3 Best Chain Stitch Youtube Channels + Tutorials

Are you interested in learning the beautiful art of hand embroidery? If you're looking for the best YouTube channels to teach you how to create amazing embroidery projects, your search is over! Here, you can learn about chain stitches, DIY projects, sewing, crochet, and much more. We have gathered a list of great tutorials for all levels, from beginner to expert. So, be sure to read on to find the best YouTube channels for your embroidery needs!

ChainStitch Embroidery

Channel Views: ~137.6k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~92

ChainStitch Embroidery Youtube Channel

ChainStitch Embroidery is a YouTube channel for people looking to get into the hobby of chain stitch embroidery. It is full of helpful tutorials and tips to get you up and running in the craft, as well as offering exciting ideas that can be used to really bring your lifestyle and hobby to life.

Mary Corbet

Channel Views: ~47m Channel Subscribers: ~247k Channel Videos: ~85

Mary Corbet Youtube Channel

The Mary Corbet YouTube channel is a great resource for learning the art of hand embroidery, especially chain stitch techniques. From tutorials and tips to videos of her creative stitching projects, Mary's channel is sure to inspire even the most seasoned embroidery enthusiasts.

Embroidery World_Shorts

Channel Views: ~75k Channel Subscribers: ~632 Channel Videos: ~45

Embroidery World_Shorts Youtube Channel

Embroidery World_Shorts is a YouTube channel that brings you tutorials on how to hand embroider flowers and other intricate designs. It covers chain stitch, flower stitch and other hand embroidery stitches. All this is demonstrated via short and readily accessible YouTube shorts! Watch and learn how to embroider flowers and other designs with ease.

Understanding the Basics of a Chain Stitch

A chain stitch is one of the most commonly used sewing techniques, used to join two pieces of fabric together with thread. Learning how to use a chain stitch properly can be a great way to ensure that your stitches and seams are secure, making for beautiful and durable results. Here, we will go over the basics of using a chain stitch and why it is so popular among seamstresses and tailors.

To begin stitchin a chain stitch, you will need to create a single loop at the start of your line of stitching. This loop is referred to as the "foundation" of the stitch and all other loops in the chain will rest on top of it. You will then need to draw your needle up from behind the fabric and push it down into the loop, creating a “chain-link” effect in the threads. Each loop will be connected to the next one with a stitch; repeating the same process until you have achieved the desired length. This process is called “chaining the stitches.”

The best part about using a chain stitch is that it can be used to maintain a consistent length throughout your seam or patchwork project, as you can easily pull the loops tighter or looser to adjust the size of the stitch. Not only that, but it is extremely resilient and can be tied off at the end of a line of stitching to create a secure hold. However, be aware that using a chain stitch along a curved path can be difficult, as the shape of the stitch may distort the fabric. That said, with a bit of practice and patience, the chain stitch can easily become a staple in any sewing kit!

The Correct Tools to Use For Chain Stitches

Chain stitches are an essential part of the sewing process and require the right tools for a successful outcome. To create beautiful chain stitches and projects, the following tools should be used.

  • The most crucial tool needed when working with chain stitches is a needle. Seamstresses should use a sharp, medium-sized needle with a pointed end. This type of needle is suitable for most types of fabrics, allowing them to create tight and consisten chain stitches.
  • Thread should also come into play, with both regular and specialty threads being used depending on the fabric being sewn on.
  • In addition to the needle and thread, an embroidery hoop can help to ensure the chain stitches remain tight and even.
  • Finally, sewing scissors are essential when working with chain stitches as they allow for precise snipping of the fabric. Seamstresses should choose sharp, pointed scissors to make clean and precise cuts.

Using these tools together will ensure that your chain stitches look beautiful and professional. Sewists should experiment with the types of needles and threads, as each fabric may need a different combination of materials for a successful outcome. Most importantly, give yourself plenty of time and practice when it comes to chain stitching - it requires patience and skill! With the proper tools, we can all make beautiful chain stitches.

Exploring Inspirational Chain Stitching Ideas

Stitching can be a very rewarding, and even therapeutic, experience. It is a craft that has been around for many generations, and throughout the years, it has developed in many interesting and inspiring ways. Chain stitching is a particularly noteworthy form of stitching, as it involves using multiple threads to create a variety of stunning patterns, textures and motifs. Exploring inspirational chain stitching ideas can be a great way to find new projects to jumpstart your own creativity.

One of the best places to start exploring inspirational chain stitching ideas is on the internet. There are literally hundreds of websites and blogs dedicated to this type of stitching, with a wealth of resources for the novice to browse. From resources that teach you the basics of the technique and demonstrate how to set up your stitching frame and spools of thread, to inspirational stories and images from other crafters, these websites are a great place to start when wanting to learn more about chain stitching.

Visiting quilting and crafting supply stores can also provide plenty of inspiration for new chain stitching ideas. Here, you will be able to find specialized threads and fabrics specifically designed for chain stitching, as well as tools and tools sets to get you started. Not to mention the wide range of ready-made projects, such as wallets and bags, table runners and wall hangings, all of which can be used as reference points when coming up with your own rendition of the technique. With such a wide range of resources available, it's easy to see why chain stitching is such a popular and inspiring craft.

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