10 Best Category Management Youtube Channels

Are you an aspiring professional in category management? The world of YouTube is filled with many great channels that can provide you with valuable insights and resources related to your field. Reading ahead will give you ideas on the best YouTube channels to follow to maximize your professional growth. Keep reading to discover your best sources!

Sue Nicholls

Channel Views: ~268.6k Channel Subscribers: ~3k Channel Videos: ~118

Sue Nicholls Youtube Channel

Sue Nicholls' YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone looking to gain insights into category management and virtual training. She provides excellent guidance on business strategy, with an emphasis on category management and cmkg. Her videos offer valuable advice to help people make better decisions in the workplace. She also has a wide range of topics to choose from that make her channel a great choice for getting a better understanding of the complex industry of category management.

Blue Yonder

Channel Views: ~203.9k Channel Subscribers: ~4.3k Channel Videos: ~194

Blue Yonder Youtube Channel

Blue Yonder is a YouTube channel that provides helpful resources and tutorials on a myriad of topics related to category and supply chain management, workforce management, AI and transportation solutions, and the Blue Yonder software and supply chain platform. By leveraging the advice, strategies, and tips available on the channel, businesses can optimize their processes.

Learning Evolution

Channel Views: ~13.7k Channel Subscribers: ~52 Channel Videos: ~87

Learning Evolution Youtube Channel

Learning Evolution YouTube channel is an educational resource that focuses on category management and knowledge sharing. It offers tutorials, best practices, and tips on mastering the category management and related topics. It is a valuable resource for professionals looking to deepen their understanding of the discipline.

MBM - World's Stickiest Learning

Channel Views: ~122.2k Channel Subscribers: ~641 Channel Videos: ~718

MBM - World's Stickiest Learning Youtube Channel

MBM - World's Stickiest Learning YouTube channel is dedicated to helping people unlock their potential and build their skills in areas such as category management, influencing, leadership, Myers Briggs, negotiation, people management, presentation, team building, and time management. Through guided lessons, thought-provoking interviews, and helpful tutorials, MBM - World's Stickiest Learning provides valuable and actionable insights to help its viewers become skilled professionals.


Channel Views: ~45.7k Channel Subscribers: ~152 Channel Videos: ~22

Shelfstock Youtube Channel

Shelfstock is a YouTube channel which specializes in category management, planogram, and shelfstock. Offering advice, tutorials and product reviews for category managers who wish to maximize their retail space, their content is comprehensive and highly informative. By giving viewers instructional videos and demonstrations on the latest products and trends, Shelfstock helps them make more informed decisions when it comes to the world of category management.


Channel Views: ~41.5k Channel Subscribers: ~167 Channel Videos: ~105

DotActiv Youtube Channel

DotActiv is a YouTube channel focused on category management and lifestyle, that provides information and insights about the latest technologies and strategies related to the industry. It includes video content about the most relevant category management topics and strategies, as well as lifestyle content to help you grow your business. It is a great resource for marketers to get up to date information on the latest trends in technology and category management.


Channel Views: ~25.5k Channel Subscribers: ~356 Channel Videos: ~86

positivepurchasing Youtube Channel

PositivePurchasing is a YouTube channel dedicated to category management, purchasing and training in the field of procurement. With videos covering topics such as category management, negotiation, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), viewers can expect to be provided with the skills needed to stay on top of the ever-changing needs of the business world.

Category Specialist Community

Channel Views: ~17.1k Channel Subscribers: ~500 Channel Videos: ~17

Category Specialist Community Youtube Channel

The Category Specialist Community YouTube channel provides helpful advice and guidance for Category Managers, Retail Buyers, Business Developers, and more. Viewers can access up-to-date content related to category management, retail buying, and business strategy. Here, experts share powerful insights and best practices for creating an effective and profitable retail strategy for success.


Channel Views: ~33.9k Channel Subscribers: ~31 Channel Videos: ~35

HIVERY Youtube Channel

HIVERY is a YouTube channel focused on topics related to retail optimization and analytics, such as category management, vending machine inventory optimization, assortment optimization, planogram software, and machine learning algorithms. The channel covers advanced topics such as the use of advanced machines, machinelearning and retail analytics to optimize category management and assortment optimization, as well as the analysis of customer data to make the most profitable decisions possible.


