Are you searching for the best YouTube channels to feed your passion for filmmaking and cinematography? Look no further! We have rounded up a list of the top YouTube channels covering different aspects of cinematography, filmmaking, film studies, and more. Read on to discover the delights of each channel and find the one that best suits your needs!

Cinematography: Top Youtube Channels

Filmmakers Academy

Channel Views: ~6.9m Channel Subscribers: ~120k Channel Videos: ~464

Filmmakers Academy Youtube Channel

The Filmmakers Academy YouTube channel is the perfect destination for filmmakers wanting to hone their craft. It provides a wealth of knowledge and resources about cinematography, lighting and directing from acclaimed cinematographer Shane Hurlbut and other industry professionals. With tons of Filmeducation tutorials, Filmschool courses and insightful interviews, the Filmmakers Academy is a great resource for any up and coming filmmaker or cinematographer.


Channel Views: ~64.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~371

StudioBinder Youtube Channel

StudioBinder's YouTube channel is an invaluable resource for video production professionals, featuring high-quality tutorials, video essays and film analysis. From cinematography to script breakdowns and scriptwriting, StudioBinder's videos provide detailed instruction on a host of topics including production management, shot list creation and film theory. Plus, StudioBinder's suite of software tools helps streamline many of the day-to-day tasks associated with filmmaking, from scriptwriting to call sheets.


Channel Views: ~16.6m Channel Subscribers: ~320k Channel Videos: ~396

Aputure Youtube Channel

Aputure's YouTube channel provides educational content about cinematography, narrative lighting, lighting tutorials, tips & tricks, film school, and LED lighting. The video tutorials, featured photography, and behind-the-scenes footage provide an invaluable resource for photographers, cinematographers and budding filmmakers. With a broad range of topics and cutting-edge content, the Aputure YouTube channel is an excellent source for anyone wishing to enhance their photoshoot and filmmaking.

Robert Machado

Channel Views: ~2.1m Channel Subscribers: ~29.2k Channel Videos: ~206

Robert Machado Youtube Channel

Robert Machado's YouTube channel is a great resource for filmmakers, offering tutorials on film and videography techniques and unboxing and reviewing Sony products. The channel specializes in cinematography and provides in-depth analysis and insight from an experienced cinematographer.

Brady Bessette

Channel Views: ~4.1m Channel Subscribers: ~130k Channel Videos: ~128

Brady Bessette Youtube Channel

Brady Bessette's YouTube channel is a resource for aspiring indie filmmakers and commercial directors. Through tutorials and breakdowns of his commercials and other works, he demonstrates his impressive knowledge of cinematography, videography, and Aputure lighting. He also provides in-depth reviews of Canon EOS R cameras, making his channel a great place to learn about filmmaking from an experienced Florida videographer and filmmaker.

In Depth Cine

Channel Views: ~16.2m Channel Subscribers: ~334k Channel Videos: ~157

In Depth Cine Youtube Channel

In Depth Cine is a YouTube channel dedicated to cinematography and filmmaking. Their unique content includes movie essays, practical cinematography tutorials, film reviews, how-to-shoot and how-to-light videos, and video essays. With knowledge from a professional director of photography, this channel is a great resource for directors, filmmakers and cinematographers.

Patrick Tomasso

Channel Views: ~12.8m Channel Subscribers: ~119k Channel Videos: ~157

Patrick Tomasso Youtube Channel

Patrick Tomasso YouTube channel is an amazing source of cinematic inspiration. He offers unique and engaging content related to cinematography, photography, and filmmaking. He constantly shares his impressive work and offers viewers exclusive access to his creative process. His channel is full of stunning videos that showcase his incredible mastery of cinematic techniques.

Smashing UK Productions

Channel Views: ~18.9m Channel Subscribers: ~55.2k Channel Videos: ~106

Smashing UK Productions Youtube Channel

Smashing UK Productions is a popular YouTube channel created by Calum Rhys and Rob Byrd that is dedicated to all things cinema and offers top 10 style lists to uncover the best action films and movies. They are well known for their creative cinematography, which helps to bring their reviews to life.

Angus Davies

Channel Views: ~752.4k Channel Subscribers: ~14.4k Channel Videos: ~138

Angus Davies Youtube Channel

Angus Davies' YouTube channel offers a great look into the art of cinematography. Through film video essays and breakouts Angus' viewers can learn more about the craft of filmmaking and how certain directors of photography and famous cinematographers bring a film to life. Angus also dives into A24 cinematography, indie cinematography and film analysis, offering a deep dive into this exciting medium.


Channel Views: ~19m Channel Subscribers: ~418k Channel Videos: ~96

AniThing Youtube Channel

AniThing is a YouTube channel created by Indian filmmakers, showcasing cinematography and editing tutorials. Tutorials offered cover topics such as photography, b roll, lighting, premiere pro and video editing. The channel also produces cinematic videos to demonstrate professional video editing skills.
This channel is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about cinematography and filmmaking. From beginners to experienced editors, everyone can benefit from the tutorials and tips provided. Take your filmmaking skills to the next level with AniThing!

