12 Best Classic Movies Youtube Channels to Watch

Are you looking for the best in classic movies? Whether you're interested in classic films, old movies, full movies, Hindi movies, African movies, or classic comedy, you can find everything you're looking for on YouTube. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the top YouTube channels for classic movies, where you can find hours of classic and old movies for your viewing pleasure. Keep reading to find out which YouTube channels you should check out!

Cinecurry Classics

Channel Views: ~271.3m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~2.1k

Cinecurry Classics Youtube Channel

Cinecurry Classics is a YouTube channel featuring classic Hindi movies from Bollywood. It has a selection of old Hindi movies, full Bollywood classics, and full length old Hindi movies. Fans of classic Bollywood movies will enjoy its collection of classic, old and full Bollywood movies.

Turner Classic Movies

Channel Views: ~58.6m Channel Subscribers: ~227k Channel Videos: ~1k

Turner Classic Movies Youtube Channel

The Turner Classic Movies (TCM) YouTube channel is a great way to enjoy old classics and Hollywood films. From film historians discussing classic films to vintage clips and interviews, TCM has something for any classic movie enthusiast. No matter if you're a fan of black-and-white films or Technicolor blockbusters, this channel has some of the most iconic movies of all time. Explore the rich history of classic films while learning more about the history of cinema with Turner Classic Movies.

Cult Cinema Classics

Channel Views: ~98.8m Channel Subscribers: ~465k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

Cult Cinema Classics Youtube Channel

Cult Cinema Classics is a YouTube channel dedicated to classic movies, cult films, and old movies. It features classic cinema, cult cinema, classic films, as well as all kinds of B-movies and TV series. It is a great place to relive cult classics or to find some new favorites. Enjoy exploring the world of classic cinema and cult films!

Eagle Classic Movies

Channel Views: ~23.6m Channel Subscribers: ~130k Channel Videos: ~695

Eagle Classic Movies Youtube Channel

Eagle Classic Movies is a YouTube channel devoted to bringing you classic movies from both Bollywood as well as Hollywood. From Hindi classic movies to old Hindi comedy, old Hindi songs, and Super Hit Hindi movies, you can find a plethora of classic movies for your viewing pleasure. All movies are available in full HD for your entertainment.

Retrospective - Classic Movies

Channel Views: ~49.6m Channel Subscribers: ~262k Channel Videos: ~459

Retrospective - Classic Movies Youtube Channel

Retrospective - Classic Movies is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with a selection of classic movies from different eras, featuring full length films, old school films and even some Hallmark movies. The channel also gives movie lovers the opportunity to watch free movies 2022 in full and enjoy a variety of retrospective movie collections. Dive into the classic movie of your era with Retrospective - Classic Movies.

Classic Kelly

Channel Views: ~62.2k Channel Subscribers: ~553 Channel Videos: ~149

Classic Kelly Youtube Channel

Classic Kelly's YouTube channel is the go-to source for those looking to explore the history of classic cinema and television shows. They offer video reviews, documentaries, interviews and more to help their viewers gain insight into the classic films and television shows of the Golden Age of Hollywood and the retro pop culture of the past. They are sure to bring you a treasure trove of classic films, stars, and television shows.

Classic Movies and More

Channel Views: ~107.1k Channel Subscribers: ~690 Channel Videos: ~84

Classic Movies and More Youtube Channel

Classic Movies and More is a YouTube channel dedicated to presenting classic Hollywood films from the golden age of cinema. Enjoy a trip down memory lane with classic films from the silent era to the 1950s. Relax and explore the timeless stories, characters, and cinematography of classic movies. Find something unexpected and enjoy an injection of classic movies nostalgia.

Ultra Movie Parlour

Channel Views: ~5.1b Channel Subscribers: ~20.8m Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Ultra Movie Parlour Youtube Channel

Ultra Movie Parlour is a YouTube channel that includes classic and new Bollywood, Hindi, Indian, Marathi and Gujarati movies. Watch the latest Hindi and Bollywood movies, as well as action packed Indian movies, all for free streaming. Plus, get the latest updates from all the latest Hindi and Bollywood movies! Be sure to check out Ultra Movie Parlour for your movie fix.


