8 Best Chair Yoga Youtube Channels + Tips and Tricks

Are you looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing while learning yoga and meditation? Then look no further! This article will provide you with the ultimate guide on finding the best YouTube channels that offer chair yoga, yoga, health, yoga for beginners, morning yoga, chair yoga, meditation, wellness and beginner fitness. You'll find just what you need to start your journey to health and wellness today! Keep reading to find the best YouTube channels that will help you reach your goals.

Yoga Vista (aka YogaJP)

Channel Views: ~18.3m Channel Subscribers: ~109k Channel Videos: ~473

Yoga Vista (aka YogaJP) Youtube Channel

Yoga Vista (aka YogaJP) is a YouTube channel hosted by Sherry Zak Morris offering free chair yoga videos and chair yoga certification. It features instructional videos on senior yoga, chair yoga, chair dances, and chair yoga dance, as well as how to videos for yoga poses and techniques. The channel provides an enjoyable way to explore and take part in the practice of mindful movement and relaxation.

HSE Health and Wellbeing

Channel Views: ~203.4k Channel Subscribers: ~3k Channel Videos: ~153

HSE Health and Wellbeing Youtube Channel

The HSE Health and Wellbeing YouTube channel provides viewers with videos about chair yoga, healthy eating, physical activity and exercise to promote health and wellbeing in Ireland. They cover topics such as Healthy Ireland, tobacco use and the #KeepWell and #HealthyIreland hashtags. These videos provide practical advice to help encourage positive lifestyle choices.

Jacob Cino

Channel Views: ~347.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~74

Jacob Cino Youtube Channel

Jacob Cino's YouTube channel offers a variety of yoga classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. His channel features chair yoga, yoga for seniors and people with limited mobility, as well as his Yoga with Jacob series to inspire those looking for a way to relax and unwind from their day. He also offers a unique class, Yoga in the Tropics, which looks to the culture, landscape and ambiance of Trinidad for inspiration. With his experienced guidance, you'll be able to practice yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Sarah Starr

Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~12.4k Channel Videos: ~234

Sarah Starr Youtube Channel

Sarah Starr's YouTube channel provides accessible and gentle yoga for seniors with chair yoga, happy yoga, and stretching exercises. Her videos are designed to make yoga available to all and provide a safe, nurturing environment for seniors to find relief and relaxation. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, Sarah Starr's channel is the perfect place for seniors interested in yoga.

Inclusive Yoga with Anthony

Channel Views: ~25.8k Channel Subscribers: ~675 Channel Videos: ~135

Inclusive Yoga with Anthony Youtube Channel

Inclusive Yoga with Anthony gives a range of accessible and inclusive yoga lessons for individuals of all ages and abilities, from chair yoga and breathing exercises, to yoga for weight loss and stress relief. Anthony's lessons are suitable for seniors, providing both assistance in physical movement and mental wellbeing, while also guiding viewers through guided meditations and breathwork to relieve anxiety.

Siddhi Yoga International

Channel Views: ~3.4m Channel Subscribers: ~53.7k Channel Videos: ~741

Siddhi Yoga International Youtube Channel

Siddhi Yoga International is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping yogis of all levels practice yoga from the comfort of their own home. The channel offers a wide range of videos, from full-length chair yoga classes that are perfect for beginners, to advanced yoga teacher training programs that take place across India and Indonesia. With both free and paid content, no matter where you are in your yoga journey, Siddhi Yoga International has something to offer.

Center Space Yoga

Channel Views: ~366.5k Channel Subscribers: ~5.3k Channel Videos: ~47

Center Space Yoga Youtube Channel

Center Space Yoga is a YouTube channel devoted to chair yoga, gentle yoga, and yoga for seniors. They offer a range of beginner yoga classes, slow flow yoga, gentle flow yoga, and chair yoga for seniors. Their classes are great for anyone looking to start out with yoga at a slower pace. A great resource for seniors who want to start practicing yoga.

