10 Best CCC Exam Youtube Channels

If you're looking for the best YouTube channels to help you prepare for your CCC Exam, you're in the right place! From GoalYaan to ExamPur to SS Computer Classes, we've gathered the top YouTube channels with helpful advice, tutorials, and much more so you can study and pass your CCC Exam with ease. Continue reading to learn more about the best channels to help you prepare for your CCC Exam. Good luck and happy studying!

CCC WiFi Study

Channel Views: ~18.5m Channel Subscribers: ~211k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

CCC WiFi Study Youtube Channel

CCC WiFi Study is a YouTube channel that provides tutorials and mock tests to help people prepare for NIELIT CCC and other related exams. It offers resources such as online forms, results, and courses with Devendra Sir's classes. Viewers can also practice their CCC exam skills through CCC WiFi Study's online tests.


Channel Views: ~29.8m Channel Subscribers: ~346k Channel Videos: ~2.5k

GyanXp Youtube Channel

GyanXp is a YouTube channel focused on helping viewers prepare for various competitive exams related to government jobs, such as O Level Exam, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO SI, SSC MTS, and CCC Exam. The channel features a range of video tutorials, practice sessions, and insights to help viewers increase their chance of success in these competitive exams.


Channel Views: ~54.5m Channel Subscribers: ~607k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

GoalYaan Youtube Channel

GoalYaan is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing educational material for students studying for various exams. It offers resources for CCC Exam, General Knowledge, Computer Knowledge, Science & Technology, Quick Hindi, Math Class, Reasoning Class, UPSSSC PET and other topics. The channel also provides tips and tricks to help learners quickly become proficient in their chosen area of study. With videos in Hindi and English, the channel has resources to suit every student's needs.

Abhay Excel Computer

Channel Views: ~17.9m Channel Subscribers: ~203k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Abhay Excel Computer Youtube Channel

The Abhay Excel Computer YouTube channel is an excellent resource for anyone looking to prepare for the CCC exam. Abhay Excel Computer provides tutorials and tips on all levels of CCC, as well as offering support in the form of Libre Office demos and computer tips and tricks. With Abhay Excel Computer, anyone can gain all the knowledge they need to ace their CCC exam!


Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~12.9k Channel Videos: ~491


SS COMPUTER CLASSES is a YouTube channel that provides educational content in Hindi. It focuses chiefly on the CCC exam, offering tutorials and important questions, as well as coverage of the new syllabus. It also offers tutorials on LibreOffice and MS Word.


Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~20.7k Channel Videos: ~426

A-PANKAJ98 EDUCATION Youtube Channel

A-PANKAJ98 EDUCATION is a YouTube channel that shares free online learning resources related to CCC exam preparation, part time job work from home, top data entry jobs 2021 earn money, STP Computer Education, and free Tally Certificate. Free online quiz certificates are also provided for learners to track their progress. Those looking for further their computer skills can also avail of the STP Computer Free Course.

OnLine GURU-Dr.S Kumar

Channel Views: ~723.9k Channel Subscribers: ~13.2k Channel Videos: ~230

OnLine GURU-Dr.S Kumar Youtube Channel

OnLine GURU-Dr.S Kumar is a YouTube channel providing helpful tutorials for students for their Gujarat's competitive exams such as CCC, digitally obtaining the necessary documents such as income certificate, ration card, varsai nondh, land records, election result, pan card, and learning more about government schemes. The channel aims to provide an online guru to help students succeed.

Learn Computer

Channel Views: ~31.9k Channel Subscribers: ~526 Channel Videos: ~101

Learn Computer Youtube Channel

The Learn Computer YouTube channel includes helpful online computer classes, tutorials and courses to help learners develop basic computer knowledge as well as more specialized skills like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. They also provide helpful tools for learning CCC exam, basic computer skills and Tally ERP 9. With their comprehensive library of computer related content, Learn Computer is a great resource for anyone looking to build up their knowledge on the subject.

