Are you looking to expand your knowledge of carpet and rug making? Look no further! This article will share the best YouTube channels when it comes to DIY custom rugs and tufting with a tufting gun. From helpful tutorials to unique art pieces, we've got everything you need to know to get started with rug making. Keep reading to learn more and find the perfect YouTube channels that suit your needs.

Carpet making: Top Youtube Channels

The Carpet Guys

Channel Views: ~988.1k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~532

The Carpet Guys Youtube Channel

The Carpet Guys YouTube channel features helpful how-to videos about carpet making, installation, and maintenance. The channel is run by experienced carpet installers from Macomb and Detroit, giving users the best advice on which type of carpets to buy, how to install them, and how to ensure that they last. Whether you're looking for the best carpet for your home or need some installation advice, The Carpet Guys have you covered!

Handicrafts A to Z

Channel Views: ~464.7k Channel Subscribers: ~5.8k Channel Videos: ~112

Handicrafts A to Z Youtube Channel

Handicrafts A to Z is a YouTube channel dedicated to the art of carpet making, knitting, crochet, and weaving. It provides helpful tutorials about various tools such as looms, as well as inspirational stories about makers who specialize in crafting beautiful carpets and other handicrafts. It is the perfect resource for anyone interested in learning more about the craft of making carpets and other handmade items.


Channel Views: ~275.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~8

AxminsterCarpets Youtube Channel

AxminsterCarpets' YouTube channel provides viewers with insight into the unique carpet-making processes of a quality carpet manufacturer. Its videos show viewers how to create tufted carpets, bespoke carpets, and other carpets while highlighting the design and manufacture of each. It also offers tips and advice from experienced professionals to ensure the highest standard of carpets.

Understanding the Basics of Carpet Making

A handmade carpet is a work of art, full of intricate designs and materials that often tell a story. Carpet making has been an art form for centuries, and understanding the basics of the craft can be incredibly rewarding. Learning the basics of carpet making can help you create beautiful pieces, whether you’re looking to make use of a family heirloom or create something entirely of your own.

Before you delve into the craft of carpet making, it is important to understand the many aspects involved in the process. Carpets can be created in various ways, with differing knots, pile, and type of yarn used. You’ll also need to consider the size, color, and design of your carpet. To get the desired result, it is best to understand the different types of knots and yarns that can be used. Researching how each method affects the pattern of the rug and its overall presentation is essential for creating your own beautiful rugs.

Once you have chosen the type of knot to use and the type of yarn you would like to integrate into your design, you’ll need to make a plan for how your rug will come to life. It is possible to create a rug entirely from scratch, or you can work from a pattern. It is also helpful to create a model of how you want the final product to look, and make sure that the design encompasses the amount of space you have available. With these steps in place, you can begin working on your beautiful carpet.

No matter what type of design or color you choose, mastering these basics of carpet making can help you create a lasting work of art that fills your home with beauty and history. Not only will you appreciate the craft, but you will also have a handcrafted piece that you and your family can cherish for years to come.

Techniques for Designing Carpet Patterns

  1. Designing carpet patterns can seem like an intimidating task, but with some guidance, anyone can become a capable carpet designer. One of the best techniques for designing a carpet pattern is to break the pattern up into distinct elements that build on each other. This ensures that the pattern will have depth, and will look much more dynamic than a single flat color. Once the pattern’s elements have been chosen, it’s possible to put them together in distinct ways.
  2. Another important tip when it comes to carpet design is to experiment with scale. Each element of the pattern should look well when viewed in its entirety as well as up close. For example, it may be helpful to vary the scale of geometric shapes in order to add variety to the pattern, or to make various components of the design look more distinct. It’s also important to bear in mind how the scale of the pattern would look when it is set out on the carpet. Knowing how the elements will interact can help to create a more visually appealing design.
  3. A third tip for designing carpet patterns is to work with a color palette of three to four colors. Keeping the color palette limited will help the pattern to look more cohesive, and will make it easier for the designer to pick out the elements on the carpet. It’s also important to mix cool and warm colors evenly, as it can be easy to create a pattern that may unintentionally look unbalanced. Finding the correct balance of colors is key to a successful carpet pattern. With these tips in mind, anyone can now create aesthetically pleasing and balanced carpet patterns.

The Durability and Ease of Maintenance of Carpets

Carpets have been popular for their durability and ease of maintenance for many years. They are a great choice for any room in the house, as they can be cost-effective and last for a long time. As carpets come in a variety of colors and styles, it’s easy to find one that perfectly matches the aesthetic of your home.

Carpets will last a lot longer than other flooring options, thanks to their soft fibers that are resistant to scratches and dust. Vacuuming and spot cleaning carpets regularly will keep them looking their best. Also, carpets come in a wide range of materials that are specifically made to be stain and dirt resistant, making them very easy to maintain.

Carpets are not just durable and easy to maintain; they also improve the air quality inside your home. This is because carpets act as air filters, trapping particulate matter and trapping dust particles, as well as removing harmful gases from the air. Because of this, carpets are a great choice for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. All in all, carpets are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a durable and easy to maintain flooring option. With their myriad of designs and textures, carpets can add style and character to any room in your home.

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