1k Channel Videos: ~597

Accenture Technology Youtube Channel

Accenture Technology's YouTube channel features videos about their Tech Vision, covering a variety of topics such as cloud computing, software engineering, future systems, and more. They also showcase how customers can leverage their cloud portfolio of Oracle, SAP, and other technologies to drive business growth. With content that covers the latest and best of today's technology, this channel offers a great opportunity to stay up to date with the latest advancements and ideas in the field.


Channel Views: ~4.8m Channel Subscribers: ~57.7k Channel Videos: ~350

Linode Youtube Channel

Linode's YouTube channel offers helpful tutorials and resources for cloud computing. They cover topics such as cloud hosting, virtual server technology, web development, open source tools, alternative cloud solutions, and Linux server configuration, giving viewers the ability to easily get up and running with their cloud-based virtual servers. With this channel, viewers can create scalable, secure, and reliable applications in the cloud.

Wolters Kluwer

Channel Views: ~279.4k Channel Subscribers: ~3.6k Channel Videos: ~104

Wolters Kluwer Youtube Channel

Wolters Kluwer's YouTube channel is dedicated to providing innovative content on cloud computing, publishing, and technology. It features informative videos on topics such as cloud computing, software, search, and workflow solutions, as well as a wide selection of informative content related to the world of information services and technology. With cutting-edge advice and practical use cases, it strives to be the leader in providing information to organizations through its use of cloud computing and the latest in technology and software.

Nicole Enesse

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~27.5k Channel Videos: ~98

Nicole Enesse Youtube Channel

Nicole Enesse's YouTube channel offers valuable resources and advice on important topics such as cloud computing, cyber security, personal finance, and tech career development. From tips to build your career and become a cyber security specialist to detailed information on cyber security tools, I.T. certifications, and more, Nikol Enesse's channel is an invaluable source for those seeking to grow their knowledge in this field.

IT k Funde

Channel Views: ~8.3m Channel Subscribers: ~228k Channel Videos: ~92

IT k Funde Youtube Channel

IT k Funde is a YouTube channel that provides technical tutorials related to the IT industry. It covers topics such as cloud computing, software engineering, computer science, and big data. Additionally, the channel demonstrates real-life examples of the latest technology and machine learning to better understand the challenges of the I.T. industry.

Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone

Channel Views: ~9.1m Channel Subscribers: ~119k Channel Videos: ~89

Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone Youtube Channel

Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone is a YouTube channel that provides helpful Azure tutorials and services for those looking to learn about cloud computing with Microsoft Azure. Adam Marczak provides viewers with educational how-to videos about Azure, allowing users to quickly learn more about this cloud platform and its many features and services. With a wide range of topics from beginner to advanced, Azure for Everyone has something for everyone.

Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~35.7k Channel Videos: ~83

Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza Youtube Channel

Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza's YouTube channel offers tutorials, coding, and programming resources, and tech tips for those interested in cloud computing and the cloud. With coding and programming lessons for everyone, Gwyneth's channel will help you get up-to-date on the latest cloud computing news and learn how to write code. From tech tips to discussing the cloud, her channel is the perfect place to learn and expand your knowledge on cloud computing.


Channel Views: ~950.4k Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~82

Databarracks Youtube Channel

The Databarracks YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about cloud computing, BaaS, DRaaS, security, and compliance. It offers educational videos on topics such as data protection, dual redundancy, PCI DSS compliance, and more to give users insights into all aspects of the cloud.

Tech With Lucy

Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~97.7k Channel Videos: ~55

Tech With Lucy Youtube Channel

Tech With Lucy is a YouTube channel focused on cloud computing and technology topics. From AWS tutorials to advice on growing your career, the channel offers a range of in-depth and valuable insights related to the cloud and Amazon. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Tech With Lucy is an excellent resource to help you succeed in cloud computing and build a successful career.

Software Architecture Academy

Channel Views: ~246.5k Channel Subscribers: ~6.7k Channel Videos: ~17

Software Architecture Academy Youtube Channel

The Software Architecture Academy YouTube channel provides in-depth tutorials and discussions on topics including cloud computing, software architecture, data architecture, application architecture, cloud architecture, big data architecture, data governance, data modeling, data warehousing, and database concepts. It helps to educate viewers on the fundamentals of software architecture, cloud computing, and data architectures, equipping them with the knowledge and understanding to develop industry best practices for their businesses.


