Are you looking for the best Christian music YouTube channels? Look no further! Here you will find a comprehensive list of the best Christian music YouTube channels. From hits like Hillsong Worship and praise and worship songs to gospel songs and Christian pop, you will find it all! Keep reading to uncover the best YouTube channels for Christian music, worship, and more!

Christian music: Top Youtube Channels

Christian Worship Lyrics

Channel Views: ~30.8m Channel Subscribers: ~152k Channel Videos: ~363

Christian Worship Lyrics Youtube Channel

Christian Worship Lyrics is a YouTube channel featuring a variety of Christian music, including both traditional and modern worship songs. It has video playlists of lyrics to worship songs with full scripture texts from Bible versions like the ESV and NIV. The channel is a great way for people to personally engage with Christian music and spend time in scripture.

Intrument Worship

Channel Views: ~62.8m Channel Subscribers: ~474k Channel Videos: ~2.1k

Intrument Worship Youtube Channel

Intrument Worship is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to providing Christian music fans with an array of instrumental worship, praise and worship songs, gospel songs, gospel music, and Christian worship songs. Here, viewers can find music from Hillsong Worship, many of the best worship songs, and other meaningful Christian music. Whether you're worshiping at home, or in church, Intrument Worship has something for everyone.

Soothing Music

Channel Views: ~28.6m Channel Subscribers: ~230k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Soothing Music Youtube Channel

Soothing Music is a Christian YouTube channel featuring an array of relaxing music genres including Christian, Jazz, and General Music. Enjoy a collection of calming, soul-soothing melodies that energize the mind and spirit. Let the healing powers of music in to make your day a little brighter.

The Higher Power

Channel Views: ~51.4m Channel Subscribers: ~222k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

The Higher Power Youtube Channel

The Higher Power YouTube channel offers relaxing and uplifting Christian music featuring inspiring and prayerful instrumental, vocal and gospel music, as well as lyric-based Christian songs about Higher Power and Godly wisdom. It's the perfect place to find encouragement and solace.

Praise And Worship

Channel Views: ~29.7m Channel Subscribers: ~189k Channel Videos: ~751

Praise And Worship Youtube Channel

The Praise and Worship YouTube channel features the best Christian music, with a wide selection of top worship and praise and worship songs from Hillsong's popular playlist. They offer listeners access to the best worship and praise and worship songs, allowing them to experience the joy and peace of praising and worshipping God. Whether you are looking for the latest uplifting music or a classic hymn, Praise, and Worship's YouTube channel is a perfect choice!

Hillsong worship Collection ♪

Channel Views: ~24.5m Channel Subscribers: ~147k Channel Videos: ~429

Hillsong worship Collection ♪ Youtube Channel

Hillsong Worship Collection ♪ is a YouTube channel dedicated to Christian music and worship songs. Featuring hundreds of Hillsong worship songs and their lyrics, you can find top worship songs, new worship songs, morning worship songs, and new praise and worship from the Hillsong family. Enjoy the best collection of praise and worship songs!

WAY MAKER - Praise & Worship2

Channel Views: ~5.6m Channel Subscribers: ~39.4k Channel Videos: ~181

WAY MAKER - Praise & Worship2 Youtube Channel

WAY MAKER - Praise & Worship2 is a YouTube channel which features Christian Music and Pop Music. It offers uplifting worship songs that have been remixed, made new, and filled with more energy. Listeners will get to hear beautiful renditions of timeless classics and contemporary Christian songs. These provide moments of inspiration and hope for strengthening faith.

Hit Songs

Channel Views: ~18m Channel Subscribers: ~113k Channel Videos: ~480

Hit Songs Youtube Channel

Hit Songs is a YouTube channel that features the latest Christian Music and Pop Music releases. They are committed to showcasing the best Christian music of today, with an array of artists and genres. Featuring a selection of popular Christian and secular pop hits, it's a great place to discover new and modern music.

Music Praise

Channel Views: ~87.8m Channel Subscribers: ~673k Channel Videos: ~690

Music Praise Youtube Channel

Music Praise is a YouTube channel dedicated to Christian music, offering fans of Gospel, Hillsong Worship and similar popular Praise and Worship Songs the chance to experience the best worship songs. With a wide selection of Christian Songs and Christian Worship Songs, viewers can get closer to God through inspired music. You can also listen to some of the greatest Gospel Music and discover new favorites.

The O'Neill Brothers Group

Channel Views: ~25.3m Channel Subscribers: ~35.7k Channel Videos: ~315

The O'Neill Brothers Group Youtube Channel

The O'Neill Brothers Group is a YouTube channel that focuses on Christian music, and also offers Pop music. Their channel has great promotional and tutorial videos, as well as inspiring songs to help listeners discover and enjoy a range of Christian music. They are dedicated to to providing excellent service and involve their viewers in various activities.

Instrumental Worship Music

Channel Views: ~19.9m Channel Subscribers: ~111k Channel Videos: ~418

Instrumental Worship Music Youtube Channel

Instrumental Worship Music is a YouTube channel featuring Christian music, including instrumental songs from Hillsong and other sources. The channel showcases a variety of instrumental styles, from upbeat and vibrant to calming and reflective, all with a spiritual edge. Enjoy soothing piano music for worship and meditation, as well as instrumental prayer music for contemplative moments. Enjoy the beauty of instrumental worship music today!

