15 Best Chemical Engineering Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to help you develop a successful career in chemical engineering? If so, you've come to the right place! This article will guide you through the top YouTube channels for learning more about chemical engineering, engineering, university, education, research, science, and various career paths related to chemical engineering. Find out which YouTube channels offer the best insight into university courses, research, and career paths in engineering, science, and technology. Read on to discover the best YouTube channels to help you maximize your chemical engineering career!

Chemical Engineering Guy

Channel Views: ~5m Channel Subscribers: ~69.2k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Chemical Engineering Guy Youtube Channel

The Chemical Engineering Guy YouTube channel provides helpful resources to people interested in learning more about chemical engineering, process engineering, and general engineering. Through educational and entertaining videos, viewers get an in-depth understanding of all aspects of these topics. Additionally, the channel is filled with specialized knowledge from experienced chemical engineers.

Chemical Engineering Life (ChemEnggLife)

Channel Views: ~20.5k Channel Subscribers: ~708 Channel Videos: ~108

Chemical Engineering Life (ChemEnggLife) Youtube Channel

ChemEnggLife is a YouTube channel dedicated to the field of chemical engineering, providing viewers with knowledge, technology, and lifestyle insights about the industry. It covers topics from the basics of chemical engineering to current research, as well as career advice and personal stories. With patrons from all over the world, the channel strives to provide an open and exciting resource for those interested in chemical engineering.

Eggs the Engineer

Channel Views: ~364.5k Channel Subscribers: ~9.2k Channel Videos: ~23

Eggs the Engineer Youtube Channel

Eggs the Engineer is a YouTube channel with videos devoted to chemical engineering and chemistry topics. The channel is run by a chemical engineer who provides educational tutorials, useful advice, and comprehensive information about chemical engineering and chemistry topics. Such topics include the principle of mass balance, thermodynamics, process engineering, and fluid flow. If you're a chemical engineer or a chemistry enthusiast, you should check out this channel!

AIChE ChEnected

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~17.1k Channel Videos: ~857

AIChE ChEnected Youtube Channel

AIChE ChEnected is a YouTube channel that focuses on Chemical Engineering topics such as Process Safety, Nanotechnology, Sustainability, and much more. This channel is brought to you by AIChE and its AICHEAnnual event, and it aims to give chemical engineers around the world access to the latest process engineering and nanotechnology knowledge. What's more, it provides a platform to foster connections between members of the diverse and ever-growing AIChE community.

Vinit Kumar [ IIT BOMBAY ]

Channel Views: ~52.3m Channel Subscribers: ~93.2k Channel Videos: ~256

Vinit Kumar [ IIT BOMBAY ] Youtube Channel

Vinit Kumar's [IIT BOMBAY] YouTube channel provides viewers with an all-encompassing guide to Chemical Engineering, Technology, Lifestyle, and Knowledge. Through his channel, Vinit brings his expertise to the field by creating videos and delivering valuable content related to Chemical Engineering, Technology, Lifestyle, and Knowledge. With his channel, viewers can stay up-to-date on the latest breakthroughs and trends. So don't miss out! Stay up-to-date and explore the world with Vinit Kumar [IIT BOMBAY].

Zach Star

Channel Views: ~103m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~238

Zach Star Youtube Channel

Zach Star's YouTube channel is a great resource for students interested in STEM fields, providing educational content about major prep, computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and chemical engineering courses. He offers insightful advice on how to prepare for engineering classes and discusses the various STEM majors.

Lauren Abbey

Channel Views: ~303.3k Channel Subscribers: ~5.3k Channel Videos: ~86

Lauren Abbey Youtube Channel

Lauren Abbey's YouTube channel is a great place to find chemical engineering content as well as Harry Styles covers and other songs played on the piano. Her covers are creative and sure to impress any music aficionado.


Channel Views: ~651.1k Channel Subscribers: ~9.6k Channel Videos: ~76

Yeonju연주 Youtube Channel

Yeonju연주 is a YouTube channel where a chemical engineering student from the United States talks about her college life. She makes vlogs about her college days with her iPad Pro and shares her study with me sessions. Her videos offer an insight into what it's like for a student to live in California and she covers topics like classes, academics, social events, and more. She is a great source of motivation and inspiration for college students.

Danush Sai R B

Channel Views: ~79.7k Channel Subscribers: ~475 Channel Videos: ~57

Danush Sai R B Youtube Channel

Danush Sai R B's YouTube channel provides helpful videos for engineering students interested in chemical engineering. He covers topics like campus tours, placements, and more from Indian Institutes like BITS Pilani, BITS Goa, BITS Hyderabad, IIT Madras, and other engineering universities. With his channel, viewers can get valuable information to make informed decisions during their engineering journey.

Shawn Esquivel

Channel Views: ~684.4k Channel Subscribers: ~22k Channel Videos: ~56

Shawn Esquivel Youtube Channel

Shawn Esquivel's YouTube channel is an ideal platform for learning about the life of a chemical engineer. His videos range from study tips to a day in the life of a chemical engineer. Additionally, the channel highlights the journey of a Filipino engineer studying at the University of British Columbia while sharing knowledge and insight on chemical engineering along the way.


