Are you looking for amazing YouTube channels to entertain your wildest desires? If you enjoy the thrill of exploring dark caves, taking on adventurous journeys, discovering mysterious creatures, or just watching documentaries about extreme cave diving, then you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels that have content focused on cave exploration, adventure, documentary, scary cave diving, and much more! There's something here for every type of cave explorer, so keep reading to find out which channels are the best fit for you!

Cave exploring: Top Youtube Channels

Cave Exploring Disasters

Channel Views: ~3.1m Channel Subscribers: ~20.7k Channel Videos: ~92

Cave Exploring Disasters Youtube Channel

Cave Exploring Disasters is a YouTube channel dedicated to cave exploring and cave diving. It features videos of cave exploring gone wrong, horror stories and disasters, and accounts of caving gone wrong that will make even the most hardened outdoorsmen feel a bit claustrophobic. Subscribers will enjoy thrilling videos, bone-chilling stories, and shocking accounts of cave exploration gone wrong.


Channel Views: ~69m Channel Subscribers: ~325k Channel Videos: ~166

ActionAdventureTwins Youtube Channel

ActionAdventureTwins is a YouTube channel where two adventurous brothers explore different caves in their free time. They document their outdoor lifestyle and share their hobby with their audience. Viewers can expect to see exciting footage of cave exploring, unique rock formations, and plenty of fun.

Blowing Fact

Channel Views: ~3.5m Channel Subscribers: ~18.1k Channel Videos: ~78

Blowing Fact Youtube Channel

Blowing Fact is a YouTube channel that follows a hobby and lifestyle of cave exploring. They provide instructional and educational videos related to navigating and enjoying cave systems. They also have detailed and informative content on important and necessary safety techniques while exploring.


Channel Views: ~261.4m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Aquachigger Youtube Channel

Aquachigger's YouTube channel offers a variety of engaging and family-friendly content for viewers of all ages. From exploring abandoned places, to outdoor adventures, viewers can also expect to find kitten and pet videos, as well as other animal-related content. Come on an adventure with Aquachigger and the rest of the family!

Bizarre Disasters

Channel Views: ~38.2k Channel Subscribers: ~366 Channel Videos: ~16

Bizarre Disasters Youtube Channel

The Bizarre Disasters YouTube channel features adventures in cave exploring gone wrong, with the channel host taking viewers along on thrilling and scary dives deep into the earth. Viewers will get an up-close look at the disasters that can occur when cave diving and exploring take a wrong turn, making for an enthralling and interesting watch. A must-watch for anyone interested in spooky stories and an adrenaline rush.


Channel Views: ~4.5m Channel Subscribers: ~40.9k Channel Videos: ~24

MrDeified Youtube Channel

MrDeified's YouTube channel is an exciting destination for those looking to explore the world of caves. The channel offers a variety educational lessons, scary stories, and thrilling cave diving clips. Viewers can explore the mysteries of strange deaths and disasters that occur in dark and mysterious caves. Be prepared for suspenseful and horrifying cave stories as you enter the world of MrDeified's YouTube channel.


Channel Views: ~27.4m Channel Subscribers: ~205k Channel Videos: ~252

DIVE TALK Youtube Channel

DIVE TALK is a YouTube channel dedicated to scuba diving and cave exploration. It features content from a dive instructor and open water diver, located at Jacob's Well in Texas. It covers topics including cave diving, tec diving, and tech diving. It is a great resource for any cave diver or tec diver wanting to learn more about the exciting world of underwater exploration.

Knight Disasters

Channel Views: ~84.5k Channel Subscribers: ~879 Channel Videos: ~19

Knight Disasters Youtube Channel

Knight Disasters is a YouTube channel focused on cave exploring and mishabs. It documents cave stories and recounts cave incidents faced by an experienced team of cave divers as they explore the depths of Knight Disasters Cave. They also look at historic cases of horrible fates at Nutty Putty cave and produce videos to document their adventures.


Channel Views: ~2.6m Channel Subscribers: ~14k Channel Videos: ~74

Speluncaphobia Youtube Channel

Speluncaphobia is an adventurous YouTube channel that covers everything related to cave exploring, from the thrilling successes to hair-raising moments of caving gone wrong. It features intense cave dives, extreme cave survival challenges, and inspiring stories of exploration gone wrong in the darkest and most inaccessible places. Follow the channel for a beautiful and dangerous journey deep into the underground.

The World's Most Famous Caves

Caves have been a source of fascination for people for ages. They have featured prominently in cultures around the world, and have been associated with everything from inspiring ancient art to serving as shelter for famous outlaws. There are some caves that have earned particularly high status for their distinct natural or historic significance. Here are some of the world's most famous caves.

  • Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is the world's longest known cave system, stretching out over 400 miles in its interconnected passages. Formed from limestone and other sedimentary rocks, this cave has been a popular tourist attraction since the 1850s. Noted geologist Stephen Bishop famously explored the caverns and left behind his first survey maps.
  • Cá Caroá in central Brazil is a cave considered sacred by the indigenous people of the area. It holds several artifacts, such as stone tools and cave paintings, that date back thousands of years. It was first documented in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers. The cave is also home to a rare species of harvestman, which has been named after the cave.
  • The Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra, India is one of the oldest examples of ancient Indian Buddhist art and architecture. The site holds Hindu, Jain and Buddhist monuments including a series of 30 rock-cut cave temples that feature numerous murals and sculptures. The artwork is estimated to be from the 2nd century BC to 650 AD, making it the longest uninterrupted tradition of mural painting in India.

These are just some of the world's most famous caves. They have served as homes to families and sheltered famous individuals from the law, in addition to providing spiritual and cultural significance over the centuries. They are some of the most extraordinary places on the planet, and well worth experiencing for yourself.

Exotic Creatures Found in Caves Around the Globe

Caves are some of the most mysterious places on Earth. From the depths of the oceans to the highest mountain tops, these natural labyrinths are often home to creatures both strange and magnificent. Around the globe, there are numerous caves that harbor some of the most exotic creatures known to man.

  • In the underwater caves of the Yucatán Peninsula, ancient fossils of a unique and rare species of shrimp can be found. The Xibalbanus Krausei, or "bluey" as it is known locally, is an incredibly vibrant creature only found in a select few places in the region. With its stunningly bright colors and unique shell, this creature is an example of the unique life we can find in the mysterious depths of a cave.
  • In the mountainous slums of Romania, enormous cave spiders the size of dinner plates can be found lurking in the subterranean depths. These Arachnids build their webs deep within the cave walls to catch prey and go through a complex molting process like other spiders. While some locals are drawn to the cave and its inhabitants, others are scared off by the sheer size of these creatures.

No matter where you go in the world, caves can be home to some truly wild and exotic creatures. Exploring these mysterious landscapes can help us further understand the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. From the teeming marine life of the Yucatán Peninsula to the giant cave spiders of Romania, these unique organisms remind us of the wonders that can be found below the surface.

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