Channel Views: ~9.9k Channel Subscribers: ~152 Channel Videos: ~26

ProcureAbility Youtube Channel

ProcureAbility is a YouTube channel which offers helpful tips and advice for those involved in the procurement industry. It covers topics like category management, strategic sourcing, procurement consulting, procurement assessments, procurement transformation, supply chain & logistics consulting, procurement staffing, procurement recruiting and procurement analytics. This channel helps those in the industry brush up their procurement knowledge and stay ahead in their fields.

Understanding the Principles and Practices of Category Management

Category management is a strategic approach to retailing that enables retailers and manufacturers to optimize their resources, processes, and customer portfolios by defining customer segments and factors of purchase. It can be a powerful tool for retailers to better understand customer needs and preferences in order to provide more effective and targeted merchandise and services. Understanding the principles and practices of category management is essential for any retailer who wants to maximize success.

The basic tenants of category management are segmentation and targeting. Segmentation involves dividing the customer base into distinct customer segments based on customer needs, preferences, and socio-economic data. Targeting involves creating products, services, and messages that match the customer needs of each segment. By understanding these segments, retailers can make informed decisions on which products and services to offer, as well as how to best allocate resources across various customer segments.

Another key element of category management is analytics. Through the use of data collected from customer surveys, market research, and product reviews, retailers can gain insight into customer behavior and preferences. With this information, they can make informed decisions about which products and services to promote, and which ones to avoid. By leveraging analytics and segmentation, retailers can gain a competitive advantage and improve their product and service offerings.

Overall, understanding the principles and practices of category management is essential for any retailer looking to maximize success. By utilizing segmentation and targeting, as well as the power of analytics, retailers can gain competitive advantage and provide more effective and targeted products and services to their customers. With the right strategies and tools, retailers can make informed decisions and maximize their return on investment.

Enhancing the Impact of Promotions in Category Management

Category management is a valuable tool for businesses looking to increase sales and create healthy competitive dynamics within their industry. To do so, enhancing the impact of promotions within category management is essential for making an impactful impression. Promotions are key to building interest in products, shifting consumer patterns and increasing sales. In order to generate the maximum impact with promotions, there are a few important steps to consider.

  • First, identify what the main goal of your promotion is. Are you looking to drive sales of a particular brand? Increase the presence of the product in the market? Or educate customers on the benefits of the product?
  • Once you’ve identified your goal, you can go about increasing the impact of your promotion by gathering customer insights to learn more about their shopping habits. By understanding customer preferences, you can tailor your promotional strategy to match. Additionally, it is important to set clear objectives and goals for the promotion, as well as choose the best channels for announcement.
  • Finally, effective promotional execution is key to success. When setting up a promotion, it’s important to hit the right timing and identify which consumers to target. When setting up a promotion, use the feedback collected from customers’ insights to determine when and how to roll out promotions in order to maximize effectiveness. Additionally, formulating laser-targeted messages for specific segments of customers ensures that spending on promotions is kept to a minimum.

In conclusion, there are many ways to increase the impact of promotional activities in category management. With the right strategies and customer insights, businesses can maximize the effects of their promotions. By identifying the goal of the promotion, setting clear objectives, targeting particular demographics and curating effective channels, businesses can create high-impact campaigns without breaking the bank.  

How to Maximize Profitability Through Category Management

Category management is an effective marketing strategy to maximize profitability. It involves analyzing and understanding customer buying habits, as well as allocating resources strategically in order to meet customer demands. By leveraging data-driven insights, businesses are able to allocate resources to the most profitable categories. This not only helps maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace but also optimizes returns.

One means to apply category management methods is an analysis of potential sales opportunities. This involves scanning marketplace trends and finding the right products to build an assortment. Understanding customer buying behaviors is also key to derive insights and discover gaps in the current product portfolio. By understanding the needs of customers and how trends are shifting, businesses are able to create sales plans that stimulate growth.

Category management also involves expanding into new product areas, such as specialty lines and services, in order to increase profitability. This is done by testing new trends and launching supplementary product lines. For example, a clothing store may offer accessories to complement its core product line if it sees that customers are buying these items from outside sources. Introducing complementary items or services not only increases sales volume but can increase profits as well.

Overall, category management is a very advantageous strategy that businesses can undertake to drive sales and increase profits. By leveraging data-driven insights, understanding consumer buying behaviors, and expanding into new product areas, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and optimize revenues.

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