Free Yoga Club

Channel Views: ~270k Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~269

Free Yoga Club Youtube Channel

The Free Yoga Club YouTube channel offers a variety of yoga classes suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced yogis. Their classes include 10-minute sessions covering power and yin yoga, chair yoga and restorative yoga, as well as longer classes suited for building strength and flexibility. There are also yoga classes specifically taught at home so viewers can practice yoga anytime, anywhere.

The Different Types of Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is an accessible and effective form of exercise for people of all fitness levels and ages. It offers a range of benefits from increased flexibility and strength to improved balance and posture. This gentle exercise form is easy to learn and can be done almost anywhere, using a chair as a prop to enhance support and stability. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of chair yoga that one can practice.

  • The first type of chair yoga is called seated yoga. The poses here are done from a sitting position and there's no need to stand or balance. This is perfect for beginners or those with physical limitations and makes it easier to focus on the breath. The poses involve mostly stretching and twisting while sitting, and they can provide a huge range of benefits, including increased energy and improved concentration.
  • The second type of chair yoga is called standing chair yoga. Here, you use the chair as a support while performing different yoga poses. The advantage of this practice is that the chair gives extra stability, while allowing you to move more freely than the seated type. With this practice, you can build strength and flexibility. It can also help increase your balance, reduce joint pain and stress, and improve your overall physical health.

Chair yoga is an effective, accessible form of exercise for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a yogi looking for an alternative practice, there’s a type of chair yoga to suit your needs. Take the time to explore the different types of this relaxing and energizing practice and find out which one works best for you.

Chair Yoga Tips for Maximum Health Benefits

Chair yoga is a type of gentle yoga that is easy to do and can provide numerous health benefits. It is great for almost anyone, from those who are just getting started with yoga to people with chronic health issues, such as back and neck pain, arthritis and limited mobility. Here are some tips to maximize the health benefits of chair yoga:

First, focus on good posture. Sitting up tall on your chair and aligning your spine evenly from front to back will engage your muscles and reduce tension. Make sure the chair is the right height so that your arms and legs are bent at a comfortable angle. The core muscles in your back and abdomen can be strengthened by practicing subtle postural movements, such as drawing your shoulder blades together and elongating your spine.

Second, experiment with different postures and breathing exercises. Practicing different postures with the right muscles engaged will not only benefit your strength and flexibility, but also help you relax. You can also combine postures with deep breathing to calm your mind, increase your metabolism and reduce stress levels.

Finally, balance is key. Chair yoga helps you to develop balance and coordination, which is a critical skill needed for everyday activities. Balance exercises such as single-leg standing and variations of Warrior poses and Tree poses can be done with the chair for extra stability. Even standing on one leg for a few seconds can go a long way in improving balance and coordination.

Chair yoga is an easy and accessible way to get the health benefits of yoga. With a few simple tips, anyone can get the most out of their chair yoga practice and enjoy the rewards of a healthier, happier self.

Combining Chair Yoga With Other Types of Exercise for Optimal Well-Being

Chair Yoga is a form of yoga that utilizes chairs as supports and props while engaging in postures and poses. It can be a gentle and calming way to practice yoga while seated, or it can be used to practice standing and balancing postures with the aid of the chair. Combining Chair Yoga with other types of exercise can be a great way to gain maximum benefits to one’s overall well-being.

By making the Chair the center of yoga practice, those who may have difficulty standing or performing postures on the floor are able to participate in their own practice. The chair can be used to provide additional support or even to add resistance. And of course, Chair Yoga is a particularly good option for elderly individuals or those with medical conditions that prevent them from actively joining a regular yoga class.

Constant physical activity is necessary for health and wellness and Chair Yoga can be a great companion to many activities. Different yoga poses can be done during warm up and cool down activities to increase mobility, flexibility and strength. Chair Yoga can also be done before or after other forms of exercise like Pilates, weight training, aerobics and more. By finding the ideal combination of activities, one can practice healthy exercise routines to maintain physical and mental fitness.

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