Aarif Computer Classes

Channel Views: ~33.9k Channel Subscribers: ~454 Channel Videos: ~76

Aarif Computer Classes Youtube Channel

Aarif Computer Classes YouTube channel is a resource for students and professionals looking to prepare for the CCC Exam. The channel offers a variety of topics to watch such as CCC Exam Preparation, CCC New Question, Libre Office Question, CCC Ka Result Kb Aayega, CCC Ke Admit Card Kb Aayege, CCC New Question In Hindi, CCC Computer Course, and CCC Ka Result Kaise Dekhe. The content is up-to-date and comprehensive, making it an excellent place to turn for anyone looking to hone their skills in order to ace the CCC Exam.

Rajoriya's Class

Channel Views: ~174.1k Channel Subscribers: ~750 Channel Videos: ~56

Rajoriya's Class Youtube Channel

Rajoriya's Class is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping students prepare for CCC exams. They offer online classes, free video lectures, and general computer knowledge resources to assist viewers with CCC and CCC exam preparation. They also provide general computer knowledge about the topics and questions related to the exams. This channel is a great resource for anyone wanting to pass the CCC exam.

Tips to Help You Ace the CCC Exam

If you are planning to take the Canadian Common City (CCC) Exam, there are some tips to help you succeed. Preparing for the CCC Exam can help ensure that you get the best results possible.

  1. First and foremost, it is important to understand the format of the CCC Exam. Understanding the exam format will help you plan your study and familiarize yourself with the topics. Additionally, it is important to use practice tests to familiarize yourself with the questions and structure of the exam. Many students find that doing timed practice tests are useful for assessing their preparedness and improving their exam taking skills.
  2. Another important thing to do is to create a study plan. A study plan should include an organized list of all of the topics you plan to review. Setting short and long-term goals for review and practice tests and dividing up topics into manageable blocks of study is an effective way to approach studying for the CCC Exam. Additionally, setting aside specific periods of time to study can help keep you on track and ensure that you adequately cover all of the topics.
  3. Finally, it is important to take time to relax and recharge. Maintaining a positive attitude and taking time to do something enjoyable can reduce anxiety, stress, and fatigue that can come with studying. Finding a balance between studying and other activities should help increase your motivation and productivity when coming back to study.

These are some tips to help you ace the CCC Exam. Taking the time to plan, practice, and balance study with relaxation can help you be successful on the exam.

Understanding the CCC Exam Format and Content

The Chartered Certified Accountant (CCA) exam is an important milestone in an aspiring accountant’s journey to becoming a certified certified accountant. It is therefore important to understand the CCA exam format and content to ensure success.

  • The CCA exam is structured as a 150-question multiple choice exam taken over 6 hours. It is divided into three sections: Taxation and Financial Reporting; Accountancy and Financial Reporting; and Management Accounting. Each section is further divided into four paper-based tests, with specific marks attached to each paper.
  • Preparing for this exam requires an organized and systematic approach. The best way to start is by familiarising yourself with the topics covered, the format of the exam, and the types of questions you can expect. Make sure that you are adequately prepared before the CCA exam day so that you can showcase your expertise with clarity and confidence. Practicing with sample questions is a great way to gain the confidence you need to excel in the exam. Additionally, ample rest and regular breaks in-between your studies will be highly beneficial.

What to Do if You Fail the CCC Exam

Failing the CCC Exam (Computer Competency Certificate) can be a major blow to any aspiring IT Professional. It may feel like all your hard work and dedication leading up to the exam have gone to waste. If you have recently failed the CCC Exam, it can be beneficial to take some time to reflect and plan your next steps in order to be successful in the long run.

  • The first step after failing the CCC Exam is to identify which areas of the exam need the most improvement. Understanding what areas you need to focus on can help you better prepare before your next attempt. Consult the feedback provided by the examiners, if available, as well as any study materials you used during the exam.
  • The CCC Exam is not easy and it can take several attempts to pass. However, do not let failure define you as a professional. Taking the time to reflect on your preparation and learning from previous experiene can be beneficial in the long run. Focus on what you have learned and set yourself up for success on your next attempt by breaking down each section and spending time studying. 

With enough dedication and focus, you will be able to pass the CCC Exam. Good luck!

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