Channel Views: ~2.5m Channel Subscribers: ~6.4k Channel Videos: ~1

sfdcMktg Youtube Channel

sfdcMktg is a YouTube channel that provides informative videos about cloud computing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), on-demand solutions, Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing, sales, service, and support. It is aimed at helping users get the maximum benefit from their cloud computing systems. The channel offers an abundance of news, tips, and strategies from experienced Salesforce professionals. With engaging and impactful content, sfdcMktg is an invaluable resource for cloud computing users.

"What is Cloud Computing and How Does it Work?"

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way companies use technology, enabling businesses to access data, tools, and applications from the internet instead of within the environment they operate in. It’s enabling technology to be used in more cost-effective ways without compromising quality. By connecting to the cloud, businesses can eliminate the need for costly and complex hardware and software.

At the core of cloud computing, the physical infrastructure is maintained outside of the business. Instead of storing information, files, and applications on individual and separate computers, businesses can store all data and applications on offsite servers operated by their cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. By connecting to these services, businesses can eliminate the need for costly and complex hardware and software.

Cloud services can be used on demand as and when they’re needed, allowing businesses to immediately tap into the processing power of their provider without any upfront investment. Businesses are only charged for what they use, meaning they get the most out of their technology without the risk of overspending. Cloud computing is allowing businesses to scale quickly, respond to customer demands, and quickly launch new products, services, and innovations.

Cloud computing is the core foundation of the modern economy, allowing businesses to rapidly innovate while reducing their reliance on costly hardware and software. Despite its complexity, cloud computing is quickly becoming an essential part of business operations and can help businesses of all sizes gain access to the processing power and resources needed for success.

Types of Cloud Computing Platforms

Cloud computing is a term that can cover a wide range of services, from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Platform as a Service (PaaS). Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, and knowing the differences between them can help you determine which approach is best for your business’s needs. In this blog, we’ll discuss the various types of cloud computing platforms and how each type can benefit your organization.

  1. The first type of cloud computing platform is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). With IaaS, your organization gets virtual servers, storage, and networking managed by a cloud service provider. This type of platform is often preferred when your organization needs complete control over the underlying infrastructure. It also offers scalability and flexibility, and it's typically less expensive than other types of cloud platforms, allowing organizations to save money on IT costs.
  2. The second type of cloud computing platform is Platform as a Service (PaaS). This type of platform provides hosting services, development tools, and databases on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing organizations to launch applications quickly without the need for high upfront costs. PaaS eliminates the need to manage the underlying infrastructure as the cloud provider takes care of these tasks for you. Additionally, it can be integrated with other cloud services for even more features and capabilities.
  3. Finally, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a type of cloud platform that provides users access to cloud-based applications on a subscription basis. With SaaS, the cloud provider takes care of all the software management, including updates and support. This type of platform is ideal for organizations that need access to reliable applications without the need to manage any hardware or software.

Whether you're looking for IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, there are a variety of cloud computing platforms available to meet your organization's individual needs. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each type of cloud platform can help you choose the best one for your business.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is no doubt a great innovation and many individuals and organizations have benefitted from its implementation. However, there are some disadvantages to using cloud computing that one should be aware of.

  1. First and foremost, security is a concern for many people and organizations that implement cloud computing. Cloud computers require an internet connection for access, meaning that the data can be vulnerable to hackers. Additionally, it’s difficult if not impossible to protect the data from being compromised, as organizations often have no control over who has access to the data and how it is being handled.
  2. Another disadvantage of cloud computing is the lack of control. Providers of cloud computing services have access to a wide range of user data, and they are able to manipulate it as they wish. This means organizations and individuals using cloud services have to trust that their data will be kept secure and their privacy will be respected, which often isn’t the case. Lastly, cloud computing is typically more expensive than other computing options since organizations are essentially paying a “rental” fee for access to the services. For a small business or an individual, this can be quite pricey.

In conclusion, cloud computing does have its benefits, but it does come with some pitfalls. Security issues can arise, users can lack control over their data, and the services can be quite pricey. It is important for anyone looking to use cloud computing to take the time to consider the pros and cons of the technology before investing in it.

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