Channel Views: ~84.1m Channel Subscribers: ~418k Channel Videos: ~295

FEATURE FILM Youtube Channel

FEATURE FILM is an YouTube channel dedicated to providing classic movies and feature films for free. Whether you're looking to enjoy a full-length movie or just have a few minutes of entertainment, you can find full movies on FEATURE FILM to watch for free. With a great selection of full-length movies from classic films to modern blockbusters, you can always find something to watch online. Sit back and relax as you enjoy full-length movies for free - all with the convenience of YouTube.


Channel Views: ~20.3m Channel Subscribers: ~108k Channel Videos: ~271


NOLLYWOOD STARS TV YouTube channel is the perfect destination for classic and current nollywood, english, foreign and action movies, featuring many of the biggest stars like Regina Daniels. Here, you can watch epic and romantic movies for free, and even download them. Enjoy a huge selection of movies without leaving home!

Manic Movies

Channel Views: ~10.1m Channel Subscribers: ~24k Channel Videos: ~229

Manic Movies Youtube Channel

Manic Movies is a YouTube channel featuring classic films, television shows, and surprise gems from Hollywood's Golden Age, such as films starring Carey Grant, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G Robinson, and more. The channel provides viewers with an array of action films, adventure movies, war movies, and romantic films to choose from.

Cinema Japan Retrospective

Channel Views: ~337.4k Channel Subscribers: ~2.7k Channel Videos: ~108

Cinema Japan Retrospective Youtube Channel

Cinema Japan Retrospective is an informative and entertaining YouTube channel featuring classic Japanese movies from the 30s and 40s. Enjoy vintage classics and explore film history through the lens of Japanese culture. Join in the lively conversations with other fans as you relive classic moments from the golden age of cinema.

Exploring Hollywood's most Beloved Classic Films

Hollywood has consistently been at the cutting edge of popular culture, creating films that move generations and captivating people from all around the world. For nearly two centuries, Hollywood’s films have left an undeniable mark on society and its culture. Among these iconic classics, some stand out as beloved by moviegoers and critics alike. Exploring Hollywood’s most beloved classic films is a journey into the depths of what makes a film worth watching and cherishing.

The notion of a "classic" can be debatable, however, some films have a timeless impact that has become etched into the minds of people around the world. Take for example, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 film “Vertigo”. Its intricate story line, realistic cinematography, and themes of love, reconciliation, and trauma have resonated back in 1958 and even still today. Such films like “Vertigo” are prime examples of Hollywood’s impact on culture and how these classic stories prove to be timeless.

Finally, what makes a true classic transcendent is when it can intellectually and emotionally engage generations in generations to come. Take for example the movie “The Godfather” released in 1972. Its story line still captures the minds of moviegoers, making its endless reruns acceptable to watch time and time again. Through its themes of family loyalty and tragedy, “The Godfather” has continued to captivate the minds and hearts of people no matter their age.

Overall, exploring Hollywood’s most beloved classic films is an experience like no other. Such films have richly detailed stories, timeless themes, and impressive cinematography that never grows old. With such immense effort put into these projects, it’s no wonder why these classics remain a favorite. These are just a few of the examples of Hollywood classics that captivate people and will continue to be beloved by generations to come.

Stars That Shined in Classic Film

From the sultry charms of Marilyn Monroe to the hard-boiled grit of Humphrey Bogart, classic films host some of the most iconic and beloved screen performances of all time. In this article, we take a look at some of the dazzling luminaries who have become legends in the world of cinematic history.

Marilyn Monroe is a legendary figure who is still adored today for her extraordinary beauty and effortless on-screen charisma. A Monroe performance is as captivating today as when she first graced the silver screen. Humphrey Bogart is widely considered to be one of the greatest actors of all time, with his sharp wit and brusque demeanour ensure he was always a standout thespian in any scene. Other male movie stars of the classic cinema era include Spencer Tracy, James Stewart and Cary Grant, all of whom brought natural yet powerful performances that have remained immortalised in cinematic history.

The silver screen boasted some incredible female performances during the classic film era. Working actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Bette Davis are all enduring icons for their powerful roles and captivating performances. Davis was especially renowned for her dry wit and determined approach to her career, while Hepburn is still revered today for her frankness and effortless grace during her time on the big screen. Other classic female legends include Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, both of whom continue to delight viewers with their timeless beauty and acting brilliance.

In the world of classic films, these actors and actresses hold a permanent place in the hearts of viewers. Their incredible skills as movie stars, coupled with their own unique beauty, have all served to create an irreplaceable legacy that still endures to this day. Whether onscreen or off, these stars were truly the ones who shone the brightest.

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