Looking for some great YouTube channels to help get you into chamber pop music? Then look no further! In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best channels out there for chamber pop music. From music videos and performances to educational content and more, these channels have it all. So if you're ready to explore the world of chamber pop music, then check out these YouTube channels today!

Chamber pop music: Best Youtube Channels

Norfolk Chamber Music Festival

Channel Views: ~74.7k Channel Subscribers: ~599 Channel Videos: ~103

Norfolk Chamber Music Festival Youtube Channel

The Norfolk Chamber Music Festival YouTube channel is a great resource for chamber pop music. You can find a variety of Norfolk music from classical to chamber music. The Music Shed is also a great place to visit for Norfolk chamber music. The Norfolk Festival is an annual event that is perfect for Those Who Love Chamber Music.

Pop Index

Channel Views: ~6.2m Channel Subscribers: ~7.1k Channel Videos: ~505

Pop Index Youtube Channel

Pop Index is a musical YouTube channel that specializes in chamber pop music. They have a wide variety of videos that feature different pop songs, as well as educational videos on the different aspects of pop music. If you're a fan of pop music, or are interested in learning more about the genre, Pop Index is a great channel to check out.

Sunna Fridjons

Channel Views: ~5.6k Channel Subscribers: ~152 Channel Videos: ~14

Sunna Fridjons Youtube Channel

Sunna Fridjons' YouTube channel is home to a variety of chamber pop, celtic fantasy, and indie pop music. His music has been described as fantasy chamber pop and celtic chamber pop, and has been praised for its blend of traditional instrumentation with modern production values. His most popular videos include The King's Quest and The Battle of Inch View, both of which have been viewed over a million times.

Rockport Music

Channel Views: ~436.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~133

Rockport Music Youtube Channel

The Rockport Music YouTube channel is a amazing resource for chamber pop music lovers. Featuring performances by Rockport Music's own Shalin Liu, the channel offers a wide variety of chamber music and folk music genres, as well as classical and jazz pieces. If you're looking for amazing live music performances, great acoustics, and a variety of genres, Rockport Music is the channel for you!


Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~853

Purplesound Youtube Channel

The Purplesound YouTube channel is devoted to chamber pop music, city pop, j-pop, and jazz fusion. The channel features music from the '70s and '80s, as well as contemporary fusion and j-pop. The channel's owner is a musician who uses a variety of instruments to create unique sounds.

Adventures In Sound

Channel Views: ~51.9m Channel Subscribers: ~231k Channel Videos: ~391

Adventures In Sound Youtube Channel

Adventures In Sound is aYouTube channel that explores chamber pop music with jazz samples and a hip hop edge. The channel features a Hammond organ and focuses on creating a groove that is hip and soulful. Jazz and soul elements are combined to create a unique listening experience.

Tom Demer

Channel Views: ~129.7k Channel Subscribers: ~128 Channel Videos: ~60

Tom Demer Youtube Channel

Tom Demer's YouTube channel is a Excellent place to find chamber pop and classical music videos. He also has videos of him playing rock and pop music. His videos are high quality and his channel is well organized. If you're looking for great music to watch on YouTube, Tom Demer's channel is a great place to start.

Gasman Tv

Channel Views: ~128.5k Channel Subscribers: ~752 Channel Videos: ~103

Gasman Tv Youtube Channel

The channel Gasman Tv is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on chamber pop music. The channel has a wide variety of pop music, hip hop music, and other genres of music. The channel is very active and has a lot of subscribers.


Channel Views: ~500.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~2.7k

Pitchfork Youtube Channel

Pitchfork is a YouTube channel that is all about chamber pop music. They have music from all different genres, but their focus is on independent music. They have both new and old music, and they are always looking for the best new talent. If you are a fan of chamber pop music, then this is the channel for you.

Roadrunner Records

Channel Views: ~2.5b Channel Subscribers: ~2.6m Channel Videos: ~414

Roadrunner Records Youtube Channel

Based in the Netherlands, Roadrunner Records is a record label that was founded in 1980. The company specializes in chamber pop music, and their roster includes Slipknot, Nickelback, Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, and Dream Theater. Roadrunner Records maintains a YouTube channel with music videos, album previews, and behind-the-scenes footage.

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