Channel Views: ~11k Channel Subscribers: ~426 Channel Videos: ~37

ChemEngWeekly Youtube Channel

ChemEngWeekly is a YouTube channel based in the UK which focuses on the field of chemical engineering and process engineering. It covers topics relating to the STEM field, from university courses and Russel Group universities to subjects within the realm of process and chemical engineering. It contains information relevant to chiming students and professionals across the United Kingdom.

Process with Pat

Channel Views: ~207.8k Channel Subscribers: ~6k Channel Videos: ~34

Process with Pat Youtube Channel

Process with Pat is a YouTube channel devoted to teaching about chemical and process engineering. It's a great resource for learning about topics such as process engineering, chemical engineering, and more. Pat provides well-explained and in-depth videos for viewers to help them learn engineering fundamentals.


Channel Views: ~292.7k Channel Subscribers: ~3.9k Channel Videos: ~18

AlsworthTV Youtube Channel

AlsworthTV is a YouTube channel run by a Nigerian-American chemical engineering student at the University of Cincinnati. The channel follows his journey in the field of chemical engineering, providing viewers with an insightful and entertaining look into a day in the life of a black engineer. He shares his experiences with projects, classes, internships, and more. He also offers advice and tips to others interested in the field of chemical engineering.

Mikano’s World

Channel Views: ~4.6k Channel Subscribers: ~220 Channel Videos: ~5

Mikano’s World Youtube Channel

Mikano's World is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to all things related to chemical engineering. Hosted by Mikano, an experienced and knowledgeable chemical engineer, the channel offers educational videos on topics like chemical engineering fundamentals, process optimization, and safety protocols. With over 5 million views, Milano's World is an invaluable source on the topic of chemical engineering.

ChemE Tutor

Channel Views: ~14.8k Channel Subscribers: ~502 Channel Videos: ~2

ChemE Tutor Youtube Channel

ChemE Tutor is a YouTube channel featuring tutorials about chemical engineering and technology in a lifestyle format. It provides technical knowledge about a variety of topics related to the chemical engineering field. The channel also offers helpful insights and tips for getting started in the industry. With its helpful content, ChemE Tutor is an excellent resource for anyone looking to further their career or knowledge in chemical engineering.

Overview of Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a multi-disciplinary field of science that involves designing and creating processes to convert raw materials into purified and useful products. It is an essential part of many industries and has a wide range of applications in areas such as biotechnology, fuel and energy production and the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.

Chemical engineering encompasses a variety of disciplines including chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering. It involves the development and operation of chemical processes, as well as the design of equipment and systems for these processes, and the optimisation and control of these systems. This discipline is essential to many industries as it provides the fundamental knowledge for the development of processes to develop high-value products.

Chemical engineering also involves the implementation of the principles of chemical engineering in the design and construction of products and processes for industrial production. This includes the design of new products and processes, the optimisation of existing processes, and the refinement of existing products and processes. Chemical engineers also assist in the development of processes for the health and safety of workers and the public. Chemical engineering plays a crucial role in the development of products and processes with a range of applications, including the production of fuels, pharmaceuticals and consumer products.

Important Professional Skills for Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers have a crucial role in today's society, from overseeing the production of pharmaceuticals and medical products to designing sources of energy. In order to perform their job functions effectively, chemical engineers require a variety of important professional skills.

  • One essential professional skill required by chemical engineers is problem solving; they must be able to recognize patterns as well as develop solutions to complex problems. Along with this, strong decision-making skills are necessary to help prioritize tasks and make sound judgments. It is also important for them to be able to work under pressure and stay organized, as they often manage numerous projects and deadlines simultaneously.
  • Additionally, interpersonal skills are important in order for chemical engineers to be successful. Being able to maintain a clear and effective communication with other team members is invaluable, as they will need to collaborate to achieve results. Along with this, they should also be able to demonstrate strong leadership abilities and be able to motivate others. Understanding and applying the principles of chemistry and other sciences is also core to their work. As such, they should possess a zest for learning and be comfortable with using the latest industry technologies.

Overall, chemical engineers need to develop a certain set of skills in order to be successful in their field. Problem solving, decision-making capabilities, strong time-management, as well as interpersonal and leadership skills are all important for them to have. Understanding and applying the principles of chemistry and other sciences is also of great value. With these skills, chemical engineers can meet their goals and deliver effective results.

Finding the Career Path in Chemical Engineering

One of the most attractive aspects of chemical engineering is the versatility of the profession. Chemical engineering careers offer a wide range of opportunities and fields to explore. In particular, the field of chemical engineering can include working with healthcare, chemicals, polymers, fuel production, and more. Understanding the breadth of chemical engineering and the various routes it can provide is key to finding the career path that best aligns with your goals.

When starting a career in chemical engineering, it’s important to take a closer look at the various areas to get a better understanding of what each field entails. For instance, someone interested in working in the fuel industry should become familiar with the processes that are involved in refining crude oil into fuel products. Chemists and people who work in the healthcare sector should understand the different aspects of pharmaceuticals, chemicals used in medical procedures, and how each of them affect the safety and efficiency of their treatments.

Once you understand the different aspects of the chemical engineering career path, you can start to narrow down the field that's best for your skill set. In doing so, you should also consider the job outlook for each industry and the job market in your area. Researching the salary ranges, job security, and job openings for different positions in the field can help you make an informed decision on which career path is right for you. This includes looking into post-graduation job opportunities that might await you and seeking out mentors in the field. An informed career decision can ensure you find a chemical engineering position in line with your interests and goals.

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