Wandering DP

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~72.7k Channel Videos: ~97

Wandering DP Youtube Channel

The Wandering DP YouTube channel is an entertaining channel focused on the art of cinematography, lifestyle, and technology. It provides insightful content on a range of topics from video shooting to the latest gadgets. With an enthusiastic and knowledgable host, the channel provides an engaging platform for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the modern video landscape.


Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~36.5k Channel Videos: ~24

AlterCine Youtube Channel

AlterCine is a YouTube channel devoted to cinematography, filmmaking, and film analysis. They offer tutorials and tips on learn filmmaking and video essay, focusing specifically on filmmaking theory and technique, as well as Hollywood-style filmmaking. They also offer film theory and directing tips to help aspiring filmmakers reach their goals. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced filmmaker, AlterCine will help you develop the skills you need to create the projects you desire.

The Development Of Cinematography Over Time

Cinematography has come a long way since it first emerged as a medium. From its humble beginnings as a tool used mainly to capture short films and documentaries, it has evolved over time to become its own art form, with films incorporating creative techniques and captivating visuals to create a unique cinematic experience. Over the years, advancements in technology have allowed cinematography to achieve better results, making films more visually impressive and engaging for audiences.

  • The same can be said for color cinematography, which has also come a long way since its debut. Color films were first introduced in the late 19th century, with pioneering filmmakers utilizing processes such as hand-tinting and color-correcting to create a richer and more vibrant look to their films. Since then, color cinematography has been further refined and perfected, taking advantage of modern technological advancements to create a fuller and more lifelike effect.
  • Finally, digital cinematography has pushed the boundaries of cinematography even further by making the medium more accessible and cost-effective. Digital cinematography has allowed filmmakers to capture shots with greater clarity and detail, experimenting with a variety of techniques to get the perfect result. For example, filmmakers can use green screens to engineer a completely unique and believable world, removing the need for traditional sets and taking cinematography to a whole new level.

Overall, cinematography has come a long way since its initial inception. With the combination of advancements in technology and creative techniques, cinematography has become an art form that not only captures a story or moment with the utmost of detail, but also creates an emotional bond between the viewer and the film. By constantly changing and adapting to the times, cinematography looks set to continue its visual journey into new and exciting heights.

Choosing Cameras for Cinematography

Cinematography is as much an art form as it is a craft, and part of making great movies or videos is having the right pieces of equipment. Choosing a camera is one of the most important steps in any production, and there are numerous factors to consider in order to make the best decision for your project.

  1. Firstly, think about the overall budget of your project and determine the maximum amount you can spend on a camera. Compare the features of the various models and decide which ones you think are most important for getting the look you want. Consider your shooting style and the type of shots you’ll be going for, then research which brands and models specialize in those types of photos. Finally, take some time to test out a few different models until you find one that feels comfortable for you and gives you the desired results.
  2. Next, understand the different types of cameras available on the market. The two most common types used in cinematography are DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras; both offer vast array of features and image quality, but each comes with its own strength and drawbacks, so choose the one that works best for you. If you’re going to be shooting in low light settings, then a camera with a large sensor is going to be a better choice than one with a smaller sensor. Additionally, look at the bitrate of the camera you're considering and make sure it can handle the type of footage you plan on capturing. 

By doing your research and spending time to compare the features of various cameras, choosing the right one for your project will become a much easier task.

Developing Your Skills in Cinematography

Cinematography is an art form that requires great talent and skill to master. It involves selecting lenses, controlling lighting, setting angles, and capturing all of the action in an interesting, creative way. Developing your skills in cinematography will open you up to a range of opportunities, allowing you to become a valuable asset to any filmmaker. Here are a few tips on how you can develop your cinematography skills.

  1. Firstly, developing an understanding of composition is paramount to improving your cinematography. Learn to recognize good composition when you see it and take the time to analyze what makes the aesthetics appealing. This will help you better grasp the concepts and utilize them in future projects.
  2. Next, improving your technical knowledge is key. Research about different camera types, lenses, and lighting techniques. With a better understanding of basic technical requirements, you’ll be more equipped to confidently make decisions on the set. Additionally, experimenting with different techniques and styles will further increase your knowledge.
  3. Finally, having an eye for detail is essential for a successful cinematographer. Always be conscious of your frame and pay attention to small nuances that can help create an engaging and emotional shot. Take the time to analyze your shot after each take, recognizing the shortcomings and learning to take your shots to the next level.

By using these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a great cinematographer. With hard work, dedication, and a creative eye, you’ll develop the skills necessary to excel in this field. So get out there, experiment with different aspects of cinematography, and develop your skill. You’ll be glad you did.

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