3 Best Chinese Mythology Youtube Channels

Are you an enthusiast of mythology and history? Do you find yourself yearning to learn more about ancient cultures and their legends? Searching for the best YouTube channels to quench your thirst for knowledge about Chinese mythology, Greek mythology, Norse mythology andEgyptian mythology? Look no further! Read on to uncover the top educational channels to satisfy your curiosity!

Mythology Explained

Channel Views: ~12.3m Channel Subscribers: ~138k Channel Videos: ~209

Mythology Explained Youtube Channel

Mythology Explained is a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing stories and exploring theories about various pantheons of mythology, including Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, and Egyptian gods. From Harry Potter theories to in-depth dives into ancient Greek gods, the channel strives to explain the mysterious and fascinating worlds of mythology in an interesting and approachable manner.

Mythology - Folklore A-Z

Channel Views: ~9.2m Channel Subscribers: ~106k Channel Videos: ~196

Mythology - Folklore A-Z Youtube Channel

The Mythology - Folklore A-Z YouTube channel provides an audio-visual exploration of an impressive array of tales and deities from around the world, including Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Japanese, Chinese, African, and Indian mythology. Each video delves into richly detailed stories about gods and goddesses, offering viewers a unique insight into a diverse range of cultures and mythologies.


Channel Views: ~519.4k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~129

Mythical Youtube Channel

A Mythical YouTube channel is the perfect destination for those interested in exploring the ancient myths, legends, and stories of multiple cultures! From Chinese to Greek to Norse to Egyptian to Japanese mythology, viewers will be able to learn about the fascinating explanations behind each story as well as get an immersive experience into the history of them, courtesy of See U in History. With an emphasis on providing the ultimate mythical experience for viewers, this channel is sure to be a hit for anyone wanting to delve into the magical realm of mythology! Yours Mythically!

Exploring Symbology in Chinese Mythology

Symbology is a unique and mysterious way of communicating stories and meanings without spoken language. Chinese mythology contains some of the most intriguing and meaningful symbology of any myth system. Symbols representing spirits, gods, animals, birds, plants, objects, and phenomena are wondrously combined to weave stories with deep and lasting meaning.

  • Symbology from Chinese mythology is often used to convey a complex topic or to symbolize a certain trait or moral. For example, the symbol of a pearl, often found in Eastern jewelry and art, is thought to represent long life, wisdom, and wealth. Red is used to represent good luck and good fortune. The dragon is perhaps the most recognized symbol in Chinese mythology and is said to represent strength, power, and good luck.
  • The Symbology in Chinese mythology is often used to create art and symbols that have meaning and depth. Paintings of tigers, phoenixes, and dragons often feature prominently in Chinese artwork and are often used to convey specific qualities or to provide a sense of protection and luck. Symbolic creatures such as qilin, a mythical hybrid creature, are also part of Chinese mythology and often represent prosperity and good luck. 

Symbols are an interesting part of Chinese mythology and understanding them can provide a greater insight into the stories and messages behind the myths.

The Mystery and Magic of Chinese Mythology

Chinese mythology is a fascinating and mysterious world filled to the brim with powerful gods and goddesses, brave heroes, and magical creatures. It is one of the oldest and largest mythologies in the world. Chinese mythical tales are often filled with fantastical creatures that are sure to spark the imagination, such as the dragon, the phoenix bird, and the magical four-eyed fox.

  • These mystical tales are often full of brave heroes and wise sages who fought off evil and helped bring good fortune to their people. Some gods and goddesses, such as Yu Di and Nuwa, were worshipped as deities and credited with creating the world. Others, like Lei Gong and the Eight Immortals, created order from chaos and battle forces of evil.
  • Chinese mythology is also known for its many stories of love, loyalty, and honor. Tales of brave warriors and powerful emperors winning the hearts of their beloveds are popular. Many of these romance stories have been told for generations, each one offering insight into the relationship between humans and gods. Legends of dragons and magical creatures protecting their people often play a large part in Chinese folklore. 

There is something truly magical and mysterious about Chinese mythology and the stories it has to tell. From brave heroes to powerful deities and magical creatures, there is something for everyone in the fascinating world of Chinese folklore.

Introducing the Immortal Figures of Chinese Mythology

Chinese mythology is filled with amazing tales of immortal figures. These characters are often seen in literature, television, and movies. Some of the most famous examples of these immortal characters include gods and goddesses, and their stories can provide us with great insights into Chinese culture.

  • The Chinese god of longevity, Shangdi, is one of the most influential immortal figures in the Chinese pantheon. As such, he is often seen as a source of wisdom and sustainable life. Furthermore, his connection to the historical Chinese emperor means that he is emblematic of ancient imperial power. Shangdi is often depicted with longevity symbols such as a white beard and holding a peach, which symbolizes his ability to extend one's life.
  • The Chinese also have stories of magical beings and creatures that are believed to be immortal. Many of these creatures come from the Chinese zodiac, such as the legendary jade dragon which is known to possess immense power. Additionally, the Chinese phoenix is seen as a symbol of rebirth and is believed to be immortal. This creature is often seen in Chinese architecture and is a representation of religious beliefs about mortality. Other immortal creatures include the fabled three legged crow, which is seen as a symbol of hope and rebirth.

In conclusion, Chinese mythology is filled with incredible stories featuring immortal figures. These tales encompass gods, goddesses, magical creatures, and more. These characters can provide us with great insight into Chinese culture and demonstrate the incredible power that immortality can possess.

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