Praise And Worship Songs

Channel Views: ~23.8m Channel Subscribers: ~212k Channel Videos: ~350

Praise And Worship Songs Youtube Channel

Praise And Worship Songs is a YouTube channel devoted to providing Christian music fans with inspiring, uplifting, and instrumental worship tracks. Featuring the best gospel songs and Christian worship songs from Hillsong Worship and others, it is the perfect place to hear the best Christian music and gospel songs. Let the uplifting sounds of faith fill your home with joy, peace, and love.

Sethunya Hauwa'u

Channel Views: ~8.1m Channel Subscribers: ~25.3k Channel Videos: ~61

Sethunya Hauwa'u Youtube Channel

Sethunya Hauwa'u's YouTube channel features a wide selection of contemporary Christian music, from pop to spiritual, giving her viewers easy access to faith-filled music and videos. Boasting over 25,000 subscribers, her channel is a go-to for those looking for Christ-like encouragement and entertainment. From original compositions to covers and collaborations, Sethunya Hauwa'u offers content to inspire a joy-filled Christian life.

Jesus Is Lord | Worship Music

Channel Views: ~176.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~20

Jesus Is Lord | Worship Music Youtube Channel

Jesus Is Lord | Worship Music is a YouTube channel dedicated to glorifying God through uplifting Christian music and songs of praise. Their music focuses on worshiping Jesus, who is Lord, and declaring that God is good and great. Here, you can find a variety of Christian music and worship songs to lift up His name.

remain in the vine

Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~42.2k Channel Videos: ~27

remain in the vine Youtube Channel

Remain in the Vine is a YouTube channel featuring Christian Pop music. It provides a wide selection of music to reach believers and non-believers alike. The channel brings top Christian artists and music that is uplifting and inspiring. All genres of Christian music are offered, ranging from upbeat pop to acoustic ballads. It is the perfect place to find hope and peace in these uncertain times.

Exploring the Different Genres of Christian Music

Christian music encompasses a wide range of styles, reflecting the diversity of Christian faith and culture. From traditional hymns to modern worship to southern gospel and rap, Christian music can offer a unique form of expression and can help bring us closer to God. Exploring the different genres of Christian music can be a powerful form of praise and worship as well as an opportunity to discover something new about one's faith.

  • One of the most popular styles of Christian music is contemporary worship music, which typically incorporates elements of rock, pop, and hip-hop. This type of music is typically quite upbeat and often features strong melodies and compelling lyrics. Many churches use contemporary worship music in their services and events as a way to energize the congregation and bring them into a deeper experience of worship.
  • Finally, Southern Gospel is a genre of Christian music that emerged from the Southern United States in the 19th century. It typically combines elements of folk, country and blues, to form a unique and uplifting style. The genre emphasizes both spiritual camaraderie and personal faith, making it a powerful form of praise for believers. Southern Gospel has a long history of inspiring people to come closer to God, and is still enjoyed by many today.

No matter what genre of Christian music you prefer, each style has something unique to offer. Take time to explore the different styles and find out which one speaks to your heart. You may just find a new form of music that brings you closer to God.

Understanding the Appeal of Christian Music

Christian music offers Americans something that no other genre of music can - a religious and spiritual connection. The appeal of Christian music comes from its ability to help people worship, meditate and connect with something bigger than themselves. Whether a person is a professed Christian or not, this type of music can speak to them and impact them in powerful ways.

  • Christian music is known for inspiring people and for being uplifting and encouraging. It is comforting to many and helps people remember to keep their faith and to keep going, no matter what. Even in times of trouble or despair, listening to Christian music can assist in refocusing on the positive and finding joy in life. From traditional hymns to contemporary Christian, there is a wide selection of music to choose from that speaks to the hearts of listeners everywhere.
  • Christian music can also provide a space to grow spiritually, as it often helps listeners ponder on the word of God and puts their thoughts and feelings into perspective. It can help listeners better understand themselves while they gain illumination and clarity. Listening to Christian music can be an intimate experience between a person and God, and this unique bond is often the root of its lasting appeal.

Finding the Best Christian Music Online

Christian music is one of the ways we can give worship to the Lord. With our busy lives, it can be hard to find time to go to church and appreciate music the way we used to. But now there are several websites where we can hear this type of music at any time of the day. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the best ways to find Christian music online.

  • The first place you’ll want to check out is a streaming service such as Spotify or Pandora. These services offer dedicated playlists and channels featuring the best Christian music. You can search for specific artists, genres, and songs, as well as the ability to tailor your selection to what best fits your needs. The downside is that the music is not always free, and you must pay for a subscription in order to listen to the full songs.
  • Finally, you can go directly to the source of Christian music by downloading it from the various online stores. Christian artists host their own stores where you can buy their music, as well as the websites of major Christian music labels like Word Records and Sparrow Records. Here you will find the same music available on streaming services, but without the need for a subscription. What’s more, you own the digital copies of the songs, so you can have the music forever. And often this music is much cheaper than buying physical CDs or downloading it from other digital music stores. 

So take a look and see what Christian music is available out there – you may be surprised at the variety of options.

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